Aletta ocean fucking whole hole

Aletta ocean fucking whole hole
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I remember the day she moved in. When my dad decided he wanted a new family, I mean I'm fine with it it has its perks. I was sixteen then and she was eighteen. Damn she was gorgeous and had the body of my fantasy girl.

She had juicy thighs a nice ass that wasn't small or big, and her tit were to die for. Not to mention that sexy smile she gave me for two years. For two years I've watched her as she gave me those winks and smiles teasing me. But today was my birthday and there's only one gift I want. I think she knew that too. Her name was Jessica and I wanted her bad. My dad had work but before he left he gave me twenty bucks and said "happy birthday, go wild just don't buy too many cigerettes ." and then he left.

My step mom got me a cake around eleven and said she had to go out all day across town trick him in tcreampie inside her pussy some jury duty and wouldn't be back till ten because she had to run to the office where she works afterwards and file papers. That didn't bother me because Jessica was in charge of making my day special they said.

I was eating some of my cake when Jessica walked downstairs in some lose work out shorts that showed the bottom of her delicate ass. I half choked on my cake. She was wearing a crop top that showed her belly button and tanned skin, and her dark hair was in a pony tail. Her perky breast pointed towards me and oh I wanted them badly. I felt an erection in my sweatpants and tried hard not to show it.

She walked by me and laughed when I choked and said in a sly voice as she gave me a hug from behind, slowly moving her hands down my waist "you okay brother?" I squirmed in my seat and shrugged.

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She laughed again and walked to the fridge and pouted. A minute later she said "I'm gonna go take a shower a nice long hot shower, hope you don't mind?" I again shrugged and she winked "didn't think so." As she walked by me she dipped her finger in the frost of my cake and licked it off her finger "that's a good cake Jake, I think I'll have some in a bit." She winked again and walked back up the stairs and I couldn't help but stare at that ass.

She yelled from the top "its not isis love no tell motel pickups flv 001 tube porn to stare!" And then she laughed.

I heard her door close and then open again a minute later. The water started running and the bathroom door shut closed. I half ran up stairs and went to my room.

My erection was killing me and I had to relieve it. As I walked in my messy room, I saw a small gift wrapped on my bed, I picked it up and it said from Jessica to Jake. I ripped it open and a small letter and a pair of Satan red panties fell out. I was shocked.

I picked up the letter and read it out loud : "dear little bro, haha sounds funny now. I've been waiting for this moment for two years, the day you turn 18, oh what a beautiful legal age. If ya know what I mean. Well hope you enjoy my gift.more to be continued." I had no idea what it meant but my erection hardened in my sweats.

I walked to the bathroom door and creaked it open. Jessica was standing under the water with shampoo in her hair, her naked body looked so damn good. The water dripped off her perky breasts and her ass gleamed in the misty light. She rinsed the shampoo from her body and hair and amber woods tom byron marc wallice in classic porn scene shifted as she heard the door open.

She turned off the water and laid in the tub with her legs spread open. She turned on the other small shower head and brought it down her body letting the water soak her. She paused when it reached her vagina and I couldn't help but rub my dick when I started to see her rub her clit. The water helped with her wetness as she then slipped a finger inside her. She started to moan and I knew I was gonna jizz soon.

She started moaning harder as she fucked herself faster. I felt my body tense as I let my load out in my pants. She tensed too and let out a long moan. She rinsed off once more and turned the water off. I ran to my room to change real quick. Jessica walked into my room a moment later with s very short towel wrapped around her, I stood there with just a pair of briefs on.

She looked me up and down and then looked at my now again erect dick. She smiled and said, "did you like my gift?" I skipped a heart beat and replied "it would be better on someone." She walked closer to me and I took a step back, towards the bed.

"What's wrong Jake, never seen a half naked girl?" I laughed and said "actually no." She pushed me on the bed and said "time for gift two." She gently slid her hand up my thigh, then on my balls and finally over my dick. She said " what to do about these boxers Jake?" And then she put one leg over me so she sat on my lap.

I could feel the heat from her pussy over my buldge. She looked me in the eyes then leaned in and kissed me.

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I didn't respond at first, my fantasy was coming true. But then I slid my hands under her thighs and gripped her ass and kissed her harder back. I started to kiss her neck and moved down her chest.

She pulled back and then undid her towel. "There all yours." I moved one hand up her small waist and under her tit letting my thumb caress her nipple. She moaned in my ear and my dick got even harder. She looked down and rubbed me from over my briefs.

After a couple of minutes of this and me licking and sucking her fits she got off me. I looked puzzled and then she knelt between my legs and pulled off my boxers. She giggled at the six inch size and said "oh I've been waiting for this." She used one hand to start rubbing my shaft and head and I thought her hands were from god. Then she looked me in the eyes and moved closer so her fits were touching my inner thighs and she took me in her warm mouth.

I never had a blowjob before but the sensations were amazing. She sucked halfways and licked the head.

She looked me dead in the eyes and I loved it. She inched farther and farther down till she got to the base. I knew I was about to cum soon. I yelped it out and she kept the pressure off her mouth at my base as the tip hit her throat.

Then I exploded my load in her throat. She choked and then swalled and liked my dick off getting every last drop. She asked me how she did and I said fantastic.

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She winked and said "don't worry its not over yet."