An adorable babe trades her coat and fucks for a lot of money

An adorable babe trades her coat and fucks for a lot of money
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The second & last part in the two-part series. Little slow going at first, but it picks up as it goes along. *********PART TWO: ALL IN THE FAMILY************* As we all got ready for what was about to be an exciting day, my son Julian called to wish me both a Happy Father's Day & a Happy Birthday. "So when are Damian and Lila coming over dad?" Julian asked.

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Then I told him, "About later this afternoon after your mother, the twins and I get back from church." "Okay dad, be over at aronud two. I love you." "I love you too son," I said to Julian. Then he hung up. Then about five minutes later, the phone rang again. So I answered it, "Hello." "Hey, Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday dad," my son Damian said. "Thank you son," I told him with a smile.

Then he asked, "Did Julian call?" "Yes, just a few minutes ago," I told him. "Okay, here's what's going down here," Damian said. "Lila and I won't be over till about four." "Oh?" I asked. "What's going on with you two?" "Well," Damian said, "Lila's dad was admitted to the ER earlier this morning complaining of chest pains. So that's where we're at right now." "Oh, that sucks," I aaid.

"The last thing your fiancé needs right now is her dad being in the ER. As if her family hasn't been through enough already in just the last few months." "Tell me about it dad," he said. "But once we know what's going on, we'll call stud fucks couple of babes julia reaves guys later and fill you in. Okay?" "Okay," I said. "Well be praying for Lila and her dad. You say hi to her for me, alright?" "Okay, we'll do dad," he said.

"Gotta go, love you." "Love you too son," I said. Then he hung up. Lila and her family had been dealing with a lot in recent months. First, her paternal grandfather died just after St. Patrick's Day, then her mother died the Friday before Mother's Day.

So it's clear that the stress is starting to take it's toll.

Anyway, we all got ready and went to church. We came back home to start getting ready for the family get-together. In addition to my boys and Lila coming over, my brother Dale and his wife Zella along with their two sons are also coming about 3 pm. My parents were over yesterday, so they're headed to my sister and brother-in-law ' s for Father's Day. So after we came back home around 1 pm., I noticed that my son Julian's car was parked on the side of our house. "Oh hey," Olivia said, "Julian's here already." "1okay, cool," I said.

"Let's see if he needs help bringing anything in, okay." "I agree," my wife saud. So we pulled up into our driveway and got out. Sure enough, he had some snacks and a couple of cool containers.

So I asked him, "What's in here?" "Oh," Julian said, "one container has marinated steak and the other has BBQ baby-back ribs that Damian and I prepared .as night for today" "Oh, yeah," I said. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Are they fully-cooked?" "Not completely," he said. "They just need to be put on the grill, gay slave humiliated in front of masters friends they shouldn't take long though." Turns out, the boys did the prep last night by slowly cooking the ribs and the steak part way through while soaking in marinades and barbecue sauce.

The boys have gotten pretty crafty like me, I guess it's another example to please a woman at home. As we're bringing the stuff in, the phone rings. So my wife answers it, "Hello." She was on the phone for about maybe ten minutes, then she hung up. "That was Damian." "Oh, what's going on with Lila's dad?" I asked.

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"He had a stress-attack," Olivia said. "So they're gonna keep him for a couple of days and do more testing. Both Damian and Lila won't be here until about five though." "I'll keep her dad in my prayers," I said. So we all got the house and the patio furniture ready for the afternoon, then Julian and I got out the gas grill and fired it up. Olivia and the twins were in the kitchen getting the plates, glasses and the silverware out to place on the patio table.

I said to Julian, "You know, the ball game should be on right about now." "I'll go in and get the portable TV and bring it out," Julian said. So as he went in and got the TV, I was able to fire up the grill and let it get hot and ready for the good stuff. About a few minutes later, Julian came back out with TWO things- the TV and a beer for me as I'm about ready to cook.

"Thank you son," I said to Juliian. After the steaks and the ribs were done, everything else was ready charming a lengthy male penis hardcore blowjob go. We all sat down, said grace and dug in and ate after Dale, Zella, Dave and Vince came over.

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So we'll ate pretty good, had cake & ice cream and I opened my birthday and my Father's Day gifts. And right about 4:30, Damian and Lila showed up. "Hi guys," Damian said.

"Oh, hi Damian, hi Lila," my wife said. "You guys hungry?" "Oh, yeah," Lila said. "We've bought something for you for both your Bday and Father's Day." They brought a big bag that had a heavy gift inside of it.

Most others bought me either gift cards, movies or casual wear. And I'm really not that picky either. But what Damian and Lila got me was a set of high-power binoculars I could seriously use for when we go hunting.

They weren't cheap either. Sometimes it's the little things that make a HUGE diffefence. "So how are you and aunt Zella doing?" Damian asked Dale. Dale responded, "We're doing pretty good. I heard your fiancé's dad was rushed to the ER this morning." "Well, you heard right," Lila said. Then she continued as she becomes emotional, "My family and I have been through so much in just the last few months." "I can't imagine what you're dealing with right now Lila," Zella said.

Then Damian chimed in, "Well, it's not as serious as busty stepmom and sweet teen nasty some thought, but they're gonna keep him for a day or so u til the test results come in." And so we all continued to eat and shot the bull, then Dale, Zella and their boys left.

By this time, it was about close to 7 pm. After we all cleaned up, did the dishes and put the leftovers away, we all sat around the living room. Then my wife comes up with an idea, "Let's have a breeding orgy." "A breeding orgy?" Lila asked in shock. Then Julian asked too, "What do you mean a breeding orgy? And who am I gonna fuck?" "Well, it's like this," my wife said.

"I'm gonna sit back and observe while you three men fuck the twins and Lila." "Isn't it this taboo?" Lila asked. "More like a Gemini breeding taboo," Kasey said.

"It all started this morning." "What the fuck are we talking about here?" Julian asked. Then my wife said, "Well first, your gemini twin sisters gave your father a blowjob this morning while he was still sleeping and swallowed his load." "No shit?" Damian said. "Then what?" "Then," Karen said, "after we blew dad, we showered up, fixed mom & dad breakfast.

Then after breakfast, we got to watch mom & dad fuck as if they want another baby." "Whoa," Lila said, "what the fuck am I getting into here?" "You're about to be initiated," Damian said. "It's a long-standing family taboo tradition.

Since there are six of us here, I'm gonna fuck one of the twins." "Then can your dad breed me Damian?" Lila asked as she was starting to get horny. Then I said, "Sure, why not?" And so we ll undressed right there in the living room in front of mom.

Luckily, both the blinds and the curtains were already closed. Then Lila & I undressed as well, exposing an amazing sight. Here was an amazing young woman in her early twenties who is nicely tanned, but would be classified as a '10' just like Olivia. My son DEFINITLY picked a real beauty with a nice little patch of carpet on her pussy.

So after we all stripped down to practically nothing, I got into position behind Lila, Damian got into position behind Kasey and Julian got behind Karen. All three of the girls were already nice and wet, because I could see all of their pussies glistrning. Then Olivia said to the boys, "I want you boys to go nice and slow on the twins, because they're still virgins." "No shit?" Julian asked. Then Karen said to Julian, "You and Damian are a bit bigger than dad.

So be very careful please." "Are you girls sure you want us to pop your cherries?" Damian asked. "Absolutly," Kasey said. But then I asked Lila, "And how tight are you dear?" "Although I'm not a virgin," Lila said, "Damian's only fucked me a few times within six months.

So I might be a bit tight sir." "Okay, cool," "By the way, you can call me Richard. And their mother's name is Olivia." "Okay Rich, I'm ready," Lila said. And so I lined up my cock right behind Lila at the entrance of her slit. But I teased it a little to get her aroused. Meanwhile, the boys emo dude sweet girl webcam show watch part on hotgirlsweetfuckcom already placed their Gemini sisters cunts, Damian inside of Kasey's and Julian inside of Karen's.

As I began to slowly bury my cock inside of Lila, she let's out a gentle moan, "Oh Richard, that feels so good inside my tight pusdy. Go harder." As I'm beginning to pump harder inside of Lila's twat, I could finally hear the twins let out the loudest moan, as if the boys penetrated inside their virgin pussies. "OOOOIWWWWWWWEEEEEE!!!!" they both said one after another. It's obviously clear that they shredded their hymens. As I continue to pound away, I could glance over and seeing both of them pull out.

Sure ebough, both of them had blood on their shafts. "Richard,"Lila said, "I want to ride you instead." And so Lila and I switched positions.

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She wanted to ride my cock facing me. So she got on top and was able to sit on my cock and start bouncing up & down freely. Meanwhile after about a minute, both the twins took a deep breath and told the boys to put their cocks back I side of them. But not only did the two sets switched to missionary positions, they swapped. Julian is now on Kasey, while Damian is now putting his cock inside of Karen. And before long, all six of us were in a group breeding seesion. We were all enjoying it. Apperantly, my wife Olivia was enjoying it too.

As Lila continues to ride me hard, I noticed that Olivia was masturbating as well. I could see her now-exposed pussy. And she's mosning, "Ohhhj, ohhhj, ohhhh!" After about ten minutes, all six of us were in a total state of ecrasy, because we were all about to have a simultanious orgasm. My balls were already churning as Lila reached her climax. She moaned with excitement, "OHHH, YES., YES., YES!!!!" As I'm about to erupted, do did the twins and the boys. It sounded like this., "OHHHH, FUUUCCVKKKK!

OOOOHHHH., SSHHIITTTT!!" Then I exploded inside of Lila as she told me to come deep I side of her. The twins also wanted the boys to cum inside of them too. When it was finally over, all three of us guys pulled our cock out of the ladies.

I never saw so much cum dripping out of their cunts, nor out of any ladies in all of my life. Not sure who came first out of the four of them. Then I saw that my wife had an orgasm too, so I went over and licked her pussy juices then kissed her. Finally Olivia adked, "So how was the Gemini breeding session?" "Olivia," Lila said, "your hubby was great with me. He did everything right, just like Damian." "I'll agree to that Lila," Karen said. "My brother turned me into a real woman." "Same here," Kasey said.

"Julian's one hot stud. He's got plenty of protein." That might be true. It was clear that they were enjoying themselves. So bondage office gangbang punish my yearold bum and mouth about a few minutes, we switched ladies. Julian fucked his mother, I fucked Karen and Damian fucked Kasey.

Lila sat out. She was done. I think Damian might bang her later after they leave. So the three of us guys got into position, and away we went. We were getting tiny lesbians gina gerson amp kiara lord a good workout this time, we were sweatin' like a trio of hogs. The twins and my wife were enjoying it as much as we were.

We were ever - so pounding the shit out of their sweet little cunts. Finaly and amazingly, all three of us grunted and were cumming at the same time. "Ohhhh, fuucckk!" all three of us moaned all at once. So finally as we pulled out, more cum was dripping out of their two sgain. "Damn, how much sperm do you men have anyway?" Lila asked. "Plenty dear," Damian said. Then Lila said, "I guess so." So after a out maybe 45 minutes of the special Gemini breeding session, it was time to call it a night.

Julian had to get back do he can work the next morning. Damian and Lila had to leave also. So all of us got up and cleaned up, washed up and straightened the living room. After well said our goodbyes, it was nice and quiet again. So me, my wife and the twins all watched a movie. "So did you ladies enjoy yourselves today?" I asked both of them. "We sure did dad," the girls said. "One agian, happy birthday and Happy Father's Day." "Thank you lafies," I said. **********EPILOGUE************** After that that special birthday and Father's Day, it was a hell of a .ot more than what I was originally expecting.

Now, my wife and I both come from Irish backrounds, so who knows what to expect. About a couple of weeks later, I notices that my wife and the twins were getting sick for a few days straignt. We knew it wasn't the flu, we figured it might be morning sickness. Then they all were late for their periods. Sure enough, about a month after the Gemini sex orgy, all three of them turned up pregnant.

At this pint, we don't know who the father's are for each of them. First, I fucked my wife, then Lila and then Karen. Damain fucked Kasey, then Karen. Julian fucked the twins, then their mother. As it turned out, Lila dodged the stork. She was on the pill at the time of the orgy. All three of them we're due in the middle of March. Then during the middle of my wife's second trimester, we found out that we're expecting fraternal twins. One of each.

And like a four-lane clover, it came. On St. Patrick's Day the following year, My wife AND the twins all gave birth to healthy, adorable beautiful babies. My wife and I name our new twins Patrick and Patricia after my paternal grandfather and my wife's maternal grandmother. As for the twins, each of them had a baby girl. Kasey named her daughter Marlene, Karen named hers Britney.

All of us couldn't be more happier. ThatvEaster, it was a full house. That summer, my son Damian and Lila said their 'I do's'. In August of that same year, Lila was pregnant. Within a couple years after that Father's Day, all of the ladies wee officially mothers. THIS CONCLUDES THE FATHER'S DAY TABOO. HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT AS MUCH AS I DID. PLEASE LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK. THANKS.