Delicious teen sluts sara luvv and valentina paradis having fun fingering pornstar

Delicious teen sluts sara luvv and valentina paradis having fun fingering pornstar
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I have stated in the past that I am disabled and unable to dress up anymore because I cant get out and buy new outfits after my ex destroyed everything. well i was able to sneak out and finally after 5 years buy a pair of panties. I was working a temp job at the local mall and wore them to work when i bought them.

there was a peni fack vs penis fack close to where my store was that let us use the restroom and i headed over there. I didnt notice they had a new girl working the counter til i got there. asked if i could bathroom and went to the back room. finished and it was time to close up my store. I rushed through closing so I could go talk to the new girl.

Amanda was her name. She was closing up and we chatted. She dropped some of the money and i bent over to pick it up and my pants were a bit low and the panties were sticking out. I tried to hide it quick but she saw them, just smiled and finished what she was doing. went and closed the gate and motioned me to the back room. I followed her. Nothing yet was said about my lacy purple panties. We got to the back and she kissed me and asked if I wore other things.

I explained my situation to her about the ex destroying all my clothes and being disabled and unable to dress up anymore. She invited me over to her house which i accepted right away. we got to her house and went inside. we talked a bit about things i had done. and she asked if i was a top, bottom or switch. I said i prefer bottom but will switch if mood hits me. She smiled said she would be right back. she went into bedroom and came back with a blue teddy on and a dvd in her hand.

She put the dvd in and sat on couch next to me. We started to watch it and it was a ts/tg movie. We started kissing and she asked me if I would dress up for her. I knew I wouldnt fit in her clothes cause she was maybe 125 and I am about 290. She said thats ok, her roommate was a bigger girl she said and wouldnt mind if I used some of her clothes.

She went into roommates room picked out a bra and skirt for me to try on. they fit perfectly. Found a blouse for me to wear and I was back dressed up like a woman for the first time in 5 years. We went back to the couch and started to kiss some more. I slid my hands over her body and down to her crotch and found a nice surpirze. She had a nice size cock in between her legs. About 7 inches and it had been a long time since i had done anything with either a male or female.

I looked at her and said wow i would have never guessed you were a tg. we made out for a while and I kissed my way down her body. I teased her a little by gently licking her thighs. she moaned out loud. then told me to suck her dick which i instantly wrapped my lips around it and started to suck her.

She started talking dirty to me. telling me to suck her like the little slut i was and this just turned me on even more.

I had my ass in the air to be able to get to at her. I was enjoying her dick in my mouth and didnt hear door open up. I felt a pair of hands on my ass and stopped sucking amanda to look behind me and it was her roommate julie.

she said to amanda wow he looks good in my clothes. amanda smiled and said i thought you would like it. i shrugged and went back to sucking amanda and slide a mia khalifa sex storys andhra sex storys in her.

I felt julie start to lick my asshole and moaned loudly. she say oh you like that huh? you are a just a little slut arent you? I moaned around amandas dick yes i like that. I had only been milf sucking long bigdick watch more of her here ulacamcom 1 tg before and amanda made 2.

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i wasnt expecting julie to also be tg, but thats what i get for thinking. She pushed my hips down and moved my panties over and really went to town on my asshole. she slide a finger in after getting me wet. then another.

i was moaning around amanda and she said she was gonna cum. I took her all the way into my mouth and she came in my mouth and i swallowed it all. Julie said oh good now i can get at you better. move amanda and she pushed me down unto couch.

I rolled over to get a better look and while she was a little chubby she was pretty as hell. I laid on my back and spread my legs. my hardon was peaking out the top of my panties. julie got in between my legs and lifted her skirt up and pulled down her panties to let loose her hardon.

It was a lot bigger then amanda about 9 inches. I smiled as i knew what was coming. I spread my legs farther apart and she put the head of her dick at my hole and teased me. rubbing it up and down acting like she was going to fuck me but then stopping.

she told me i would have to ask her to fuck me. I held out as long as i could which was about 5 minutes before i just about yelled for god sakes fuck me already.

Julie pushed and being as wet as she had me slide all the way into me. First time in fetish babe rides bbc interracial big dick 6 years i had anything in me. I moaned loudly and told her to go slow for a little bit. I wanted to feel her in me nice and slow. she took her time once she was in me. leaned down and started to kiss me and asked if i liked her dick in my ass.

I nodded yes. She went slow for about 5 minutes and pulled out and said we should all go into amandas room since she had the bigger bed. I got up and followed them into the bedroom.

I got on my hands and knees and told julie to fuck me hard now. I wanted it hard and fast i said. She slammed into me and started going hard.

Amanda crawled under me and started to suck my raging hardon. I pulled amanda around to where i could get at her dick again. and started to suck her again. I felt julie start to stiffen and she asked me if i wanted her to cum in my ass. I said oh god yes fill me with your hot cum. she grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against her as she slammed into me and i felt her dick twitch and her daniela di ladispoli e la cicciona orgia e dp centoxcento her load into me.

I moaned I was going to cum since i hadnt had sex in 3 years and shot my load in amandas willing mouth. Amanda pulled out of my mouth and crawled out from under me. She said my turn. I rolled on my back and told her that i wanted her to take it slow the whole time. I wanted to have love made to me like a woman i said.

she put a pillow under me to raise my ass up a little and said ok. She got in between my legs and being a little smaller and my ass full of julies cum she slid right into me. She leaned down and started kissing me. Asked me if I was enjoying myself and i said hell yes. I looked around to find Julie cause I was going to get her to come and let me suck her dick but she had left the room.

I wrapped my legs around amanda and she made love to me like i had never had before. Nice and slow with lots of kissing and sucking on her small but sexy as hell tits. We made love for about 20 minutes before amanda said she was going to cum again. I pulled her in as deep as i could with my legs and felt her cum in me. She laid on top of me with her dick still in my ass. We laid there til she went soft and slid out of me.

Julie then came back into room with a smile on her face She walked up the bed and climbed in with us. Looked at me and asked so you enjoy sex with a couple of tgs, would you be willing to take on a couple of real guys? Its always been a fantasy of mine she said to watch a guy dressed as a woman get fucked by a man. I said sure, its nothing I hadnt done before so lets do it.

She said they would be over in about 20 mins which would give her and amanda time to finish my look. I straighted up my skirt and panties which were soaked with cum. Julie went into her room and came back with a garter and nylons. And amanda got a wig out of her closet and started putting make up on me. I was enjoying every minute of cheerio and coach relationship just got steamier and intense was going on, I had missed this very much.

A knock came at the door and julie said i was missing on thing and ran to her room. she come back with a pair of high heels and we were the same shoe size. I slide into them and they told me to go answer the door. I did as i was told. I have been with a lot of males and females but at the door stood the 2 sexiest guys I had seen.

Both about 6 foot maybe 190 one was blonde and the other had black hair. Fred and Paul. Fred had deep blue eyes that i was losing myself in. Paul had amber colored eyes. They looked me up and down and said Julie was right i made a sexy little slut.

I invited them in and we all went back into amandas room. Fred made the first move as we walked into the room. He grabbed me and turned me around and pushed me up against the wall and slide a couple fingers into my ass.

Oh nice he said its ready for me. He bent me over a little and undid his pants out popped a dick about 6 inches but 3 inches around. He didnt waste any time just pushed right into me and started to fuck me. He was pretty rough pulling on my wig and wrapping a hand around my throat choking me, not hard but enough to turn me on.

I started to match his movements with my own telling him to go harder. He didnt waste time cumming either only about 5 mins and right before he came he pulled out and forced me to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth shooting his load in my mouth.

I loved it. I love cum and swallowed all of his load. Paul was naked on the bed waiting his turn. I got off my knees and walked to the bed and started kissing his thighs. He was the biggest of them all 12 inches and thick. I sucked his balls for a bit then licked his shaft and got him nice and wet. I moved up lesbian babe spanks ass before pussy toying where i was directly on top of him.

I slowly slid down him feeling every big ass dirty talk tease strech my ass out. I had been fucked 3 times already and should have been nice and loose and ready for him but it still took nasty lady ass fucked while sucking off big black cocks while to take that monster all the way in me.

I got it in all the way, I could feel his balls against my ass cheeks and I rested there feeling him in me. I leaned forward a little and started to ride him.

I was going slow because I wanted him in me for a long time. I motioned for julie to stand up and started sucking on her dick. I looked over at amanda and she was balls deep in fred. I rode paul at a nice medium pace, taking my time not wanting him to cum to fast but wanting to feel his large cock fill me up.

I was also taking my time sucking julie. I was taking turns between sucking her and licking her shaft and balls. I started to play with myself as well since I had only cum once so far.

As I got close to cumming I started going faster on Pauls dick. All the way up and down. I moaned I was cumming and shot my load on his stomach. I then went to town on julie making her cum a 2nd time. She pulled out of my mouth just as she came and shot her load all over my face.

Paul then took charge and leaned me a little bit more forward and started to pound my ass. I looked him in the eyes and said cum for me.

cum deep in my ass. he started going even harder. so i kept up the dirty talk.

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come on paul cum inside your sluts ass, fill me with your hot load. he grabbed my hips and slammed into me so hard he lifted my knees off the bed just as he said he was cumming. we took turns the rest of the night fucking each other. finally we were all spent and fred and paul left. Julie went to her room leaving me and amanda alone. she got up for a moment and came back with a red nightgown that barely covered my ass. asked me to spend the ngiht and wear that as i slept with her.

We cuddled up together with her behind me. I felt her hardness poking me in the butt cheek so i moved a little and slid down her dick. And thats how we fell asleep. We woke up the next day, my new panties were ruined by so much cum. so we threw them away. a few days later when I worked again I walked over to use restroom and amanda was working. It was a very slow day like 1 customer in 3 hours. Peeing her pants oprah wets her denims before toying her soaked pussy followed me into the bathroom and lifted her skirt up after i finished and asked me to blow her.

I started sucking her and said i want to fuck. I dropped my pants turned around and let her fuck me in the mall.