Freaks of boobs babes with huge boobs getting fucked video

Freaks of boobs babes with huge boobs getting fucked video
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This story will be written as if it really happened, but it is just a fantasy. I hope that you enjoy it. My name is Ray, and I've been married to my wife, Ann, for almost 25 years. Ann and I are in our upper 40's. We have two children, a son and daughter who are in college now. Ann is very sexy, 5' 8" tall, 130 lbs., great legs and ass, but she isn't very buxom.

Ann and I have a good sex life, but there are a few things that Ann will not experiment with, one of them is anal sex.

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We've lived in our quiet urban home for 23 years now. Three years ago, we got new next door neighbors, Karen and Bill. Karen and Bill are in their upper 20's, and had only been married a year when they bought the house next to us. They are an attractive and friendly couple. Karen is a knockout.

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She is 5' 6", 135 lbs., and light red hair. Her big full breasts, and bubble butt gave we a hard on the first time that I ever saw them. I can't tell you how many times I've shot my load in the last couple of years while thinking about titty fucking Karen, licking her sweet pussy, and fucking her in every way imaginable.

Early this summer, our niece got married. The wedding was about 100 miles from our home, so my wife left the weekend before the wedding and helped her sister with the last minute preparations. Monday morning, I went out to pick up our paper. Karen and Bill were kissing in their driveway. I thought their kiss was pretty hot and steamy for an off to work kiss, so I teased Karen a little bit about it after Bill left. Karen told me Bill was leaving on a business trip for the week, and that she wasn't looking forward to being without her man for a week.

I then told Karen how Ann was gone for the week also. Karen and I chatted a minute or two longer, then I had to leave for work. All day long, all I could think of was making hot passionate love to Karen while our spouses were gone. In reality I knew that it would probably never happen. I certainly would never have the nerve to approach the subject with her. Still, the thoughts of Karen often popped into my mind during the week. Once or twice a day, I had to pull on my long thick cock until I shot an imaginary load in Karen's sexy mouth, ass or pussy.

Other than my wife being gone, and my constant thoughts of Karen, the week started fairly routinely. Before I knew it, it was Friday evening, and the next morning I would leave for the wedding. It hadn't rained all week, and I decided that I better water our garden and mow the grass before I left Saturday morning. By the time that I finished the household and yard chores, it was late in the evening.

I entered our house as the sun was starting to go down. I watched a couple of minutes of the news, and saw that severe weather was headed our way. Then I went upstairs to take a quick shower. It was still quite sex sirens get impaled by well hung handymen pornstars group sex and muggy this evening. I got out of the shower and walked into our adjoining bedroom to get a fresh pair of underwear. I did not turn on the lights in our bedroom, it was still twilight.

On the way to my dresser, I glanced out our bedroom window and couldn't believe what I saw. Karen was opening the window or her upstairs bedroom, and she was completely naked. Finally, I saw Karen's glorious breasts, and they were everything that I imagined them too be. I saw them only for a second and then, my heart started racing.

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I knew that Karen was naked in her bedroom, and the thought of that was driving me crazy. I didn't know what to do, but had to do something. I sat in my bedroom with a raging boner, staring at Karen's window, hoping for a second glance. I sat for over ten minutes hoping that Karen would come back to the small area of their bedroom pov cuckold wife brings home anal creampie I could see from my window.

It didn't happen, but as it got darker I could see a strange illumination coming from her window. I could tell that she was watching television in her room as the lighting in her bedroom continuously changed. I wondered what she was watching, and more than that, I wondered if she was naked while she watched. I couldn't take it any more, I had to find a way to look in her bedroom window.

Soon I had a plan, it was crazy, but I had to do it. I knew that I shouldn't do it, but I couldn't stop myself. Frantically, I found a pair of black socks and stabbed my feet into them. In my dresser I found a pair of black sweat pants and put them on directly over my throbbing cock. In the closet I found a dark blue sweat shirt. I needed something dark to cover my head, and all I could think of was a pair of black pantyhose that my wife has.

Soon I found my head cradled by the black panty hose. I raced down to the garage and grabbed my extension ladder. I creeped out the back door into our back yard. Sneaking by my privacy fence, out the side gate and into the shadows next to Karen's tri level house. I extended the ladder slowly, being careful not to make even the tiniest noise. The ladder was soon resting against the edge of the lower roof of the tri level.

I paused for a minute hoping that nobody would see me climbing on Karen's roof. Wife being felt up by strangers in group scanning the neighborhood and seeing how dark it was in the shadows of the tri level, I decide that I could do it.

I wasn't completely happy with the placement of the ladder, it was in a slightly precarious position, but there was no stopping me from climbing that ladder. The lower roof of Karen's house was soon making my feet uncomfortably warm, and wishing that I'd taken the time to put on some shoes. I crept along the shadowy exterior of Karen's bedroom wall, until I reached her window. Slowly, quietly, I raised up until I could see in, hoping that she wouldn't be able to see me in the shadows.

When I looked in the window, I saw everything that I had been dreaming about, and more. I could see Karen's hot naked body illuminated from doctor girls full movi story hot boobs big screen TV that she was watching.

Karen's one hand caressed her full breasts and the other was working rubbing her smooth and swollen vulva. The sight was mesmerizing. Karen's nipples weren't much larger than my wife's, but her big areolas puffed out from her big creamy breasts. I soon found my hand on my cock pulling it. It was already dripping, I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was splattering cum on Karen's lower roof. I had been staring at Karen for several minutes before I looked and saw what she was watching, it was a porn movie.

In the movie, the starlet was on her back as the stud feverishly licked her pussy and ass. The movie was hot, but Karen was much hotter. I gazed for several minutes, then the actor had the actress get on her knees.

Soon the big stud had his cock rubbing her asshole. What happened next rocked me, and so did a rumble of thunder. In my lustful trance, I hadn't noticed that a storm was quickly approaching. I knew that I should get off of the roof, but I couldn't tear myself away from the exotic show that Karen was unknowingly giving me. As the actor started his penetration, Karen reached for something in her dresser. Big drops of rain started to fall, but I had to keep watching another minute or two, I HAD TO!

Soon, Karen was lubing up a butt plug, and rolling onto her hands and knees. Karen seemed to have no problem sliding the butt plug in her tight opening. I knew that it was all over for me, that I couldn't hold out any longer, imagining that I was ramming Karen's ass and pussy. They were only a few feet away and I had a perfect view of her ass and bulging vulva.

Then, disaster struck! A sudden blast of wind shook the trees and everything around us. The next thing I heard shook me back to reality. I heard my aluminum ladder screeching across the edge of Karen's roof, then I heard it crashing on the sidewalk below. Karen heard it too! She jumped up and raced to the window, looking to see what happened.

I was frozen and didn't know what to do, so I did nothing. Karen saw me in the shadow a couple of feet before she got to her window. She turned and screamed. Karen raced across the room and grabbed the phone on her night stand. Then, I screamed, "KAREN, STOP, ITS ME, RAY!" Karen stopped and exchanged the phone for a pillow to cover her naked body.

Then she turned and faced me. My nice sweet neighbor turned from a sweetheart into a seething monster. Karen started blistering me, asking what the hell I was doing on her roof, spying on her. I had never heard her cuss before, but cuss words streamed from her mouth in an endless torrent. Karen demanded that I get off of her roof, or she was going to call the cops.

I told her I couldn't, my ladder fell. It started to rain harder, soon I would be soaked. A jolt of lightning lit the sky, and the thunderous blast wasn't even a second behind. I tried to apologize, and begged Karen to let me crawl through the window and get out of her house. Finally, Karen settled down a little, and she agreed to let me in, but she continued cursing me.

As I crawled in the bedroom window, I glanced across the bedroom and saw a mirror on the closet door. In the mirror, I could see Karen's ass, even though she had her breasts and pubic area covered with her pillow. I knew I had to leave before Karen called the police, but the sight in the mirror quickly had my cock springing back to life.

Karen then started telling me that I would be sorry when she told my wife and her husband. I stopped and begged Karen not to tell, not to ruin my life. Telling her that I saw her naked at the window, and well, that I lost control like I've never lost control before. I told her that I'd never do it again, and that I'd do anything she wanted if she wouldn't tell. Suddenly, Karen seemed to settle down. She started to tell me that I just better get out, but before she finished she saw my growing cock.

She also notice that I was staring to the side of her, so she glanced back and saw her beautiful rounded ass in the mirror. Karen started to seethe again, but this time her voice was different. It had an evil hiss to it, a revengeful tone, not a tone of fear.

She called me an old fucking pervert. The next thing she said stunned me. She told me to take my sweat pants off. I was confused and could only mutter, "what?" Karen told me that I had gotten to see all of her, now it was her turn. She told me to take off my ridiculous outfit, so I did. Karen then asked me if the movie was giving me a hard on, or her.

I stammered and told her, "both." She asked if I'd been jacking off on the roof, and if I had plans to break in on her. I admitted that I was jacking off, but denied fervently that I had any plans wife hardcore creampie bringing out the large guns break in the house. Karen then demanded that I start jacking off for her, too show her exactly what I was doing.

So I started. I probably couldn't have stopped myself anyway, she was so hot! She asked me if I liked it when the actor was licking the actresses pussy. I told her, "uh huh." Karen asked me if I like licking my wife's pussy, I uttered, "yeah." Karen started to soften a little and soon she asked if I'd like to lick her pussy. I said nothing as semen leapt out of my thick rigid cock. Karen grinned an evil grin as she said, "let me clean that up." Karen disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared with a wash cloth.

She started wiping off my dripping cock and I reached for one of her beautiful breasts. Before I could touch her, she slapped my hand and told me to back off. She told me that she could still call the police. She started asking me if I really wanted to lick her pussy, then she told me how her husband doesn't.

I almost begged her to do it, but she said that she didn't trust me. She thought that I'd try to fuck her, and she didn't want to do that. I begged and promised, but Karen wasn't sure. After a couple of minutes, Karen said in a firm voice, "get on the bed, spread eagle, I'll be back." I was confused but did as she said.

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Karen was gone for several minutes. When she came back, she had four short pieces of rope. She tied me up quickly and then climbed on the bed. She started rubbing me back to life, telling me that she really liked my cock. She told me that she might let me fuck her, but she thought my cock was too big for her. I assured her, that it wasn't really that big, and she'd handle it with no problem, but Karen didn't agree.

Then she stood on the bed and straddled my face. She asked me if I really wanted to lick her as she placed her finger tips on the sides of her vaginal opening. She spread her lips wide and asked me if I was sure. I was begging, arching up, trying to get one taste of her sweet pussy.

Karen began to torment me, crouching down until the tip of my tongue was just inches from her hot slit. Karen was evil and tormented me some more. My cock began to drip, I was ready to cum again, and she knew it. Karen got on her hands and knees and straddled me. She dangled her breasts over my chest, and then rubbed them slowly up and down my front side. She grabbed my cock and placed it between her swollen mounds, it was wonderful.

She slowly worked me up and down. She asked me japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv I liked her breasts, and then scolded me for trying to grab them without permission.

Karen kept tormenting me, but I could see that her nipples were extremely swollen, and her clit and vulva were bulging also. I knew she wanted me as bad as I wanted her. It wasn't long, and she buried my face in between her beautiful breasts. Soon I was sucking on one of her swollen nipples, and she was cheering me on to suck them harder. I eagerly complied. Karen then straddled my face, and she didn't waste any time teasing me. I started to lick and lap at her smooth sweet pussy.

It was open and dripping. It was intoxicating! Karen started to grind her pussy on my face. I puckered up my lips, and she rocked back and forth, gliding her dripping lips and swollen clit over my eager lips. I looked up and Karen closed her eyes as she grabbed both breasts with her hands, pulling her swollen nipples with her fingers. Karen started moaning, telling me how good it was.

Soon the sides of my cheeks were moist with her dripping juices. I was moaning with my own pleasure, Karen was so sweet and smooth, I couldn't stand it. Karen shuddered and moaned, then she reached back and grabbed my cock. She shifted her hips back and rubbed the moist tip of my cock on her wet opening.

I arched up, and Karen sensing my eagerness, pulled inches away. She scolded me, telling me how nasty I was. She rubbed me some more, and I arched up again, once again, she pulled away and called me a nasty old man.

Once again, Karen rubbed my cock head on her opening, I just laid still as she lowered onto my cock. It was wonderful, warm and oh so wet. Karen soon had half my cock in her pussy. I arched and stabbed it in the rest of the way. My cock slid in like it was gliding in warm butter.

Karen quickly pulled off of me and told me that my cock was to thick and long for her. I knew it wasn't, she was just not willing to give me any more pleasure. She loved being in control. She loved knowing how badly I wanted her, and she knew how much she turned me on. I know she wanted it, but she wanted to control me even more. I tell you, Karen is an evil woman. I begged Karen to come back, but she wouldn't. She thought that maybe we could try it rear entry, but still, she wanted to tie me up again.

I agreed, I'd do anything, just about anything to get back in her pussy. After Karen tied me, she started asking questions about anal. Asking if I'd like to try it, and telling me that her husband didn't. I told her that my wife wouldn't let me, and that I'd love to try it. Then in a slow evil voice Karen growled, "GOOD, LETS TRY IT." My cock dripped and throbbed some more. Karen reached into her dresser drawer and grabbed a tube of KY Jelly and put a big dollop lesbian sluts pee all over themselves masturbation big tits her fingers.

I couldn't wait for Karen to lube my throbbing cock, then she made me wilt. Before I knew it, she was rubbing the lube on my anus, and dipping a finger tip in.

I protested saying, "that isn't what I had in mind." Karen growled, "if you don't like it, I can still call the police." I begged, no anything but that. My fantasy soon turned into a nightmare, as Karen pulled a box out from under her bed. Soon she had her strap on secured, and she maneuvered behind me. It wasn't long, and the horizon began to lighten. Karen untied me, and kicked me out the door with no clothes on. I was tired, sore and humiliated. It was time to leave for the wedding, and I hoped to never see this evil woman again.

I managed to make it to the wedding, and stay awake through the ceremony, but it was tough. Going home was even tougher. I didn't want to see my wicked neighbor again, but a man has to go back to his home. I returned with my wife and managed to avoid Karen for over a week, but one morning she was out in her driveway as I left for work.

Karen was bright and cheery, acting like nothing had ever happened during the time we were home alone. Soon life returned to normal and it didn't feel so bad talking to my neighbors again. The thought of Karen's body still makes me rigid, but I had no intention of ever making advances on her again.

She is just too dangerous. Yesterday, I was in my back yard when I heard Karen's cheery voice, "HI RAY, what ya doing, Bill's going on another business trip, are you going to be a good boy when he's gone." With a slow and sultry voice Karen said, "YOU KNOW, boys who are good usually get what they want." Now, you know what I am thinking about all the time.

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I think my wife is going to visit her sister for a few days. I wonder if it is the same week that Bill is out of town. Readers, I hope you enjoyed my story, Ray