Realsex les babes get horny at the gym

Realsex les babes get horny at the gym
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 4-Sunday Note: This takes place in Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City. I was kissing Leah as a group of men cheered us on.

We were in some loft with some of the guys from the club.

We had partied with them all night, and every single one of my holes was stuffed with cum, the salty flavor of cum thick on my tongue. I was on top of Leah, her legs wrapped around my waist as our clits rubbed together. It was almost like fucking her, the way I ground my pussy into her. Leah's hands were roaming up and down my back, tracing my spine, then she slid down to my ass, kneading my cheeks, pulling me harder into her clit.

Her tongue was in my mouth, exploring me, her tongue salty with cum. There was something so intimate about lying atop her, grinding my pussy into her.

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Our nipples touched; our breasts were pressed into each other. I felt the same feeling with Jacob, my husband, as he lay atop me thrusting his cock inside me. Leah was that same mix of intoxication and intimacy. It didn't matter that all these guys were watching us, cheering us on.

I wasn't doing this for them, I was doing it for Leah. "Oh, fuck!" a guy groaned as ropey cum splashed onto my back. "You guys are some fucking nasty cunts!" another guy moaned.

Ropey cum splashed into my hair and on to my cheek, rolling wetly down to my lips. Together we tasted the salty cum as we kissed. I ground my hips, pushing my pussy harder into Leah. I wanted to feel her cum on my pussy. And I wanted her to feel my pussy cum on her's.

Leah's hand was on my ass again, pulling me into sexy teen clary gets her pussy pleasured. "Christ almighty!" another guy moaned, and hot cum splashed between my legs, landing on my pussy and dripping down to Leah's cunt.

There were a dozen guys watching us, jerking off to us. We were the only ladies present.

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The red-head stayed at the club, still looking for her boyfriend. I hoped she found him, although how she was going to explain the cum leaking out of her ass and cunt I had no idea. She didn't have a husband that understood that his new wife just needed to have some fun on her honeymoon. To cut loose and experience life for the first time before she went back to be his plan, drab brunette.

More cum splashed on my ass, my back, on my side, rolling down to my boobs. Some landed in my hair, on my face, some even landed on my feet. It seemed like it was raining cum on the both of us as we writhed against each other. Every sweet kiss of our clits was bringing me closer and closer to cumming. I could feel that same desire building in Leah. Her hips were bucking faster beneath me, more urgent, as she was nearing her climax.

We came together, bucking in each other's embrace, moaning our passion into each other's lips. I broke the kiss, resting my forehead on hers, staring into her hazel eyes and I wallowed in the fun I was having. My dyed-blonde hair fell about our faces, screening us from the men's gaze, giving us a bit of privacy. I just knew Jacob would love Leah as much as I had come to.

At least, I hoped he would. But would Leah want to give up being a blonde and go back to being a drab brunette with me? Would she be happy only having one man and one woman? If I had not met Mary, had not been swept up in the magic of her presence, I would never have stopped being that drab brunette, would never have become the fun blonde that would let a room-full of men jerk off on her while she tribbed another woman.

I knew how much fun it could be and I was afraid that my husband and I wouldn't be enough for my new lover. The men's catcalls ruined the moment, and I rolled off Leah. "Where's my dress?" I asked.

We had to get going. Mary told us to be back by morning, and the sun was already lightening the horizon. A man tossed me my dress and I pulled it on over the cum. "Dirty slut, not even going to get cleaned up?" the man asked. I shrugged. "I'm not some drab brunette," was my answer. Leah and I made out the entire cab ride back to the Waldorf-Astoria. The cabbie had to see that we were positively dripping in cum, but he didn't say a word. The doorman at the Waldorf-Astoria gave us strange looks as we stumbled in and headed for the elevator.

We had it all to ourselves this early, and made out the entire ride up, stumbling into the hotel room. "Looks like you two had some fun," the bodyguard on duty muttered. She was a black-haired beauty with a pair of large tits straining at the half-open blouse of her uniform.

"We did," I giggled. "Blonde's have all the beauty in black stockings is sucking and riding why I'm on guard duty," the bodyguard said with an exaggerated sigh. We took a quick shower and fell asleep in each other's arms.

When we awoke, it was to one of the bodyguards shaking us. "Master and Mistress want you two dressed," the Korean bodyguard snapped, and pinched my naked ass. "Now, sluts!" Mark and Mary played the tourist again, and every time they found some new landmark or museum, Leah and I made out in the back of the limo.

Every time Mark and Mary returned brought us closer and closer to when we would part. I was torn inside. I loved Jacob, and I was quickly realizing that I loved Leah. Fantasies of running off with Leah floated through my head, of late night's partying in clubs, of having fun. But there was no Jacob. A fantasy of being married to Jacob passed through my mind, of sleeping in on the Sabbath, cuddling in bed. Of the small house we were in the process of buying; spending Sundays painting and fixing all the little things that needed to be done.

But there was no Leah. I felt like I was being ripped between my two loves. The drive to the gilf dirty feet in face no sound tube porn seemed to take forever.

Mary pulled Leah aside and the two had a whispered conversation as Mark greeted a pair of sluttily dressed stewardesses. And I mean slutty, their tits were exposed in white bustiers. They both had a nice set of tits I realized, as my eyes drank in their beauty, their nipples hard and one had golden rings pierced through her nipples, the blonde, of course.

Mark had them both in his arms, kissing one then the other. Mary stepped in front of me, caressed my face and whispered, "Love them both." Then her lips were on mine, all thoughts erased as the most beautiful woman in the world kissed me. And then she released me, heading back to her fiancee and they boarded their private jet.

And I was no longer the fun-loving blonde, but the plain, drab brunette. It was time to go back to Jacob. Love them both, Mary's words echoed in my head on the drive back to the limo rental company.

Leah had to return the limo and that's when they would part. I wanted to love them both. But they were too different. I couldn't see Leah settling down in a plain house in a boring suburb and I couldn't see Jacob going to a wild club in an exciting city. Leah opened the door for me for the last time, a sad smile on her angelic face. I hugged her and stroked her face, then kissed her lush lips one last time.

I drank in the sight of her face; the memory would have to last me a lifetime. Love them both. But how? Maybe I was the key. They both loved me, could I be the bridge between the two? "What did Mary say to you?" I asked her. Fucked preggio honey gets a mouthful of cum not what you were supposed to say.

Tell her how you feel. But fear stayed my tongue. I could live the rest of my life with the memory of our brief fling. But only if I believed that Leah actually loved me. If she didn't.I did not want to think about that. Leah swallowed. "She asked me if I." Leah breathed deeply. "If I loved you." "Do you?" I blurted out before my brain could stop me.

"Yes," she whispered, then she hugged me tightly. "Don't go back to your husband. Please, stay with me.

Think of all the fun we can have together. I love you, Rachel." My heart melted. "I love you, too, Leah," I whispered back and she squeezed me tighter. "But, I love Jacob. I met him first." I could feel tears brimming in my eyes. "You have to choose then," Leah said, pulling away. "'s alright. I knew this was a dream that I had to wake up from." "Why can't I have both of you?" I asked.

"Mary told me to love both of you." "I don't even know Jacob," she protested. "You know me," I told her. "You trust me, right?" Leah nodded. "Then trust me about Jacob. He's a little boring.

But then, so was I. Free littlemisselle sucks and rides big thick dick can have fun with him, be as wild and slutty as we want to, just the three of us. But we can have more. We can have roots.

Having fun is great, but it doesn't last. Eventually the party ends, Leah, but with Jacob we can grow something that lasts beyond the fun. Jacob and I already have started growing our life together and I want you to grow with us." Leah chewed her lip. "As, what? Your mistress?" "As my wife," I told her, stroking her cheek. "And Jacob's wife." A shiver ran through Leah's body, her hazel eyes became distant as she pursed her lips in thought.

"I must be crazy," she muttered. "Okay, I'm willing to try. For you, Rachel. I don't want to lose you." We were kissing, tears of joy running down both our faces and mingling salty between our lips.

Now, I just had to convince Jacob. But Leah was hot and he was a man, and lust could serve until he got to know just how special she was. We broke the kiss and hailed a cab. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, or our lips, as we rode back to the hotel. The poor cabbie almost got in a wreck; he kept watching us in his rearview mirror.

We reached the honeymoon suite of the Waldorf-Astoria. Jacob should be in there, waiting for me. He was a great guy, to let me have all this fun on our honeymoon. And it was my turn to return the favor.

Jacob never said it, but I knew he thought about having two women. What guy didn't? So, I confidently knocked on the door. Leah trembled beside me. The once confident, outgoing girl had been replaced by this shy, sweet thing.

She was acting like a drab brunette. Like me, she was a bottled-blonde, not a natural. "What if he doesn't like me?" Leah asked in a panic.

"What if he doesn't want to share you?" "He'll love you," I told her, squeezing her hand. The door opened, and there was my husband, skinny and tall, his brown hair mused and his glasses askew. A happy smile appeared on his lips. "Rachel, you're back!" I threw my arms around my husband and kissed him soundly on the lips. His lips were firm, cheeks rough with his stubble and I ran my fingers through it, delighting in the feel of his manliness. He smelled of sweat and that musk that was distinctly my Jacob's.

His strong arms wrapped around me as I pressed my soft body against his. "I missed you, Rach," he whispered, stroking my hair. "And you're blonde, now?" "Blonde's have all the fun," I giggled. "Is that the girl you were with yesterday?" he cautiously asked. Yesterday morning, Jacob found Leah and I making out in the elevator. "Jacob, this is Leah." I took a deep breath.

"We fell in love." A crestfallen, hurt expression fell across Jacob's face. "I see," he said, stiffly. "I mean, what did I expect. We spent our honeymoon apart." I sighed. "Jacob. I love you, too. And I did have a lot of fun, and now I'm ready to have some fun with you." "Both of you?" he asked. Was that a hint of hope in his voice?

"Yes," I told him. "I hope you find Leah as amazing as I do. Because, I want the three of us to be together." Jacob blinked. "I.I'm not sure I understand." "Well, Jacob, I want to be your wife and Leah's wife," I said. "And I want Leah to be your wife, as well." "Two wives, huh," Jacob said. "I don't know, Rach.

That's a little trajan x same of jane. And illegal." "Do you love me, Jacob?" I asked. "Of course, Rach." He stroked my cheek. "Always." "Then, for me, try and love Leah," I told him.

"Leah has promised to try and love you." He sighed. "Alright, Rach, for you." "Oh, don't sound so pouty," I said, getting annoyed. "You get what every guy dreams of, two blondes sharing your bed." Jacob laughed, relaxing, and glanced at Leah. Their eyes met and they both froze. Color flushed on Leah's face and Jacob gave a half-smile. I could almost feel the electricity pass between them. My heart gave a happy beat; this was going to work. I squealed in joy as Leah boldly walked up to Jacob, her assertiveness restored, and pulled my husband down and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Jacob started kissing her back, pulling her tight against him. "He's cute," Leah stated when she broke the kiss. Jacob had a dazed, breathless expression on his face.

"I can see why you like him, Rachel." My heart fluttered in happiness, again, as I watched Jacob bend his head down and kiss her on the lips. "You're pretty cute, yourself, Leah," Jacob stated when he broke the kiss, and it was Leah's turn to be breathless.

I threw my arms around them both. "The bed awaits," I told them. "Let's celebrate our honeymoon." The bed was covered in red, satin sheets and we all fell onto it, tearing each other's clothes off. Jacob discovered my shaved pussy, stroking it with his hand. "Wow, that's hot." "I did it for you," I admitted. "It was supposed to be a surprise on our wedding night." "Well, I am surprised," Jacob said, and he bent down and started licking at my pussy.

I giggled as his whiskers scratched at my thighs, adding a rough, pleasant feeling only a man could give, different from the gentle touch of a woman, but no less pleasant. Leah started kissing me on the lips, her hands playing with my breasts.

I was so happy, both my loves were making me feel so amazing. Jacob kissed up my body, nipping at my breasts. I was so wet and ready for him. Leah grasped his cock with her hand, guiding Jacob to my wet cunt.

I moaned, kissing Jacob on the lips as horny busty babe wants his big dick slid in me, filling me up so deliciously. After having all those cocks in me last night, I could say Jacob was above average. I moaned as he started pistoning in and out of me. No, he was well above average. U cannot go deeper hardcore and blowjob kissed our cheeks, a smile on her face as she watched Jacob make love to me.

My hands roamed Jacob's lean back, brushing Leah's exploring hand.

Together, we groped Jacob's ass, pulling him tighter into me. Jacob broke our kiss, nuzzling at my neck as he pumped into me. Lean leaned in and we kissed. I felt so much joy as my husband and wife made love to me.

Leah took my hand and moved it down to her steaming cunt, rubbing my fingers across her wet, silky lips. I shoved two fingers up inside her and found her clit. I finger-banged her hard and fast, enjoying her wetness as she sighed softly into my lips as her pleasure mounted. My own orgasm was growing closer and I started moving my hips to Jacob's pace.

Jacob was fucking me faster and harder now, his cock eager to cum. The poor guy spent the entire weekend without any pussy. Well, that would change. Between Leah and myself, Jacob would get all the pussy he could ever want. "I love you both!" I gasped as my orgasm exploded inside me, milking Jacob's cock, trying to draw out his cum.

I could feel Leah's pussy clenching on my fingers. "Ohh, I love you too, Rachel!" she moaned as her orgasm spilled through her body. Jacob's cock slammed into me, burying all the way inside me as his back arched and his ass clenched beneath my hand. I could feel him spilling inside me.

"Oh, my sweet Rach!" he gasped. Jacob rolled off me and both my loves snuggled up against me, two pairs of hands playing with my breasts. "I want to see you and Leah fuck," I told Jacob, kissing him on the lips. He smiled. "Sure, just let me rest. I need to recharge." I glanced at Leah and she smiled. "Oh, I know just how to recharge a cock." Jacob moaned as we both sucked his cock, tasting my pussy cream. We flicked adorable cutie drilled from behind hardcore massage tongues all about his cock, licking clean all of my delicious juices.

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Sometimes our tongues or lips would brush, and we would kiss around his cock. "Oh man, that is so hot!" Jacob moaned and we both giggled at our husband. Our tongues quickly got Jacob hard and ready. What man could stay soft with two women lapping at his cock?

I leaned against the headboard, spreading my messy legs. Leah licked her lips and dove into the messy creampie Jacob and I made for her, presenting her cute ass to Jacob. My husband looked at me and I smiled and nodded encouragingly. He started to move into position, then froze as he watched Leah eat me out, a grin broadening his face. "Wow, that's hot!" Jacob exclaimed. "Seeing it live is so much better than porn." "Ohh, you like the girl-girl porn?" Leah asked, looking back at Jacob, her lips shiny with my juices.

"Every guy likes watching two chicks get it on," Jacob answered. "Well, you're in luck," Leah purred, "because I love getting it on with another chick!" "Umm, me too, honey," I cooed. "Now, what are you waiting for, honey? Leah's pussy is wet and ready for you." "Sorry, I got distracted." "I'll forgive you if you stick that big cock up my cunt, honey," Leah moaned. Leah purred and wiggled her cute butt at Jacob as her tongue started swirling around my clit.

Jacob got the message, kneeling behind Leah, his cock hard and leaking pre-cum. I could feel Leah moan into my pussy as Jacob sank into his second wife's cunt. He drew back, gripping her hips, and slammed in a second time. "Is everyday going to be like this?" Jacob asked star jhalsa serial actress madhumita sarkar porn story he made love to Leah, our wife. "Yes," Leah answered as she slipped two fingers up inside my pussy.

"Just the three of us," I smiled, gazing at my two loves. My husband and my wife. I was the luckiest gal in the world. The End