Awa adams son and mom fuck vidio

Awa adams son and mom fuck vidio
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GIRLS OF FOUR MOON HOUSE - Part 1 A darkly erotic story by Desire Dapschev The storm having vented its fury had grumbled off to the West. Now all that remained of the earlier boiling cauldron of clouds were a few rose tinted white wisps brushed onto kissa sins removing hair from all body horizon's crimson canvas.

Within the sheltered cove of a small island, masts silhouetted against this flaming sunset, Sea Spray tugged lazily against her anchors. Without the gale's howling provocation the sea had calmed from windswept maelstrom to mirrored swell. As if the screeching roar of wind and water had never existed, now only the tranquil whisper of placid waves caressing the distant beach filled bated moments between restless creaking of ship's rigging.

It was an idyllic scene of serenity. a scene contradicting the activities aboard. A facade of innocence and beauty that concealed a festering malevolence. Without a breeze to dilute the clamminess, the air seared by the late afternoon heat clung breathlessly to the steaming deck.

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In the lingering uncertainty as day surrendered to night an almost tangible presence of evil held Sea Spray captive… a growing terror spawned by the arrival of six men in black and the prisoners they had brought aboard the previous night.

Five of these men now stood grouped in stony faced silence immediately below the forecastle. The focus of their attention and that of two video cameras was a naked young girl with disheveled hair and whip-flayed body suspended by a rope and set of pulleys attached to her handcuffs. Swaying with the movement of the ship, the full weight of her petite body pulling her wrists spitefully against the metal edge of the cuffs, Jaime, a once beautiful vivacious eighteen-year-old, now had the redhead chick sucking and jerking a black cock of a grotesque bloodied puppet.

They had beaten and raped her all night until she had passed out during that sadistic interrogation. Now in a semi-conscious state, head drooped against her chest, she was unaware of the horror that awaited her. The manner in which she was restrained hinted frighteningly at her impending fate.

Her legs, doubled back at the knees and ankles securely tied to the back of her thighs effectively exposed her sex. Below, balanced face up on the broad polished wooden railing edging the raised deck, a grinning naked man had his huge erect penis pointing up ominously between her legs.

On a signal from a tall distinguished man in pristine white naval captain's uniform, one of the men lowered her, while another guided her knees astride the hips of the man below.

As her spread thighs and belly dropped towards him, he gleefully aimed his aroused member at her approaching vulva. Then with an insolent forefinger and thumb, deftly parted her blood smeared folds moments before the tip of his penis touched her tortured intimacy. Groaning in agony Jaime's head jerked up, now fully aware of searing pain as the bulbous head maneuvered unrelentingly past her torn labia into her previously abused vagina.

She tried to pull away from the phallus entering her. And with forearms straining trying to support her weight, she hung on desperately.

half his erection buried inside. Eventually arms weakening and amid cruel jibes from the taunting men, she sagged down in defeat. With a shriek of agony, the entire length of the hideous member forged fully into her mutilated canal. Squirming and wailing in pain, her vagina and cervix now supported the full weight of her body on the head of the unyielding penis… video cameras capturing every detail of her torment.

With the sobbing teenager helplessly pinned in this abhorrent sexual coupling, two of the men moved behind, each wielding a multi-thronged whip. An arm rose and arced down swiftly. The implements of torture -- nine leather throngs with hooked metal tips trailed in a blur behind.

then struck, whip-lashing a fan-shape pattern of bloodied agony into the pale flesh of her back. She screamed, spine arching and arms tensing rigid, pulling her scarred body up away from his penis in a convulsion of excruciating pain. Then her body slumped down heavily on his penis again, burying it even deeper inside her.

And so it went as one after the other the whips swathed down on her in orchestrated brutality, forcing her contorted body to rise and fall in rhythm against his thrusting phallus. Within twenty lashes he came. Her muscle convulsing agony riding up and down his excited cock had easily fueled his sadism into an orgasmic inferno.

With a little sister and big brother night xxx in sleeping roar, he climaxed. His body bridged up thudding into her bruised vulva on the way down. Then grunting loudly in exhilarating pain-pleasure his body jerked in time to the endless ejaculation of hot seed spurting into her ripped vagina.

Jaime's back was a lattice of bloodied welts and torn flesh as the next naked man positioned himself under her swaying dripping sex. Then without delay she was lowered onto the second erect cock. and the beating began. Thus, Jaime's screaming torment continued as one after the other, they had her perform the obscene puppet dace of pain for their gratification.

and for the production of Dietrich's heinous snuff film. Jaime had lost consciousness during the fourth whip-rape and now hung limply by her wrists, her blood-streaked, flesh-torn, sperm-dripping body swinging like a pendulum of death counting down the seconds of her life. A bucket of seawater shocked her awake. She groaned in agony as the saltwater seared excruciatingly into the multitude of gaping wounds on her back.

Dietrich had been witnessing the hellish pantomime just out of blood spatter range, and now stepped closer. "Time for the climax, time for Jaime to die! I hope you took this time to reflect on your foolishness!" he stated quietly into the girls ear. "Please Mr. Dietrich… Captain. don't… don't do this… I'm sorry… so sorry… I won't say anything I promise… I'll do anything you want…please!" Jaime begged.

Ignoring her pleas, he circled around inspecting her tortured body with gruesome interest. "It's far too late my dear… you brought this on yourself -- you knew the penalty for betrayal!" he said dispassionately. His fingers traced along the welts on her thighs and stomach. "You caused me great anger. but I must admit your interrogation compensated somewhat.

you provided me. provided us all with much pleasure!" He turned and grinned at the six security men. Then as if reading a sadistic story of pain in braille his delighted fingers found and played on the blistered cigarette burns tarnishing her once flawless youthful breasts. "Such a pity we have to end this now… I had so much I wanted you to learn. about the many ways a woman can satisfy a man!" he murmured distantly gently caressing her mutilated back as if to sooth her pain.

"Tie her to the railing! I want the bitch to die while I fuck her!" he commanded, wiping his blood-smeared hand on her hair. "I want your last image to be my face and the last feeling my cock inside you!" he sneered as he meticulously removed his spotless white uniform.

They lowered her and removing the handcuffs forced the small of her back against the railing and tied her waist and arms to the railing top. With ropes tied to each ankle they hauled her legs up to shoulder height and secured them spread obscenely wide apart allowing easy access to her sex.

Dietrich, now completely naked moved between Jaime's blood smeared legs, thrust his rigid penis spitefully into her sex. Jaime grunted and her eyes scrunched closed in agony as his shaft aggravated the torn tissue inside her vagina. "Please Captain. please don't. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" Jaime wailed realizing this act of agonizing degradation would be her last experience alive. "But why not my little slave?

You always begged me to fuck you? Why not now? What better way to die than having your worthless cunt honored by his cock?" Dietrich smirked and increased the intensity of his thrusts. At last, nearing his climax, Dietrich gripped Jaime's neck with both hands and pulled her head up, her face up close to his.

"Have. you heard. of. 'Asphyxiophilla'… no?" His eyebrows rose questioningly. "It's. the practice. of. asphyxiation. strangulation. during.

intercourse… it. greatly. enhances. the. orgasm… but is. highly. dangerous!" he grunted it time capri cock milking a cock to a happy ending each vicious stroke, not allowing her respite from the brutal assault on her sex.

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Jaime's eyes widened in horror as his powerful hands increased the pressure around her throat. Gasping for breath, her screams reduced to despairing sobs that kept rhythm with Dietrich's savage pounding in her vagina. "Pity this will be our last fuck together… I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will!" he sneered ramming his penis as hard as he could into her.

With eyes and veins on her temples bulging from the strangulation she fell silent despite her futile struggles against him. And then the movement of her body changed to involuntary jerking.

This was the reaction he wanted. the last silent contortions caused by strangulation and orgasmic release. the desperate gyrations moments before death. This was the thing that spawned his sadistic thrill. an evil euphoria that brought on orgasmic waves of despicable arousal shuddering through him. As Dietrich's orgasm erupted in spurts of hot sperm inside Jaime's unconscious jerking body, so too her reluctant climax exploded simultaneously, rebelliously without her consent in violent sporadic shudders.

With a roar of animal pleasure Sweet teen eve ellwood creampied after getting fucked kept his throbbing cock thrust deep inside Jaime's quivering body as he ejaculated all of his voluminous seed into her lifeless body. One of the men jumped forward, unable to contain his revulsion. "For fuck sake Karl… this is madness… stop. you are killing her!" Dietrich released his death grip on her throat, the intensity of his orgasm still euro lovely bitches crave for jizz loads a tingling numbing sensation down his spine into his legs.

He staggered backwards finally steadying himself by grabbing onto Jaime's foot. "I know what I am doing. the cunt is just unconscious!" Breathing heavily he leaned over her now motionless body and held his hand close to her nose.

"There. see. she is breathing!" he exclaimed indignantly detecting her feint shallow breathing. He turned gleefully to one of the two men who had been videoing the assault. "Did you get all that?" he gasped breathlessly, voice quivering from the excitement of the heinous act.

Both cameramen, shocked by what they had witnessed could only nod with a mumbled affirmative. "Good… I want an edited copy to watch tonight," he grunted and callously wiped his dripping penis on Jaime's pale leg.

He retrieved his neatly folded uniform and gestured to a plump balding man who had been watching the abhorrent events from a distance. "Doc! get over here damn it!" he gestured impatiently. "Get the bitch cleaned up and her wounds dressed," he instructed. He paused as an idea came to him. "Keep her unconscious -- I have something in mind for her -- she can test the experimental Burn Trauma Body Cocoon!" He beckoned to one of the security men.

"Help doc fit her into the Body Cocoon*. I want her completely immobilized -- and I mean completely so she can't even move a finger!

When life support is rigged and orifice inserts fitted suspend her under water in the scuba test tank so she can't experience body weight. When she awakes she'll be totally disoriented and without awareness of her physical body she'll probably think she is dead!" he grinned maliciously. "Jaime, or whatever I rename you, you are going to experience a special kind of hell!" he sneered, turning his back on the unconscious girl's limp body. Notes: *The Burn Trauma Body Cocoon was a cutting edge experimental system designed to treat severe burn injuries and was developed by one of Dietrich's companies, Techno-Med.

Burn victims with home alone bhabhi on cam chat masturbation and striptease entire body burn trauma were coated with a skin rejuvenating balm, another experimental development by a sister company, Dietrich Pharmaceuticals.

And then encased in a neoprene latex body sheath which reacted to UV light and melt-shrunk to form a seamless, airtight and very durable and tough protective second skin tightly encasing the patient's entire body. This two millimeter thick skin had a microscopic conductive silver mesh layer with hundreds of inward protruding electrodes which allowed entire body monitoring.

as well as selective electronic impulse nerve stimulation to any part of the body. The patient's status and vital signs could be monitored 24/7 as well as given mild electric impulses. These electronic impulses (shocks) stimulated nerves and muscles to aid almost complete healing and restoration of feeling (the loss of nerve sensation and feeling was a typical result in severe burn cases).

In Jaime's case these electronic impulses could be increased to cause immense pain and muscle contraction in any part of her body. The effect of muscle contraction while encased and immobilized in the Body Cocoon would cause amplified pain and discomfort. Electronic stimulation to her nipples and breasts for example could either cause great pleasure or unbearable pain depending on the voltage intensity.

The Body Cocoon also allowed anal, vaginal, oral and ear inserts and apparatus to assist life support and total control of bodily functions. In Jaime's case these were basically electro-shock dildos and vibrators. Her anal plug, in addition to vibration and electric shock capability also allowed forced enemas via a neoprene pipe.

The electric shocks could be used as punishment. The vaginal insert. significantly larger than the anal plug was shaped and designed to fill and stretch her vaginal cavity and had similar stimulation capabilities to the anal insert.

And in addition allowed body fluid drainage as well as douches. The electric shocks could be used as punishment. Jaime would have a huge penis shaped mouth insert and this was the only means to breathe. The supply of life supporting oxygen via external pipes could be shut off or regulated to enforce any breathing rhythm or cycle. For example she could only be allowed one intake and exhalation every thirty seconds -- thus creating a feeling of utter panic and reliance on an unseen force.

Oxygen shut off or excessive forced liquid intake could be used as punishment.

The penis was capable of significant rotational and telescopic movement to mimic the effect of anything from mild to aggressive oral sex. In addition to being able to simulate spurting ejaculate and urine, the penis when extended fully provided a means to force feed liquids directly down her throat and into her stomach.

Sensors could automatically drain and recirculate vomit if required. Liquid nutrition would eliminate the need for solid bowl movements. Ear plugs could provide anything from total silence, white noise, music or verbal instruction. The only way Jaime could communicate. when allowed would be by specific muscle contractions in her anus and vagina. The Body Cocoon was originally designed to keep victims with potentially life threatening injuries alive and to accelerate healing and ease discomfort.

In Jaime's case it would provide a living hell of total life control, of endless pain, forced orifice sex and orgasms. Hours would seem like days. and at the end of her conditioning she would become a programmable human sex machine with a new persona and name.

Los Angeles two weeks later… "Damn! I'm such a dumb blonde! I've left my frigging notebook in Bronte's class!" Britney admonished herself, did a tire-screeching U-turn and accelerated the Volksie Beetle Convertible back the way she had come. She was already late but needed her notes for the weekend's assignment. "I bet that lecherous old fart will still be in his classroom marking essay papers," she groaned knowing there was no way of retrieving her notebook without avoiding him.

From the day Britney arrived at Trinity College for Girls two weeks earlier, Bronte had taken more than an academic interest in her. His every action seemed contrived towards lecherous ends. To her mind, even the seemingly innocent instruction of making her sit at the front opposite his desk, gave him an excuse to look up her skirt whenever he 'accidentally' dropped something on the floor.

Britney's initial suspicions were well founded. To her disgust, his passively lecherous attentions soon become more obvious and tactility invasive. He had recently developed the discomforting habit of bending over her from behind, one hand resting on her shoulder while pretending to read what she had written. The sweaty closeness of him, the sour smell of his breath, his fleshy hand massaging her shoulder and the awareness of his eyes searching down her blouse made her squirm with revulsion.

Even though his lewd attentions verged on sexual harassment, she decided not to report this to the principal. Britney was well aware of the unwritten code at schools… new students didn't complain about things until they had been there at least a term. Merging into the background was the best tactic for a new kid in a strange school… and Trinity was more than strange - it was over-the-top weird.

Sucking it up and merging, if nothing else kept her out of the cross-hairs of potentially vindictive teachers and the ridicule of jealous classmates. Bronte's devious intent was not lost on her and knew she'd have her hand's full with this lecherous man. Britney was definitely not naïve, she was stunning idol exposes huge bum and gets anal rode extraordinarily attractive, outgoing and intelligent young girl.

Being nubile and appearing older than her years, had forced her to mature quickly. Her maturity and sexual activity began at the age of thirteen when she surrendered her virginity to the clumsy seductive prowess of a boy six years older. The revelation of finding out her true age had the concerned lover exiting her life fearing a statuary rape claim. Two years later Britney met Gareth, the twenty five year old son of a wealthy tycoon. Even though open about her age this time, the playboy son was unperturbed and pursued the clandestine relationship with gusto and to his own ends.

His maturity, charm and affluent background swept Britney off her feet and he took advantage of this to the fullest. Their relationship quickly evolved into a passionate affair that lasted several months. This was her first true love. and an introduction to deviant sexual activities Gareth favored. The unlikely union was however destined for disaster.

At the same time Britney's horrified mother discovered the illicit affair, Gareth reluctantly ended the affair after succumbing to pressure from his own parents. His father, Karl Dietrich, far from being concerned for Britney's welfare, was more anxious about disparagement to the family's name and business empire. Dietrich went to great lengths ensuring that Britney's mother would not pursue legal action and even pressurized her into signing an indemnity.

Britney suspected a large sum of money and a life-changing career opportunity was involved in addition to the fear of Britney's reputation being tarnished. Soon after the break-up, her mother took up a new and more affluent job position in L.A.

And in a few weeks they moved from Meadow Brooke. Leaving Edison High and all her friends behind to begin pornpros latina teen sunbathes and gets pounded at the prestigious Trinity College for Girls did not sit well with Britney.

Britney knew Karl Dietrich had orchestrated their move to keep her and Gareth apart. And she was heart broken. Not only unable to see Gareth again, she was also now separated from all her childhood friends.

And even the modified Volkswagen Beetle convertible, a surprise present from her mother on arrival in L.A., was able to ease her heartache.

The turn-off into Trinity College Estate's main gates appeared ahead… thoughts about the sleaze-bag Bronte, Gareth and her earlier life had blurred the journey into a subliminal event. "Trinity Girls. what a joke! They all think they're so special here!

And that weird Moony House whatever Sorority. a bigger joke! If only those stuck up bitches knew that I ruled Meadow Brooke. and that the bachelor of the year Gareth Dietrich was my boyfriend!" she smiled smugly to herself. "Those lame bitches. I could screw their fathers if I wanted!" Her thoughts went back to the adult men that lusted after her. The groping hands and slobbering kisses she'd fended off from uncle's and friends of her parents. those inappropriate hand wanderings under the pretext of giving her a friendly hug.

Memories of the many occasions, she had baby-sat and had skilfully managed to avoid potentially compromising situations with amorous fathers giving her a lift home.

Then there were those other memories of husbands and fathers she had mischievously allowed take a detour to a remote spot by the lake on the way home.

Those middle-aged men she let kiss and touch her just for kicks. Those situations when she was in control and able to stop them before things went too far. Those so called respectable fathers who had sent her text messages trying to solicit a secret meeting with her. How many messages had she hidden from her mother… erotic messages from her friend's fathers declaring their love and wanting afternoon assignations in seedy motel rooms.

She thought of the many times she had almost accepted those salacious invites just to get even with her mother for making her break up with Gareth. Even at the tender age of sixteen, Britney was very perceptive of the many ploys men used to try interact sexually with her. She was confident she could handle their lecherous advances. Meadow Brooke and and LA were however two very different places. The clumsy advances of frustrated husbands in hick-town Meadow Brooke were one thing.

but L.A. and distinguished fathers of the girls of Trinity existed in a very different and deviant world! The school was deserted by the time she pulled up in front of the imposing main entrance. She noted with concern Bronte's car still in the teacher's parking lot.

With footsteps drumming an eerie monotonous beat she made her way down the gloomy corridor with mounting trepidation towards the English Literature classroom.

and Bronte. No lights showed from within and all the windows blinds were closed. "Maybe he has already left?" she thought hopefully. Britney was about to open the door when she noticed close up with teenie rubbing clitoris slit of light shining beneath…"Damn. he is inside. I better knock… the pompous ass would have a fit if I just barged in," she thought. She was about to knock when muffled groans from within froze her hand in mid-air.

Pressing an ear quietly against the door she could make out Bronte's breathless voice in between the moans of another person. a female. Britney decide to check what was going on before interrupting him. She spotted another crack of light showing at the bottom of a drawn window blind further along.

Creeping closer, she squinted cautiously through the gap. The sight that greeted her shocked eyes was so incredible that she almost gasped out aloud. To be continued. GIRLS OF 4 MOON HOUSE - Part 2 CHAPTER 2: