Frat dudes film teen sex in shower after a night of partying

Frat dudes film teen sex in shower after a night of partying
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The Bondage Club 5 "Amanda, please." Kim begged as tears began to well up in her eyes. "Now listen cunt, because I'm only going to say this one time. It's Mistress to you at all times!

Do I make myself clear our do I need to whip it into you?" "No Mistress, I mean yes Mistress I understand. Please, I beg you not to whip me Mistress." Kim said as she began to sob. "Now you better listen here girly, if I want to whip you because I think you need punishment or just for my own pleasure I will. And right now if I was you, I'd do as you're Mistress told you and get those cheap ass Wal-mart clothes off before I get mad!" Amanda commanded.

"Yes Mistress." Kim sobbed. All eyes in the room were on her as she reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up then taking it off looked around for a moment for a place to put it and then decided to drop it on the floor by her feet.

"Now lose the bra."Some one said.

With tears running down her cheeks she reached between her breasts and unsnapped the hook releasing her two beautiful orbs and dropped it also to the floor unto of her blouse. "Those are incredible!" One if the members remarked about her 36D breasts.

"Fabulous," another member agreed. "Lose the skirt." Amanda commanded. Kim reached around her waist and turned the skirt to gain easy access to the button and clasp. Undoing them, allowed the skirt to drop to the floor and then took a step back out of it.

Kim stood there crying.

"Keep going cunt." Kim hooked her thumbs into the side of her nudes colored lace panties and was about to pull then down when one of the members blurted out, "Slowly!" Kim did as she was told and slowly lowered them, first off of her hips, slowly down her thighs, then past her knees where she allowed them to drop to the floor. Standing up straight she stood naked slutty blonde gets fucked deep inside her ass her stockings and pumps.

Kim lifted her right leg up behind her and reached to remove her shoe when Amanda told her to leave them on. Kim answered "Yes Mistress." And stood there in all her glory as the men in the room oogled her curvaceous body.

Amanda got up out of her chair and went to the closet and pulled some items from it tossing then in the center of the poker table. "If you gentleman would kindly assist me?" Several of the men stood up grabbing the items from the table and moved over to where Kim stood.

"Turn around cunt and place you're hand together behind your back." One of the men said. The first item was 4" leather cuff with four buckles. This was placed around Kim's forearms.

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Slender blondie dped by big black cocks on the couch straps were pulled through the buckles encasing her lower arms and pulling them tightly together. The forth strap hung downwards. This was pulled between her ring fingers and her middle fingers of her hands and then buckled back on the leather cuff securing it. Another cuff similar to the first was fit over her upper arms above her elbows.

As the three straps of this cuff were buckled it forced her elbows tightly together. Kim arched her back to try and help ease the strain from her shoulders. Next a leather pouch was slipped over her hands and a single strap was tightened and buckled around her wrists preventing it from slipping off and rendering her hands completely useless. While this was going on another man shoved a large ring gag behind her teeth and buckled it tightly behind her head while still someone else added leather cuffs around each ankle and buckled then on.

Finished, one of the men was rubbing his crotch and asked, "Well Amanda, are we going to get a chance to play with your new toy?" "Sure, why not.

Move her over here boys." She replied and began removing the tip dish from where it was hanging torturing Kendall's stretched nipples. "Bend her over." Amanda ordered, then lifting Kim's arms sky ward behind her back, she attached the chain attached to Kendall's nipples to a ring set in the base of the leather hand pouch and let go.

Kim was now forced to stay in that position voluntarily. If she lowered her arms at all to relieve the pain and stress in her shoulders, she would forcefully pull on her sister Kendall's already sorely stretched nipples.

A spreader bar was then attached to her ankle cuffs forcing her legs further apart inducing more stress to her already aching shoulders. Finished, Amanda grinned wickedly and then said, "Have at her boys." One man stood in front if Kim's face and taking his cock, slipped it through the ring gag and into Kim's mouth.

Grabbing a hold of her head in his hands he began to pump her mouth. A second man had already removed his pants and steeping behind Kim grabbed her hips and with no warning slammed his cock into her pussy as far as his seven inches would allow and began to ram her over and over again.

Kim hurt. Her jaw, her throat, her pussy, her arms, her shoulders.

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And she let out several grunts as she was being forced fucked in front and back. Her body was rocked forward and backward and through it all she could hear Kendall also grunting in pain as every movement of her arms yanked on the poor girl's tortured nipples. Kim forced herself to focus as best as she could to try and keep her arms held high as possible as she knew she was now the cause of Kendall's misery.

Amanda stepped over to Kendall and said, "I don't believe that the men should have all the fun." And removed her own skirt then removed the weight from Kendall's tongue before straddling the teen's head placing her bald shaven pussy directly onto Kendall's mouth.

"Start pleasing your Mistress, slave!" Kendall lifted her sore tongue and began to lick between Amanda's swollen sex, up and down, in and out in order to please her new Mistress. Meanwhile, any movement she or her sister made just continued to yank on her poor aching nipples.

Oh God how they hurt. Her knees were so sore from having to stand on them for so long and her shoulders were screaming in pain from having her arms pinned together behind her back in the binder.

Would this nightmare never stop? The man with his cock pumping in and out of Kim's mouth suddenly came, spurting his hot sticky cum into her mouth and across her face.

His cock was quickly replaced by another. Soon after, the man behind her blew his wad into her sex. Stepping away from her another took his place and once again she teen ass strip xxx my annoying stepbro getting it on both ends.

Each time one of the men came, another moved in and took his place.

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Over an hour later Kim had been fucked in her mouth and pussy several times over by each of the guys and Kendall had succeed in bringing her Mistress to an orgasm not once, not twice but three times. After a while play resumed on the poker table but not before Amanda had the girls show some sisterly love for one another. Releasing Kendall british michelle thorne gets fucked in kinky gear the cum pole, she made the girls face each other and clean the spilled cum off of each other with their tongues.

The only stipulation was that they had to do it while remaining on their knees. Kim licked Kendall's face and breasts and Kendall reciprocated. The guys really enjoyed the show watching Kendall lick the cum out of Kim's pussy. That meant Kim had to kneel with her head on the ground, her ass up in the air and her knees spread wide as Kendall tongued and slurped her pussy clean as ordered. The guys watched and got their laughs at the sisters as they went about their tasks. Especially funny was when Kim was cleaning the cum off of Kendall's sore nipples making her squirm and grimace as they were licked clean.

Now the girls knelt on either side of Amanda, knees spread, back straight, head down waiting for her to finish playing cards. Kim had a pump gag inserted through her ring gag and pump up to fill her mouth while poor Kendall had the weight reattached to her tongue ring forcing her to sit with it hanging out through the ring gag, drool almost constantly rolling out of her mouth and dripping down onto her small leather covered breasts.