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Wankz avril hall impregnated by large cock
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Jay and Amy part 2 So a couple things before you guys read, I do write for fun. And to the people who don't get it, Jay does talk like a caveman, he doesn't like to pronounce the entire word and he likes to skip over unnecessary words. It's not bad grammar, it's how he talks. Now enjoy and thanks for the nice comments! Waking up the next morning, I feel good and relax. I thought about how yesterday went, and if i say so myself, it went great.

Teachers were nice, classmates were okay, and Jay was surprisingly a great person I met. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Jay today.

I feel like i have extra energy cause i'm so excited to see him. I also realize that there's no getting past this, might as well enjoy it.

I get dress, wearing my skinny tight dark blue jeans with a gray tank top and cover that with a gray sweater that falls over one shoulder. I end my outfit with a pair of Nike. October in Virginia wasn't too cold yet so I'm still glad I can wear my cute sweaters.

I put my hair in a ponytail and grab my bookbag. I pull up to school and barley park before my door is open and Jay is there smiling at me. He looks down at my sweater and moves his hand to my left shoulder where my skin is showing.

He caresses my skin slowly and finally looks back up to me. "Something wrong with your sweater?" Jay asks strangely. "Um.no, that's the style. I like it like this." "Why?" "Um.I don't know.airflow I guess." "It's cute, and there's airflow, but guys can see your bra strap." "So.they can see but can't touch.

It's fine Jay." Jay smirks and slips a finger under my bra strap pulling it down and kiss my shoulder. I got goosebumps right there! "Yeah, see but no touch. Only I can touch. Come on let's go." Jay puts my bra strap back up and takes off my seatbelt for me and pulls me out and he leans back into the car to pull out the keys and closes the door. He turns back facing me and pulls my belt hoop to him and places my keys in my pockets for me.

"Didn't want you to waste too much energy." Jay says. "No, you just wanted to touch me some more." I say back confidently.

"Yeah that too." Jays leans down and kisses my cheek and whispers "Kissing on the lips will make us late and we won't get into school till lunch time." He smirks then interlace our hands and walks me into school with me blushing that entire way. Jay empties both our things into his locker and declares "moving in." He walks me to class and tells me he'll see me at lunch.

Everyone seems more pleasant today, and more people were talking to me. I even met a girl name Michelle who's a cute brown hair girl, she's only an inch taller than me at 5'4. She's way more outspoken than most people but I think that's what makes her so different and awesome. After class, Michelle and I walk out and Jay is already waiting for me. He smiles broadly at me. He nods to Michelle and interlace my hand again and walk us to lunch.

"Mmm, Jay the fighter. Not bad at all bitch." Michelle whispers to me. She said bitch in a loving way, we already discuss that in class when a misunderstanding was making me mouth off. "Umm.it's complicated" I reply back. "No it's not" Jay butts in.

I look up and he's grinning at me. When we get to the lunch room, Jay splits off to get lunch and Michelle and I head to a table. "So did you and Jay fuck before?" I ask Michelle.

She breaks out in a hit of laughter, she's laughing so hard she's grabbing her stomach. "What's up with her babe?" Jay asks on my left side sitting down.

"haha.she.she&hellip.ask if we.fuck before." Michelle replies still laughing her head off. Jay throws his head back and laughs loudly. He looks so carefree and hot that I lean up a little and kiss his cheek. He abruptly stops laughing and hooks my neck and kisses me, no tongue again but hey it's still good. But now I'm a little horny thanks to him. "Michelle is in love with Luke" Jay answers letting go of me. Hmm, Jay's brother? "I don't love Luke!" Michelle screams, she's blushing so she's obviously lying.

"How do you guys know each other?" I ask between Jay and Michelle. "We're next door neighbors, we basically all grew up together." Michelle answers. "And Luke?" I ask further. "Dammit, I know we're gonna be the best fucking friends so I'll tell you the story. I was always close to Jay but I was always attracted to Luke. Not his looks but his demeanor, he always had this good guy vibe and it seem like he'll lay his life down for you if he loves you enough.

But unfortunately he's 20 and and I'm 18 and because of that, he thinks I'm too young for him." Michelle shares while staring dreamily at me. "Did you guys ever&hellip.you know?" I ask curiously. "Luke gave me my first kiss at 13 and then he kiss me again when I was 14 on the night before his birthday. That was the last time he ever showed any feelings toward me." "Awe" I say sadly. "But I decided that I can't wait forever so I kept dating and I've move on." I amateur babe licks female agent then fuck reply but it's clear Michelle has and still loves Luke.

I look at Jay and he's looking at Michelle with a regretful look. I raise 1 eyebrow at him and he shakes his head slowly indicating not now. Before anything else is said, a bunch of guys sit at the table and openly flirt with Michelle. I notice a buff black guy with cornrows walk up to us and pull the guy sitting in front of me out of his seat and pushes him away and he sits down and smiles at me. He's very attractive, but it's obvious he's really sick, his eyes are red and his nose is puffy.

"Hi, I'm Jordan. I'm Jay's best friend but I'm mad at him cause he ain't tell me that his girl was hot." "Um, hi I'm Amy. I'm his.girl. He didn't tell me his best friend is sick and looks like he's about to fall over any second now." I reply Jordan laughs loudly and looks at Jay and states "I like her, she's hot and cute, keep her asshole." "She's mine.

Stop embarrassing her, she don't like attention." Jay replies and nods to the table to indicate everyone looking at us. With that Jordan gets up and leaves. "He came to school for 2 minutes to meet you, fucking idiot.

Sick as fuck and still left bed like that. He's fucking lucky you're here or I'll kick his ass." Jay says to me. "I thought it was nice of him. Best friend?" "Since kindergarten, always has my back. Ride and die guy. You'll get to know him more when he ain't sick with the flu and shit, now eat" and with that we eat.

His friends at the table were surprisingly different, there were jocks, bad boys, computer nerds, and some emo kids there too. Jay explain that he doesn't discriminate. Halfway through lunch, a guy and a girl walks up to us and stands in front of us. They're both blonde with blue eyes, definitely siblings. This guy has muscle, more than Jay but his muscles looks too much, like he's on steroids.

The girl is hot but it's more in your face kind of way, she's wearing too much make up and her shirt is barely covering her nippes, her shorts are probably showing her butt cheeks in the back.

"Go away Emily, no one cares that you're a bitch," Michelle says to the blonde girl. I'm shock by her words and the anger behind it. I can feel the drama coming. "I'm Andrew cutie," blonde guy says to me. "Back off," Jay says through gritted teeth. "Just introducing myself to the new piece of ass that I'm gonna bang," Andrew smirks.

The air changes, it's intense and it's scary and it's coming from Jay. I place my hand on his thigh to calm him down, I can feel a fight coming and I rather avoid violence since I'm wearing a pretty cute sweater and I don't want a food fight to ruin it and also cause I don't want to see Jay get hit. "Leave or get ban." Jay says strangely to Andrew. Andrew visibly jerks his head back and if looks could kill, Jay wouldn't be here. Andrew abruptly walks away leaving Emily staring at me.

Jay looks to me and whispers "The twins run underground, they make the rules. He pisses me off, they'll ban his ass from fighting there." "Jay and I use to to brunette babes sky enjoys a sexy massage, everyday, all day long, I was his best fuck. I'm still going to be his fuck. You won't last long you librarian look alike." Emily says to me.

I move my hand up on Jay's leg, closer to his zipper to calm myself. This bitch did not just call me a librarian look alike. "Librarian? Really? That's the best you got? Let me tell you something, you were his fuck, not his girl. Big difference, difference one; you're a fuck. Difference two; he didn't care about you. Difference three; he pushes you away after you suck him off. Next thing is that you come off more as a slut to me.

You look like a barbie knock off. Jay don't want you, if he did, he wouldn't be sitting here letting me rub his thigh. Now walk away before I have to get up and show you some manners." I reply angrily. Emily growls at me and turns and walks away swaying her hips. Everyone at our table explodes with excitement, I hear things such as damn girl, that was hot, fuck, girl fight, and I hear Michelle say she'll so kiss me for shutting up Emily.

I'm more curious about what Jay thinks but I'll find that out soon enough. He abruptly stands and takes my hand and drags me with him. We go out the front entrance and he pulls out my car keys from my pocket and unlocks the doors. He opens the back door and indian uncle umesh fucks neighbour and records me in, I barely sit before I'm push further in the car with Jay coming in next to me.

"What are you…" I try to question him but he closes the door and grabs my hips and makes me straddle his legs just like yesterday on the couch. He grabs my cheeks and kisses me, now this is with tongue. Finally! I would so fist pump in the air but I'm a little occupied. Both my hands slides to his neck and hold on.

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We're basically devouring each other's mouth and it feels amazing. I grind down and his bulge is right there to greet me. He pushes up and I moan lightly into his mouth. Jay finally pulls back and pushes my hips down stopping me from grinding him so more. "Slow. That was fucking hot in there. Fucking turn me on. Fucking hard as a fucking diamond. Date night again but at my house" "Okay." I say breathless back.

I lay my head on his to calm my breathing. He says we have to go slow, but how much more slow can I handle before I rip his clothes off. Freaking stupid hot guy making me all horny and crap. We finally get ourselves together and go back to school. After school's done we meet at my car. I smile at the memory of the back seat and I look up and Jay winks at me.

Idiot knows what I'm thinking, dammit. I put the car on reverse and Jay suddenly puts his hand on my thigh and I turn my head to him.

"Drive." Such a freaking caveman. I try to ignore his hand, but it's burning hole through my jeans. We make it cute coed sasha gets filled with cum his house, it's a comfy size house and he leads me through the front door and we take our shoes off and he leads me up to a bedroom.

It's smells like fabric softener and spice just like Jay. He has a queen size bed on a black frame with 2 black night stand on each side and a good size tv, with a bunch of dvds all over the stand. His walls are naked, just color blue. He has his door open leading a bathroom that looks like it leads to another bedroom. His closet door is also open and his clothes are neatly hanging and he also a black drawer that he's emptying his pocket onto.

I yawn and he asks me why I'm tire. "Verbally bitching out your slut wasn't easy work." "Not mine, you're mine." he says while walking towards me.

I walk backwards towards his bed. "I'll see you tomorrow" I say peachley. "We will, but right now we nap." "Wait what? We can't nap together!" I snap at him. "Why not? I'll even cuddle with you" he smiles.

"Oh all right" I'm a cuddler so that's a huge bonus, I turn around and slide into the sheets. I lay on my left side with my back to him.

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I hear movement behind me and then he finally gets under the sheets with me. I turn my head slightly to him and lift up the sheet and he's only wearing black boxers. Holy shit.practically naked in bed with me.

Slow my ass! "Getting comfortable" he says to me. I totally agree with him. I sit up and pull of my sweater and lay back down. "Jeans?" Jay asks my back. I turn to him and make a very bold decision. I get out of bed and strip off my jeans leaving my lace black latina shy girl goes wet i met her on on and I go to his drawer rifling through until I find a pair of his black basketball shorts and put them on, they fall below my knee.

And I did all this in front of him. "Lace. Fuck!" Jay says loudly when I get back into bed. He settles in behind me putting his arm around my waist but his dick is poking the crap out of my ass. "Sorry, your fault. Ignore it" "I'll try" I reply. I mean who can ignore such a BIG thing. I feel like it's trying to get to know me. His pillow assaulted my nose with his smell and I snuggle into it deeper.

I finally settle down and fall into my nap. Watering plants seem so easy but it's nothing like it seems. First off, my stupid hose doesn't go that far, and it's so thick, my left hand barely covers it. I would try my right hand but it won't move. Second off, the stupid hose doesn't have water coming out of it. I'm just holding it for show. I feel like one of those models showing off a car, but having no idea who's going on.

But then the hose moves on it's own. What the hell?!? I slowly open my eyes and I'm startle by what I see. First off, my head is on Jay's shoulder, all I see is light caramel skin, with a tattoo across it. My left leg is thrown over one of his legs.

My right hand is squish between my body(now I know why I couldn't move it). And my left hand is grabbing Jay's dick. The only thing in between feeling his skin is his boxers. Oh and did Kinky aurora has her tight anus destroyed mention his dick is literally as hard a fucking diamond! And it's standing tall like it's saluting me. I finally look up to Jay and his face is in between ecstasy and amusement.

"I know I said slow, but is that too fast for you?" Jay asks me. ".ehh&hellip.did I say anything while I was asleep?" "Where's the fucking water you stupid hose," Jay says grinning at me. He leans closer to me and says "And then you grip the fuck out of my dick, lucky I like that or I wouldn't be too happy." Not only am I turn on, but I'm extremely nervous. Do I pull my hand back or just play it off? "Nervous?" Jay questions me. "Y.yes" "Scared?" "No." I'm not scare but I'm also not brave.

"Trust me?" "Yes." And I do, I know he won't hurt me and I know he won't push too hard. Jay rolls on top of me making me lose hold of his dick, coming up on his elbows so he takes the weight off of me.

I see that his chest is cover with a tribal tattoo, it's beautiful. His body is in between my legs resting his dick on my pelvis. It feels so good, if only he would push down a little then BAM!

Instant Happiness! I mean a little bump and grind wouldn't hurt. I lean up a little and kiss in the middle of his chest. Jay stares intently at me then kisses me, he dominates this kiss; all tongue and movement. He kisses my jaw down to my neck while moving his hands down and lifting my tank up to above my boobs. He stops and stares at my matching black lace bra. "Fucking lace," he mutters before kissing my belly button. It feels to good I arch my back a little.

He kisses up to the middle of my breasts and then he kisses each breast right on the cover nipple. He moves the bra up to my tank top and lowers his head taking my right nipple right into his mouth. I shoot up from the bed and moan but all it really does is just pushes my boob further into Jay's mouth. Jay then lets go and puts the left nipple in his mouth. I can feel my first orgasm building and it's going to be big!

Jay grinds his dick onto pelvis right on my cover pussy and I explode. Like close the eyes, moan loud, and arch my back and neck kind of explode. I didn't last long before I came but hey don't blame me. No one has ever touch my special places and I have never touch them either. Jay moves my bra and tank top back into place while I'm still coming down from my orgasm.

When I finally open my eyes, Jay's looking down at me with such tenderness in his eyes that I smile big. He kisses me on my lips and tilts his head to the side a little. "First?" "Mhm" I answer to asian centerfold gets rammed hard by her horny stud to form words. "This 'trust me' working for you?" "Mhm." "We working?" "Mhm," we are definitely working.

More cute looks, awesome talks, and more orgasms then I'll be ready for marriage soon.

"Wait, how about you? Do you want me to get you off?" I don't want to be too selfish. Jay throws his head back and laughs and his shaking body is just making me indian wife sexy bhabhi getting pussy licked in oralsex with her man again. "Damn girl, you really asking me if I want to cum?" "Um.yes?" "No I'm good, that was just for you. You gave me the best wake up call. Never imagine waking up to my shy innocent girl calling my dick a hose and gripping the shit out of it.

You can do that anytime you want." "Okay" I lamely reply. I look over to his nightstand and his clock shows it's only 5pm. "So what do you want to do for 2 hours before I have to lea…" I start to ask before his door opens and the twins walk in.

They both have black spiky hair and both have light caramel color skin like Jay. One is wearing a red shirt and jeans and his eyes look happy and surprise. The other twin is wearing a black shirt and jeans and his eyes look guarded but amused. Jay turns on the bed and glares at them. "Hi, I'm Luke and you must be Jay's forever girl," red shirt guy says. "I'm Mike, and bro, she's cute. She probably won't put up a fight" black shirt says. "Hi there, I'm Amy and apparently this first love at first look means we'll be stuck together forever but if Jay ever pisses me off I will knee him in his balls." All three brothers break out laughing and they all look so hot, I can definitely see the appeal in the twins.

Both muscular and hot and mouth watering. Before the brothers even get a chance to get their breath back, a short nice looking Asian lady with short curly black hair walks in.

"Hey boys what's funn.oh hi there&hellip." it seems like she stops to thinks and then "OMG!!

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You're Amy! Jay's girlfriend! I'm Daisy, the boys' mother. I vouch for him on the phone to you. This is such a surprise, what are you doing his bedroom…" and then she gets quiet and blushes. "No sex mom, chill. Taking a nap" Jay says to his mom. "Nap my ass, her face tells a different story" Mike snorts in. "Amy looks hugely satisfied, I'm happy for her. Doesn't hurt to get some" Luke chips in. "Boys! You're embarrassing her, come down for dinner everyone.

It's great to meet you Amy, don't let my boys scare you off." Daisy says before smiling and walking off. We all follow after Daisy and I catch Mike and Luke looking down at me and smirking to each other and say at the same time "Cute shorts".

I look down and realize I'm still wearing Jay's shorts and I'm not embarrass, I decide to embrace it instead. "Thanks guys, I was only wearing my black lace underwear but it was cold so I decided to cover up a little." I reply happily and Jays walks up behind me to lead me downstairs while laughing and leaving his twin brothers looking awestruck.

I hear them both yell "Fucking lace". "Fucking cute I swear" Jay mutters under his breath. I barley step a foot into the kitchen before I'm engulf into a bear hug that takes me off my feet. I assume this is their father, he also smells like fabric softener but also earthly. He finally pulls back, and I take a good look at him.

He's African American, muscular, short black hair that's style over to one side, way taller than me just like his sons. I only come up below his shoulder just like Jay. "Well hello there, I'm Malcolm, the boys' father. Finally one of my boys can experience the joy of being in love. They always making fun of me, saying how they don't want that mushy cute shit.

Well fuck, now one of them will understand." And with that, he pats my shoulder and walks to Daisy, xxx sexy story sunny leone her butt and kisses her right in front of us.

"That's gross" the twins say behind us staring at their parents. I look up to see Jay's reaction and he's just looking at me. But his eyes are working hard, like trying to solve something. He bends down and kisses me on my forehead and pushes me into the kitchen.

Dinner was amazing, Jay's family were great. I did catch Daisy and Malcolm looking at me and Jay a couple of times with joy in their eyes. We ate, we laugh, and we almost pee our pants. Daisy and Malcolm were telling me the stories of the boys and Michelle when they were younger. Luke shut down and looked away when Michelle was mention. I also saw Mike rub Luke's shoulder when it looked like Luke was about to bolt from the table. After saying many goodbyes, and promises of coming horny babe dana vespoli and gia paige ass fucking to visit, Jay walks me to my car.

"I'm confiscating these shorts" I announce to Jay, who's wearing shorts and a T-shirt now. "I'll keep your jeans then" "Kay&hellip.what's up with Michelle and Luke?" I ask curiously.

Jay looks behind him towards the front door and finally looks back at me. "Michelle is Luke's one." I try to form words to express my joy but Jay speaks before I get the chance. "Michelle lives with her uncle, her parents died in a car accident a week after she was born.

Her uncle thinks we're too much trouble. Thinks we're gonna fuck her up some how. He warn Luke off after he saw Luke kiss Michelle the first time. Told him that he was gonna call cops and shit cause his niece is too young. Luke took one last chance and kiss her before his birthday, he saw and threaten to turn the underground in. Luke didn't have a choice but to hardcore wet crack drilling pornstar and blowjob off.

Fucking broke him and fucking Michelle." "Broke?" "Michelle dates a lot, don't think she still a virgin. Luke fights everytime he hears about her dates, loses his shit and wrecks havoc on underground. Asshole can't keep his dick in his pants, fucks more than me." "How do you know she's the one for Luke?" "He told me, saw her a mommy wants you to cum in her mouth knew.

Killed him to walk away the last time. Got so fucked on his birthday that year that he had to go to the hospital. Alcohol poisoning, broken ribs, broken fingers, broken nose, and swollen eyes. Fought drunk and wouldn't stop, took a group of three to pull him away. Other guy was worse, coma for a couple days. But it's straighten out now, no beef between Luke and him. And Michelle and Luke avoid each other. But Luke just got back from visiting some family, and Michelle just turn 18 a couple of days ago.

So things might change." "Omg, that's so sad. I feel so bad for them. I wish I could help. I promise I won't say anything, I wouldn't want Michelle and her uncle to fight and I wouldn't want Luke to get mad at you." Like holy fuck, that's more complicated than Jay and I. I mean shit, staying away from each other? I can't believe Jay trusts me so much to tell me this, it makes me feel so empowerful.

"Perfect" Jay says to me strangely, "didn't have to ask and she already knew." He then pushes me to the door and kisses me while holding me at my hips. I slide one hand up to the back of his neck and my other hand goes behind him and up his shirt, touching the skin on his back. Jay growls lowly and pushes his groin into me. I moan and take my hand from his back and take it out causing Jay to growl in protest but his growling stops when I touch his bare dick.

He moans flat out and his dick jumps a little in my hand. It feels hard and soft at the same time, and feels fucking huge! Fuck, that's going to rip me in half for sure. "What are you doing?" Jay asks me. "Nothing" I answer trying to look and sound innocent. I move up and down and feel his hair at the base of his dick. As I move back up, the head is leaking a little.

Wait.did he just cum? I barely started! Oh hell no, I was having fun! "Precum babe" Jay says into my ear while nibbling it. "Okay good." I start to rub again, up, down, up down. I use his precum as lubrication. Jay's flat out eating my ear and my neck now. He's moaning low but I can still hear him and it's a sexy sound ladies!

His breathing changes and I think he's about to cum so I move my hand faster. I bite his nipple through his shirt and he cums into my hand. I pull my hand out and stare at my hand, I always read about how it tastes and now I'll know firsthand. I lick my index finger, it's salty but not bad, so I lick my middle finger, and I realize it's not bad at all so I start to suck on my fingers.

When I'm done cleaning off my hand, I look up and Jay is staring down at me. "Holy fucking shit. Now that's hot. Fuck!" Jay says loudly. "Um.was it okay for me to lick it?" "Fuck, she makes me cum like a preteen on my driveway and licks my cum off her hands and is asking me if it's okay. Fuck! Babe, anytime, I swear anytime you wanna taste my cum, go right ahead. No need to fucking ask." He smiles huge at me and kiss the fuck out of me.

"That was fucking hot!" Luke and Mike yell from the front door. "Hell yeah it was!" Michelle yells from her window. I lean aside and see the twins standing at the front door with the arms across their chest smirking. And I look behind me and up and see Michelle's upper body hanging from the window smiling.

And I realize that I just gave Jay a handjob in front of xxx classic fr alpha france gerard kikoine enquetes brigitte lahaie desiree cousteau karine gambier house, in front of his brothers and in front of Michelle.

My face heats up and I think about getting in my car and speeding away and never seeing Jay again from being so embrasse. "Don't even think about it. I'm thankful for what you just did." Jay says to me. His eyes are intense and I feel like they're passing me silent message. And then I feel that message, I square my shoulders and look at the twins and smile.

"Thanks guys, it was my first time giving a handjob but I think I did pretty fine. Don't you think babe?" I look up at Jay expecting him to answer but he just smirks at me. "I better get going now, tasting his cum made me full so now I'm ready for bed. I'll see you guys soon." I smile to the twins and turn and smile to Michelle. I get on my tippy toe and kiss Jay on his neck, then his jaw, and then his lip.

I was going for an easy goodnight peck, but Jay gave me a that's hot kiss that involve a lot of tongue. I finally pull away young floozy gets her pussy caressed japanese hardcore get into my car. I lower my window and and he leans in to kiss my forehead, my nose, and my lips.

"Night babe, thank you" Jay whispers softly to me. "No, thank you babe for everything. Goodnight, don't let the bedbugs bite" I whisper back. While pulling out from his driveway, I can hear the twins telling Jay that he's a lucky bastard and Michelle laughing. I smile to myself and drive home. When I get home it's only 8pm and my parents cars are in the driveway. I walk into the main entrance of the house and stop dead in my tracks. Mom and dad are both standing there looking murderous at me.

Oh shit&hellip. Comment for Part 3