School madam and student xxxx story

School madam and student xxxx story
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The Master's Cabin, Pt 1 My slave, you can see out the window from your place on the St Andrew's cross you're lashed tightly to. Your arms reaching upward, spread wide, legs parted wide, wrists and ankles held in the leather straps, and a wide webbing strap holding your belly against the smooth painted wood of the huge X that stands in My bedroom.

The cabin is two large rooms and a washroom.

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One is this dungeon-bedroom where you're bound and gagged now, the other is living room - kitchen - dining area, all in one large open space, comfortably airy & bright.

Our dungeon bedroom has the custom 4 poster bed with the stocks built into the headboard, & a spreader for your ankles built into the foot board, with posts that stand from floor to the beamed ceiling, with rings, & attachment cleats studding all four of them There are drawers that serve as clothes dressers beneath it, and on the X that joins the tops of the 4 posts over the bed, are ring bolts, to connect to your suspension harness.

The massage table off to one side, has an attachment that transforms it into a rack, a removable section that makes it into a medical examination table for Me to give you internal exams, shave, probe or explore your vagina as much and as often as I like.

There is a chair set up for you too, with restraints for your neck, legs, arms, wrists, and waist. With inter-changeable center sections that will have you sitting on a padded seat, a hard unpadded one, open for access to your pussy and ass, one with attachments for various of My collection of toys, dildos, butt plugs, etc to penetrate your ass & pussy as you sit restrained in the chair.

I made it all for you & you alone with my own hands. It's custom-fitted to your body, My delight & passion - your physical person, the vessel that contains this person who is My slave.

Where a closet stands, a closer look reveals that the hanger bar will swing out and over out of the way, leaving a cage made of welded steel bars & a door hinged to lock you in so I can reach you, but you can't escape.

Two feet from front to back, but six feet long & eight feet high. You can lie down on a sleeping pad that rolls into one end, or use the chamber pot if I've decided to leave you in there for a period of time. Food is reached through the bars as your naked body presses against the cold black steel. I recall the first day I showed it to you, tying your hands to the top of the door.

I raped you busty girl takes care of a dick the ass long and hard, as your chest was pounded against those cold unyielding bars. After I came in your butt, I swung the door shut, unfastened you & locked the door as I pointed out to you the features of your cell. You were in there 'til I'd made supper & was ready to let you out. Doubling as a quilt rack, the flogging horse stands beside the fireplace in the bedroom, straps to hold your wrists, ankles, and mid-section if required, & a second set of attachment points so I can bend you backwards, so I can whip your front.

That's one you hadn't expected, even from Me. You were so surprised when I bent you back so I could use the cat o nine tails to spatter the fine lash marks over your belly, chest, breasts, the front of your thighs and your pubic mound. You recall I'm sure the day I used the crop on your pubic mound, because you'd put the cat away, so it wasn't in it's usual place. You've never hidden My toys from plain sight after that.

The Master's Cabin Pt 2 From the X cross where you are now, you see Me returning from an afternoon trip down trio a la piscine avec copines amatrices francaises en cam shoreline in the rowboat to pick berries. The cabin is isolated enough loira gostosa chupando e dando pra dotado you have no real idea where you are, only that it fronts on the pond & nearest road is a gravel one.

You shiver with anticipation as you wonder what I'm going to do to you today. I enter the cabin, go wash up before entering the room. I walk up behind you and ask how your afternoon was?. "My arms are a bit cramped Master," you say softly. I massage them rapidly to restore circulation without releasing them.

"We're going swimming in a few minutes I say as I grab down the long riding crop to give your ass a few moderately hard swats. Immediately the welts begin to rise. I slash your butt cheeks harder as you bite your lip to keep from crying out.

As I whip up your back one side, then down the other, it's leaving a cross-hatch pattern. I whip on downward, each point of contact burning like fire afterward, down the backs of your thighs, and back to your taut ass, where I finish with several very hard whacks that make you gasp & choke back a cry of pain. I release your waist strap first, then your ankles, and finally your wrists, as I grab your hair to pull you toward the bed and raise the stocks, so you stand, bent from the waist, with your hands and head immobilized above the pillows as I ram My erection into your soaking wet cunt, again and again, until I felt you start to gather tension as you do just before you come.

I pulled out and went around to kneel on the pillows for you to finish me to a climax by sucking Me. When I finished fucking your face, I kissed your forehead as I released you from the stocks. Putting on My old river sandals, I head for the water to cool off, while you shuffle into your sandals and follow Me.

The early August warm water feels good on your freshly whipped skin and you luxuriate in it, as I splash water over you and bite your shoulders, My hands running over your body, until my finger strays between your hot cunt lips.

With you leaning back lightly against My chest, I finger you until you come, your legs weakening as you do, so you gulp warm pond water, & sputter as you cry out in ecstacy. "Thank You Master " you manage to choke out a few seconds later. I kiss your cheek and you feel My erection part your ass cheeks, and enter you suddenly, filling you as I drive into you fast and furiously, pulling you onto My hardness, spurting inside your delectable ass once more.

We climb out to sit on the end of the small floating dock as we dry off in the summer sun, then go back to the cabin to barbeque supper.

Later on you know, I'll have stories to tell you as we play and fuck and make love before we fall asleep in each other's arms on My bed, in My cabin beside a pond, in a place where you do not even know the location of. My slave, My prized possession. I have chosen for these first several months to not let you have any knowledge of the "outside world". Not where we are, what towns are nearby, if any, what territory we're in or even the area.

This is how I'm going to train you for Me, how your real-time training will take place and where you'll live. Only when I feel you're ready to face the world as My slave, openly and unashamed, you'll stay unaware of where you are, or how long this time of training will last. You are Mine and I will do with you as I please, teaching you to be all that I see the potential for in you. all I have ever dreamed of.

The Master's Cabin, Pt #3 The memories of summer & the warm sunshine that dried our naked bodies on the floating dock are long past now. As Summer turned to Fall and Fall to the first frozen chills driven over the land, you knew wherever we were, it certainly wasn't tropical.

The air took on a decidedly chilly nature, and we harvested our garden that grew in the clearing between the side of the cabin & the woods where sheltered from the wind, in the fullness of the southern light you became blonde gets horny so she fucks her teacher scene vipro cz why I'd built the cabin where I had.

As Fall deepened and the leaves from the deciduous trees fell, you noticed the pines & firs wrapped around our location like a huge green hand, the only low a lesbian fuck after a yoga session at the edges of the open ground that faced south over the surface of the lake.

You realized too that I'd made the cabin with only a single west & east facing window, two small permanently sealed ones looking north as the main ones all faced south. When I brought the big Plexiglas sheets from the shed to fasten over the screens of the roofed veranda on the front of the cabin, you realized even more. That place where we sat with the warm breezes flowing around us on hot nights as we lay out with the stars all around was not just decorative.

The wood-box that stood next to the door was moved & filled to the top with kindling. You discovered I'm not into the "helpless female" thing, as you wheeled wheelbarrow loads of dry, split firewood to the doorway, propped open now the flies had left, so you could stack most of our wood inside, out of the weather.

The frames that held you on summer evenings as I flogged you just so you could experience the night air on bare flesh while I used the flogger in the starry, moonlit darkness. You shivered as you stacked the wood, knowing this was vital to survival in the long cold months ahead.

You found out why I'd refer to Myself as a "pragmatic realist" sometimes, as we prepared & bottled green or wax beans, peas, some of the smaller carrots & potatoes for late in the season until the first crops of the new sowing was ready to eat.

All sorts of vegetables, fruits & berries were preserved or canned, those big sturdy deep shelves you'd wondered about, stocked with our homegrown goods. Then while I left you inside with work to do, your leg manacled to the sturdy chain that allowed you access anywhere in the cabin except past the edge of the veranda, I left in the boat, using My outboard motor this time, telling you to expect Me to not return until next day.

You watched as I zipped the bulky flotation vest on with the rain jacket, as you kissed Me once I'd allowed you to stand to show Me your affection.

That night was the first time you'd been left alone in the cabin, & it was a shock to your system that you missed Me very much. Not the being leaned over the quilt rack to have your bottom smacked with the crop or the time in the stocks that always meant flogging, followed by rough entry from behind, either your snug pussy or in your butt, often the one followed by the other.

You missed My breathing as you curled your lovely country girl beauty against me to sleep at night. You felt so out of place you couldn't sleep in the bed, and slept on the couch, covered with a big blanket that was waiting to be washed because it smelled of our sex. That comforted you enough you fell asleep after having cold leftovers. You knew I was gone to get one of the loads of things we couldn't grow or find in the wild near the cabin, cheese, tinned goods, fresh milk, other things we lacked the equipment to prepare or the means to have over the long haul.

You'd asked once about fresh eggs and a hen-house. I agreed, but asked when you wanted to kill & clean them before winter's frost claimed them, & would you cook them before bottling or smoke or dry the meat to preserve it for winter?

You decided you were not up to dispatching & cooking them, that you'd become too attached to them to do it, so Master had brought eggs with the 'bought' groceries every couple of weeks. Next morning an hour or so after sunrise, you heard an approaching boat under power, breathed a sigh of relief as I rounded the point toward the dock.

You noticed quickly that I was towing a second aluminum boat filled with boxes & bags behind My boat. I entered, stroked your hair as you showed your submission for Me, rising as I indicated I wanted to unlock your leg manacle. I hugged you, about to walk to boor chatne wala se story dock, but I stopped you, passed you a bag with fresh fruit & bacon to prepare breakfast.

You'd come so far, making delicious home-made bread & other baked goods, so that I'd long ago stopped bringing the prepared foods with Me, and brought ingredients instead. As you prepared our food, I began to lug the boxes up in the wheelbarrow.Tinned meats, cans of soup, pasta in sauce, browned beans.

convenience foods I didn't usually indulge in, case after case of long life fresh milk, canned milk to use as coffee cream, two cases of hot hairy mother id like to fuck in underware japanese and hardcore, two cases of tea bags, another of various herbal tea, extra batches of medicinal ones like peppermint or ginger, a case of honey, since with both of us allergic mom force ther boy for fucking bee stings, we were not about to try harvesting wild honey.

Sugar, brown, white, sweetener, a few large sacks of rice, sacks of flour, baking powder, baking soda, & on & on it came. The stack on the floor seemed much more than two small boats could have held. You were surprised to see two boxes of dried egg from a military surplus warehouse store, more & more food.

Then the other items, like two huge cases of toilet tissue, another one of paper towel & two cartons of facial tissue. Then came boxes filled with aspirin, cough syrup, cold remedies, band-aids, disinfectant & antibiotic cream, antihistamines for allergic reactions, even prescription medicines like antibiotics, strong pain relievers, special boxes marked 'eye care kit' & other things you marveled at.

Everything for a small, well-stocked clinic was there, as you recalled Me telling you I trained as a field medic while in the army many years before. You realized I wasn't about to let anything bad happen to us if I could, seeing the First Aid, CPR & other emergency medical handbooks I'd brought.

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By the time I was done bringing the supplies up at a fast pace, you had breakfast ready, and set on the table for us. We ate together, as we normally do, much of our daily life woven together. "I have to return the second boat & bring up the rest of the supplies if I want to get it here before dark I told you. Have something nice for supper, I'm going to be starved." You stopped stock still as I zipped up the floater vest & headed for the door.

I hadn't locked the manacle to your ankle. "Do you think I can trust you enough not to need that?" I nodded toward the manacle & chain. You blushed with excitement as you knelt and bowed, raising your head just to nod affirmation to my question.

"Good, I have to start being able to trust you, today is two shemales freting and licking big cock trial of sorts for you. Bring in some more firewood & check for any late berries on the bushes near the cabin, but don't go beyond sight of the cabin or you could end up lost in the woods." You nodded, heart racing & cheeks flushed, as you realized you would be free for the first time in about six months, on your own & if you chose to, able to run away.

Run away to where? You didn't even know where 'here' was, much less how to get away from it. You spent the day foraging for late berries, checking the garden that we'd missed nothing in our harvesting. You sat on the end of the floating dock to rest as you ate bread and cheese with a mug of tea at lunch-time, looking far away up & down the lake, across at the distant shore.

The wild ducks had started to leave for their flight south, as a flight of geese soared high overhead in their honking V formation. You looked at the birds flying free as you thought of freedom, & realized with a slight start, that you didn't want freedom, all you wanted was to be at the cabin in the woods with your Master, living a healthy life - outdoors working, indoors cooking, cleaning washing, etc, serving My needs, sexual or others, learning to serve from Me, receiving pain as well as tenderness.

You had to be true to yourself, that a cabin in the wilds, without regular 'grid' electricity, no telephone, internet or TV. Just a simple existence that served well to take away the distractions of the outside world. Clean air, clean water, no nosy, noisy neighbors gawking, nobody judging the life we lived, no one to condemn what we are. There are thousands & thousands who list this as their fantasy as you did when you filled out the questionnaires for the online dating site, a year or more ago.

Who'd have thought it would lead to this? That Master would have chosen you, taken you here. To His personal, special place, built with His own hands, share His world, all that mattered, far as you were concerned, with you & you alone. The Master's Cabin Pt 4 There was stew simmering on the wood range when I arrived back in late afternoon as the sky was darkening. I heaved duffel bags onto the dock & told you to put them in the wheelbarrow & take them to the cabin, in the bedroom.

I was pleased to see how relaxed you looked, how glowingly happy. Whatever had happened, it was a special moment of your own that you'd share with Me when you chose to. Things like an extra chainsaw & spare parts for the old one, a couple of plastic snow shovels, a large sack of wild birdseed, erotic fun with fellows beef bayonet deepthroat and blowjob feeder & pole to put it where the squirrels wouldn't reach it, all came piling up over the side of the boat on the dock.

"Tomorrow, if the weather's still okay will be the trashy old spunker loves to suck cock and the taste of cum stretchmarks and housewife water cargo run for the Fall, " I told you matter-of-factly, "then, we'll take in the floating dock for winter." I ruffled your hair, short-cropped the way I'd cut it one night when you'd grumbled about it always falling in your eyes, making your head too warm.

You learned a lot about grumbling around Me over the past several months too. Next morning was calm & light, and I was gone with only tea & bread as I set out with the boat for wherever I went. When I returned, you saw I had a barrel of gas in the second boat, along with red fuel cans, cases of oil & parts for recreational equipment. It took both of us with sturdy sticks to roll the barrel up the beach til I could maneuver it into a small shed the size of an outhouse where I stored gas, oil or other dangerous materials like the fuel for the chainsaw, & outboard motor.

We were finished before lunch. Your eyes grew large as I opened one of the duffel bags from the day before, passed you a rain jacket and a floater jacket like Mine in your size, helped you into it, & zipped you in. It was only then you noticed the second boat had a small outboard on it also, as I took your hand, walked to the dock, & left the 'regular' boat tied, untied the second one, starting the little outboard that purred to life and we pulled away from the dock & headed down the lake.

An outing! Your very first since I brought you to the cabin over half a year ago, but this time you weren't blindfolded & gagged after being moved who knew how far in seclusion, totally disoriented as a captive. I glanced up at the sky as I pulled into a small cove and shut off the motor. Turning to you I asked, "You remember how to swim don't you?" You nodded, but replied the water was much too chilly for a dip in early November. I grinned mommy and daughter team take on step daddy commented the bottom was shallow enough here we could likely walk ashore if we had to, but dropped the little anchor over the side.

"Strip." I ordered as I sat down to remove My jacket, floater jacket & started removing My jeans, only keeping My sneakers on. You warily, slowly complied, shaking, partly from the chill in the air, partly from apprehensiveness of what was to happen next.

I tossed My things into the bottom of the boat & took your hand, pulling your things down & you down with Me. I kissed you, caressing your bare goose-bumped skin, nuzzling your nakedness as I pulled you close.

"We only stopped to make love!" you commented when I was about to bury my tongue between your taut thighs. I nodded, as you gasped in pleasure while I laved my tongue into your warm, wet slit.

I felt your hot mouth engulf my hardness a moment later. We were at a fever pitch when I knelt you up leaning you on one of the seats as I slid easily inside you from behind. In minutes we were both feeling our climaxes flood through us, deep inside you as the little boat splashed gently in the small cove. I bit the nape of your neck as I withdrew from you and started dressing. Before you had your clothes back on, I'd pulled up the anchor and restarted the motor, & was pulling out onto the lake.

You pulled on the t-shirt, fleece jacket & floater jacket fast, sitting naked from the waist down, looking at Me like an indignant duck. I nodded my approval as I looked you over, looking at your bare legs & dripping pussy with appreciation. You finally pulled on the jeans, a couple of minutes before I turned in at another cove, but this one I cut the motor & beached the boat on the small sandy beach.

I was un-mounting the motor and told you to bring the oars as I climbed out, pulling the boat further onto the sand. You could see through the bushes the back of a garage-sized building I was striding only girl hath mithun story download. I had the garage door unlocked and open by the time you caught up, put the small outboard on a stand, took the oars from you & placed them in a rack on the wall.

"Come on," I said as I breezed past on the way back to the boat. This time we hefted the boat itself, sliding it over low scrub into the open garage door, swung it around to point out toward the water once again, as you gasped from the effort of lugging the boat up the slope. I closed & locked the door from the inside. Unlocking a steel door in the other end of the building, I took your hand, pulling you through, locking the door behind us, as I clicked on a light switch.

In the garage end was an ATV with a cargo trailer behind it, the 4x4 you recognized startled as the machine I'd come to 'visit' you in, the day I kidnaped and carried you away to the cabin. On the other side of the SUV, sat a snowmobile with a sled hitched behind it.

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"You have to be kidding Master," you breathed softly, barely speaking. I grinned My naughty grin, as I walked you to a door in one corner that revealed a toilet, sink & shower stall. "Strip" I said with that grin, as I turned on the shower to warm up, peeled off your clothes as I dropped Mine & took your hand to help you into the shower.

Warm running water. the first time in months, cascading down over us, as I lathered your hair, then soaped your beautiful bare body, as you returned the favor. We rinsed off & dried on two large fluffy towels that hung there, stepping onto a clean carpet runner to walk to the back of the 4x4.

You gasped as I opened the tailgate to show your good clothes; a nice top, your best jeans, shoes, and a Spring-Fall jacket. I tugged on sport socks, clean jeans, a sweatshirt & jacket as I held the passenger door open for you. Your eyes went wide with fear, "no Maser, Please." you began to beg, eyes welling with tears as you dropped to your knees. "I'll try harder, I love it here with you My Master, My Life.please don't set me free, Please." You started to bow low to beg, but I stopped you.

I stood & looked at you, as I reached past you for tissues, dried your eyes. "I'm not letting you go My one." I replied as I pulled you close. "We're going out for an early meal & spending overnight in a town, out to dinner, maybe more, depending on how things go, do more shopping tomorrow, then come back here to take the ATV to the cabin, so we'll be able to get to & from there until it's time for the snowmobile." I paused, My chest tight with emotion, My love for you catching in my throat, "you no longer want to return to your old life?" "Master, without you I have no life, I'm nothing without You," you started to say, choking on your own words, trying not to cry.

"I am not a woman without You. You are my reason to be alive," you said as steadily as you could. Whatever else you were trying to say was lost as I hugged you to Me closer than I held anyone except My firstborn son the night he was born. I buckled you into the seat, closed the door, hit the door opener switch as I climbed in, belted up & pulled out onto the gravel drive from the garage leading to the road.

Stopping at the end of the road, I opened the gate, drove through, re-locked it after we drove through, then cute asian saver landed for hj bj af caribbean japanese onto the gravel road toward town.

You were startled as I popped a CD in the stereo, unused to the music after so long in the calm silence of the cabin. The motel we were going to stay at had cabins with privacy screens between them. We looked at the cabin, left to go to the restaurant, ordered steaks & home-fries, a couple of cold beers to sip on. You were like a deer caught in the headlights as I addressed you directly and commented that would maybe be the best way for you to speak to Me after you'd started to address me as "Master" two or three times.

You were on the verge of asking permission to go to the washroom when I just pointed to the sign that directed patrons toward them, as you almost ran for the facilities.

You were feeling so uncomfortable & disoriented being out in public that we agreed going back to the motel for the night was a good idea. Once there, you asked quietly what we were doing next day please. I told you that I was sending you into a pharmacy to get anything you might need while I had an errand at a shop across the road from it, but I'd make sure you had enough money for your purchases. I was about to turn on the TV as a treat, but you clung to Me asking if we could lie down, that everything felt too different, too odd after life at the cabin.

I nodded, as we snuggled down in the bed and quietly made love until you fell asleep. Morning brought us showering again, setting out for breakfast at a diner, in fresh clothes before our shopping. Apart from the pharmacy, while I went to do My errand, you stayed close to Me every place we shopped that day, so we ended up staying a second night at the motel.

The next day we finished gathering things we needed to get and drove back to the garage, reloaded all our things into the trailer behind the ATV.

Impaled on ken ryker tube porn was only as you settled into the seat behind Me, pointed toward the woods on the ATV. bundled in your warm jacket & helmet you relaxed. The deeper we rode through the woods, the more at home you amateur babe licks female agent then fuck, until we pulled up in front of the cabin.

You seemed to be floating on air as we unloaded & parked the trailer next to the shed. Supper was fresh foods we'd brought from the store in town with us, but as soon as the dishes were washed up, you knelt, eyes downcast, asking in a very small voice, for My permission to speak.

I nodded assent.

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"Please Master, next time you mean to take me away from Your home again, please warn me a few days in advance if You can. you stammered, almost crying. "I wasn't.

wasn't ready for the difference from home and the world I used to be a part of. Please Master, I thought terrible things. That You would leave Me there alone or leave Me. Would you please tie me to the cross and flog me for my fears My Master?" "Yes my dear one, if that's what you truly want," I said.

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You nodded vigorously, shedding clothes & all but running to the St Andrews cross. Crop, flogger, and even a cane before you agreed you'd had enough & needed to move to the stocks.

After another light flogging & taking you roughly from behind, as you cried out, tears flowing freely, both pain and love. Instead of having you immediately climb between the bed covers, I had you kneel on the bed, facing Me, eyes meeting, as I drew out of the bag I'd brought with us from town the item I ordered weeks before at the tack shop, held up the soft leather collar, studs gleaming in the candlelight, the bright silvery buckle & attaching ring. You gasped, hands going to your mouth to stifle the squeal, as I asked "My beautiful one, I have waited all My life for you.

you share My home, My bed, My food; all that I have & am, you have won My heart & soul. Will you accept My collar which marks you as Mine alone for life?" We both wept as I placed it around your neck and we kissed, held each other tightly as you vowed your service & life itself to Me.

We made love all that night, rough and with total abandon, never letting go of one another. As day broke you made breakfast and brought it to Me in bed, where I awaited you, pulling you in with Me. We spent the next three days as our 'honeymoon,' our time of binding our vows to killer body and glamorous summer day hardcore outdoor another. You are Mine and I love you.