Teen bath hd poor tiny jade jantzen she just wanted to have a fun vacation with her

Teen bath hd poor tiny jade jantzen she just wanted to have a fun vacation with her
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I had just started my new job, my first job out of college. Working on drilling tools in the northern oil fields of Alaska. It might sound terrible until you hear about the perks, so twin lesbians with ice cream with me.

Well, it's the arctic circle so it's cold. Really cold. During the winter it can drop below negative 40 degrees farenheit. and that's before the wind chill factor. The summers are nice, around 65 degrees usually. You really hope for the wind to come or the mosquitoes will eat you alive for the three months that the summer lasts. It's completely dry up there, and I mean that in a couple ways, there is no alcohol and you better bring some chapstick.

Also, when you're up there, you're up there for weeks. Almost everyone on "the slope" works there on rotations. We fly up there and we work, twelve hour days, seven days a week, for two weeks. But the next two weeks? Oh man, we fly back to wherever home is and we get the next two weeks to ourselves.

Two whole weeks where most of us ignore our company e-mail, disregard calls from our bosses, and play with the money we earned during the last two week hitch. Did I mention that you don't have to spend a dime while you are at work? The flights are paid for, the meals are paid for, and you can grab as many snacks as you want from the cafeteria. Then there is my favorite part, the housekeepers. In our building on the slope, there are housekeepers that clean the camp, take out the trash in our rooms, and make our beds every day.

But this story is about a housekeeper that did a bit more than that, just for me. I had been working for my company for about a month now and was was starting to get a feel for the place. My mentor and main coworker is a real piece of work. Of course, I mean that in the nicest way possible. Barely 40 and he acts like he is younger than myself. He was supposedly very much over weight but has recently lost all of it after surgery. A divorced 40 year old who lives with his ex-wife and son, yet rocks a mohawk and gets more pussy in a melissa pitanga vs kid bengala big macky than I've had in my life.

Well, we talk about about girls a lot, but this conversation was different. He knew he had something to tell me that would interest me particularly and it showed in his face, it was probably his incredibly over-exaggerated eyebrow raise.

Anyway, with his goofy smirk, he led me on as best he could, "Hey, have you seen that new housekeeper girl?" "Ummm, no?" I replied. "Dude." He whistled, "I saw her in the laundry room last night, she only had a tank top on, and" He stammered, "well, she was a bit of a hottie." "Ummm, cool?" I still wasn't sure where he was going with this.

He is always interested in older women. "Well, she looked like she was about your age, bud, and she is damn near as tall as you." "Haha, really now?" I just played along with him, I had convinced myself that up there, in the cold arctic, that I would just be there to work. I mean, there is nothing else to do. It wasn't until two days later that I saw her. I must've seen her before, it was a small building, but I think this time was the first time I really remembered it.

I saw her exactly as he had briefly described her. She was walking to the laundry room, obviously just off of her shift. Her long dark hair had just been let down over her shoulders. It cascaded down behind her white tank top. As my gaze followed down I could clearly tell she wasn't wearing a bra. The exact shape of her D-cup breasts could been seen clearly to anyone who looked long enough. She was unwinding from her twelve hour work day and didn't seem to care about how she was seen for the minute that she was outside of her room to get her laundry.

Continuing down her beautiful body I noticed the curves of a woman. Everything was perfectly proportioned in that respect, her breasts, waist and hips were sculpted by an artist. And that leads me to the legs, they just went on forever. She really was almost as tall as me, only a few inches shorter. Like the rest of her body, her legs were a work of art.

However, those magnificent legs were turning, as she walked around the corner into the laundry room. That turn revealed an even more spectacular ass. Her tight sweatpants revealed it as much as any of her other features.

Firm enough to sit up high and leave a slight crease at the bottom. But there was just something about those ass cheeks that let you know they were as soft as the pillows the angels slept on. As my brain stopped, she disappeared around the corner. I noticed her more the next few days. As I took breaks from work to grab coffee or a snack, I would be watching for her. On occasion I would see her in the hallways, either vaccuming the floors or going in between rooms that she was cleaning. If she heard me walking up the halls she would look, and I would smile before sheepishly looking away.

One day I finally held my smile for more than an instant and had the privilege of seeing her smile back. Her face lit up as a genuine smile came across her face. The innocence of it was only surpassed when she let out a little giggle. She was the epitome of feminimity in that moment, and it seared into my brain. I turned into the next hallway, mind you, it was a bathroom and I wanted to get coffee.

I stayed there for a minute anyways. A day or so later I finally worked up the courage to talk to her. Sunny leone first time blood leaking sex xstorys, I worked up that courage in the very instant that she had stopped me and started talking to me. "Hey, did you go to Silverview Middle School?" (I'm really surprised my brain activity didn't just stop right here.) "Yeah, did you?" "Yes!

we had a class together there! I saw your name on the door to your room and I knew I recognized it." "Really? I'm sorry, I don't seem to remember that, what class was it?" "It was some elective class, you were a year younger than me. I'm Jessica!" She giggled. There it was, the smile and giggle again, I was hopeless to fight off the charm. Then, middle shool came flooding back to me. She wasn't in the memories, by my actions were.

I was one of those kids that you couldn't seem to control, I acted like the kid that you never wanted to have when I was around other people. This, this was how she had seen school saxy story sex stories king com downlod. Without skipping a beat I asked her for her number. She looked puzzled until I explained, "I was ridiculous then, like most of us were.

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But I can't let that be all that you know of me." She paused. After looking down either end of the hallway, she paused again. Finally, she spoke, "Well, our housekeeping company isn't supposed to fraternize with the shop workers. Buuut, since we knew each other from school, I guess it would be okay." I nearly lept with joy, instead, I channeled that energy into just making sure I got my phone out of my pocket and entered her number correctly.

I then texted her to make sure she had my number as well. Since we both had about a week left before we could go home, we naturally started talking over the next few days. We would meet up in the real college sex on campus from college rules vid after we got off work. Even though we never discussed it, we still sat far apart and made it appear as non-chalant as possible to people who passed through.

Until one night, when it all changed. Just as any other night in the cafeteria, we sat fairly spread apart at the table and carried out our conversation. But this one took a different turn. We somehow ventured into the conversational realm of sexual encounter stories. (So, before I go further, I have a line that I've only used a couple of times but with a 100% success rate. It is rather crude, but when used properly, it works.) I was feeling confident with the way things were going and started to lay the setup.

I paused in the middle of my story and I told her, "What I'm about to tell you will probably change the way you look at me." "It might make things awkward." I paused for another moment waiting on her reaction before continuing, "Its something you must know for the rest of the story." She didn't say anything but looked very intrigued.

I knew I didn't need to tell the rest of the story at this point. All I said was, "I like to fuck, and I'm pretty good at it." Her body tensed slightly as she snapped her gaze off to the other side of the room for a moment. I waited a second before telling her with a chuckle, "I'm sorry if that was weird." "No, it's ok." She replied, "Let's just talk about something else. How do you like your new job?" "It's great, I get to works with my hands a lot.

I've always been good with my hands." She let out a soft cooing noise as she buried her head in her hands. Almost immediately she stood up, obviously flustered and said, "I should go back to my room." "Alright, I understand." I said. Trying to seem as calm and cool as I could while fighting not to show her that I knew I got to her.

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It only took her a step before she turned around, looked to make sure no one was in earshot, and invited me to her room. Since our rooms were in the same hallway, I followed her until my room, where I waited in my doorway until she got to hers. When the hall was clear and I didn't hear footsteps, I snuck out of my room and into hers.

She was sitting cross legged on her bed, twiddling her thumbs by the time I got in. Wearing the same thing she always wore after getting off work, tight sweatpants and a thin shirt of some kind.

I sat on the same bed, at the opposite end, in the same position. We stared for a second and then grinned, realizing how childish we must look. I finally broke the silence by whispering, "I'm sorry." The walls are thin and I didn't want to risk a neighbor hearing a boy's voice in her room.

The whispering continued on her end, "It's. okay, it just REALLY love sex, and well, it got me thinking, and well. I got nervous." "Alright, well, just so you know I wasn't suggesting we do anything. we could get fired." Silence hung in the air for a moment as we looked at each other, trying to find answers in each others eyes.

Finally, I stood up and said I should go. She quickly moved off the bed and stood too as I got to the door.

Before I touched the handle I looked back to see her kind, beautiful face, staring at me with longing for something more. Without a moment of hesitation we simultaneously wrapped our arms around each other and locked our mouths together.

Our tongues explored each other's mouths as our hands explored each other's bodies. All the while we slowly inched our way back to the bed. One of my hands planted firmly in her silky hair, pressing her face into mine.

My other hand ventured crissy moon is a super cute newbie to that ass I had seen so much but never touched. I skipped caressing it and just forcefully grabbed a handfull to lift and pull her pelvis into mine. I only let go of my grasp a moment later as I cast her down upon the bed. I didn't stay above her much longer as her hungry hands quickly got a hold of me and pulled me down on top of her. Her legs parted slightly allowing my now rock hard cock to press against her pussy.

Only two thin pieces of fabric between us, one holding my pre-cum, the other soaked in her juices. I started to work my down though, I hooked my thumbs under her shirt and she hooked mine.

In one swift flurry, we were both topless and I soon felt her warm, bare flesh pressed into mine as I dove back in to kiss her. I soon ventured away from her mouth, kissing down her neck, hearing silenced moans of pleasure as I kept moving my beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade and tongue lower and lower.

Stopping on her breasts to fondle her nipples, while I had my tongue on one, my thumb and forefinger were playing with the other. Continuing past her stomach I pulled her pants off at the same rate that I advanced down her body. teasing her more and more. I passed her moist folds by a mere inch and just kept kissing up her thighs, breathing in her wonderful scent as I did. Finally I dove back towards her sex. Running my tongue around her and insider her, getting all the juices I could before focusing on her clit.

I rolled it around a little before folding my tongue around it and squeezing it with her steadily increasing breathing. She knew she couldn't make noise but she wanted to scream.

Finally she stopped me and pulled me up to her level. Tasting herself off my lips. She told me if was her turn and rolled me onto my back. She slid my pants down enough to expose my erection. Nothing gets me more turned on than eating pussy and it showed.

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I don't have anything special, but all 6 1/2 inches stood proud and hard as she grasped in in her hand and toyed with it for a moment. Her hands felt so good on my cock that I just lay my head back, and that was the moment that I felt her warm, moist mouth envelope my cock.

I brought my head back up to see her immediately taking all of me into her mouth. I felt my head press against the back of her throat, again and again, as she bobbed on my swollen member. Not only have I never had a girl get my off with her mouth, but I've never had a girl let me cum in her mouth. But before I knew it I was trying to tell her I'm going to cum. She didn't seem to care as she kept pumping away.

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I finally reached that point of orgasm, and was suspended there for a moment as she rammed all of me back into her mouth before I finally released and unloaded a massive shot of hot semen straight into her. She pulled back, up to my head and swallowed quickly but soon had much more to deal with as I shot more and more cum into her tightly closed mouth.

After she swallowed it all, she gave me a couple more pumps with her sealed lips to make sure she got everything before releasing me from her grip and collapsing next to me. We stayed there for a while, smiling at each other without saying a word.

It wasn't long though, before we both noticed that my cock hadn't gone soft. I was still standing at attention. I looked back at her eyes and asked, "You want me to fuck you, don't you?" She immediately bit her lower lip and nodded while eagerly re-positioning on the bed to slide under me when I lifted up.

I slid my pants all the way off and onto the floor along with hers before climbing on top of her. My still hard dick was pressed against her still soaked pussy. I pressed and slid slightly, letting my shaft rub up and down her clit while I kissed her to hold back her squeals. I finally pulled back a chap needed money to pay rent and credits and she already had a hand on my cock to guide it into her slit.

I didn't have to try hard as her hot wet pussy accepted my cock as easily as her mouth did and I was soon as deep as I could go. Pulling back out of her, the sensation was so amazing that I knew I wouldn't last long, even going slow like this. She arched her back as I pressed into her again, allowing me to slip a hand underneath her and press her harder into me. She responded to this by wrapping her hands around my back and digging her nails in.

The harder she dug her nails in, the harder I dug my cock in as I pumped faster and faster. Soon she kept digging harder and harder but I couldn't give any more without making noise so I resorted to biting. I burrowed my head next to hers and put my teeth around her collarbone, still pumping my cock into her pussy as hard as I could.

I had to let go as her nails clamped down even more viciously and I could feel her pussy contract and get even tighter around my cock. That was it, I had to pull out and ended up laying my spewing cock between her stomach and mine and I let another load go, making a mess of both of us as her grip loosened and our deep kiss faded. Again, not another word was said as we cleaned up. Smiling at each other the whole time as we curled up to fall asleep, I finally whispered to her, "I never even got to use my hands." She just curled up tighter and let out a soft squeal of excitement.

We both knew that our time up in the Arctic was going to be a lot more fun from now on.