Big tits gets sprayed with sticky jizz cunnilingus straight

Big tits gets sprayed with sticky jizz cunnilingus straight
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people dressed in mourning colors stood around a decrepit being in a box as they lowered it to hell. buried it in dirt and buried the loss from their minds. most faces showed dismay. sum showed just puzzlement.

two others showed impatience. the few who were puzzled wondered who the impatient ones were, and what connection they had with the deceased but more so why they show such emotion. the two had no connection, had no sadness.

and were dressed in black simply beacuse thats how they dressed. as the last of the dirt was covered and the ppl became sparse.

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only the two remained. relieved by their now aloneness the passionatly embraced and headed twoard their destination. picking up shovels along the way hidden earlier.

they went to a fresh grave and got two shovels in before a downpoar began. "u guys?" a sultry female voice called "hurry up its fillin up down here" the seductive melody was coming from a pipe in the ground hiddin away from the grave as the two dug the man couldnt help sneaking an ocasional kiss from the goddess illuminated in moonlight.

her wet black hair flat against her face the voice grew impatient as the couple finished their dig revealing a homeade coffin. they hauled it out prying the top off and revealing a busty brunette laying there with not a shred of clothing or material exept a burnt down candle that lost its flame long ago and a small ibony dagger fixed with a metal skull. its garnet gemed eyes gleemed like the blood washing off the tip from the rain "shit, you guys took long enough.

thought ud leave me down there" the nude girl stood breasts swaying in the process and reveling a bloody scabbed pentegram above her left breast. "you have no idea how hard it is to carve locked up in a coffin for a day. candle almost went out before the pentegram was finished" she glanced at her breast the black haired woman glanced at the man "finished?

she hasnt yet begun" and with that tackled the brunetted and mounted her "hand me the dagger" the man obeyed the red xxx wap sesatr and bahradar began to squirm with worry "what the fuck you guys! i did everything you asked." fear struck the girls eye as the black hair woman raised the dagger but instead of moving it high she raised it to her mouth and licked the length of the blade blood washed steadily from the wound on her tounge but not much was wasted before she swept down and kissed the girl in a forced mouth kiss pushing her tounge down herthrought and nearly drowning her with blood she disengaged the kiss and left the girl laying there shocked and coughing then the man assumed position over the girl and kissed her sucking the blood from her mouth he moved down her neck leaving littly bloody splats that soon washed away on a trail to her breast he stopped just before the left one and spit the last of the blood on then reopened pentegram then he dragged his teeth down over her nippled tracing a scratching path to her bare cunt he began to passionatly lap at her beautiful lips as the now naked black haired woman mounted her face and the brunette mimiced the man the black haired girl arched her back and grinded into the girls face.

she raised her breasts to the moonlight and revealed a similar scar to the girls.

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although abover her was written the name moon a title given to her as her mother given name showed little of what she was. moon slid her wet crotch down the girls body rubbing her clit on the brunettes nipples as she slid all the way down curvy mamacita rides on a throbbing penis where the mans face was still pleasuring the girl who began to convulse with shakes of pleasure the man stood and began removin his black attire as the girls began a passionate clit rubbing kissing again the whole time the man got on his knees and placed his raging cock at the entrance to moons mound as he waited a seconded bathing in the warmth it provided.

he plunged the cock deep in her as his fingers traced a leg up the bottom girls leg inserting two into her well soaked cunt as he pumped away at moon. he slipped his cock out and placed it on the brunettes cunt and angled his cock.

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as he pumped the length of his cock slid against moons click forcing moans from her still bleeding mouth.

the dagger appeared in her hand and she slid the hilt up her cunt lightly scrating the edge against the mans cock he began to cum with force plunging deep into the brunettes cunt.

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the man grabbed moons petite breasts as he arched his back and scratched her nipples making her come along with the brunette. he revealed his chest to the sky and showed a similar scar with the name wolf above it. moon pulled the blade from her shaking snatch and carved rain into the girls chest "we bestow you with this name" "take it for it is who you are" "and with us you shall fine true darkness, true pleasure, and true pain"

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