Curvy babe aliceafter dark gets doggystyled by plumber

Curvy babe aliceafter dark gets doggystyled by plumber
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The first thing I did after stepping back into my house was to grab the phone. I couldn't get Sandra Castillo out of my mind, nor could I her mother. Both were very beautiful and the thought of having both at once made my cock stand up. The conversation went well. Donna was very excited so we set something up for the upcoming weekend, which was only two days away. I had nothing to do and an empty house. I ran up stairs throwing my clothes off in the process and hoped into the shower.

Throughout my shower I couldn't take my mine off of Sandra and her tight little eleven year old ass. I couldn't wait until the weekend nor could my rock hard cock.

With my mind on her, picturing her as she was naked on my living room floor, I start stroking my cock. It throbs hard in my hand as I move it slowly up and down the shaft. The water plays across the head of my cock only to intensify the felling I'm having. I could feel Sandra's lips enveloping my ravishing savannah pleasures a long boner piercing and tattoo her tongue swirling around my head.

Her mouth then begins to move faster up and down on my cock. As I imagine this my stroking is going fast and I have to force myself to slow down.

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I close my eyes and I could feel Sandra sliding up my body until she is kneeling over my face. I can smell the sweet scent of her preteen pussy. Slowly she lowers it down, close enough for me to taste it.

I stick my tongue out and slowly caress her soft hairless lips. She moans softly and starts grinding her innocent pussy into my mouth. My tongue slips in and I dig it deep into her tight, virgin cunt. She moans even louder. My cock throbs harder, wishing it was inside her. I slip out my tongue and start sucking on her clit.

With my teeth I softly rub her clit between them forcing her body to jump involuntary. I keep my the rhythm of my hand at a slow constant pace despite that it is throbbing so hard that it hurts. I stroke my cock from the head to base, back and forth, and I can feel the bulging veins and the intensity of my cock. My mind slips back to Sandra and she is now cumming on my face. I drink all that I can before she slips off and onto her back. Without wasting time, I get onto of her.

I grab her legs and push them up toward her head, exposing her tight, unused pussy. She is quivering in anticipation. I know she is a virgin and has never had a cock teen creampie on amateur threesome webcam sex show in her, but I cannot wait any longer and make it slow for her.

So I thrust my cock into the wet, swollen hole. She screams in pain. I can imagine it hurts, but I don't stop. I push my cock in as far I can physically can and start pumping her hard. Tears are now flowing down her face and I almost want to stop, but she has the tightest pussy I have ever had the chance to fuck.

I don't stop and instead keep up my pace. After a few thrusts the pain on her face goes away and is replaced by a smile. The tears fade. Sandra no longer hurts and is now moaning. Now my cock can't take anymore.

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Her pussy is so tight, it is like a vise grip clutching down and it won't let go until I cum all inside of her little body.

My hand moves faster. My cock is begging for relief. My cock aches to be inside the petite eleven year old. I begin pumping her harder and faster. She curvy legal age teenager knows how to engulf dicks me to slow it down but I cannot and refuse to. I i love you xxx cid her writs and bring them above her head locking them in place with my left hand.

I wrap my free arm around her arching back and pull her in tight. As I'm fucking her I tell her to tell me where she wants it. She tells me she wants it inside her preteen womb. My cock swells and I can feel the cum building in my balls.

My hand strokes faster, tight around my shaft. My eyes clamp tight. Then my cock explodes. Three bursts of hot cum shoot hard and fast from it. I lean back against the wall and watch my cum slowly go down the drain as it is pushed by the water. —— After the shower I decided to take a nap.

I was drained and my body or at least my cock and balls needed some time to rest and build themselves back up. I was awakened by my fourteen year old daughter. She was leaning over me giving me a peck on my cheek. I grabbed her and pulled her down into a deep kiss, slipping my tongue in as far as I could. I couldn't wait to slip my cock into her pussy. "Those clothes need to come off now," I ordered her. I was already naked, not bothering to dress when I got out of the shower.

She got undressed fast and climbed onto my already hard cock. Amber had a way of getting it hard fast. She had a tight body. Words can't describe her, excited that she is smoking hot.

Once she was settled on my cock she started slowly grinding it. I took her breasts in my hands and take each nipple in turn sucking on them. "Oh daddy," she moaned. "I didn't expect to get your big cock so soon again." "How can I deprive you of it?" I asked. She looked down at me and smiled. "Do you like my pussy daddy?" "It's the best," I answered and that was the truth.

I felt a tinge of guilt in my fantasy with Sandra. What if her tiny pussy was as tight as I imagined it? Amber broke my thoughts away. "I saw you fucking Mrs. McToolie this morning." I was shocked, but turned on in a way. So I went with the flow. "Did you enjoy watching my fuck her?" "Mmhmm," she moaned. "Ugh, that's it daddy." We fell silent. She worked her pussy on my cock until I felt a gush of her delicious juices pouring over my balls.

"Do you like that daddy?" "Oh yes baby, I do," I answered. "What else does daddy get?" She grinned. "Whatever daddy wants." "Tell me what you did when I was fucking Mrs.

McToolie." "I imagined it was me you were fucking daddy. I pushed my fingers into my pussy as far as they would go. I imagined they were your cock." Her eyes were closed and she was leaning back. Her hands were on my knees and she was grinding her pussy hard on my cock. Her tight, wet pussy massaged my cock just right, sending chills through me. "I wanted to see you stick your cock deep in her ass," she informed me. Amber sat up then came forward to lean over me.

Her grinding never faltered. "I want you to fuck me in the ass." Before Camera wala sex sex stories story hot could respond, she was kissing me.

This time it was her tongue that reached deep into my mouth. As our tongues danced, I slipped my fingers around and into her ass. She moaned. After thrusting them in several times, she slipped off my cock and grabbed it. "Do you want to fuck my ass daddy?" "Yes," I said.

"Say it daddy," she ordered. "I want to fuck your sweet little ass." She pointed my cock at her tight little hole bitches naked on my boat in tampa bay slipped onto it.

She fucked it, taking a little more each time she came down. My cock was rigid as all hell. She winced a couple of time but eventually she was able to slip completely onto it. She rose up and started thrusting on my cock. Then her fingers slipped down to settle on her clit and she started rubbing it. Amber's ass was bouncing up and down at an even pace. She was really enjoying herself and I got an idea. "Since you were such a naughty girl watching my fuck another woman, you need a spanking." Her eyes lit up with a combination of excitement and fear.

"Oh please daddy, don't spank me." "Oh, no," I said. "Crying isn't going to stop me. You've been a naughty girl and I need to punish you." I swatted her ass. My first couple of swats was light but I increased the hardness of them.

"Oh daddy!" she nearly screamed. "Oh daddy!" She was gushing with another orgasm, this time her juices were pouring over my stomach. She squeezed her asshole tight and fucked me harder.

I could hold out with the combination and I pumped her ass with all the cum I had. She collapsed on top of me.

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We laid there for a few minutes. My cock went limp and slowly slipped out of her ass. Amber stayed on top of me for about thirty seconds.

"I guess I need to let this out over the toilet," she said. She jumped off of me and ran into the bathroom. I got up a minute later and followed her in. She sat on the toilet innocent nympho blows dick in pov and gets tight honey pot banged her legs spread, giving me a nice view of her teenage pussy.

I walked over to her and leaned down to kiss her. As we locked lips, she grabbed my limp cock and pulled it in until I hovered over her beautiful mound. "I need to pee," she said. "Would you like to pee with me?" A smile crept onto my face. "Yes I would." "Then pee on my pussy," she said. I started streaming hot piss onto her pussy and her piss started shooting straight out. She moaned softly until we were done. She wiped off and when she got up I told her to sit on the sink.

She did so, spreading her legs apart. I knelt down between them and licked her clean. When we exited the bathroom I looked over at the clock. It was later than I thought. I decided it was time for bed and asked Amber if she wanted to sleep in the bed with me. I figured if we were going to eventually take our relationship farther, we might as well sleep in the same bed. She agreed with a great deal of enthusiasm. I laid behind her, pressing my body close to hers with my arms wrapping up of lithe body.

—— The next day we got up around ten. Amber slipped downstairs and got breakfast made for us. We ate and Amber thought it would be a good idea to go swimming. I had a good time watching Amber pad around in a bikini.

We swam around for about an hour. We didn't do anything sexual but I could feel the tension between us. Finally it was Amber that gave in. "Daddy?" she said. "I want to suck your cock please." "No problem baby," I said. She swam over to me and we kissed. We started slowly then built up into a deep passionate kiss. I pulled her onto me and slid her bikini top aside and began playing with her nipple with my tongue. "Daddy," she said sounding impatient.

"I want to suck your cock." "Okay, okay," I said. I stood up out of the water and Amber yanked my shorts off. My hard cock was standing at attention, pointing straight out at her. I moved my ass onto the side and sat. Amber waited until I was settled then moved in and started kissing my cock all over slowly and delicately. "I love the way your cock tastes daddy." "Then taste all you'd like honey," I said.

She took my cock in her mouth and began sucking it fiercely. In no time flat I was cumming. She squeezed my cock and sucked the cum down her throat. She took mouthful after mouthful until my cock wouldn't give anymore. When she was done she grabbed my hand, pulling me back into the water. I slid in barely making a splash and she moved past me to lean over the edge of the pool.

With her hand she slid her bottoms to the side, letting me see her tight, wanting pussy. I slipped behind her and rubbed my cock over her pussy, up and down a few times, then slid it in. I grabbed her hips and slid in halo 4 spartan ops movie tube porn the way. I started slowly and she matched my thrusts with her hips and I quickly started pumping her harder. "Fill me up daddy! Pump me full of your cum!" she yelled.

I was a little worried a neighbor might hear her. I had a privacy fence that kept unwanting eyes out, but that didn't mean it was soundproof. "You have to be a little quieter," I said as I thrust into her. "Fuck it daddy!" she yelled louder. "Do you want me or not?" Yes, was the first thing to enter my mind. But what would people think? Amber answered my unasked question.

"Who care what anyone thinks? I love you daddy and I want only you." I made up my mind. I didn't care if Amber didn't. "I love you too baby," I said and then I burst inside her. She slumped over in exhaustion. I followed suit and we laid there for a long time.