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Sex xxxxx 18 japanis fuck
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It was quite a bit chilly today Morgan thought as she shivered in her tree stand. She had just gotten over a cold and almost didn't come, but the family needed meat. Her voice was gone and her throat itched some, but she was raunchy housewife has her tight snatch pummeled brunette cumshot longer sick.

It had been a new feeling for her. Though a short, frail seeming petite girl, the young blonde was never sick. She was a flyer on her highschool cheerleading squad due to her small light frame, but she was never sick, till just recently right after her 18th birthday.

Letting her mind wander she thought back to when she was last sick. She had been 14 at the time when her father had gotten her drunk. Not in a pervy way, but he was teaching his little princess about alcohol and was worried about her partying in highschool.

Though she assured she wouldn't he insisted. He held her hair as she sicked up everything it seemed from the past week. Her father really had no need to worry, she hated the taste of alcohol and never touched the stuff again. She was his good girl, never went out and partied, made sure he approved of her very few boyfriends, and though he had given her 'the talk' and showed her where the condoms were and said he'd never ask about it again, she remained a virgin.

Not that she was prude, she was just waiting for the right time, perhaps she'd give in at the winter dance coming up. That was her life growing up. Never sick, a doting and not too overprotective father, school sports, very few boys, and hunting.

She knew she wasn't like other girls.

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Skillful girlfriend provides her man with a blowjob she was pretty, downright gorgeous with her waist length honey hair, steely blue eyes, tanned skin, tight toned abs, small b-cup breast, cute little butt that seemed to stick out, shaved body, and legs that seemed to go on forever despite her petite frame; but she kept to herself.

She had a few friends on her volleyball team and cheerleading squad, but she lived out in the boonies and early on in highschool before everyone in her grade had cars, few were willing to come out so far on bikes or by parents, so she grew up independent. She liked math, was an excellent runner, and could likely out shoot anyone in the county; bows or guns.

So that's where she found herself today. Alone, how she liked it. It took some prodding to let her go out hunting alone, but her dad knew she was a good shot and knew the woods like the back of her hand.

And times were a little tough and they needed to fill tags this winter, so with her careful insistence he let her go off on her own while he went to a different hunting site.

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Cover more ground and all she had said. Not one to argue with her, she was his good little princess, he agreed. He enjoyed her company, but there didn't seem to be a lot of bonding in total silence.

He loved her and would miss her company, but he feared being on overbearing parent and risk driving a wedge between them. They agreed to check their phones after six hours to see if the other had gotten anything and needed help, and went their seperate ways. So that morning, long before the sun rose, Morgan got her gear together and got dressed.

Though she occasionally wished she had bigger tits, for hunting she was perfect. Didn't need a bra so she tossed on a t shirt. She skipped panties as they would just get in the way of her new drop seat overalls. Now she wouldn't have to shrug out of a bunch of clothes should 'nature call'. Grabbing her jacket and an orange beenie, she completed her ensemble stomping into sturdy hiking boots.

She grabbed her bow and arrows, her tree stand kit, one of the two fanny packs with all the estrus scents, and headed out the door.

Estrus she thought with a grin, who figured out out to bottle animals in heats piss to use as hunting lures. Paying it no more mind, she loaded up her ATV and headed off in the darkness. Shivering in her tree stand, Morgan quietly surveyed the woods. The tree creaked a bit under her weight and the wind and all was silent. She knew there were at least two competing bucks here, and with luck some of the estrus she spayed near her tree would draw them.

She carefully shifted adjusting the fanny pack above her bottom when the tree creaked again. Uneasy, she began to check her stands straps when it happened. With a sickening crack, the branch she was wedged to by the trunk snapped and sent her hurdling to the ground some 20 feet below. Maybe a little lucky, but there were several branches mom and son fuck baby sitter and cums in her break her fall and she hit everyone as she fell.

With a thud, Morgan impacted the ground on her front side and just lay there breathless for a bit in a daze. Struggling to breathe and move, she felt cold, then a wet sensation dripping onto her bare ass and between her cheeks. Bare ass? During the fall a branch had hooked and ripped the bucket seat off her coveralls exposing her for the world to see. As for the wet, she weakly looked up and saw her fanny pack of estrus a little worse for wear hanging from a broken branch.

She must have shattered one of the bottles in there as it was now dripping down on her, soaking her from colon to pussy.

Just perfect, no deer, a broken tree stand, and now she was covered in piss. How could this day possibly get any worse. She lay there for some time in silence just trying to catch her breath and muster the energy to crawl to her bow some 10 feet away on the other side of a log and head home. Grazing in the woods, a young buck stopped as a powerful scent filled his nose. Taking in a deep breath he recognized instinctually.

Doe in heat, must fuck. He wasn't the biggest buck in the area, no that title belonged to one older buck, but he was a close second. More importantly, the scent was very close. Perhaps he could fuck this doe first. The older buck was in his prime, but only for another season or two.

It was the start of his time, older buck be damned. She was really in heat, her scent was strong. Nose to the wind, he bound to the source of the scent. Breathing coming easier, Morgan was finally able to prop herself up. Slowly she began to crawl towards her bow. Nothing appeared to be broken she thought as she moved her arms and legs, just sore. Strength was slow in returning as she crawled, but she knew she'd be alright in a little while. He stared at her for a moment. She sure was an unusual doe.

Small and swaying, but she smelled of sex and desire from between her legs. He didn't have much time to ponder this unusual doe, the older buck could be here anytime. As he approached her she pulled herself onto a log, back end high in the air. Unusual indeed but she was presenting to him and he not miss the opportunity. Morgan pulled herself onto the log, bow nearly within her grasp when a sound made her look back. One of the largest bucks she had seen was behind her.

Of course he would show up now as she was weaponless. She paid the buck no mind as it would surely flee before she could even get a chance to grab her bow. So they make a point of showing you freshly waxed perfect pussy hardcore and blowjob stayed propped up for a moment when she felt something wet poking around her exposed rear end.

With alarm she looked back and saw the buck sniffing her. The estrus she thought dryly before noticing his shaft hanging between his legs. Thick and heavy, musky and long, Morgans mouth went dry and fear formed a pit in her stomach. Deer could be dangerous this close, but she had other fears. She'd seen and laughed with other people the videos of bucks getting to fresh with girls. They always got away and everyone laughed, but they also weren't injured, bent over, and bare assed with estrus slicking their shaved virgin lady parts.

Slowly Morgan tried to reach for her bow as the buck stopped sniffing her. Looking away to see how close she was, Morgan suddenly felt breath on the back of her and saw paws appear next to shoulders before feeling them slide down to grip her slender waist. He was mounting her! Panic set in as she felt his warm weight push down on her back and hold her in place.

Frantically she reached for her bow, a stick, a rock, anything! But all her hands could grasp her some fallen leaves. She began to cry as his furry legs brushed the backside of her thighs and started pleading when she felt his slick member rub against her tummy from the huge hole.

He was too low, and she hoped if she could keep him out he leave, so she set out to make it impossible for him. The buck was getting frustrated, he could feel his doe squirming beneath, but couldn't find her hole. He could tell she was trying to help and felt his warm wet dick battering between her legs.

pulling back, he thrust forward and was too high. Morgan let out a squeak of fear as she felt the dick now on top of her back, it's tip resting at top of her crack.

Firmly in contact with her, the buck began to work his dick lower, it's tip between her tight butt cheeks. It would be much harder for her to shake him off as he got closer. She almost broke away as he briefly pressed into her puckered asshole before slipping lower. He was close, he could feel the heat coming off her, the warm slick of estrus as his dick left her cheeks and trailed along her perineum, finally grazing her tight, untouched pussy lips.

Thrusting back and forth, sawing along, slowly her lips began to hug his member as we worked closer to her hole, dripping precum slicking the way. Morgan let out a sharp gasp and stiffened as the tip finally penetrated her just barely. Whenever she masturbated, she only played with her clit, the biggest thing she had ever inside her pussy was a junior sized tampon, and because she was so tight that felt big. Whimpering, tears streaming down her face, Morgan tensed as she felt the big flex.

She squeezed against him, adrenaline surging, but she felt warmth in her as his precum oozed out slicking the way. She could feel it bending beneath her vaginal muscles clamped down, hoping the deer would give up before they gave out, but no such luck. With a pop she felt him slide all the home in one go, tearing through petite redhead pounded by a large dick hymen.

Once fully inside her, the buck marveled at her tightness and how wet she was, never realizing it was human virgin blood. Now with no chance of slipping out, he shifted atop her, cloven hooves painfully pinching sides as he readied to fuck her.

Pulling out, Morgan hoped it was over before he slammed back into her very dry cunt. The blood and precum were lubing her, but it would take several more thrusts before the buck had her thoroughly slick. Finally thoroughly wet, he began to slide in and out of her with ease. Morgan moaned every time the deer bottomed out in her tight pussy.

When she first saw his penis it looked to be about four and a half inched, but she was sure it was double that now. It's base was much wider than it's tip and was thankful for most of it's length it wasn't wide, but she swore the thing felt to be nine inches.

Each thrust hurt a little and she knew it was poking her cervix. Her pussy gripped the base like a vice every time it entered her, so much thicker than the rest of it, she felt like it was trying to drag her pussy out of her before it slid down the shaft. Slowly the feeling began to change.

It's not like she wanted this or anything, she was sick to her stomach and in pain, feeling shameful; but all the same it started to feel good. Just a little. Little by little, her grunts and pained sounds turned more and more to moans.

Adrenaline gone, her energy depleted, Morgan just lay on the log and took it. Jeeze, how long was this deer going to last? She knew it must have only been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. Painfully cinching down, she became aware of the increased pace. What the-oh God it was going to cum in her! She knew, but she hadn't processed it when it all began. New feelings of nausea spread through her, and in spite of all that, her pussy clenched.

She didn't understand it and she felt it happen.

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Slamming into her with reckless abandon, the buck fired off hot strand after hot strand of warm cum deep into her pussy seeking an egg.

His dick tip slamming into her cervix ensured her womb was thoroughly inseminated.

She couldn't get pregnant of course, not from a deer, but the idea anything cumming in her virgi- her no longer virgin cunt, excited and terrified her. With a final thrust, he held her tight for a moment before withdrawing with a quiet wet shhllck. Tiredly, Morgan looked over and saw it was indeed nine inches long and three inches thick at the base. She couldn't imagine what it would have been like if he had been thick throughout his length. She could see a bit of blood and cum on his dick, the signs of her deflowering, and the tears sprang up anew.

She heard puffing and looked up again. Standing behind them was another buck, the biggest in the forest. Good she thought angrily, kill this other rapist buck for invading me and your territory. The two squared off, one eager to defend the doe he thought to impregnate, the other to reclaim this territory.