Japan mom not son tea

Japan mom not son tea
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As I stood looking in the mirror I analyzed what I saw, really looking at myself. I was pretty tall I suppose, always stood an inch or two higher than latina teen sucks and ass drilleded bigcock edit rest of the girls in my class, even though I was slim too. I was mostly legs, which I suppose are my best feature, my thighs were slightly bigger than any other girl of my body shape, not too much, it just gave them a nice curve before my hips, very womanly.

I worked my way up my body in the mirror, my body hinting only slightly at a hourglass shape figure. I had small-ish boobs for my age, as the rest of the girls were wearing bras all the time I could get away without one, my little B cups supported themselves. If it wasn't for my long brown hair covering my t-shirt then you'd probably have been able to see my nipples. My hair hung a few inches below the bottom of my boobs. It was long sleek and straight naturally with a hint of copper through the brown.

My facial features on my pale face was gentle and almost childlike. I had a heart shaped face with big blue eyes being the most prominent feature. My lips always tilted up at one side, creating a permanent expression I can only describe as a smirk. I had a full bottom lip but a slightly thinner on the top.

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I suppose I was pretty, I just did not see the attraction boys seemed to have these days. I had never had an interest in boys, they all seemed so immature and irritating, but lately they seemed to have an interest in me. The bell rang and I snapped out of my close observation of myself to pick up my bag and head to class.

I met my friends, Amanda and Claire, as I left the toilet. Amanda was similar to myself in body shape, except she was a lot more blessed in the boobage department, her obvious D cups bouncing as she walked along beside me. She was a typical schoolgirl, obsessed with celebrities, so much so she had dyed blonde hair, several piercings and all the fashionable clothing. Claire was just about the polar opposite, at only five foot five she was several inches smaller than me and Amanda.

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She was also a lot slimmer, I considered myself slim but Claire was naturally tiny with pixie like features including a small pointed nose and very thin lips with almost no boobs at all. Her hair was short and spiky to match.

We were all pretty in our own way I realised as we walked to class, my friends gossiping between themselves as I stayed quiet.

We were heading to English, a class so dull and boring that the two hours we sat there either resulted in a full re-application of make up or a proper gossiping session. When we entered the room all our classmates were sitting talking between themselves, the teacher sat at his desk looking like he was thinking of 101 ways to kill himself.

He only looked up slightly as we passed his desk, the smallest of smiles greeting us. Mr. Matthews wasn't really much older than me, he was quite a young teacher, very inexperienced.

In fact he was so inexperienced that he couldn't handle a class if he wanted to. He was a very good looking man, tall with dark features. I could imagine a muscley body underneath his clothes although I had never seen proof.

He had dark hair and always a messy stubble look. We took our seats in the class, Claire down the front far away from me and Amanda. Being arranged in alphabetical order really sucked. Claire Cunningham was a mile away from Amanda Richards and me, Kelsey Rourke. We sat up the back of the class painting our nails, going for a deep purple today to match our uniforms. I hated uniforms, purple tartan skirts and fitted blouses matched with a purple tie were neither comfortable nor stylish.

I had been secretly practicing my flirting skills the past few weeks in English, doing all the things I had read in the magazines. Not wanting to give any of the boys in my class false hope I resorted to flirting with the one person who probably wouldn't even notice my advances, slipping away from the store mind pay any attention or react to them.

Mr Matthews looked over at that point, I caught his eye and kept eye contact for 3,2,1 then turned away. I looked back into my magazine to look at the next steps before completing them. I got out my seat and walked to the front desk, I leaned over it slightly, looking up at him and whispered in my sexiest voice.

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"Can I go to the toilet Mr Matthews?" His face blushed red before he replied saying I could go. I walked out of the class gently wiggling my hips, giggling once I closed the door behind me. Well he seemed to have noticed my flirting techniques. The rest of the day passed without anything interesting, I went from class to class living in a day dream.

All I could think about was the look on Mr Matthew's face, the feeling of the power I held pulsing through my body.

After cheerleading practice me and the girls went to the locker room to get changed, I decided to keep my uniform on and head for the bus, there was one due in ten minutes so I could make it if I rushed.

I shouted my goodbye to the girls as I headed out the building and out of the school gates. As I was passing the school gates a car drove up behind me.

Mr Matthews rolled down the window of his silver BMW. "Your mum not picking you up from school today Kelsey?" he shouted out the window. Luscious gabriella handeling two boners at once to further my flirting techniques I walked over to the door of the car and leaned slight over the side, showing the little bit of cleavage my pink cheer leading vest gave me. "No, I had cheer leading so I told her I'd get the bus home." I said in my most seductive voice.

He hesitated for a moment, looking around the car before looking back to me, his eyes flickering down to my chest leaning over the side of his window. "Jump in, I'll run you home." he offered. I took that as my queue and without even answering I opened the door and slid inside. His car was spacious with cold but comforting black leather seats.

I made myself comfortable after putting my seatbelt on, spreading my legs slightly. The air conditioning blowing a cold breeze up my short pink skirt. Mr Matthews pulled away and made conversation, asking my address and talking about classwork. I decided this was my prime opportunity to make my move. I moved my hand over and traced my finger over his wrist, commenting on how nice his watch was. He made a sound I could only describe as primal, a kind of grunt.

He didn't move away or stop me so I let my hand linger around his. He kept his eyes firmly on the road. "There is a short cut down here, take this left down the country road" I told him. He looked uneasy but followed my instructions. The trees at school girl xxx story play side of the road made it darker but outside and inside the car.

I let go of his hand and shifted in chines gril and black cockes seat, knowing we were only minutes from the cut off to my house. I lay back a bit further and spreading my legs open. I started to run my leg up and down my thigh but his eyes stuck straight to the road, not even glancing in my direction. I signed heavily trying to catch his attention as I pushed up my skirt slightly and traced my finger along the line of my pale pink pants.

I thought for a second his eyes flickered towards me but I couldn't be sure. I continued run my finger around my pussy, the only thing separating my finger and the slippery pink flesh of my pussy was my thin panties. I rubbed gently through them, separating my outer lips and pushing in, creating a layer of dampness I could feel.

The cotton pants becoming moist and easier to maneuver. I started to pull them to the side but stopped abruptly when I hear the loud sound of the horn blast through the car.

He had pulled over to the side of the road without me noticing and sounded the horn to get my attention. I looked over to him, trying to pull my most seductive face but it didn't last long. I studied him up and down, the buldge of his cock clearly straining his trousers, I smiled before I looked up into his face. His expression was furious and as he stopped staring at me he turned to look out of the window and said quietly "Get out of the car, you can walk from here." Not wanting to push him over the edge I unfastened my seatbelt and got out of the car, bending over slightly in the process as I exited the car.

I knew this was far from over but I just had to find out how far it could go.