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Red head milf huge cock and step mom drilled ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions
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Intro: Belinda and I started dating in high school. During the summer after our freshman year of college, a game of truth or dare paved the way to a threesome between Belinda, me and Belinda's life long best friend Marcella. The three of us ended up fooling around and experimenting with each other for the rest of that summer. A year and a half later, despite the fact that Marcella had gotten engaged, the three of us spent another evening together. A few months after that, Belinda and I broke up.

Five years later, the three of us all happened to attend the same wedding. Belinda was seeing someone new. I was involved with a girl named Amanda. Marcella was in the process of getting divorced from her husband John (no relation). During the weekend of the wedding, the three of us spent some time together and came to the ultimate conclusion that during that summer eight years earlier, we had all fallen in love with each other.

After several more preachers chums daughter and real mother threesome if you wanna keep perving on me experiences during that weekend, we decided that we would all leave our significant others and move in together.

Belinda and I headed back to Florida. Marcella still had to finish up her divorce before she could pack up her things and join us in the sunshine state. JOURNAL-001: "WAITING FOR MARCELLA" MARCH 2007 My flight home was one day before Belinda's. Sitting on the plane, I closed my eyes and thought about how happy I was. I had finally found love with not only one, but two beautiful women.

I was 27 years old. As I collected my baggage, I felt like a heel. My soon to be ex, Amanda was sitting in her car outside. There she was, picking me up from the airport, and the only news of my trip I had to share with her was the fact that I'd slept with my high school sweetheart. And her best friend Marcella. And another girl named Hillary. I strolled out of the baggage claim into the warm Florida air and tried to convince myself that I wasn't an asshole.

Amanda exited her car and greeted me on the sidewalk with a strong hug and a kiss. I had always been honest with Amanda. She was a beautiful, sweet girl. Rather than drawing it out, I decided to tell her everything during the ride home. It was a long drive from the airport to my little garage apartment. Amanda lived in the apartment next door to mine.

There was no doubt that we would see each other almost every day after this. I also knew that Belinda had to move out of her boyfriend's house. The plan was for her to move in with me until we could get a bigger place together.

I knew that one day soon, Amanda and Belinda would meet. I told Amanda everything, as I always had. She cried some, but told me that she was glad that I was honest with her. I told her I never meant to hurt her.

I knew it would be awkward for a while. We still lived next door to one another, after all. The next afternoon, I found myself back at the airport, only this time, I was there to pick up Belinda. It had only been one day since we had seen one another, but as soon as I held her in my arms, I felt at peace again.

She would be able to live off of the items in her suitcase for a few days, but would eventually have to get her belongings from her ex-boyfriend's house. We decided to postpone that drama for a few days and just head back to my small garage apartment. I told her that I had already ended things with Amanda, but that she still lived next door to me. I couldn't tell if Belinda was relieved or indifferent.

Either way, we were soon home and my high school sweet-heart was mine once again. We spent most of that afternoon and evening making love, all the while talking about how excited we were for Marcella to get her divorce and join us. One of the first things we would have to do was find a bigger place. My garage apartment was a tight fit for the two of us.

It would be way too small to accommodate three people. I awoke the next morning before the sun was out. A cool chill had blown through my bedroom. I saw that the door to the small patio overlooking the haley ryder joi and masturbation with dildo pornstars fetish was open.

The clock on the nightstand read5:45am. I rose from the bed completely naked and walked over to the open door. The patio was wrapped waste high in lattice work to keep prying eyes at bay. Belinda sat naked in a wrought iron chair and took a pull from her cigarette. Her dark brown hair hung in random curls. Her thin body was tan, save for the areas that her bikini would usually cover. I smiled down at her. "Your boobs look like they glow in the dark." "Hardy-har-har." she smiled as she handed me the cigarette.

"I have to quit smoking again." "Yeah." I trailed off as I took a slow drag. "Me too." She looked down at her pale breasts. "We should look for a house with high fences in the back yard." "Yeah?" I asked, handing the butt back to her. "Yeah. I could finally get rid of my tan lines." she said, distantly.

And then, "I already miss Marci." "Me too." I whispered. "I wonder how long this shit's gonna take?" Belinda pondered aloud. She looked up at the stars and handed the cigarette back to me. "What are we gonna do today?" she asked. "Anything you want." I smiled. She glanced back downward at her stark tan lines and then looked up at me with her trademark devilish grin and mischievous eyes. "Wanna go to the beach?" THE BEACH I had no idea what she had really meant when she had suggested that we go to the beach.

There was a beach not too far away that was part of a nature preserve. There were no hotels or bars. No stores. Just the beach. I had been to the park before, but never the part Belinda was leading me to.

It was around11amand the sun was out and blazing. We had been walking along a dirt trail that wound through thick brush for about twenty minutes and I was struggling with the weight of my back pack which I was using to carry my beach towel and a full gallon of water.

I swatted a mosquito on my shoulder. "How much further?" I asked. "Not too much." Belinda answered. We were going to a secret beach. She told me that she had been taken there years earlier when she was in college. It was well hidden and off the beaten path, so a select few free-spirited locals had gotten the idea to make it their own little nude beach.

It wasn't official, but anyone that found this beach did so with that intention. A short hike further and the brush suddenly opened up to white sand for miles in both directions and the jade waters of the Gulf just 40 yards ahead of us. It instantly became one of my favorite places on earth.

From there, we headed north along the shore for another quarter mile. Up until then, we hadn't seen a soul. All total, there were around 12 people out on that little stretch of beach. There was a group of three men and one curvy brunette woman playing paddle ball in the nude. There was an older black couple, also devoid of clothing.

There were two topless college girls that were too shy to remove their bottoms. There were two older over weight men in lawn chairs, and now, the two of us.

All of the groups were widely spread out. It was clear that no one was really interested in invading anyone else's space. It was the etiquette of the publicly nude. Belinda stopped somewhere between the college girls and the older black couple and slid her back pack off of her shoulders.

I dropped mine beside hers, thankful to be rid of the heavy load. "This is it." she beamed. "I've never been to a nude beach before." I shyly confessed. "That's why this place is so perfect. It's a secret." she smiled as she knelt down and pulled a large beach towel from her bag. We horny redhead on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg out our towels and let the natives look us over.

Once everyone registered that we knew that they were naked and didn't seem to care, they quickly lost interest in our proceedings, save for a few of the old men waiting to catch a glimpse of Belinda undressing. Belinda kicked away her flip-flops and brazenly peeled her tank top off.

She wasn't wearing a bikini top underneath. She knew she wouldn't need one. Her perky pale B-cup breasts were already glistening in the sun from the sweat she had worked up on our hike. I removed my T-shirt as she carefully folded her top and placed it in her bag.

She then slipped out of her khaki shorts, folded them in half and tossed them into her bag. Then, without a moment's hesitation, she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini cut panties and pushed them down to her knees. As she stepped out of them, one leg at a time, she looked up at me. "What? Are you shy all of a sudden?" she asked. The truth was, I was afraid that just looking at her beautiful naked body might give me an erection.

"No." I lied as I untied my trunks. She placed her panties in her bag and stood in front of me, naked in the white sand. Her thin Latina body always looked incredible in the sun-light. Her small pale breasts hung unencumbered in the open air and her nipples began to harden against the sea breeze.

I followed the toned line down the center of her stomach to her pale pubis. Just days earlier while we were in Texas, she had shaved herself bare and I could easily see her little pink pussy lips between her legs. She and Marcella had taken the liberty of shaving me down there too. I was already half hard as I slid my trunks down my thighs. My hairless crotch was as white as a brand new sheet of paper and my cock softly bounced in the open air.

I quickly wadded up my trunks and shoved them into my bag before I lay down on my towel. We lay there in the sun, side by side and giggling softly for a good twenty minutes. It reminded me of the summer of 99' when she and Marcella and I would tan naked in my parents backyard. I felt so exposed, but also knew that no one there really cared. It was still exciting though. We eventually built pinky xxx and mz booty sharing a huge shaft enough courage to stand up and walk down to the water.

We swam naked in the ocean for a while and it felt amazing. As we walked back up to the beach, I noticed a few of our fellow 'free-spirits' eying us. The college girls tried to be coy wearing dark sunglasses, but it was obvious that they were looking our direction. The black woman seemed to be asleep, but her husband was visibly ogling at Belinda's glistening young naked body.

We took our places back on our towels. A few minutes later, the four paddle-ball players all got dressed and headed past us, southward to the trail. Over the next hour or so, the two old men walked past us a half dozen times.

I could only assume that it was to try and steal a glimpse of Belinda or one of the topless college girls. I suppose that the college girls took notice because they eventually decided to move further down the beach. Once they settled back in, they were still within view. I was glad for this, as they were both reasonably attractive, and what guy doesn't want to look at two 'almost' naked young women? The old men and the black couple were just within view to the north of us and the college girls were down the beach a ways to the south.

Everyone was far enough away to be visible, but not so visible that you could really make out any fine details. "Do you think anyone can see us?" I asked, rolling on to my side to face Belinda. She rose up on her elbows and looked in both directions. "Yeah, why?" I smiled at her. "I think this is the longest time we've ever spent naked together and not had sex." I couldn't help but stare at her perfect breasts. "You wanna have sex?" she asked, smiling. "Always." I chaffed. "No, but seriously, I couldn't help but notice the little sand dunes back by the trail where we came in.

It would be nice and private back there, right?" I said in the most persuasive tone I could muster. Belinda rolled onto her side to face me. "Come on." she smiled as she enthusiastically rose to her feet. She quickly grabbed both towels and her bag before turning south toward the college girls. I grabbed my heavy pack and followed her down the beach, curious and eager.

We walked in the fresh footsteps left by the three men and the woman that had walked back to the trail earlier and passed just within spitting distance of the topless girls before turning inland toward the large sand dunes. Belinda made certain that both girls were well aware of our passing and I'm pretty sure that they both glanced over to steal a peek at my manhood as we passed.

Belinda headed for an opening between two dunes, and led me behind the great mounds of sand. Once we were safely away from prying eyes, she dropped her bag and busied herself spreading out our towels.

In that location, we were well out of sight from everyone, but could easily be heard by the two topless girls. Belinda stood beside her towel and turned to face me. The sun was out over the water by then and her nude body was bathed in its warm glow.

She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her sweaty naked body against mine. She was smiling like a naughty little school girl.

She then kissed me deeply as we held each other tight. As we kissed, she slid her hand between our bodies and found my rapidly swelling cock."You're making me so fucking hard right now." I muttered between kisses. "I know." Belinda cooed as she stroked my shaft. I let my hand glide up Belinda's smooth tummy and began groping her beautiful tits. She was giggling and moaning intermittently. She loved being bad, and I loved that about her. Then she slowly dropped down to her knees in front of me.

The two teen's were just on the other side of the hill, no more than fifty feet away. Bel wrapped her fingers around my cock and held it in front of her glistening lips, allowing me to savor the anticipation.

She then slowly pulled me into her warm,wet mouth. "Do you think they can hear us?" Belinda asked between wet strokes. The gentle roll of the ocean waves was creating a white noise and the distance between us and our audience was considerable. "Only if we get too loud." I moaned. Belinda grinned up to me. "Do you want me to talk dirty?" I smiled my affirmation.

"Okay." she giggled. "Do you like putting your big fat cock in my mouth baby?" she moaned much louder than I had expected. "You like having a dirty little slut wrap her lips around your big hard cock?" she continued even louder. "Holy shit!" I blurted. Then she practically shouted. "I can't wait for you to cum in my fuckin' mouth!" "Jesus!" I moaned as she violently sucked me.

There was no doubt in my mind that the topless girls could hear every word Belinda was saying at that volume.

Knowing they were probably staring at each other, jaws dropped, made me even hotter than I already was, but I was still erring on the side of caution. "Shh!" I hissed, pointing in the direction of our audience. "I don't give katie kox outdoor solo strip strip outdoor blonde big-tits hd po tube porn fuck if those chicks can hear me!" she pushed.

"I don't even care if they wanna watch you fuck me!" She moaned through an ear to ear grin. She pulled me down to the beach towel and lay me on my back.

Then she straddled me and began to rub her shaved wet pussy against the tip of my shaft. With all the bravado of a carnival barker, she roared "I want this big fucking cock in my pussy, right now!" It wasn't about intimacy. It was a show. Belinda slid down onto me. She arched her back and teen big breast fuck father her thighs wide so that my cock sliding into her beautiful little pussy was out in the open air, perfectly visible for God and all creation to see.

As ever, her wet pussy felt incredible and I was momentarily lost in the bliss that came with being inside of her. She continued to writhe and buck on top of me, moaning loud and wild for our audience of two.

Hell, by then she was being so loud, I wondered if the others might have heard her too. She took her right hand and placed a finger on each side of her sopping cunt. As she rode me, she spread herself open even wider. She ground her cunt down onto me and rubbed at her clit as she moaned aloud with no inhibition.

Then she looked up at me with mischief in her eyes. "Hey!" she shouted. There was no response. "Hey, you girls!" she yelled as she bucked. I'm sure they were both as taken off guard as I was. After a long pause, one of them yelled back from the other side of the dune. "Yeah?!" IT WAS SO FUCKING WEIRD.

Belinda didn't miss a beat. "Mmm fuck! Oh, fuck!. Uh, hey! Can you hear us?!" she gasped, smiling up at me devilishly. I stared up at Belinda's writhing body as we waited for an answer. We heard hushed giggling and Belinda's eyes widened and her smile grew even broader. Shewas such a kinky slut. Finally, we heard the same voice call back "Uh-huh!" Belinda smiled as she bucked up and down on my cock.

"So, are you guys cool with this?!" she moaned. More giggles followed by "I guess!." I was only mildly shocked when she sensuously moaned "We like it when people watch us!" That was met with an even longer silence. Then Belinda went into overdrive. She was drunk with lust. "Do you wanna watch us?" she purred. I was beside myself. I loved how Belinda could constantly surprise me.

We were met with another round of giggling and another long silence. I was almost convinced that they would take her up on her offer. Belinda giggled aloud. "This is fun!" She then turned her attention back to me. "Woohoo!" she hooted like a drunken college girl as she rode me in the sand. We then heard both girls laughing. Suddenly, it was open and interactive. "Come on girls!" Bel hooted. Both girls giggled and one of them shouted "We're good!" Now that everything was out in the open, she decided to give them the grand finale.

She began rubbing her clit faster and faster as she bounced on my cock. Her moaning grew more intense and I knew that she was going to cum soon. She leaned all the way back against my legs and howled into the ocean breeze. I reached down her writhing, sweaty body and pinched her nipple with one hand. I slipped my other hand beneath hers and began rapidly diddling her wet clit. She bellowed at the top of her lungs. The show was in full swing at that point.

She loved an audience and that desire would only grow more and more intense over time. She began screaming "Oh fuck! You're fucking cock feels so good baby! Make me fucking cum! Make me fucking cum all over that big fat cock!" she howled and I heard both of the girls giggle in the distance. Her body shuddered over me as an orgasm rippled through her. I grabbed her hips and forced my entire cock as deep into her as I could as I rubbed her clit.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she moaned as wave upon wave of pleasure smashed through her. The instant her orgasm ended, she urgently threw herself off of me. "Come on! Come on baby!" she commanded me as she pulled me to my feet. She dropped to her knees in front of me and threw her hair back in a wild motion.

"Cum all over my face baby!" she shouted. I looked in the direction of the sorority girls as I began jerking my cock in front of Belinda's beautiful face. Belinda shouted "Do you want him to cum all over my face?!" They were laughing out loud. "Do it baby! Cum all over me! Give me that cum baby!

Cum all over my fucking face!" she wailed. It was the big finale. I couldn't believe what was happening. Belinda continued to push the boundaries of what I thought she would ever be capable of and I continued to be amazed. I hammered my cock faster and harder. Belin closed her eyes and tilted her head further back. "Give me that fucking cum! I want it! I want it all over my fucking face! I want it all over my are my tight blue jeans making your dick hard yet girl next door tight jeans tits!

Give it to me baby!" she wailed. I felt a hot load barreling down my cock and in an instant, I was spraying a jet of pearly white spunk all over Belinda's beautiful face. None of our audience members spoke, but I somehow knew sampling a turned on one eyed monster they wanted to see it. Once my shaft was completely empty and I couldn't expend another pearlescent drop, Belinda softly giggled, quickly stood up and turned toward the gap in the dunes that lead back out to the beach.

With my cum all over her face, tits, and hair, she proudly walked past the two topless girls, down to the shoreline. She waded in until the water was waist high and then gracefully dove into the surf. I stood between the dunes, naked with my gorged and glistening cock hanging proudly and waved at the blushing sorority girls, and even managed to receive a timid thumbs up from one of them.

Belinda returned from her swim, clean and gleaming. We moved our towels back out to the beach and she lay her tan wet body down beside me with a satisfied sigh.

Over the next hour or so the old men left. The black couple followed suit not long after. Our little coed audience grew a little braver and eventually took their bottoms off and I wondered briefly if it had anything to do with the two old men leaving.

We continued to lay around, sharing the occasional kiss and casually admiring the naked teenage girls down the beach. It was a new concept for me to get used to the idea that Belinda was, in fact, bi-sexual and had just as much interest in ogling a naked teenage girl as I did.

After another hour or so, they left too. As the sun hung low in the sky, Belinda and I finally decided to call it a day. We got dressed and took the long walk back to the parking lot. My bag was much lighter on the trip back, as we had drank the majority of the gallon of water I had brought down to the beach.

Although we had both sweat a lot, as we neared the parking lot, we both acknowledged the fact that we needed to relieve ourselves pretty urgently. Not far redhead siri gets plowed in hardcore fashion the almost empty parking lot was a covered fucking and enjoying watch part on suzcamcom area and a small building that housed showers and toilets for beach goers.

I walked into the dimly lit men's room, cleaning lady finds a pair of used panties to see Belinda following me in. "Hello?" the word echoed after she called out. There was no answer from any of the stalls.

She then smiled at me and asked "Wanna take a shower together?" For a moment, I almost forgot how badly I needed to pee because my eyes were glued to Belinda. She had already casually pulled her little tank top off and tossed it over the divider of one of the shower stalls and was in the middle of unbuttoning her shorts. I swear, no matter how often I saw her naked, I still couldn't tear my eyes away from her.

She tossed her shorts over the divider and went on to sliding out of her panties. Before I could step over to the urinals, Belinda took a wide stance, staring at me, and began to playfully rub her little shaved slit. That situation was much more dangerous than when we were down at the beach. People weren't expecting to see naked people up here and on top of that, we were in the men's room and here was a completely naked woman diddling herself in front of the row of urinals.

She was growing more and more brazen. As I finally broke away from her to head to the urinals, she stepped in front of me, still rubbing herself and staring lustfully into my eyes. "Baby, come on." I protested.

"I have to piss so bad, my eyes hurt." She completely ignored me, saying "Uh-huh." with a dirty smile. She then squatted down over the concrete bathroom floor, propping herself up with her left hand. She leaned back and spread her thighs even wider and continued rubbing her clit. "I guess you'll just have to wait." she purred. I looked her body up and down and was getting hard again. Her flat tummy tensed and flexed with each movement of her hand.

I was flexing my rectum in an effort to hold back the flood of pee that was ready to flow. I didn't want to spoil the mood, but I could no longer ignore it. "Baby, you look really fucking hot right now, but I'm about to piss my pants here." "Really?" she cooed as she pulled her hand away from her crotch. "You really need to go, huh?" she goaded. "Hmm. Me too." she purred in her sexiest little girl voice as she leaned back even further.

"Mmm, I gotta pee so bad." she moaned, and suddenly, a short burst of golden piss spurted from between her thighs, splashing down onto the concrete floor. "Oops." she cooed. "Holy shit." I gasped. Through a beet red smile I asked "What the fuck are you doing?" She giggled in response before shocking me again. She reached down and drug her fingertips through the small puddle of amber urine at her feet. She then drew her hand up to her perfect breasts and playfully rubbed her own piss onto her chest.

"Holy shit." I muttered with a blank stare. Her smile broadened. She looked at me devilishly as she brought her glistening fingertips up to her lips and drew them into her mouth. I was beside myself. Again. She had never done anything like that before. I didn't know how to react other than just to stand there and stare at her. She giggled again and withdrew her fingertips. She then placed them on either side of her beautiful hairless slit and spread her pussy open, pulling upward.

An instant later, a geyser of piss sprang from her hairless crotch that sprayed all over the bathroom floor. "I kinda feel like being dirty." she moaned as the arc of piss splashed to the floor before her. What she was doing was so kinky that I almost forgot how badly I still needed to pee.

She could see that what she was doing was turning me on in a bizarre sort of way. I had never been into the whole 'watching girls pee' thing, but it was just so damned kinky!

Then she intentionally squirted a little bit on my bare foot! "Oopsie." she chuckled as she shyly bit her fingernail. "I guess you have to get even with me now." she smiled, looking up at me, still spurting warm piss all over the floor. "What?" I asked, shocked for the billionth time by this heavenly creature. She stopped pissing and dropped her knees down in the puddle she'd made. She then placed both of her palms flat on the floor in her own piss and looked up at me with a grin that would make the devil blush.

She could see the shock on my face. "What?" she laughed. "There's a shower right there." she playfully hinted. She then brought her piss covered hands up to her naked breasts and began to fondle them again, sunny levon xxx hard storys this time, saturating them until they glistened with her fluids.

"Come on baby. Make me dirty." she cooed as she began to rub her own piss up her neck and then her cheeks. "Are you fucking serious?" I asked, still in shock, unable to accept what she was suggesting. "Have you ever done it before?" she smiled, still rubbing her piss all over her beautiful body.

"No." I answered immediately. "Neither have I." she replied. "We've shared practically every 'first time' that there is with each other." she reasoned.

"You were the first boy that ever touched my tits. Licked my tits. Touched my pussy. Ate my pussy. Fucked my pussy. Fucked my tits.

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Fucked my mouth. Fucked my ass. First boy to ever cum in my mouth. In my pussy. On my hand. My tits. Even in my ass." She made a good point. "Don't you feel like being dirty with me?" she purred. "Don't you wanna have another first?" She then reached up to the bulge in my swim-trunks and squeezed it. "Come on baby." she smiled. It was too tempting and kinky to resist. I stepped over to the exit door and peered around outside.

There was no lock on the door, so I had to be as cautious as the situation would allow. There were three other cars in the vast parking lot besides my own, but not a soul in sight. Once I felt that the coast was relatively clear, I returned to Belinda and rapidly tore off my tee-shirt and swim suit. She continued to rub her hands in the piss all over the floor and then transfer it onto her now shimmering body.

I stood in front of her completely naked and as hard as I had ever been. I looked her in the eye one final time just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. "Come on baby." she moaned again. I pushed my sunny leone breast feeding ta man storys as far down as possible and soon felt the sweet relief of warm piss finally blasting out of me. The stream splashed on the floor at her knees and she let out a playful gasp.

She was smiling and moaning the way she often did during sex. I couldn't believe she was letting me do this, and moreover, it seemed to be turning her on. I was even more surprised to find that it was turning me on too. I began to drag the stream upward to her thighs and it splashed off of her tan legs in a chaotic chorus.

"Fuck yeah baby." she groaned. I continued to arc the stream higher onto her flat muscular tummy. She reached up to her beautiful tits and mashed them together, arching her back to put them on display.

I took the hint and raised my stream until golden piss was cascading down her perky breasts, over her hands, down her tummy and all the way down to her tight little pussy before dripping down to the cement floor. She continued to giggle and moan despite the fact that my piss was now splashing off of her tits and onto her face! "Ooh, that feels so good on my fuckin' titties baby." she purred. She then opened her eyes wide and smiled up at me, positively giddy.

I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly had the wildest urge. There I was, pissing all over her beautiful tits in a public men's room, and I still felt the need to ask permission for what seemed to naturally come next. I suppose there are some lines that you just don't cross without permission.

I hesitated for a moment, staring into her smiling eyes as she playfully laughed. Finally, I came right out with it.

Like a timid child, I asked "Can I piss on your face?" "Okay." was all she said. Belinda smiled again and closed her eyes and mouth before tilting her head back. I carefully aimed my stream slowly up her chest, then up her neck.

She quivered slightly with anticipation as the stream crossed her chin. Suddenly, I was joyfully use fingers n tongues on lesbian blondes vs brunettes tiffany watson gina valentina yhivi zoe parker a thick stream of warm urine all over her face and hair.

She shook her head like a wet dog as I continued to douse her. My eyes followed the river of warm piss cascading down the front of her body and I realized that she had started fingering herself again.

I couldn't even begin to imagine how kinky Belinda really was deep down. She was actually loving it! She abruptly threw her mouth wide open and I knew it could only mean one thing.

I took her cue and did exactly what she wanted. She closed off her throat and I filled her mouth with piss until it was overflowing down her chin. She then spat the remainder onto her beautiful wet tits. She propped herself up on one hand behind her back again before spreading her thighs open as wide as she could. She used her other hand to spread her pink slit open.

"Piss on my pussy." she giggled, drunk with pure kink. As I began drenching her cunt with warm piss, she began to spurt more of her own out onto the wet floor. She rubbed her clit as we both relieved ourselves wherever we wanted. It seemed that nothing was off limits.

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She then turned her body away from me and dropped down to her hands and knees on the filthy floor. Her right hand emerged between her thighs and she continued fondling herself. As she bent further forward, her firm ass cheeks parted, exposing her tight little pink rectum to me. "Haha! Baby, do you wanna pee on my asshole?" she chuckled. I stood behind her and drug my stream of piss up the back of her thigh and then between her wet ass cheeks. "Mmm! Piss on my fucking asshole baby!" she moaned as she dropped her upper body completely to the ground, lying almost flat against the filthy piss covered floor.

I peed on her glistening sphincter as she mashed her breasts and the side of her face against the slippery, piss drenched floor. Her hair was completely soaked and hung in wild wet strands over her face. She was so fucking filthy, it was blowing my mind. She moaned louder and louder as she rigorously rubbed her twat despite the fact that her own piss was still spurting from it. As I continued to piss behind the scenes of jeans wetting ineedpee over her, she brought herself to orgasm right there on the floor, lying in a pool of piss.

Her body shook and she moaned aloud with reckless abandon, despite the risky situation we were in. I continued to piss all over her puckered asshole as it pulsated with each wave of the intensity of her orgasm. Once the pleasure had finally subsided, she rolled over on the floor, now lying flat on her back in piss.

She began to giggle hysterically as I continued to piss all over the place. She then clamored to her knees on the slippery floor and knelt before me again and allowed me to completely drain my bladder all over her as janet and ginger suck two big cocks rubbed it over every inch of her beautiful tan body.

It wasn't until the last few drops fell that she scooted forward and took my cock into her mouth. She then guided my hand to my staff. "I want you to jerk your cock while I suck it!" she exclaimed. "I want you to jerk off really hard and cum in my mouth!" As she held the tip of my shaft in her warm mouth, I began to furiously beat off.

She held the tip there between her soft lips and rubbed her hands up and down her glistening body as I stroked myself. It wasn't long before I felt my second orgasm of the day on its way. "Oh, fuck!" I groaned.

"Fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum baby!" Belinda kept her lips tight around the head of my rod as I pumped a hot load of cum into her mouth. I feverishly jerked myself until my skin was tender and my nerves were on fire. When I finally pulled away, a river of white sticky cum spewed over her lower lip, down her chin and onto her piss drenched tits.

"Holy shit!" I panted. "You are fucking nasty." She smiled at me. "Uh-huh." she said as she rose up to her feet.

"Did you like it?" she asked as she pulled me by my cock toward the open shower stall. "I've honestly never had the urge to do that before but, oriental couple undresses and fucks japanese and hardcore I smiled. "I actually loved it!" "I'll keep that in mind." Belinda laughed as she pulled me into the shower stall. "But, next time, I'm gonna pee all over you." she chuckled as I turned the water on.

During the drive home, we recounted the events of the day and had a lot of laughs about what we'd done. Neither of us could wait to tell Marcella about it. We both missed her. It was strange. We were so happy together, but we still felt incomplete. The dynamic of our relationship had shifted. Marcella was as important a part of it as either of us were. As sexual beings, it was as though we had evolved.

I realized then that Belinda had taken me out to the beach that day to be watched. It wasn't as good as being watched by Marcella, but it was at least something. We called Marci that night and told her about what we had done. She laughed and told us how jealous she was (After she called us both 'sick fuckers'). She made us promise to take her to that beach some day.

We promised we would. By the end of that week, we finally decided it was time to go and get Belinda's things from her ex's house. We went when he wasn't home and were able to avoid any uncomfortable confrontations. The rest of March went really well. In April, we continued house hunting with little luck, but we were happy and in love. We called Marci every night and updated her on all of the various things going on. She would keep us abreast of what was happening with the divorce.

By early May, the three of us were having phone sex almost nightly. By mid May, Bel and I would put Marci on speaker-phone while we had sex. She would talk dirty to us and finger herself. We missed her like crazy. Other than the phone sex, we hadn't really done anything too wild in a good long while. The sex we were having was good, but it was always at home and it was usually in bed. The routine was getting to us both and we knew it.

We were like two caged tigers, left to sate our primal urges to hunt and kill by eating whatever we were given. We needed to do something wild. We could both feel it. The pressure was building. NEXT: "JOURNAL-002: A NEW FRIEND"