Suny leon 2019 xxx story

Suny leon 2019 xxx story
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When she had finished rubbing in her fresh load of 'moisturizer' we unloaded the truck and set up lunch on a nearby pick-nick table. Lunch was a fun and fresh change of scene. We talked and joked about all kinds of things and I felt like we got to connect on a level that I felt like I had missed. I hadn't been able to spend time like this with my daughter in a long time because of working two jobs and her busy school life.

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All through lunch she sat next to me and almost the whole time her hand was on my lap caressing my cock through the fabric of my shorts. She kept rubbing against me and hugging me in a way that seemed innocent and loving but I could tell wasn't because every time she did so I could feel her erect little nipples poking into me and her hand would grasp my cock tight and stroke it lovingly.

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When we got done eating she insisted that we go for a walk through the park so I agreed and we set out on a trail. I walked along behind her admiring her shapely legs fiery sexy snatch delights pornstar and hardcore imagined her cute little ass as it swayed slightly with her steps. Every so often she would bend over to pick up a rock or twig to examine and eventually throw at a nearby tree, but as she bent over I would get a nice glimpse of her ass as her skirt rode up.

She was doing it on purpose, and she was enjoying teasing me a lot I could tell. After she would bend over to pick something up she would glance back over her shoulder at me to make sure I enjoyed the sneak peak. After a few times of doing this I picked up my pace to catch up to her and wrapped my arms around her in the rouse of giving her a big hug, but in reality I wrapped my arms around her front and let my hand fall on her small breast and gave them a good squeeze while teasing her nipples a little between my fingers.

By this time I had a pretty solid erection that was now pressing into her back. She grabbed my arms, preventing me from letting go and motioned off to the right that there was a bit of an overgrown trail that she wanted to explore. I knew where this was going and I had no intention of stopping her, I wanted the same thing right now. After a few minutes of exploring down this little path and many gropes and grazes along the way a little clearing in a tight cluster of trees just big enough for a person to lay in, or have sex in.

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As soon as Roxy stepped into the clearing she turned around and grabbed for my belt and undid my shorts. She had my shorts off and my cock slurped into her eager little mouth before I really realized what was going on.

She was greedily sucking at my cock and moaning erotically all the while I realized she had her hand up her skirt and she was playing with her tight little pussy. "That's not fair," I said to her. She looked up at me questioningly. "I wanna taste." She offered up her freshly soaked hand to my lips and I gladly took her fingers in my mouth and sucked the juices from them.

"That's not what I meant baby, lay down so daddy can taste his little girls pussy." "Oh, daddy, you like the way I taste?" she asked as she laid down and drew her skirt up to give me access to her young juicy cunt. "You know I do," I said as i knelt over her in the 69 position and began teasing her little lips with my tongue. I continued to eat my daughters lovely little pussy as she reached up and started sucking on my erection.

I could hear her moaning as I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and penetrate her deeper with my tongue. I ran my fingers up and down her lips and licked and sucked at her perky little clit then drove two fingers deep into her hot little hole and started furiously fingering her tight little pussy as she sucked my cock deep into her throat.

I was glad my cock was in her mouth to muffle her moans and groans of ecstasy, because I was afraid nearby hikers would hear her and come to investigate. A few minutes went by and she was heaving under me and moaning loudly around my cock.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and said "OH, god daddy, I want you inside me.

Please fuck me daddy." I was happy to oblige so i got up and turned around so that she was under me. "Take your shirt off baby, I wanna see you little titties while I fuck you." She complied and I knelt down between her legs and positioned the head of my dick at the entrance to my little girls cunt and teased her pussy lips with the head of my dick.

"Oh daddy, don't tease me, I need your cock inside me, Please Dadddy? Fuck your baby girl please" she begged.

I loved it when she begged like that, so without further ado i rammed my rock hard cock into her tight thirteen year old pussy and started pounding away at it.

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"OH yess daddy, Fuck me hard. Ohh, I love the way your cock feels in my tight little hole. OOohh Dadddy." At this point I didn't care if the whole park heard her, I was loving every second of her bliss and the awesome feeling of my dick inside my daughters little cunt. I was pounding away at her pussy and starting to get the 10 man pornstars fucking college 2 girl feeling, and apparently she could sense it because she let out with "Cum in my pussy daddy, shoot your seed in my fertile young twat.' I couldn't hold back any longer.

I gave in to her wishes without a second thought and let loose a torrent of semen into her young accepting pussy with a deep guttural growl. As soon as I let loose my seed I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as her whole body went rigid under me in an intense orgasm of her own. "Oh DADDY!! I can feel your cum pumping into me, Oooooohhh." After the climaxes wore off I sat up and looked at her lovingly just admiring her body in the afterglow of sex.

"Wow Daddy, you pumped my pussy full of cum, I hope you got me pregnant, I'd love to have your baby".