Blonde teen strips then fucks horny lighthaired wants to attempt someone little bit more

Blonde teen strips then fucks horny lighthaired wants to attempt someone little bit more
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I've had sex with a number of older people in my life, but no-one like John and Ann. They were something else. In the space of a year Ann had changed from a frigid, posh, stuck up woman to horny, sexually confident woman who enjoyed nothing more than experimenting; not only with John, but with me as well.

She enjoyed role play, watching porn while she got herself off, and trying out new sexual positions over and over again until she had perfected them. I didn't mind letting her fuck me over and over again until she was happy with her performance. My favourite times with Ann were when she was feeling extra kinky and liked to break out some of my bondage stuff.

John had changed during that year too. He was no longer an uptight, workaholic, lady's man. He had stopped fucking his business partner, and any other women he had on the side, and now was Ann was only sharing her husband with me.

She still had no idea about me and John. I've had a number of threesomes in my life, but my threesome with John and Ann is the one I will think about every time I fuck myself for the rest of my life. We had spent so long in the past trying to plan and organise it, turns out it happened out of the blue. John was spending more and more time working from home lately, it meant we had the house to ourselves and could have sex whenever we felt like it.

This particular day I decided to surprise him in his study, having no clue that Ann was planning to surprise me on her lunch break. After dropping the twins at school, I made a slight detour on the way home and called to the town's only sex shop. After browsing the store for a good 20 minutes, I decided on my purchases. I bought a peek-a-boo bra, a crotch less thong, a suspender belt, some stockings, some killer porn star shoes, and a naughty Extreme long breathholding during deepthroat maid's outfit.

Johns pipes needed a good clean out and I was just the dirty whore maid to do it. John was up to his eyeballs in paperwork when I returned home. He never even heard me get back. I quickly dressed myself up in my new purchases, already feeling my pussy throb with the anticipation. I quietly sneaked into his study. He never even looked up from the forms he had in front of him. "Excuse et moi?" I breathed seductively in my best French accent whilst fluttering my eye lashes at him.

John's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open in shock. He was unable to speak as he stared at me flicking my feather duster over my cleavage, which was popping out over the top of my kinky outfit.

I sauntered my way over to his desk, making sure my breasts and ass wiggled with every step. He was still speechless as I leaned into him, thrusting my cleavage into his face and pushing his chair back, allowing me to sit on his lap with ease. His tongue flickered across the top of my breasts and I shuddered at how good it bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage. "You look amazing" he gasped between licks.

"This place is filthy, it needs a good clean." I stood, turned around and bent over his desk while I pushed everything on his desk onto the floor. John had a perfect view of my crotch less thong and bare ass, and he couldn't resist licking and kissing my ass cheeks. I undid my maids outfit, freeing my hard and erect nipples. I began to stroke myself as Johns tongue moved from my ass into my pussy. He freed his cock from his restricting pants and I could see the glisten of his pre-cum on the tip of his penis.

"Mum, can you collect the twins from school? Yeah, Jessica is ill and both me and John are stuck at work" John stopped licking my slit, frozen in horror. Ann stood in the door way watching us as she spoke to her mother on the phone. She had her free hand between her legs rubbing her pussy over her trousers.

She never took her eyes off us as she spoke to her sweet ebony gives wet oral job pornstar hardcore and aroused herself.

"Would it be ok if they stayed with you this evening? I don't want the twins catching what Jessica has" She paused as her mother answered her question. "That's brilliant mum, thank you.

I'll call over after work to make sure they are ok and drop some clean clothes off for them. See you soon. Bye" She hung up and immediately began to undress herself. "Don't stop John, Jessica looks disappointed that you've stopped. There is plenty of you to satisfy both of us" She sauntered over the desk as she unhooked her bra.

She climbed onto the desk removing her panties and kicking them off while she crawled across to me. John was still frozen to the spot; he didn't know what to do so we girls took charge of the situation.

Ann leaned up and kissed me on the mouth, her tongue flicking in and out of my mouth very obviously so that John could see. Her hands took over from mine as she gently stroked my even harder nipples. She gently pushed me back and I manoeuvred myself so that Johns cock was positioned over my opening.

I slid myself over his tip over and over again, allowing my juices to run down his shaft. Ann shifted herself on the desk so that her pussy was facing us. She leaned back onto her elbows and spread her legs so that we had a great view of her dripping wet pussy. She began pulling roughly at her nipples as my fingers began sliding in and out of her cunt. In all the commotion, John had woken up from his daze. I wasn't sure if it was my pussy teasing his cock, or if it was seeing my fingers inside his wife.

He had seen me do this before of course, but always discreetly and at a distance. When it's up close and personal, it's a very different sensation.

His hand reached around me and he began playing with my tits, squeezing and rolling them in his hand. "Fuck her John. Fuck her while she fucks me" Ann managed between laboured breaths. I felt Johns cock throb on my clit as she said that and we both squirmed at how good it felt.

With his hands still on my breasts, he pulled me down roughly onto his cock.

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He both gasped as he buried himself deep inside me. Ann's eyes never left mine as she watched me writhe around with pleasure on her husband's cock.

I could feel her getting wetter with every thrust John made into me. As Johns rhythm increased, inside me, my own increased inside Ann.

It was only a matter of moments before we were all panting, moaning, and sometimes screaming out as our orgasms drew closer. As I felt my pussy beginning to contract around John's cock, I quickly stood realising me from his grasp.

I helped Ann off the desk and we swapped places. As if by instinct, John stood and bent Ann across the desk so that her face was inches away from my pussy. She immediately dived right in and began licking and sucking my clit.

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John thrust into his wife form behind and she let out an almighty scream as he continued to pound her from behind. John looked me straight in the eye as his wife ate my pussy and he fucked her hard.

I came really quickly and Ann wasn't far behind me. Both of our bodies convulsed as our pussy contracted. We screamed and writhed unable to contain the sheer amount of pleasure we were experiencing. John pulled out of his wife's pussy and we were both on our knees in front of him before he had even removed his pants from around his ankles.

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We both began licking and stroking the shaft of cock, purposely avoiding his helmet until he was beginning for us to take it in his mouth.

Ann obliged first. She did three long, deep sucks before it was my turn. We repeated this until John removed himself from our mouths and began tugging at himself. We both opened our mouths ready to share his hot sticky cum. And there was a lot of it. It squirted all over both our faces and dripped down our chins onto our exposed breasts. As John steadied himself on the chair and caught his breath, Ann began rubbing his spunk over my rock hard nipples.

I returned the favour, and it wasn't long until we were fucking again in front of John. He watched with the biggest smile of his face. We carried our threesome long into the night. We fucked every which way imaginable. We fucked until we couldn't take anymore. It was definitely an unexpected treat for all of us, but it was definitely worth the wait.