Dude has his violent way with blonde

Dude has his violent way with blonde
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If you're wondering about time lines this happened almost 20 years after four bestfriends yoga session and massive groupsex orgy encounter with my favourite landlady.

===================== Due to my job I never really stayed anywhere for very long and I got into the habit of living out of a suitcase, when I turned forty I felt I needed to make a base for myself: somewhere that was mine, decorated in my style, where I could relax and shut the rest of the world out, if only for a day.

I'd spent nearly twenty years working all over the UK and I decided to live somewhere I liked rather than somewhere fashionable. When I was offered a predominantly fixed base job, training the next generation of electronic equipment installers in a city I liked I took the plunge and bought a house. It was far larger than I needed, I had nothing to put in it, I didn't know how I wanted it to be but it was home. The house, sorry my home, was located in an older area of the city that had at the time of building been the outskirts but was now hedged in a bit by newer developments, although less than two minutes walk from my front door was a huge city park which was nice.

The house was built in 1894, in that grandiose Victorian style, with tall ceilings and big rooms, built for the well off, new moneyed, middle class with aspirations. As is the case in many UK cities, because of their size it meant that the majority of these houses were bought by property agencies that promptly turned them into student bedsits, but there are worse people to have as neighbours than students.

The area when built had everything to offer the well off gentleman including excellent local amenities. To be honest, I was beginning to feel a few aches and pains and part of the reason I bought it was the close proximity to a recently refurbished, community partnership funded, swimming pool (that means it's open for as many hours of the day as possible).

I found that swimming relaxed me more than any other exercise I'd ever tried, however I suppose recognising my entry into middle age I wanted to prove I wasn't over the hill and pushed myself. I started work at 8:30 am and was home every day by 4:00 pm, so my after work routine became a good long swim, a sauna and a cooling off period, OK a snooze, on one of the plentiful sun loungers around the pool.

My father always told me not to shit on my own doorstep and since living there I'd followed that advice, consequently my encounters with the fairer sex had ended. This sounds boastful but since being seduced by my landlady when I was 23 I'd rarely gone more than a few weeks without finding somebody who wanted to share my bed, usually women older than me or Mums who wanted a fling with a better endowed man than the one they lived with.

To cut a long story short, due to my abstinence I was almost constantly horny and as such was beginning to notice the female students who used the pool, fit, young and as it seemed afraid of nothing.

As I said I'd never really hooked up with young women always finding it easier or more convenient to stick to 30 plus so this for me was new territory. Obviously going to the pool black ghetto slut ashley sin getting face smashed with dick meant I knew most of the lifeguards who worked there, I don't know why lifeguards are mostly female but they seem to be (there's a tip if you're looking for a fit girlfriend who is comfortable with her body).

I'd found that at the weekend if I wanted to swim I had to get there for 7:00 am or 7:00 pm. In the mornings the pool was full of serious swimmers but in the evening it was all but empty.

From 7:00 pm they cut the lifeguards down to one if it was quiet and that was usually a part time guard who, as it turned out, were almost always students. Now I'm sorry to be boring. the practicalities of swimming every day. when you see men in speedos on the beach they're posing, old men in speedos is worse, I think it was a corporate Ford idea that "if you've got it, flaunt it, if you haven't flaunt it more." If you swim everyday you either have baggy shorts that take a couple of days to dry, bleach and fall apart unless you wash them after every swim, or you wear speedos, they're dry in an hour or so, aren't damaged by chlorinated water, have no drag in the water and as I wasn't in bad shape (flaunting it more) I opted for them.

It was a Monday afternoon when "it" happened. I'd had a hectic weekend, slept very little (my father was unwell), got home late on Sunday, didn't sleep all that well, worked, and went for a swim at about 6. I'd really pushed myself and turned in a sub 30 minute mile. As usual I'd had a long sauna, a quick shower, and lay down on a sun lounger to cool down, however on this Monday I fell asleep.

I honestly don't recall anything until I was awoken by a lifeguard shaking me, I came instantly awake wondering where the fire was, they normally give everybody plenty of space so this must be urgent. "Look there's been a complaint, could you cover it up please." I was still a bit dazed from the sleep because I didn't understand what she was talking about.

My face must have reflected my confusion because she tried again, "You've got to cover yourself up it's a family pool." "What?" "Your trunks?" I looked down at my trunks and I knew what she meant, "Shit." Poking out of the top of my speedos was my ready for action cock, I'm all but 9 inches long and speedos just aren't built to hide a hard on. I grabbed my towel and flung it over my groin, "I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened." I bloody well did know, I needed a good fuck and my cock no doubt felt the same way and had decided to let me know it's thoughts on the matter.

"Can you try to be more careful in future." How do you be careful about getting a hard on? As I was really quite embarrassed I tried to make a joke, "I'm usually very careful with it." She wasn't amused and left me alone.

I didn't know what to do, should I try and push it back inside? Should I stay where I was until it shrank? Should I hold my towel over my crotch and make a hurried but dignified dash for the changing rooms? I glanced around seeing if the person who'd complained was looking at me, but there were so many people looking milf came home from work to eat cock smiling in my direction that paranoia got me and with no sign of softening I held the towel covering my hard on and left.

I showered with my back to the cubicle entrance and still the thing wouldn't soften, I needed to come and I simply couldn't do that here. I dried, dressed and left, and walked the 200 yards home, as I turned the key my cock decided to give up and softened. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive but I swear every day for the rest of the week when I noticed people looking at me they were smirking. Obviously nobody said anything, this is England, but I'm sure they all knew. Certainly the lifeguards all smirked and I could see them smiling when I saw them looking at me.

On the Saturday I got to the pool at well past 7 pm. The pool was empty except for the guard sweeping the walkways, I knew her face, sort of, but couldn't recall her name but I didn't think about it too much, I went for a fast swim and off for my usual sauna after completing the mile. I watched through the glass door as she walked towards the sauna, opened the door and her face popped in, "Will you want the pool again, or can I pull the covers over?" "No I'm done." I saw the second guard help her pull the covers over the pool and wave goodbye.

She turned most of the lights off and disappeared no doubt cleaning up elsewhere. When I felt suitably cooked I walked out stepped under the shower rinsed off the sweat and went to a lounger. It was past 8, I flopped the folded towel on my lap, closed my eyes breathed deep and slow to cool down using a basic meditation technique to relax.

Relaxed I certainly was, I was vaguely aware of someone as they entered the pool area but not enough to disturb my fast approaching sleep. I felt a very gentle movement but lay still to see if it was a dream or real, the edge of the towel was moving, it was solegravene veut se faire enculer sous un pont comme elle en a lhabitude that point that I realised I was hard again.

I thought it must be my troublesome friend having a stretch and pushing the towel so I relaxed again, until I heard just the faintest gasp. I lay still, very much awake but feigning sleep, the towel moved further uncovering my trunks and exposing the head and shaft that was outside my speedos.

I felt the towel placed on my leg then nothing, I waited working hard to keep my breaths slow and measured, still nothing. My cock knew something was happening because it went from firm to hard in an instant fighting with the tie lace in the speedos for complete freedom. I needed to see what was happening but if it was the guard I didn't want to scare her off and seeing my eyes open I'm sure would do just that.

I flickered my eyelids and saw her outline, it was her alright, she was kneeling beside the lounger looking at my hard cock. I wondered how to play this, I really wanted a fuck. I tried to recall as much about her as I could, tall, blonde hair or was it? Long legs, slim and tall, so much for my memory, I flickered my eyes again just in time to see her lick her lips but why didn't she do something, it had been probably 5 minutes and she was still kneeling there.

I waited a little longer but still nothing, I had to do something, "You can touch it if you like." Her face was flushed, "Sorry, I thought you were asleep." She hadn't moved away and I saw her glance down again, "I was." What the hell should I do lucy li 2019 toy boy xxx new story, she knew I was watching her, she knew I knew she'd been watching my cock, but still she did nothing.

"I heard the lifeguards talking about what happened on Monday." When in doubt keep quiet.which I did. "I wanted to see if it's as big as they said." "Is it?" "I think so." Silence, I had been intently watching her face as she looked at my cock but I allowed my eyes a quick tour of her body, small but firm breasts, her bathing suit outlined a lovely slim body, and her hair was on the brown side of blonde and tied in a thick plat. Long fingers, no nail polish but short tidy nails, nice looking in a girl next door way.

Still she made no move and still there was silence. How long should I lie here waiting for her next move. Two minutes passed and nothing had changed, she was still looking at my hard on, so I took the next step. I moved my hand to my speedos and undid the tie string. Two things happened, firstly my cock, no longer tied down sprang upright, secondly she focused on the size and I saw her eyebrows raise, "As I said you can touch it if you want." Her hand moved forward but she put it back in her lap, what would it take for her to touch me?

I have no idea what she was thinking but she looked straight at me, "I'm not a tart, I'm just curious, I've never seen a real cock that size." I didn't care I just wanted her to touch me, finally she moved her arm up and resting her elbow on my stomach took the base of the shaft in her hand, she stroked the shaft once and removed her hand. "It's really hard." What the hell did she expect? "Yes." "And soft and very, new sensations mom and cronys daughter fatherly alterations long." We both laughed, for the puzzled readers.

There was an advertising campaign for "Toilet Tissue" that was soft, strong and very, very long. It broke the tension and she started stroking me again, "I'm Loren." "And you're a student?" "You must have done this a lot if you can tell that just by the way I stroke you?" We laughed again, I liked her sense of humour, her laugh and the attention she was paying to my cock certainly wasn't likely to put me off her.

I put my hand on her shoulder and lightly ran my fingers up her neck caressing her skin. Without warning she leant forward and slipped the head of my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blow-job.

I was stunned I really hadn't expected that to happen so quickly, I didn't mind and was enjoying every lick and suck, it made me wonder if things would go further tonight. With her arm on my stomach I could see her breasts in her swimsuit and I rubbed the side and front with the back of my fingers, she didn't seem to mind and after about a minute I could clearly see the outline of a protruding nipple.

I twisted my arm around and cupped her breast, very softly squeezing it running my fingers up to her nipple to repeat the action there. I took stock of the situation and realised that I was lying on a sun lounger, next to a swimming pool, with a young woman, whose name I'd learnt less that five minutes before, kneeling on the floor sucking my cock.

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Sucking cock appeared to be something she enjoyed, because she was eager, she took me in deeply and licked my shaft, started sucking and raised her head until the head popped out of her mouth, a kiss, a lick and the deep swallow was repeated, it was great and with a familiar warmth starting inside I wondered if I should let her continue.

Once again it was Loren who made the next move. She sucked and slide her mouth up the shaft and with a kiss on the head stood up, she stepped over the sun bed put her hand between her legs, pulled her swimsuit to one side and lowered herself down guiding the head of my cock straight into her pussy, then she sank down impaling herself on me.

It's not often I'm shocked, about anything really but certainly nothing to do with sex, but this shocked me. Without any foreplay or attention of any kind to her pussy she'd taken virtually my entire cock inside her in one move. OK when she stopped she was biting her lower lip, but I was impressed, no woman had ever done that to me before. She rocked her hips back and forward twice then lifted off, as my cock was revealed I saw it was coated with her juices, the head was just about out and she dropped herself down again this time until her thighs touched mine.

She cried fervid chick is gaping spread pussy in close up and coming a little but stayed there my cock buried to the hilt inside her, she rocked her hips again and lifted up, then dropped down again, once again the little cry but again she'd taken me all the way in.

I was amased at her capacity, her rocking hip movement felt great, I suspect for her too, "How do you do that?" "I'm tall I seem to have a long pussy. Do you like it?" "What's not to like?

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Just how often do you do this often?" "Not for over 3 months, and never with one this big. It's really deep." I lifted my hands up to her swimsuit straps and pulled them over her shoulders and down her arms peeling the suit lower, as I pulled the straps down, her gorgeous breasts were exposed, small but with firm little nipples. "How long since you had sex?" "Nearly five months." "Are you ready to fuck." "Oh yes, as you've been in the driving seat tonight do you want to continue?" "I like being on top, I like the work, I hope you don't come too quickly." "I'll try not too." "Let me know when you get close." The gentle rocking turned into a circling motion then she added a little bounce, it was great, I lay down with my arms at my sides and watched her breasts ripple as her hips bounced on mine.

Her face went through a range of expressions, but for most of the time she was silent. As the bounce changed into a proper lift and drop I could hear little noises escaping her lips, she leant forward, put amanda johnson fucked by friend while husband sleeps hands on my chest and we kissed, I watched a string of saliva stretch and thin until it fell to my chest, she pushed herself up, wiggled her hips and pushed down, "I like you." "I'm growing quite keen on you too." She started to bounce up and down again, her fingers digging into my chest as my cock buried deep inside her, she was wet, hot and knew exactly what she wanted, as far as I was lying there enjoying it I couldn't think of a reason to interfere.

It must have been the laziest sex I'd ever had, but it felt fabulous and watching a woman pleasure herself is a serious turn-on for me, so much so that I had to start thinking about something else to stop myself from coming too soon. Her eyes were looking at me but I really didn't think she was seeing me, her movements were getting less regular "Ahh, fuck that's good." She sat upright, then putting her hands on my legs, bent back backwards as her arms slid down my legs, she tipped her head back and groaned, her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, released, and clamped again, released and clamped again.

I was so close to coming but I really didn't want to interrupt her orgasm with mine. As soon as the groan stopped I humped my hips upwards not really entering her any more but creating some movement between my cock and the walls of her pussy, she squeezed her pussy around my cock adding to the intense feeling for my cock.

After perhaps 20 more thrusts it was my turn to groan as I short my first jet of sperm inside her, quickly followed by another three. She didn't let up the clamping of her pussy, the feeling on my cock was unbelievable. After one more spurt I was done, she sat up on my hips, put her hands on my chest and smiled down at me "That was nice." I smiled back "Understatement of the year." She leaned down and we kissed for a minute or so, nothing hot and sexy just happy kissing she nipped my lip in her teeth and pulled it laughing as she let go.

"And your name is? How slutty? I ask his named after I've fucked him." I lifted my hand up and we shook hands, "Hello Loren, I'm Matt and I'm really pleased to meet you." She laughed, "Me too." "Do you want to get a little more comfortable?" She twisted her head sideways and looked at the clock, "God it's really late, I'm meant to be meeting some friends for drinks." She lifted herself up and pulled her swimsuit back in stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette still got some things to do before I can leave, you having a shower?" "I suppose so." "Wait at reception for me." I sat on the sun bed watching her walk away, was that it?

A dady sex gay older man 3 gp fuck and goodbye? I got up and wandered to the shower, got dried and dressed and walked out to the reception to wait for her.

She appeared after five minutes dressed in jeans and a plain white blouse, she smiled at me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and opening up her mobile asked me for my number. I told her and took hers, picked up my bag and we walked out, she stopped to lock the doors, squatting down to lock the lower bolt, "I can feel you cum leaking out." "I'm sorry." "I'm not, I'm glad I'm wearing jeans." She took my arm sort of hugging me as we walked down the street, we got to my house and I stopped, "This is as far as I go." "Do you live here?" "Yep." "On your own?" "Yep." She kissed me again, "Look I've got to go I'm late, I'll give you a call tomorrow." I found myself accepting that and as she walked away I felt a bit confused, I turned to open the gate, I heard her footsteps coming back and turned to meet her.

We kissed she held me and pushed her tongue in my mouth, before I had a chance to put my arms around her she stepped back, "Thank you for tonight, it's not normal for me to fuck someone I don't know but when I get horny I can't help myself. I'll call you tomorrow, promise." She turned again and skipped across the road, I watched her go still feeling a bit puzzled but pleased "See you." I turned smiling to myself and opened my front door, I love this house.