Brunette babes sky enjoys a sexy massage

Brunette babes sky enjoys a sexy massage
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This is a story about me being curious and finding a boy that was popular, on the baseball team, and everything someone could look for both in looks and personality.

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I hope you enjoy it and it is my first story so please be generous. You have to know the drama at the beginning to fully understand where I'm at.this isn't a quickie story like the others. I moved to Indiana from Chicago in the 3rd grade.

I was very popular and knew I'd make friends easily in the small town we were moving to close to Indianapolis. Look-wise, I was an ordinary 9-year-old boy.

I had brown hair, blue eyes and a slim and short 4'6 body. The subdvision we moved into was a new one and we had one of three houses that were built. My brother and I were outside throwing rocks in the dirt pile accross the street one day, when one of the new kids down the road rode his bike past. Me, being the immature snobby kid I was, started to make fun of the kid. My brother, who is 4 years older than me, told me to quit and called the kid over.

As the kid rode up on his bike I actually tried being nice and we actually became good friends from that day on. I found out his name was Tj and he had just moved to our town as well and didn't really know anybody. A few years had passed and Tj and I were now best friends. Every summer Tj would basically live at our house. One day, when Tj wasn't over, I was looking around online being the geeky kid that I was and being all into making websites.

There used to be a server where girls could make their own webpage and it was titled "" I figured, "well if there's a, there has to be a" Unfortunately, when I went to, it wasn't what I had expected. The website was a gay-porn website and had guys doing things to each other I had only heard about in weird stories in school. Nobody was home at the time and I immediately closed out of the website thinking how nasty it was.

After half-hour, I realized that it was really weird someone would make a site like that and I wanted to inspect it more so I went back to the site. I read a few stories and thought to myself, "well that doesn't sound TOO bad." The next time I hung out with Tj, I tried to look at him in the way I saw the guys on the website.

I noticed him more. He was taller than I was and goofy looking, but a kind of goofy that was good-looking at the same time. As weeks went on, I started to like Tj.

I realized he was real flirty and gave off some signs that he might want to do something. Up until I was 15, I liked Tj in a special way that I didn't think I could ever tell him. I hated it when he wasn't at our house and I hated it when he talked about his girlfriends.

One day, Tj was over at our house and his mom had called. She asked for Tj and once they were done talking, he told me he had to leave because his friend, "Drew," had floor seats to a Pacer's game. This wasn't the first time this kid made Tj leave early.

Tj was two grades lower than me so I didn't know his friend personally, but I did know that i horny lesbian couple tasting tits just a little bit to beat the hell outta him for always makin' Tj leave. That weekend, our little leauge team had made it to the little leauge world series regional thing.

We made it to the little league world series the year before so I figured we'd go again. I talked to Tj online the night of the game and asked him if he wanted to spend the night after the game.

He told me he would but of course, Drew ended up taking him. I got to the game and when the game was near-ending, I wanted to go find Tj to ask him if he wanted to just come home with us. As I walked around the baseball field, I saw four guys with their shirts off standing near the outfield fence.

One of them, being Tj, I walked up and noticed this extremely hot guy next to Tj. "What's up fag?" I said to Tj. He replied with "nothing." and then his extremely hot friend who I had eyed many feet before I approached them walked up to Tj and stood there. Tj looked at him and then looked at me and said "this is Drew." Tj not knowing that I couldn't stand Drew for always making him leave, I did the head nod and said "hi." Then, I looked back at Tj and said, "are you going to spend the night still?" Then, Tj said, "actually, I'm going to stay the gorgeous blonde takes care of a dick at Drew's if that's ok with you." I was completley sex xxxxx 18 japanis fuck off now.

It was my goal to pummel this Drew character into the ground. I went home that night and sat there lonely. The next morning, when I woke up, I got online and Tj's sister was online. I IM'd her (which I never even talked to her but something told me to IM her and boy am I glad I did) and asked her if Tj was home yet. She replied with, "no he's still at Drews but they're you want Drew's screen name?" Me, thinking this was the time to retaliate, said "sure" so I could instant message him the next time I was on and yell at him.

I added his screen name to my buddylist and waited. I refused to IM him because I was scared I would flip out. I waited about a month and had forgotten that his screen name was even on my list. One day, while going through my buddylist I saw a screen name and IM'd it and asked, "who's this?" ."Drew" he replied."who's this?" I said "troy spence." trying to be the hardass that I wasn't .he answered "Oh hey man what's going on?" And from there, I realized that maybe he is a nice person.we continued to talk that day and he wound up being a very nice guy.

I heard that he was rich and that he had a huge house which didn't really mean anything to me because I figure nobody in this small town can be that day my friend Jess and I drive out to his house.

We arrived to find a 4 story mansion. Two basements, one with a batting cage, pitching mound, and basketball court. This was the biggest house I had ever seen. As he opened the door, he was wearing a yellow t-shirt and khaki shorts. Immediately, my heart melted and it popped into my head that this kid was HOT!

He started giving us a tour of his house and as we were coming upstairs from the basement, I turned around only to find him staring at me. I shrugged it off thinking he was just trying not to trip and we walked to the balcony on one of the floors in his house.

My friend Jess asked, "so what do horny lesbian couple tasting tits just a little bit like to do all the time in this huge house?" And he replied with a, "mostly I talk to Troy online" and kind of smiled at me. My heart was racing thinking that there's no way this baseball-playing, popular kid would say something so nice about me like that.

We ended up leaving because Jess had to go to work, and that night online Drew and I talked more (like usual). I noticed that we would joke around and after he would say something mean, I would say "blow me" .but he would reply with "okay :)" afterwords which was making my mind flip out.

I had never been with a guy nor liked any other guy than Tj but for some reason it was like I had completley forgotten about Tj and was madly in love with this Drew guy I had known only for a month. Something kept firing inside of me wondering if what he was saying was true. One night, before band (yes i was THAT much of a geek), I couldn't take it anymore. All these comments were sending signals that was making me lose sleep over wondering whether or not he was serious.

I'm sure we've all been there at some point. I remember him saying something mean just jokingly to me, and me saying "haha blow me" and then him replying with his usual, "fine by me." Only this time, I asked, "are you serious?" and he replied with "yes." My mind was going a thousand miles an hour and then I told him.I told him in the most watered down way possible, "hey drew.I've been having's like I want to see what it's like messing around with a guy but I would never like a guy like LOVE or kiss a guy." and then I clicked [ send ].

I sat there for what felt like hours and then I looked down and saw his window blinking. My heart racing and expecting a "ewww freak!," I opened the window and saw two words I will never forget: "me too." It was as if five hundred pounds was just lifted off my shoulders and I got the biggest smile on my face. A few weeks had gone by and we had talked more and more about what we'd do with each other and I told him I was obsessed with guys in basketball shorts and he told me he had an obsession with asses.

Then, he mentioned to me that he would -never- kiss a guy. It was kind of cool having what was my best friend telling me all these secrets. The most popular kid in the 8th garde telling ME he wanted to mess with ME. I couldn't believe it. It was October now and Drew and I kind of forgot the talk about messing with each other and we got back to talking to how hot girls were. I asked him if he wanted to go to this event in town called the "corn maze" where they cut a maze into corn and you have to find your way out.

A.K.A the junior high and highschool hangout. I told him I would take my ex g/f and he can bring his girl and we'll go to the maze and then he can spend the night afterwards. This was fine with him and we decided we would go that Friday (it was now Mon). All I could think about monday, tuesday, and wednsday is whether or not something sexual was going to happen.

When Thursday night came, I IM'd Drew and asked him what he thought about us messing around on Friday. He told me, "no man I don't want to do that stuff anymore I think it's gross." My heart plumited white wife always wanted to try bbc bobbi cireman I felt like cancelling the whole deal on Friday.

Friday came and the whole day in school all I could think about was what I was going to wear that night and I had tons of butterflies in my stomach. The whole house was clean and drew told me he was on my way. My dad had ordered pizza and I wanted everything to be perfect.

I was sitting out on the couch in teh living room staring at the front glass door waiting to see hot Drew walk up the driveway. Fifteen minutes later, there he was. He was wearing a white t-shirt and of course, for me, his purple basketball shorts. I had never seen a hotter boy. I opened the door and we went back to my room where he tossed his bag down.

The pizza arrived along with my ex girlfriend and we sat on my driveway with my dad listening to him tell stories about his child hood (as any father would do). Then, it was time to go. We had gotten to the corn maze and me, leanne, drew, and his girl decided to go through the maze together. Tj was there also but didn't go with us. We got about halfway through the maze and leanne started her sobbing over how much she wanted to be with me and I could care less as I was ready to sobb myself seeing Drew holding hands and flirting with his girl.

It was like my heart was ripped out and stepped on right in front of my eyes. It is so hard to act like a normal friend when your obsessed with him and watching him be with his girlfriend. We all had left the corn maze early because we ended up not really getting that far and just turned back.

My dad came to get us and I had just gotten my license so he let me drive everybody back to my house for a camp fire. I had music playing through the computer room in the back of the house and me, leanne, and Drew were hanging out by the fire. Leanne, being the teenage girl she was, was freaking out the whole time and started getting on my nerves. Drew and I went in to change the music and we, of course, talked about how hot Leanne is but how annoying she was being and then we see her walk up to the window and we hear a "ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!" come from the window.

Of course, we respond with "uhh not at all. We'll be out in a few." Then, she started bawling her eyes out and I wasn't going to have it 'cause I wanted to put all my attention on Drew. We took her home and then came back to my house. He took off his pants once we got home and now was back in his basketball shorts and white t-shirt.

Drew was as tall as I was and had blonde hair and brown eyes and an athletic build. I was laying on the futon in the computer room while he was talking to people in AIM. It was kind of late and now it was time to go to bed. I asked Drew if he wanted to sleep in the computer room which had a futon, or sleep in my room which had the TV. He compromised and said "why don't we just move the coushin off the futon and into your room." Being midnight, everyone was asleep in my room and Drew and I started to drag the futon from the computer room to my room which was one room down the hall but boy did we make some noise.

I think we knocked off every picture frame on the wall and were cracking up trying to get this huge coushin into my room. Once it was in there, I gave him a lot of blankets and a pillow for him to sleep on. I jumped into my bed and we turned off the lights and I turned on Jay Leno, as I did every night. I was tired of watching Leno and asked Drew if he wanted me to turn off the TV and he said "yeah." Now I lay there in darkness and it was completley silent for at least five minutes.

I was thinking to myself, "this cannot be the end of this night." No sooner than I thought that, I heard Drew ask, "what was it like having sex with Leanne?" Right then and there, I knew that night wasn't going to end without something happening between us. I described it to him and he was talking about how hot it sounded. He then asked me, "who do you think is hot in my grade?" And I asked, "guys or girls?" And he replied with "both." I started shivering because I was so nervous.

I had never talked about these things with anybody. I turned on the light and got out my yearbook and we crowded around it talkinga bout what guys and girls we thought were hot. Then, he laid back down and Gorgeous black sucks fat white cockck in her pink hole bj lay in my bed, still shivering and the lights out. We started talking about working out and stuff and me, flirting, called him a puny-ass.

He argued with me and then said "dude feel my arms." So he sat up next to my bed and held his arms out and i felt his arms. He was right, they were not puny by any means. Then, one of my other obsessions, a flat stomach, I said "well that still doesn't hide your flab on your stomach." He told me to turn on the light and he sat up and lifted up his shirt. They were the most beautiful abs I had ever seen. The kind of abs that form a perfect 6 pack when he moved in a certain way, but other than that just formed a flat stomach.

"Touch them" he said. I did a "love tap" on his stomach so as not to seem gay and then i turned off the light and he layed down. Then, we started talking about sex with girls and I could faintly hear him stroking his dick underneith the blankets. I don't think he realized that I could not only hear him, but I could see him occasionally take his dick out from under the blankets.

I leaned up and voluptuous ebony stunner has her pussy hammered cumshot on the light and he said "HEY NOW!" and threw the blankets over himself as I turned the light back off. Then, I asked him if he had ever done anything hot desi babe toys her tight cunt another guy. "Once," he said.

"What'd ya do?" I asked."well I played truth or dare with Sean but we only got as far as seeing each other's dicks" he said. I said "that's cool" and sat there for a minute in silence. The next words changed my life and I've never been so excited to this day than after hearing these words.

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"Wanna play?" he asked. "s.s.sure" i said still shaking in nervousness. He told me I was to go first. There was no way I could even think straight (no pun intended) right now. I told him "no you definately have to go first for starting the game." He said, "okay, truth or dare?" I of course responded with, "dare." "I dare you to strip all your clothes off" he said.

So, I stood up and being the moron I am asked, "does that include my boxers?" "No" he said. Then it was his turn. "Truth or dare" i asked. "Dare" teen riley reid cant get enough of jocks cock said. "I dare you to do the same" i said unable to think of anything. And he stood up and took off all his clothes except for his tight boxer briefs.

He told me to go again since that wasn't a real dare. "Truth or dare" i asked. "Dare".I told him I wanted to put my arms around him. He moved to the front of the futon and stood there. "this was it" I thought. This is my opportunity to see what this is like.

I walked slowly behind him, stilll shaking and pressed my almost-naked body against his. I placed my hands on his beautiful chest and my chin on his right shoulder. My dick resting against his ass. The warmth of his back against my stomach is something I will never forget. Being able to stand there for a few minutes and just hold the boy I had hated at first and then grown to love. The boy who told me he thought messing with another guy was nasty just the night before this is now in my arms.

Then, I let go and it was my turn. "Truth or dare" he said. "truth" i said being a smartass. He laughed and asked, "do you love me?" I could tell even in the darkness my irish face was beat red.

"yes." I said.nothing was said for a few seconds and he responded with "my turn." "Truth or dare" i asked him and he reponded with "dare." "I dare you to either lay with me in my bed or let me lay down on the futon with you." "just lay down here with me," he said. We both started to get under teen gals get twats destroyed hardcore and blowjob covers and our heads resting on the pillows.

My hands down at my side while I'm shivering like it's negative 80 degrees in my room from being so nervous. "What could possibly happen now," I thought. It was my turn. "Truth or dare" he asked. "Dare" i said. "I dare you to do whatever you've wanted to do to me for a minute." My mind, being filled with a list of things to do, made me ask "what if there are two, can I split them into 30 seconds each?" He laughed and said "just do one of them for now." "Ok" I sighed.I froze for a few seconds before resting my hand on his stomach.slowly sliding my hand down his warm, soft, and hairless skin under his breifs.

His dick was hard already. I slid his breifs down a bit to allow easier access. I gripped my hand around his warm dick and he let out a quiet moan as I started stroking his dick slowly at first.

"What?" I asked. "I've never had someone else do feels good," he said. His boner was so soft and perfect. His dick being only 5 1/2 or so inches.

Perfect was the only word to describe it. Now it was his turn. "Truth or dare" I asked and he responded with "Dare." Me, now relaxed and completley melted into love with him said "you can do the same thing." He rolled over and sat next to me and slid my boxers down to my knees.

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ebony dubbing porn story mom and son My dick was as hard as it has ever been. He gripped it with his soft hand and started to stroke my dick. It was as if it was an art to him. I figured it'd be no different than me jacking off myself, but it was. He was done with his minute and now it was my turn.

"Truth or dare" he said. "Dare" i said. "I dare you to do the other thing you wanted to do, for at least a minute." I froze yet again and longer this time. This meant I was going to give a bj. I sat up and moved myself closer to his dick holding it in my hand. I took my hand off his dick and slid his briefs down and off his legs so he was completley naked now with his dick only inches from my face, I could smell.

I grabbed his dick one last time and kissed the soft head of his dick and then put it into my mouth. Then I slid his entire dick into my mouth. My hand now rubbing his smooth thighs and cupping his sack. He let out a louder moan this time as I started sliding his hard dick in and out of my mouth. I looked up and could see his flat stomach breathing harder and harder. The precum was already oozing slowly from the head of his dick.

The moist, salty taste was like nothing I have ever tasted before, but my minute was up. I licked one last drop of his boy precum and slid his dick out of my mouth and laid back down. "Am I okay at it?" I asked."oh yes" he replied.

Now it was his turn but instead, when Remy lacroix gets a good fucking in various angles asked "truth or dare" and he answered "dare" I didn't want him to suck me. I wanted to get more romantic. "I dare you to do what you said you would never do." "Make out?" he asked.

"Yeah.I guess" I said nervously waiting for him to deny me. "okay as long as nobody finds out" he said. He leaned in and he pressed his soft lips against mind and slid our tounges into each others mouth, making out for only a few minutes until he stopped and said, "lay young boy jerking off old man So, I laid back down on my back and he slid my boxers completley off and sat his ass on my thighs.

Grabbed a hold of my dick and again, started to move his hand up and down. The more he got into it, the more his ass slid down my legs and the close his face got to the head of my dick.

I was in a complete daze as he slid my dick into his mom blackmailed by black guy once and back out still stroking it. His moist mouth felt so good on my dick as I let out a moan. Already, I was on the verge of cumming. I told him I was getting ready to cum and he didn't stop, but instead slid my dick back into his mouth and kept sucking until I started to cum. My jizz shot into his mouth as we swallowed every drop.

He laid back down and i went down starting at his chest and working my way down kissing every inch of his soft skin. I arrived at his hard dick and pointed it up towards his face and kissed his sack.

He said to me, "i'm going to stand up." He stood up and turned on a light. Then, I was on my knees down in front of the boy I had fallen in love with. His dick in my hand, I slid it back into my mouth as he grabbed my hands and placed them on his rock-hard but soft ass.

I started moving his dick in and out of my mouth while spreading his ass as my finger caressed his tight asshole.

Moan after moan he started to take control and placed his hands on my head playing with my hair while sliding his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. Then I would take my hand off his ass and place it back on his cock and stroke it with my warm saliva acting as lube. I stroked it faster and faster until he started to moan louder and louder.

I looked up with my eyes into his eyes as he slid his cock back into my mouth sliding it in and out. He started breathing faster and I could feel his dick pulsating in my mouth and then I heard "AAAAggghhh" and I could see his stomach muscles tighten and then feel his warm cum squirt into my mouth and ooze as I stopped to savor every last drop, stroking his dick and swallowing his warm jizz.

I sucked his dick for a few seconds and stroked it trying to make sure there was nothing left and then he laid down and I followed.

I rested my head on his chest as he whispered, "I never want this night to end" in my ear. We laid there in each others arms and slept until the next morning. .uhm I'm going to end it there eventho there's more to us :) but that's basically it. Let me know what you think and sorry if the sex scene isn't that descriptive :- i'm not too good at going into details.

Lemme know if I should old man cums in teen xxx tina met her boypartner at a concert in a bar about the quick things that happened months after long stories at the beginning either ;)