Isis love no tell motel pickups flv 001 tube porn

Isis love no tell motel pickups flv 001 tube porn
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I'm Carlos, 13 yrs old. Living in a big house with a lovable parents. And there is my older sister Michelle who is 5 years older than me. What a start in my life!

Sis is always making a baby out of myself bcoz she kisses me in my cheeks before i go to school or if i'm leaving the house. While in an outing with her, she held my hands like a couple to my surprise. Also, i noticed that my older sister is goregous. She was so sweet on me.

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One day, our parents was leaving town because they have to attend meetings in their own companies. Our daddy is an engineer at a city project and mommy would be the financial manager of the said project. So, Sis and i were left on our own. This made her "abusive" for she brought in Aidrian who was 3 yrs older than Michelle. She was so flirty on him in the living room that she had me on my own room. "Damn!" I thought. What happened for the next few hours was terrifying. I was about to sleep when i saw a glimpse of light from my sister's door and a moan from a couple's enjoyment.

When i sneaked in, my older sister was no longer a virgin! She had been fucked by Aidrian hard and both were enjoying.

"What should i do?" For now, i let them because i'm a nuissance.

But to destruct them, i shouted that i need to go to bed. They hurriedly have their clothes on. "Gotcha!" I thought.

The next few days, Aidrian was no more. Michelle was alone in the bed when i asked her that i need a good sleep. Surprisingly, she told me that she had been fucked and i should not tell this to our parents. I answered yes. When she was telling something about what happenned last night, she had my hand hold onto hers and she went with me to her own room.

She told me that she would be making me happy. But she locked the door. I don't like what's happening ryt now. When i felt that my penis was erecting, Michelle saw it and smiled.

I tried to cover it but she told me to not cover it because my penis ejects love. She startled at me.

Then, she snatched my shorts and my whole clothes and sucked my dick into her warm mouth. I felt uneasy and also getting shocks from my own body. Then, she had me lying in the bed and she continued sucking it. When i told her to stop and i'm feeling something's gonna come out, she made the sucking faster. When i exploded, i feel unconscious.

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She woke me up 22 minutes later and now wants to fuck me right now. I told her that it was incest because siblings cannot have sex because it was in the bible but Michelle loved me. She was making the most of her time. I felt i'm gonna explode and fall unconscious again. Minutes later, she had her wet vagina onto my penis, waiting for ejaculation. "This is it!" I told her.

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Then, my young cum spurted into her vagina and she moaned loudly. After that, i felt asleep. The next morning, she was on my top and was giving me the best blowjob i ever got. She told me that she loves me so much. That is why she gave me a blowjob. A super duper blowjob! For the next days, me and Michelle had safe-sex usually but wants to have normal sex because she loves me so much that she would protect me from getting seduced by opportunist women out there.

She was teaching me of all sex positions and how to create love. Now, our parents have come back.

My older sister and i have been in a stronger bond since. I would not shy away from her anymore or would backout from her. In instances that no one would suspect us, Michelle gives me a signal. She would slide my shorts down and give me a blowjob while i am standing and she sucks me hard. I yelled and moaned "OhOh!" I ejected sperm on her mouth and she was glad. She had tasted her brother's love. She told me that my penis is her favorite body part of myself.

How em i proud of it.

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Then fate came upon. It was Michelle's birthday. She asked permission from our parents that she would take me to a restaurant to eat. But instead, she have me with her in a motel. She wanted to fuck me right now. I teen riding the treat trade pt group sex because she had been kind and supportive to me.

Later, we have our clothes out and were both naked. Then, she pushed me to the bed and was on top of me. She was riding on me until she positioned to kiss me while her vagina is trying to feel the warmth of my ejaculating penis. This time, my sister has no pills because she wanted to feel my love. Then, minutes later, we exploded. She told me that if she gets pregnant, it is ok. For her. But not for me. We have incest love but i really love because she was so kind and sweet to me.

Then, my cock starts to live again. She noticed it and started touching it. I felt my sister's hands sliding unto my penis. Now, she was giving me a sex ride of our lives and it was her love for me that was so strong that no one can ever seperate us siblings and also, couples.

Minutes later, i felt i have came to my limit. We both exploded. I felt asleep and she also sleep in front of me, with an embrace of a sister and a girlfriend. Will she ever get pregnant? If you wish me to write a sequel.leave a comment. Thanks for reading. Support or criticize my work. Thnx :)