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Cute teen liza rowe likes to be covered with stepdads jizz
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When I first met Eleanor, on that eleven hours flight, I thought "oh no, please no, don't talk to me, I'm so tired." Believe me, she spent all the time talking about herself, but apparently sometimes she felt sorry for me, so she asked me something random, like my name or where was I from, but before I could complete my answer she was talking again! To her credit, she was a very interesting person, and she could spice her story, you should have seen her, her ways of enriching the speech moving her hands, if I had been even a bit less tired, I would've enjoyed it all eleven hours.

Apparently she was Dane, and working for Denmark's foreign ministry, of course she did a joke about James Bond. At the last hour, when I gave up on getting any sleep, I managed to talk too. So there we were, both headed for Copenhagen, Eleanor to her home, me to my new job. She offered to show me the city, and I didn't refuse.

Now, one thing I understood kinda soon of Eleanor, is that she was very literal, we spent every free hour visiting beautiful places and museums in the weeks following the flight.

And she kept talking every second of it. From time to time I wondered if she did that on a basis, luring unaware strangers into her web, just to talk them to death, and then bury their bodies in a remote country house. Maybe I was a bit paranoid, fact is that she was really great, and I did like to hear her talking.

Because she never repeated herself, after two weeks i was still enraptured by the stories full time secretaries full french movie tube porn. Although she had practically told me every aspect of her history, Copenhagen's history, Denmark's and Europe's too, I only got to knew her when we went to a club, her favorite.

The Golden age Jazz club, you should have seen this place, it was like diving into a glorious yet lost past, when you didn't have to worry about missiles carrying nuclear bombs. In there you could enjoy the last years before the perpetual waking nightmare.

And this was especially noticeable with Eleanor, working for the foreign ministry I can only imagine the kind of situations they had to handle, I couldn't notice her perpetual tension, her way of constantly checking her surroundings, until she got rid of them.

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With the music played by the trio on the stage, she undressed every shield and armor, and all it was left was just her character. -So, tell me Alex, even if your eyes and your expression are telling me more than enough, I want to hear what you think about this place.- She said.

-Am I so easy to read ?- I answered with a brief chuckle. -More than you could ever think of.- She said with a mysterious and very intriguing smile. But it was the truth, I had been gazing for minutes fascinated by the place, the music, and the people in there. You could see them with no masks at all, in their more or less girlie knows how to suck tube porn suit and dresses dictated by the dress code, they where ironically free to express themselves, just like Eleanor, and just like me.

-I really really love it. No wonder it's your favourite place. How did you discover it?- -Back when I was studying law, simply by accident.- I found it funny that asking her something about her shoes would trigger half an hour of stories, but just now a brief answer was more than enough, I wondered how many stories that glamourous place was concealing with possessive jealousy.

I also wondered how many stories were starting right in that moment, mentored by the smoky atmosphere. Including my own. All of a sudden, in the brief moment of silence at our tiny table, she said -Do you mind if I try a trick with you?- -Depends on the trick.- I answered in doubt. She chuckled and said -The trick is to play with your mind a little.- In one hand she was holding a glass of wine, the other she was using as usual to help her speech, i recognised the trend, she used it when the subject of the conversation was manipulation.

I skipped an heartbeat, and swallowing a knot the size of a ship, i went down the valley of clumsiness. I laughed nervously, not knowing what did she mean with that.

-How?- -It's a very simple game of trust and manipulation. You just have to relax.- While talking she freed herself from the glass she was holding, and reached for my hands.

Then she continued. -But one thing I like especially is to take the sub, while still conscious and place his imagination where I want. For example i want you to imagine standing on a beach at sunset. I want you to look around, notice the harmony of colours in the sky, the red dish of the dying sun on the horizon. Around it a few thin clouds, and a blue sky. Look how it turns darker as your gaze wanders to the other end of the sky, changing to purple and then deep blue, see the night giving birth to its first shy and sparkly stars.

Feel the sand between your toes, the breeze softly caressing your hair, almost if they're being fizzled, hear the adultmemberzone stacked slut gets the lassiter and amateur of the waves gently crushing on the shore.

It's beautiful isn't it?- -It is.- I answered, while fully experiencing all those things in my mind. -And you want to feel beautiful too, don't you?- -Yes.- My voice was getting blankly with each answer. -Very good Alex, then you must become mindless and relaxed like it. Become one with it.- -Yes- -I want you to walk slowly towards the water, as your feet dive in the water, they feel wrapped by warmth, lighter and relaxed. Walk as your legs get relieved of their weight, all the muscles relaxing and losing tension.

Let your body relax, as the warm water makes it lighter. Your waist, hands, chest, shoulders, let them relax. Now you will sink your head for a second, while doing it you will sink deeper and deeper, so mindless and obedient.

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Go now, sleep.- She said snapping her fingers. I woke up feeling dizzy but refreshed in a small elegant room, I was sitting next to Eleanor on a couch.

-I took the liberty of moving our date in one of the private rooms of the club.- She said, slowly fizzling my hair with her fingers.- -What happened?- -I took you under, and made you forget it. You are such a good subject.- I was completely overpowered by her, and despite the rushing endorphins I decided that something had to be done about it.

-Eleanor, I'm not sure i want to be your subject.- -I think we have already proven that wrong.- -How?- -See, hypnosis is not what you usually see in movies, a person cannot be hypnotised against his will.

Nor can i force you to do things you wouldn't do normally. So in the end, your mouth is saying no, but your mind is shouting yes!- It looked like she had a point, as if the endorphins weren't enough to judge my true feelings about all this. She mom son fuck hot xstorys fevretlist continued -I know what bothers you.

That sense of guilt, don't let it affect you, there is nothing wrong in letting go of control. Trust me as your guide, and I promise you a world of pleasure beyond your wildest imagination.- Oddly enough I had never felt safer in all my life, calmly two words came out of my lips, and they were indeed my words, not forced, not induced, mine.

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-Yes. Mistress.- She kissed me, with passion, and her hand delicate but firm on my neck, a gentle gesture of domination. -What now Mistress?- I asked not without a shiver of excitement.

-Be patient my pet, drop by drop I will satiate your newfound thirst.- Later we went to her place, and I got a full view of the elegant and sensual side of Eleanor. -Alex Pennyworth!

You've been lured into my evil lair.- She said solemnly, just before laughing. After that she bit her lip, tasting in anticipation what was about to happen. -Obey! Kneel.- As she said that my body moved on it's own accord. Bringing me to my knees. She looked down on me with the intoxicant feel of power shining through her eyes.

Meanwhile i was watching her towering me, overwhelming me, I really was her pet. And that was made clear by the collar and the leash she tied me with.

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I followed her on all fours to the bedroom. Five minutes later, I was laying, a black blindfold depriving me of my sight, my ankles tied to the bed's end, and my wrists tied to its head.

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She had already ordered me to take off my clothes, and now her fingers were wandering around my neck and chest, softly torturing me with brief caresses and touches.

-Please! Take me Mistress!- I said out of frustration. -I am going to take your mind and body in so many ways my pet.-