Girl sucking and fucking her boyfriendrsquos cock on graduation day

Girl sucking and fucking her boyfriendrsquos cock on graduation day
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Even in college, you have projects to work on, it's like high school all over again. Our teacher assigned us all to write a paper on something that kannada cinima nati ramya sex storys in thought should be changed, I picked the game rating ages. You have to be 17 to rent an 'M' rated game, I think the age should be lowered to 16. I have a female friend in that class that picked the drinking age, she thought it should be lowered to 18.

Personally I disagree with that, but that's besides the point. We were both 23 and decided to do research for our papers together. So for hours at a time we were together just researching stuff and studying it well to make good papers.

I'm 5'6 and she is 5'7 with a nice C-cup rack, I don't like to look at her like that because she is a friend, but I can't help myself though. Her name is Gillian and mine is Eddie. "Seriously,it seems like it's been hours now," I said. "Well we started at 2:00 and it's 8:00 now, holy shit, we've been on our computers for 6 hours now," Gillian replied.

"Are you serious?" I asked as I looked at the clock. "Yes,it says so on the clock, and my laptop feels like an oven now," Gillian replied. We used our laptops and I guess time just flew by as we were in my apartment.

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"Well, I guess we should call it a night," I said. "Yes, but first can I talk to you about something?" Gillian asked. "Sure," I replied. Then we both turned our laptops off and she sat right next to me on the couch, I wasn't sure what was going on, but we were friends and we listened to each other.

"I don't know how to say this, but is there something going on between us?" Gillian asked. Well I wasn't sure at all what to say to that, we did have some chemistry together I could definitely tell and we could be good together, but I wasn't ready to go down that rabbit hole just yet. Of course I had to wonder:did she have the hots for me?

"Do you mean like chemistry?" I asked. "More like sexual tension," Gillian replied. "Sexual tension, I don't think so, why are you feeling something?" I asked. Then she leaned over and kissed me once, but she was immediately embarrassed thinking 'How could I do that?'. So she got up and walked into the hallway. I got up and followed her. "Well it's natural to feel sexual tension when you spend a lot of time with someone.

So I guess we're both feeling it," I said. "Do you mean you feel it too?" Gillian asked. "Yes, I have for awhile now, but that was a big wild card that I wasn't ready to flip just yet," I replied.

So she kissed me once again and made mom and son family sex movies for about a minute straight. Then after that I think we were both just horny for each other, so she brought me to my bedroom and quickly undressed.

Obviously I knew where this was going, soI undressed too. We were horny, but not so horny we forgot about protection. I got out a condom and put it on.

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We didn't really look at each other naked, she just laid down and I got on top of her. I just inserted my cock into her and began thrusting in and out a little quickly. "Oh yes, that's right Eddie, shove your cock into me deep for me now," Gillian said.

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I looked down at her tits and I nearly came just from looking at them, they were perfect honestly, perfect size and feel. I put my hands on her boobs and gave them a firm squeeze for a minute. "Wow Gillian, you have a nice rack," I said. "Why didn't you ever tell me that before?" Gillian asked. "Well, I really didn't wanna mess up our relationship honestly.

We got along great and studied nonstop, I thought that might put a slight strain on it," I replied. "Well, tell me again to make up for lost time," Gillian said. "Gillian, you have a very nice rack," I replied.

Then we both laughed and I leaned down to kiss her once again. As I was about to lean back up, she stopped me. "I didn't say you could just kiss me once and lean back up," Gillian said. So we both wrapped our arms around each other and made out passionately.

I think she really did the hots for me, and in a very big way. We made out passionately for about 5 minutes straight without me thrusting my dick, it was just in there all the way and both of us were loving every second of it. I felt her excellent tits going up against my chest and that was probably the best feeling in the world, even better than the feeling of my cock inside her. Eventually we broke the kiss. "That was good, I could never tell by those lips that you were such a good kisser Eddie, and you have a big one down there, anything else you been hiding from me?" Gillian asked.

"No, nothing at all anymore Gillian, I could always tell you had a nice rack, and the clothes you wear always left little to the imagination too, but you have really soft boobs," I replied.

Then we both laughed for a minute and kissed again. We both switched positions to her being on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her once again and we continued to make out passionately. A minute later she leaned up and I got the best view of her rack. When I said they were perfect, I was no way shape or form bullshitting her. They were perfect, I thought I'd never ever see a better rack right in front of me like that. So I just took a minute to let it all sink in.

She samatha ryan and her friend seduce tori black me eyeballing her boobs and normally she'd probably slap someone for starring like that, but in this case, I think she'd slap me if I didn't stare. "So you like what I've been mostly hiding under my shirts?" Gillian asked.

"Yes, I like them a lot Gillian, these are like works of art," I replied. Then she laughed a bit. "I'll pretend I never heard that one before," Gillian said. I leaned up my head a bit and began licking her good sized nipples a bit. She had perfect nipple placement as well with perfect nipple size for the size of her boobs. They weren't too big or too small.

As I licked her nipples I put my left hand on her pussy and I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. "Wow Gillian, you are one feisty and sexual lady," I said. "And it took you this long to notice?" Gillian asked. I just looked down for a minute and smiled, I was a guy, I always noticed beautiful women, but unlike a lot of guys, I didn't let the women know so easily. "No, I first noticed about 2 months ago," I replied.

"That's when our class first started, you have wanted to fuck me since you met me?" Gillian asked. "No, of course not, I just noticed you, I wasn't just gonna try and fuck you once and be done with you, I wanted to be your friend too," I chubby bear daddy fucking my mothers cronys sisters. "What a gentleman," Gillian said. "And like a gentleman, I'm gonna ask you if I can eat you out, and not just do it," I replied.

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"You seriously thought I would say no?" Gillian asked. "Well, that's another wild card," I replied. "Just don't stuff yourself on your first serving," Gillian said. Then I climbed down and began eating her out. She seemed to have objections to me not doing it for her, so I was more than happy to eat her out, and she was more than happy to enjoy as she began moaning a bit.

"Oh Eddie, I had no idea you could eat pussy so well too you fucking liar, you said you weren't hiding anything else from me," Gillian said.

"Sorry, please forgive me my dear," I replied. "Well give me an orgasm and I'll consider it," Gillian said. I put my face back into her pussy, it was absolutely soaked slender teenage bombshell pleasures two fat rods her juices. She had a little hair on her pussy and I liked that, it was sexy.

I spread out her pussy lips a bit and stuck my tongue into her nice and wet pussy. She put her hands on my head and made me put my tongue deep insideher pussy as far as I could. She began screaming so loudly that I was sure the neighbors would bang on the walls.

Fortunately they didn't, but I knew it wouldn't be too much longer before they did though.

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"Well, I'm glad to give you a huge orgasm, but you will have to keep it down at least a little, or the neighbors will have a huge shit fit," I said. "I'll do my best Eddie, but you aren't making it easy though," Gillian replied. I had my face right in her pussy and I started to stick my tongue in there as far as I could.

I hit her g-spot as hard as I could and she screamed too loudly the neighbors did bang on the wall. "Oh fuck yes!!

Eddie you are making me cum!" Gillian screamed as loudly as she could. Then she came all over my face and made sure it was absolutely drenched.

After that I climbed on top of her and stuck my cock back into her pussy. "Still a little tight Gillian," I said. "Well hopefully for not much longer though Eddie," Gillian replied.

Then we kissed again and I laid my head on busty delights with playgirl hardcore and blowjob boobs. Oddly her boobs felt even better on my face when it was absolutely drenched, although it could have also been that I just gave her a huge orgasm though. "Damn Eddie, big dick, good pussy eating skills and the hots for me as well.

Are you absolutely positive are aren't hiding anything else from me now?" Gillian asked. "I'm pretty sure now I have nothing to hide. I'm single, I live alone here and I like to have sex with very attractive ladies when I can. I also have a little student loan debt right now, but I hope to graduate sooner or later," I replied. "OK then, so that's all of your baggage then?" Gillian asked. "Well I also don't like sea food or sports. I love to watch porn honestly, but I'm not addicted though.

I think I'm less than halfway through college though, so I might be there for awhile yet," I replied. "Well that's not horrible, I was attracted to you when we pickedup euro youngster rides cock in the car met as well.

I so wished I could have seen that big cock before today honestly and I've masturbated thinking about you going down on me about 15 times now," Gillian said. Then I gave her a look. "I'm insulted, only 15 times? Not 16 or 17?" I asked. Then we both laughed for a minute as we both wrapped our arms around each other once again. "Wow, I feel like we're on a dating show during sex," I said.

"Something like that I guess, but let me ask you this: how often would you have sex if you could seriously choose how much you did it?" Gillian asked. I had to think about that, I wasn't sure honestly.

I mean I'd at least wanna do it once a day. "Well I guess twice on weekdays and X amount of times on weekends," I replied. "X amount of days?" Gillian asked. "Yes, no particular number assigned, just as many time as I and the other person wanted I guess," I replied. "I like that, but would you like it if you did it like 15 times in one day?" Gillian asked. "Wow 15 times in one day? That's an idea, I think I could go for it, but would that be like an everyday thing or just on the weekends?" I asked.

"On the weekends," Gillian replied. I thought about that sure theres room for one more rapture a minute as well, I wasn't sure about that either truth be told. I mean sex is wonderful, but you also gotta keep it in the right doses though. You can't do it too much or too little. "Well, if it was the right lady, I think I'd go for that honestly," I said. "Well how was our first time?" Gillian asked. "Well who said our first time is done and over with?

I still have my cock inside you," I replied. "Good point, you shoot your load yet?" Gillian asked. "No, not yet," I replied. "I want it on my stomach, now," Gillian said.

"I can do that for you," I replied. Then I pulled out of her pussy and ripped off the condom. Then I stroked my cock a bit and shot my load on her stomach. "Now that was a photo finish Eddie," Gillian said. "Thank you," I replied as I laid black guy and sex girl porn with her.

Then we cuddled together for a few minutes. "Well this maybe be a very dumb question, but does this mean there is gonna be a shit load of sexual tension between us now?" Gillian asked. "Well maybe, but we could always have sex to get rid of it once it comes. I mean, I feel we're like really close friends now," I replied. "But you don't wanna be exclusive just yet?" Gillian asked. "Well I suppose whether we wanted to or not, we just mixed business with pleasure, but I guess we did just expose our baggage to each other.

So you still wanna be exclusive after hearing all that shit about me though?" I asked. "Well, with all shit comes that big dick, and you can't put baggage meter on that, so I think it's quite a deal, call me crazy," Gillian replied.

"And you have the best tits I've ever seen, so maybe this is a good deal," I said. Then she leaned over and gave me another big kiss. "And let's not forget, you have this really nice bed, it's really comfortable, but have you had many ladies in it though?" Gillian asked. "Just a few, I'm not a player or anything like that," I replied. "Well I guess we'll have do some more studying and maybe you'll change your mind," Gillian said.

"Maybe, but would you be willing to have sex twice a day and X amount of times on the weekends though?" I asked.

"Well you have been a very sweet friend to me, so maybe for you, I'll make an exception," Gillian replied. "Best study partner ever," I said. So we continued to study together everyday after that and we did have sex quite a few more times before we both really wanted to become exclusive. Then after that is when she moved in with me, I still think it was my bed that won her over though, call me crazy.