Brunette with hot body fucking on couch

Brunette with hot body fucking on couch
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Reece stepped through the school doors with a sly smile on his face. He walked, rucksack over one shoulder, with a kind of swagger he'd never had before. The corridors were deserted; it was the middle of first lesson but Reece wasn't late. He was right on time. Making his way to the Geography corridor, Reece passed two blonde girls the same age as him, both sporting short, tight skirts, entering the bathroom.

They looked at him, wondering what he was doing out so late into lessons but Reece just held eye contact. With a wink, Reece wished that both would start getting horny; too horny not to be taken care of. But he'd let that heat up for a while, he had half an hour until his free lesson and by then they orgy babe sucking schlong group sex and hardcore be hot, sweet and juicy.

Soon he was at the door of the classroom. With one hand he opened the door and swung into the classroom that only contained four other students and his teacher, Miss Hayes. When he entered, her back was facing him and even though she was meant to be dressed moderately, she wore black tight jeans that hugged her curves so well.

Her ass was a thing of wonder. Over the past few days, Reece had carved spectacular rear ends, making those who wore them look like dirty bitchy whore slim blonde pleasing pissing cocks. But to have one so round, so perky was a miracle.

And Reece was going to have his hands hugging those cheeks before the day was up. And then she turned and Reece was hit by a wave of beauty. Miss Hayes was part Chinese and had skin fairer than any he'd seen. Her straight black hair reached just to where her nipples would be sticking out if she weren't wearing a top.

It was a shame she was. Reece, using his power, knew that she was a 36C and she wore it well. Her top was loose but the neckline sometimes showed a bit of cleavage that made the boys in the class drool. Her deep brown eyes looked angry and Reece faked an apology, blaming his car breaking down. As he made his way to his desk, Miss Hayes said, "Well, you know the rule; you'll be catching up the time with me on Monday, which happens to be today." "Yes, Miss" Reece said, smiling inside.

He mia khalifa fox tail sex out his books and pens and began the work set on the board, sneaking looks at his gorgeous teacher every now and then. Seeing through her clothes, Reece saw that she was wearing fairly ordinary underwear and Reece had to change that.

Making it that only he would notice the change, Reece made her bra a black lace push up which really amped up her cleavage and, Reece saw, contrasted so well with her pale skin.

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Reece smiled and the bell rang. He had a free lesson now; an hour and fifteen minutes that he could spend however he wanted. Without any suspicion Reece walked into the girls toilets and saw two cubicles each containing a pair of legs spread wide with quiet moans echoing throughout the room.

Reece closed and locked the door before fabricating an OUT OF ORDER sign that he stuck to the door. No one would interrupt them. "God damn it, Becca, I just can't finish," came a voice from the cubicle on the left. It was breathy and frustrated and sounded like she was being violently shaken. "Shut up, Deb, I nearly had it then," replied the other equally frustrated girl.

Reece smiled. He had made it so that neither of them could orgasm yet, something he had thought of whilst with his sister's friend over the weekend. By the end, she had begged him, pleaded with him to let her finish and when she did, she was bucking and kicking everywhere; writhing in pleasure as Reece pushed down on her clit. After hearing their whimpers and moans for a minute, Reece dropped his rucksack on the floor and felt the air in the bathroom tense up.

After a beat of silence, Reece, smiling a shit-eating smile said, "Maybe I could help." Another pause. Hurried scrambling to put panties back on.

Finally, the two doors creaked open revealing two very flustered looking blondes, both with soaking wet fingers. "Sorry, I don't think this is something you can submissive petite beauty sucks and fucks hard with.

Do you still wear those superman undies?" Becca laughed. Reece laughed too, reminded of an old PE changing room memory.

"Well," Reece said, not missing a beat, "I said that I could help, but what could actually help is this." With that, he loosened his trousers and let them drop, the air brushing against his seven inch whilst sexy beautiful girl play tits solo adultsmartlinksorg cock. Reece watched as their jaws hit the floor.

Becca looked at her friend, not believing her eyes whilst Deb kept on staring, mouth open, fingers twitching. Slowly, Deb made her way forward whilst Becca just stood there, dumbstruck. "Here's the deal, Superboy," Deb whispered in Reece's ear, her hand crawling downwards to his slowly growing dick, "You can fuck me right here, right now and if I like you, maybe more after today.

But you're not leaving until I cum, alright?" "Deal," Reece answered and tore Beeca's clothes off. Her black thong showed of her pert ass and her B cup tits were held in a delicate white bra. But soon, both were on the floor and Reece was holding Deb up, her tight pussy quivering above Reece's now erect dick. Deb's hair was bright blonde and so was the landing strip shaved above her slit. Her skin was soft and pale, even her areolas were a more pink colour.

Her boobs were pert and were pressed against Reece's chest. He made his clothes melt away as he kissed the blonde cat on a hot tin roof. Her tongue darted eagerly inside his mouth and he felt her slowly grind against him.

She picked up a rhythm and soon french girl first anal painful fuck francesa casting tip of Reece's now eleven inch cock was just touching Deb's soaking lips. With each jab, Deb let out a small moan and Reece could feel her mouth curl into a smile. "Feels like a good deal so far don't you think?" Reece asked, lowering Deb slightly so that the head of his dick, with one small push, could slide into her.

"Uh huh," Deb drooled, "Do it… please." Reece was about to carry out her wish but felt something already sliding up and down his shaft. Looking down, he saw Becca, on her knees, licking his dick as if it were an ice-lolly in the height of summer. She lapped it in long luxurious licks, starting from the base and working her way to the head. "Having fun?" Reece asked. Becca didn't answer, she just kept slurping away.

"This could work," Reece said and pushed Deb slowly onto his cock. She cooed as her tight walls begged for more space but clenched tighter still. He slowly lifted Deb again and pushed her down, this time completely pushing his head in. Still, Becca licked and sucked his shaft, sliding her thin fingers over the half of his girth that she could manage. Building up a rhythm, Reece soon had Deb nibbling on his ear and he could no longer control himself.

He grew his dick three more inches inside Deb, making her scream out but he also made her crave more and soon she was trying to push herself down more onto Reece's dick. Heat leaked out of Deb's chest as Reece made her bustier. They grew to a DD cup and her sex drive grew to match them. Inhaling deep, Deb bounced on the tip of Reece's, her ass cheeks rippling. "Oh," Deb began to pant, "OH!" "Shout it," Reece commanded, feeling Becca's constant stimulation begin to pay off as his orgasm began to rise.

"Fuck! Shit! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna…" She broke off at that point and let out a huge moan. She was lost in ecstasy, shouting to the Gods about the pleasure she was feeling. Reece lifted Deb off and felt her juices run down his shaft, collecting on Becca's fingers. In an instant, Reece wished for Becca to want nothing else but his cum. A fire lit behind her eyes and soon she was jacking him off, her tongue playing on the tip of his cock. With Deb still wriggling from her multiple orgasm, Reece wished for a huge load of cum to erupt from his cock.

A stream of cum burst onto Becca's face and into her open mouth, her drool mixing in with his seed. Reece gritted his teeth as the last rope flung onto the partially clothed Becca who revelling in her pleasure. Laying Deb down next to her plastered friend, Reece fabricated some clothes and walked out of the bathroom. A stream of people greeted him, some noting the large bulge still in his trousers. He kept it big; he liked the new attention.

But he would save his energy until the end of the day. Miss Hayes wouldn't know what hit her but she would crave it again and again afterwards. Reece strutted down the empty corridor, puffing out his chest and releasing aggressive sex pheromones that would turn the most die hard lesbian into a cock craving slut. As he passed a female teacher, Miss Dawson, by the doors to the geography corridor, he noticed her knees shudder slightly and her grip tightened on the door.

Keeping eye contact with her, he wished for her to have a flash of his erect cock in her mind just for an instant. Her eyes widened as carnal thoughts flooded her head. Reece winked and walked onwards, towards Miss Hayes, he had a bigger fish to fry.

Reece knocked and peeked into Miss Hayes' office. She was sat at her desk with a pile of papers in front of her and a frown on her concentrating face. She Looked up from her work and beckoned Reece in with her index finger. As he entered, the wave of pheromones hit her and left her dazed for a second or two. "Sorry," she said after a pause, shaking her head, "please come and take a seat." He did as he was told and took the seat facing his gorgeous half-chinese teacher.

Her dark brown eyes scanned Reece from his head to his broad shoulders before settling for a second or two on the bulge between his legs that Reece had created for her to stare at. She looked mesmerised; taking him all in, breath heavy with anticipation. "Miss Hayes?" Reece asked innocently. His teacher snapped her eyes up from his crotch to look at him once more before clearing her throat and setting aside her marking pen.

"Now, Reece, it's come to my attention that you've been quite distracted recently. As your teacher, I see it as my job to make sure you're not so distracted for your studies." Reece nodded, looking innocent.

Just like with Miss Dawson, he flashed an image of Reece standing above her, a hand around his erect cock into his teacher's mind. He made it drip with precum and throb, showing off the large veins scattered up his shaft. Reece saw now the look of wonder on his teacher's face and noticed her legs rubbing against each other on the seat she was now squirming on.

"I do try not to get distracted, Miss Hayes, it's just I've had some occurrences recently," Reece said, his voice beginning to drop the air of innocence. Not that Miss Hayes noticed, sexy brunette babe emma gets twat drilled in many positions hardcore blowjob was too busy keeping the drool in her mouth. "I see. Would that be a personal commitment?" She asked, eyes half glazed over.

"Of sorts, yes," Reece replied, flashing the image into her mind again and revelling in the dumb smile it brought to her face. "A girlfriend?They can be quite distracting," his teacher enquired, biting her lip. "No, not a girlfriend. I wish!" Reece laughed. Miss Hayes' dumb smile became a sly one and her eyes sharpened, rounding on Reece.

"So then you're distracted by the lack of a girlfriend? Hormones raging, as it were?" "I guess you could say that," Reece said, returning the smile. She thought she was playing him but really, Reece realised he'd planned this perfectly. He flashed the image of his dick being engulfed by her lips, saliva and precum dripping down the thick shaft as she struggled to push it down her throat. Miss Hayes sat for a while, lost in the moment. While she was distracted, Reece made her bra melt into thin air, watching her tits drop ever so slightly without the support and her nipples press hard against the material of her top.

With the scratch of flesh against cloth, Miss Hayes rose out of her lustful imagination. "As your teacher, Reece, it's my job to get rid of these distractions. Would you believe me if I said that when I was your age, I couldn't get a date, Reece?" Reece shook his head. "Mmm, it's true. I couldn't get a guy no matter how hard I tried.

All the way through college, I had to find my own way of relieving the stress, I had to find a way to not get distracted by the guys around me. It was only when I went to University and began to grow into my skin that I began to get attention, you see." Reece sat in a stunned silence.

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He could have made her super horny and slid his dick up her arse and forced her into ecstasy in then seconds if he wanted to but making her lust after him, putting her in this position, he couldn't have felt more attracted to her than he did right now.

She rose out of her chair and circled around him, hand resting on his shoulder. "Now, Reece," she drawled, resting her now free breasts on the top of his head, "I don't want you to wait until Uni like I did; all full up with these rampant emotions. I'd like to help you." With this, she walked slowly to his left and crouched so her eyes were level with his.

He could smell her vanilla perfume as it danced on her excited body. "Are you feeling distracted right now?" Miss Hayes asked, eyes full of desire. "More than ever," Reece replied, flashing the image of her sucking his dick into her mind once again. Her hand fell on his inner thigh so Reece grew his cock to meet it. As he felt her slender fingers be brushed aside by his lengthening meat, he saw her mouth drop open in amazement. "Are you feeling distracted, Miss Hayes?" Reece asked.

She put a finger to his lips and tutted, "Use my first name; Maia" "Are you feeling distracted by my cock, Maia?" Reece smirked. All Miss Hayes could do was giggle excitedly as Reece made both of their clothes melt away, allowing for her fingers to wrap around the rock hard cock that had just sprung into the air, stiff as a board.

Placing a hand behind her head, Reece pulled his teacher in towards his lips. They kissed each other, tongues darting forward in desire, lips mouthing silent desires. She drew away and beg kissing his neck, working her way down his body. He felt her hand grip his shaft tightly and begin running up and down it. Her skin was so soft and was completely flawless. Her breasts dropped slightly with their size but rounded off perfectly under her dark, medium sized areola.

Her stomach was already toned, a slight touch of muscle on the way down to her bald pussy. Running his hands down her back, Reece cupped her arse and felt it old maharashtra marathi aai fucked little boy free sex story watch be just as perfect as he'd imagined. It curved out beautifully and overflowed in his hands. Giving it a slight smack, he felt the toned muscle underneath jiggle and smiled.

As her kisses ran down his chest, her breasts dropped over the head of his dick, sticking to the stream of precum. They were so soft and succulent, Reece had to grab one and slide it up and down his engorged dick, feeling her pure skin become tainted by his addictive precum and hearing her whimpers grow with each slide.

Keeping one hand on her breast and the other on her arse, Reece softly dragged his teacher down until he could feel her breath cool his slippery cock. Her eyes were fixated on the head, glistening in the dulled sunlight streaming through her office blinds.

"I don't think I've ever seen one this big," she whispered, moving her head either side of it to get a better look. Right now it was about 13 inches long and ten inches in circumference. "Is it too big for you, Miss Hayes?" Reece goaded, running his fingers up her back and around her head, tangling themselves amongst her straight black hair.

"I told you to call me Maia," she smiled. Pursing her lips together, she kissed Reece's shaft before running her tongue around the bottom of the head. Reece threw his head back, thrilled his fantasy was coming true. "Besides, nothing's to big for me to handle," she said before opening her mouth as wide as possible and gulping the head down.

She remained still at first, getting used to the size of him, the shape of him, the unbelievable length of him. Her lips made a seal all around his member apart from at the bottom, where her tongue began rubbing up and down, coaxing the pleasure from her lover. Reece applied pressure to the back of her head, slowly pushing her further down his giant cock and with each movement forward, she made a greater move back, tongue flicking up to the very tip of his dick.

Reece was amazed; his teacher was a pro cock sucker and was handling him pretty well compared to the others. Then again, the others had been schoolgirls, novices, amateurs. Miss Hayes had been on this world longer and she'd had the hunger for it longer.

Right now she was using all the skills she'd read and dreamed about in her youth, leaking streams of saliva that were lapped up expertly by her tongue.

All the nerves in Reece's cock were singing and sending urges to Reece to shove his giant cock down this asian beauty's throat but he resisted. He wanted to see how long she could go without his help. After a minute or so of bobbing on the end of his dick, Maia came up for air, a mix of precum and spittle dripping from her mouth and tears streaming from her eyes, mascara running in small meanders.

She rubbed the side of her jaw and smiled at Reece, working his shaft with her right hand. "You are one hell of a stallion, Reece, I can't believe this cock." With that, she ran her cheek up and down his member, eyes closing in utter delight.

"Mmmm, all I want to do is have you in me," Maia moaned "but I don't think you'll fit." Reece pressed a finger to her slobbery lips. "You can, we just need to get you nice and wet," Reece replied. He slid his finger down to her pussy lips and felt how wet they already were.

She was practically dripping wet but he knew she could be so much wetter. Placing a hand on her arse, he pulled her onto up onto his lap; making Maia let out an impressed "ooh" before wrapping her arms around Reece's neck. Her bare pussy lips brushed against his thick cock. Reece could feel the small stream of juice leaking from her, silently begging him to fuck her. Looking into her eyes, he ran his finger up and down her lips, sliding past her sensitive clit. After five rubs, he took hold of her clit and squeezed gently.

Maia's mouth flew open, struggling to get sounds out and her hands gripped Reece's shoulders. "If you want me in you, you've got to tell me," he whispered into Maia's ear.

He slowly flicked her clit with his thumb and waited for an answer. Unfortunately, she couldn't give him an answer, all she could do was squirm. Reece made her ten times more aroused before twitching his finger on her clit, making her shriek. "I WANT YOUR COCK!" she finally shouted with guttural lust, leaving Reece satisfied. He made her produce double the amount of pussy juice which began drenching his fingers and the edges of Maia's thighs in sweet nectar.

"How… how did you do that?" Maia breathed. Her chest was heaving against his; her breasts pressing up against his hot, throbbing rod. "I can feel myself getting so damn wet." "It's a gift of mine," Reece smiled and plunged his two fingers into her.

The surprise on her face was a firework in the night, lighting up both of their worlds. He began to fingerfuck her rhythmically, the top of his palm rubbing against her clit once again. Slowly, he lifted Maia up again so she was bent over in front of him, his hand cupped underneath her sweet pussy, juice dripping down his arm. With the other hand, he guided Maia's skilled mouth onto the tip of his cock and willed her jaw to be more forgiving to his girth and her throat more accommodating for his length.

Her lips began sinking down his cock, making it past the head with no problem, all the while running her hands up his throbbing dick, milking the precum out of him. His cock reverberated with the moans Maia was gurgling. He heightened her sensitivity even more, making sure she felt every millimetre of his fingers.

Deciding to push his new toy as far as possible, he began pushing her further down his shaft, feeling her tongue almost halfway down his dick. She began huffing out of her nose, her eyes bulging and tears running down her face. Reece kept the pressure on her head steady but he didn't feel any real resistance from Maia, she wanted him as deep inside her as possible.

Reece gave her a little help and wished for her to be able to take all of him. Soon, with a lot of muffled swearing, Reece felt the inside of her throat squeezing his dick. Reece couldn't believe the sensation she was giving him, taking his entire length in one bob of her head. Her tongue began running up and down followed by her slobbering lips, each kiss accompanied with praises of Reece's fingerwork.

Finally, Maia began holding onto his dick for support, eyes closing and teeth sexy football babes enjoy fucking a huge dick hardcore groupsex with immense pleasure.

"Oh boy, you're going to make me cum," she moaned, "and it's going to be a big one." With that, she opened her eyes and looked straight at Reece.

"I want you to cum when I'm cumin." "It won't be over if I cum, I hope you know that," Reece smiled, feeling the build up in his balls. Cum boiled, fighting to escape. "I hope it won't be over, lover boy, I want to see whether you can work your magic and get that monster in my pussy," his teacher groaned, "But first, I want… Look into my eyes… I… Oh I think I'm about to.

Cum for me, Reece!" Reece could do that. He willed them both to have the biggest orgasms of their lives. First, he felt her muscles squeeze his fingers as she froze, letting out a single scream that echoed through the halls. Then again, Reece's pheromones had made sure that all the females in the area were either too busy bringing themselves to orgasm or making women seek out the closest man they could find to satisfy them to care about her noise.

Then Reece felt the cum spurt up out of his cock. Maia was frozen, lips wide open in pleasure above his dick and right in the path of his stream of semen.

Her eyes were so intense, staring into Reece's through the sprays of cum erupting on her. Waves of unbelievable pleasure struck her as Maia began to squirm and wriggle, her noises now becoming gurgles as cum landed in her mouth. Reece was in heaven. His teacher's breasts touching Reece's stomach as naughty amazing girl rides a one eyed monster schoolgirl and hardcore collapsed onto him.

In his passion, Reece grabbed hold of them and made them bigger, feeling the familiar heat once again. They grew from the comfortable 36C's to large G cups that propped up her fragile frame.

Her nipples, too, were made more sensitive, causing Maia's supple figure to shake more vigorously as her orgasm extended further. Dribbles of cum her now leaking out his Reece's cock as it began to relax once more.

When Maia recovered, she let out a groan that rattled the windows. Reece lifted her up to sit on him once again, this time, her still spasming pussy resting on Reece's once-more-stirring cock. She was still so wet, and her mouth was washed all over with Reece's cum that had begun dripping down her front. They embraced, mouths joined in the throws of passion, tongues intertwining, Maia's new breasts pressed against Reece's chest.

Her sweat was now mixed with her perfume, making an even sweeter, sexier scent that drove Reece crazy. He could feel her hips begin to grind Reece's length, her juice dripping down his shaft. He could sense how much she wanted, how much she needed him inside her. He knew it because he'd made her want him.

He couldn't take it anymore. Lifting her up in his arms, he held Maia's dripping pussy above his cock. "Round two," Reece smiled before laying his teacher down on her desk. He wished for it to be padded and soon, the asian goddess was raised slightly on leather cushions that hugged her figure.

Below him, Maia lay on her back, spread-eagle to show off her pussy that craved his dick so much, dripping with intoxicating juices. Lining himself up, he willed all of her pain to become pleasure and for her to be able to accommodate him. She was going to need it. Reece pressed his head against her pussy lips, watching Maia bite her lip in excited expectation and put her hands behind her head, holding onto the lip of the desk, body gyrating to a carnal rhythm. Running his shaft along the outside of her pussy, Reece marvelled at the way Maia's tits jiggled.

They seemed to move just out of phase with her hips, making it look as if ripples ran up her body, sensually hypnotising him. As her juices dripped the length of Reece's shaft, Reece wished that he knew what she wanted. Immediately, a roar of voices boomed in his head, she was shouting inside her head. Above the murmur, Reece could pick out a few phrases "Oh god, he's so big…", "Look at these tits on me…", "How is he doing this?", "I need that dick in me now!" With the last shout, Reece was spurred into action.

He pulled his hips backwards and watched as Maia's eyes widened, knowing what was coming next. He thrust into her, managing to get all of his head in in one push. Beneath him, Maia growled in pleasure. Her nails clawed at the polished wood under her and her head flew back, mouth open. Words seemed to escape her as Reece pulled out slightly, he could feel her pussy muscles pulse as unbelievable emotions flooded her. Giving her just enough time to swim in her sensations, Reece thrust into her once again, this time making it halfway up his shaft.

He built up a rhythm that Maia tried to match, pushing herself upwards slightly each time Reece plunged further into her. As he settled down to a comfortable rhythm, Reece placed his thumb lightly on Maia's clit, his skin barely touching hers. But she definitely felt it. Reece's dick was almost stopped in it's tracks fetish jerk instructions excited youthful tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are Maia's pussy clamped down on it.

Her body was rigid and her breath was sharp. "If you," she breathed, trying to find air, "do that to me again, I think I'll lose it." Reece smiled and began running his thumb around her little bud, swirling all of her honey sweet juice in a circle. Maia was now shaking and threw her hands up to hold onto his wrists. "Reece, I want your cum in me," she said abruptly. Her eyes were serious and her teeth were gritted. "Give me your cum and I'll be yours forever." Reece slowly lifted his thumb from her clit and placed it on her lips.

Ravenously, she lapped up every single drop, moaning all the way through. When she was done, she looked up at Reece with big, puppy dog eyes and saw that he was smiling once more. "I thought you'd never ask," Reece said and began what could only be described as fucking his teacher. He grabbed hold of both of her now enormous tits, ran his thumbs across her engorged nipples and rammed his cock fully into her dripping pussy.

With each pump, his balls slammed against her plump ass, the cum practically sloshing inside them. Both Reece and his teacher were now wrapped in each others eyes, Reece lost in Maia's sex-jumbled thoughts. He delayed her quickly oncoming orgasm so she could build it up further and so he could enjoy himself a bit more. She was so tight that she was almost impossible to fit into, especially with Reece's cock, but she was wet enough to make up for it.

Maia was now incoherent with pleasure. Guttural groans erupted from her every now and then, urging Reece to go faster and faster, caught in a perpetual rut that promised a big finish. "I'm gonna cum," Reece announced, building the pressure in his balls.

Maia was going to feel each rope blast inside her, Reece made sure of that. He made it so as soon as the first wad hit her womb, she'd cum harder than she ever had. Seconds away from unleashing his seed into her, he shouted once again, though this time his british milf ellen gets turned on in fishnet tights were barely understandable.

Just as he approached the point of no return, a voice rang out from behind him. "Miss Dawson! What do you think you're doing?" Reece knew it to be another Geography teacher, Mrs Holmes, though by this sexy desperate babe ivy rose fucks pawnmans cock for money, he'd gone too far.

Not looking around, he gripped onto her Maia's hips, keeping her still as he shot his cum into her, and he made sure he put on a show. Maia was screaming with pleasure as each jet of cum plastered her insides. Willing more and more cum to be brewed in his balls, Miss Hayes's belly began to bulge. Delving inside her mind, he saw how alien this was to her but he knew she was already addicted. There was no way she could go back to normality. His work here was done. Pulling out with a wet pop, Reece left a trail of hot, tasty cum running out of Maia's pussy and left her to gurgle her ever quieter moans of passion.

As he stepped back, he bumped into Mrs Holmes. Reece turned and saw that this new voyeur had been sitting on the desk behind them, captured by their two lithe bodies rutting. Mrs Holmes was in her late twenties, early thirties and was pregnant.

Very noticeably pregnant. She'd been wearing a wedding ring ever since she announced she was pregnant so everyone knew that she was only getting married for the baby. Right now, she was looking at Reece in awe, her blue eyes taking all of him in. Reece stroked her long red hair back behind her ear.

"Mrs Holmes," he said to get her attention. Immediately, her eyes jutted up to his. She looked so lost. "I think my dick needs cleaning and Maia has had such a busy afternoon already. Would you mind doing it?" She looked hesitantly at his cock that was still semi-stiff and glistening in sex juices. Her pause tested Reece's patience slightly so he asked her again but more forcefully this time.

"Mrs Holmes, get on your knees and clean every last drop of cum from my dick like the cum-craver you are." Something inside her pregnant mind snapped and she dropped to the floor, tongue out, mouth eager.

Licking from his balls to the head, she devoured every single bit of cum that clung and hung from his shaft. She slurped and gulped until Reece's cock shone with her saliva. She now looked up at him with big eyes, a small dribble of cum leaking out from the side of her mouth. "How many months pregnant are you now, Mrs Holmes?" Reece asked, looking at her protruding belly under a tight top. "6 months," she answered, eyes still locked onto his. "And how long have you been married for?" Reece continued.

"Two months and two weeks," Mrs Holmes replied though she seemed almost ashamed to say it. "And you're already sucking the cum off someone else's cock? How does it compare?" "It doesn't," she blurted out, now wrapping her hands around Reece's cock and sliding them slowly up and down his shaft, "it can't compare.

Nothing can." "And what will you do to have this dick for the rest of your life?" Reece asked, now holding the back of Mrs Holmes's head and guiding it towards the tip of his cock.

"Anything," the teacher purred. "I thought you'd say that," Reece said with a smile. Lifting her up, Reece ripped off her clothes with a single wave of his hand. He saw now the belly that jutted out like a cliff above a beach and above it were two full, ripe breasts topped with large, brown areaolas.

Reece sensed that they were full of milk, almost brimming. "Mrs Holmes, Miss Dawson here has had a very tiring afternoon and needs some sustenance. Fortunately, you have two massive vats of nectar on you. If you could be so kind, give her a nutritious drink to wake her up a bit." Mrs Holmes nodded silently, her small fingers gripping onto Reece's arms sister full time sxi story sex stories dear life.

Reece carried her over to his love drunk teacher and flipped Mrs Holmes around so that her legs clung onto Reece's hips and her large tits dangled in front of Maia's mouth which soon latched onto the heavily swollen nipple and began to suckle. Mrs Holmes cooed and squeezed Reece with her legs as Maia began fondling the full breasts above her. Soon, Reece could feel himself getting hard once more and his dick pressed up against Mrs Holmes' incredibly pregnant stomach. Looking down, Reece could see the spectacular behind that Mrs Holmes had.

He pressed his fingers into her soft cheeks, each bigger than one of his hands could handle. He began to massage her ass, running his thumbs in circles, which made Mrs Holmes moan and Maia slurped louder and louder in delight. In no time, Maia seemed more alert and was clawing at Mrs Holmes' back as she drank fully from each milk laden breast. Seeing this, Reece lifted his two teachers from each other, much to their disappointment.

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"No…" Maia groaned from a milk rimmed mouth. "Yes," Reece said assertively, "You two ladies have got some people to meet and a bed to lay in, more specifically, mine." With that, Reece wrapped a hand around each of his teachers' waists and held them upright. Kissing each of them deeply, he guided them out of the room and into the corridor, towards the front doors.

These two would be the newest additions to his collection of women and they would be two of the many that mom and son sex forcecom later follow. Reece had big plans.