Sexy sex and massage get mixed hardcore blowjob

Sexy sex and massage get mixed hardcore blowjob
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I can't believe what as happening, here I was being blackmailed by the most feared boy in this town.

Few minutes ago It was just a normal day for me walking into the school I noticed everyone eyes on me. It was strange I was what you called it a loner I didn't really have any friends I like being alone good books in my face. I walked down the hall as they whispered about me but about what.

I walked into homeroom as I took my usual seat in the front.

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Everyone still whispered and starred at me. " what the hell is going on around here" I yelled as everyone didn't even hear what I just said as they looked at the person who came in. "Amanda you need to come with me" he said not giving me a chance to answer he grabbed my hand as he dragged me to the rooftop where he and I'm guessing Jason hang. He pushed me in as I starred Jason in his cold grey eyes. He locked the door as we were left alone.

He looked at me with a sinister smirk which scared me. "Amanda amanda" he said my name slowly as he looked at me my very movement. "A little birdy told me you like sluting around playing around with your self" he said as I gasped no he couldn't have found out. "That's not." I started but stopped when he showed me a picture of me naked in my bed masturbating.

"Don't lie it's all here" he said as he placed the picture in his coat pocket. " what are you gonna do with it?" I asked scared of the outcome. "Oh nothing if you do something for me" he brunette ebony babe bates for you pleasure photorama as he came closer to me standing infornt of me. "Become my slut and join my gang that's all and you'll gain respect and protection" he said as I looked at him with wide eyes.

"No way" I said as he gave me a sinister smirk.

"I see so it's alright to let everyone know how much of a slut you are and you know what happens when Jason WildWood sets out a rumor" he said which scared me, even though I was a loner he would break my peaceful highschool life. "Not only that but I'll also make your family lose everything it has makesre your parents won't have and job make sure you little brother is bullied, you wouldn't want that now would you" he said as I looked in woyy shocked eyes.

I could deal with the bullying but my family that got me. "Fine" I said but he didn't seem to like my answer. "No I think this is a better way" he started "no repeat after me 'I will Become Jason WildWood slut and be pleased to take his cock when ever he please'" he said as I looked down at my feet.

"I-I wi-will become Jason WildWood s-slut and naughty america desi college young storys pleased to take his c-cock when ever he please" I said as I could feel his smirk.

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"Now get down on your knees and suck me like that slut you are" he said as I slowly for in my knees and started to cocksucking euros having fun at sex party his jeans.

I didn't look him in the eye or at his dick it was to humiliating. "Open your eyes and take a look at the dick that's gonna be fucking your pussy from now on" he said as I slowly opened my eyes to be surprised at the sight of his eleven of twelve inch dick. There's no way I could take that in. "What are you waiting for suck little bitch suck" he said as I opened my mouth as I wide as I could placing the head in my mouth.

I started off slow but then started to go faster, I could barely fit the head but I continued going as deep as I could but I don't think he was enjoying himself.

He grabbed a hold of my hair as he forced my head down on his cock forcing me to deep throat him. I tried to breath but it was pickedup euro youngster rides cock in the car to it felt like I was losing my mind. I licked up and down around his length as much as I could.

There seemed to be a grin of satisfaction plastered on his face. I could feel my panties getting soaked by the second as I continued take his big cock in my mouth almost chocking on it. I could feel his balls tighten signalling he was close.

"Fuck ahhhhhhh I'm so freaking close to fill that pretty mouth of yours with my cum" he moaned making me go even deeper. I moaned as I feel I soaked my panties were I wanted so bad to finger myself but I knew I had to hold back."Fuck I'm cummmmmmmiknnnng" he said as he filled my entire mouth with his cum. He didn't take his dick out making me swallow every last drop.

He took it out as he chuckled darkly. He pushed my head on the ground as he took a hold of my hands behind my back. He stood in his knees behind me dick against my clit as now he could see and feel how wet my panties were.

I blushed as he slid his thumb against my clit going up and down. I let out a low moan as I felt him replaced his finger with his cock.

"Wait no anything but that" I said but he seemed to ignore my plea as he ripped my panties off slamming his cock inside me not give me any chance to adjust as he started thrusting deep inside my womb. He grabbed a hold of my hips as he thrusted his length deep inside my womb.

His thrusted deep and fast inside me making me moan loud and making my mind go blank. He started going deeper if that was even possible. He pounded against my walls as I squeezed around him pushing him deeper into my womb.

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I moaned as he continued thrusting his cock at full speed inside me. "Moan my name you little slut" he said thrusting hard into my womb bring great pleasure.

"J-ja-jason ahhhhhhhjh" I moaned as I felt how close I was to coming. "Donr think your coming with out begging" he said as he started going slow making me whimper at the lost of pleasure. "Pl-please fuck me like the slut I am please let cum all over your big cock JASON" I said as he gave me a harsh thrust going even deeper and faster. I could feel how close I was getting as I tighten even more around his large cock as he fucked my pussy making all my juice flow out.

"Fuck your squeezing me tightly" hubby shares anal wife with black boyfriend groaned as he thrusted faster. "Fuck im close ahhhh" he moaned which turned me on even more then before.

We ended up coming at the same time as he filled me up with his cum. "Ahmmm" I groaned as his cum still spilling inside my womb. He finally took his cock out as his cum dripped down my thigh.

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"Good good, clean up and come outside to the parking lot and don't take long" he said as he gave me handkerchief. "You'll enjoy your new life trust me you'll never wanna leave me"