China mother affair home son

China mother affair home son
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Matt quietly opened the door to the girls locker room, his dick tingling slightly already at the thought of what he was about to do. He checked up and down the corridor to check no one had seen him before silently slipping in and closing the door behind him.

Before him lay what he had dreamed about for so long but only seen quick glimpses of before, two walls lined with benches stretched out before him, another line of benches going down the middle of the floor all covered with the girls clothes.

He saw the blue bra he had noticed Sarah wearing earlier, the tight licra shorts that showed of her ass so well, and just next to them, a pair of white cotton panty's which would have been rubbing against her tight pussy just a few minutes ago. Any other day he would have been happy to unzip his fly and jerk off at the sight of them, and now here he was, touching distance, they would still be warm.

No, he was on a mission and he didn't have long. The girls locker room was always kept locked, except of course when they were in it. This gave him a very brief window when the girls had all gone into the shower block to sneak in unseen. Reaching the bottom of the changing area he opened the door into the small toilet block, four cubicles in a row at the end of the room another door to the shower block. He stepped into one of the cubicles and opened his bag pulling out a tiny spy camera he bought off the internet.

From here he could hear the girls in the next room through a vent. He stopped for a minute, imagining what was going on next door, all the wet naked bodies of all the girls he's dreamed about for so long. Covered in soapy lather, helping each other get clean. Loud cheering and giggling snapped him back into reality. Straining to here he could just make out some words "Hay Amy where you going you still have conditioner in your hair" "just going for a pee, thanks for asking you nosey slut" "I bet she's gone for a wank after seeing Ellen and Anna kiss, I always thought she was one of them" "I'm not gay guys I just need a pee, god" This was so hot, even in his imagination things were not this hot, girls kissing in the showers.

The whole school knew they were gay but they were never into public shows of affection, he wondered what else they got up to in there, with all the girls watching, feeling each other, hands wandering over each other's perky tits and tight asses, a cheeky finger slipped in? Wait. Where did that voice say she was going. The sound of a door opening, footsteps getting closer. Matt's mind raced, please not this cubicle, please not this cubicle. The door swung open, the girl screamed.

This was bad, Matt was exposed, girls were running over from the shower to see to reason for Amy's scream, and all he could do was watch the drips of water slowly rolling aubrey amp s masturbation scene is finger liking good her curvaceous naked body, a bead of water fell from her long black hair, landing on her sumptuous breast and following olia young ass fingering teen soft sex perfect natural curve past her small pink nipples before rejoining her stomach and heading further south towards her perfectly shaven pussy.

He could have watched her all day but someone had taken the initiative to cover her with a towel and once again he was forced to accept the realisation that he was in deep shit. Suddenly he was slapped across the face, a hand grabbed his arm pulling him up and through the crowd out into the locker room and thrown onto the central row of benches.

Lying flat on his back he looked up to see Polly standing over him, and she was not happy "what the fuck do you think you're doing" He noticed that in her anger she had still not covered herself up and his eyes wandered down to stare at the tits that had been taunting him since the start of high school "Oi, my face is up here and if you dare look at my tits or cunt I'll rip that tiny cock of yours off now, what the fuck are you do.

is that a camera, oh I get it you sick fuck, did the guys put you up to this, you were going to spy on us showering, how fucking desperate" "no" Matt managed desperately trying to defend himself "it was just for me, I was going to put it in the toilet" "Oh my god you sick fuck, why do you want to see that, its not enough for you to see us naked, you don't care how attractive we are, you're so desperate to see your first vagina that you put a camera in the toilet where I change my tampon and wipe my arse, just so you can zoom in on my cunt while I go for a piss.

" She started moving towards him climbing up on the bench and slowly lowering herself down over his face. "well go on then look, that's what you want isn't it, see my cunt all close up, well here you go, is it sexy yet, was it worth it cause you know you're getting expelled for this don't ravishing glam babe gets it from behind she was now kneeling over his head her pussy inches away from his nose, he could already smell it's musky scent and it was taking all his restraint no to reach forward and burry his mouth into her lips.

By this time all the girls had followed them through and were standing round them watching intently. "0h, I almost forgot. If this was on your camera I'd be having a piss" Matt just had time to close his eyes as a golden jet shot from her urethra hitting him square in the forehead.

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On hitting his forehead most rolled off, soaking his hair and running over his eyes but because of how close Polly's cunt was to his face and the power with which the piss was coming out some of it splashed back into the air covering her thighs and stomach. He tried to gasp for air but as soon as he opened his mouth it was flooded with the salty golden liquid. Spluttering, Matt opened his mouth wider hungry for more of her precious liquid. Gradually the stream subsided trickling into his mouth in dribs and drabs which he greedily swallowed.

Matt opened his eyes again and was shocked to see Polly's hand furiously rubbing her clit in small circles, her other hand kneading her breast. Then with out warning she let out an animalistic moan of pleasure and collapsed down with most of her weight resting on Matt's mouth her pussy lips crushing into his face.

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He instantly knew what to do and sucking her with her lips, his tongue darting up and down licking up all the drops of her pee lest clinging to her skin, before plunging into her and penetrating her tight hole.

By this time she was humping his face lifting her pelvis up slightly before slamming it back down again. In one last push Matt shoved his tongue as far in as starved milf eating a pussy and fucking could and felt her insides quiver and tighten as another wave of liquid flowed into his mouth as an massive orgasm rattled through her.

The orgasm was the strongest Polly had ever experienced and as the last waves of pleasure slowly faded from her body she was left utterly empty and exhausted unable to hold her self up she fell backwards.

She lay there, flat on her back legs spread exposing her red puffy pussy lips, eyes closed breathing heavily.

"Oh my god what have you done to her you idiot" "don't worry" came the cool response, quite out of tune with the panicked nature of the room, "she's just a recovering from the biggest orgasm she's aver had". A wave of objections came from all the girls mouths at once giving Matt the opportunity to look up and see it was Becky who had made this odd remark. "what are you talking about" "why would she come because she pissed on him" "that's gross" "no it's not gross, it's fact, some of the biggest orgasms girls can have are brought on by releasing the bladder while being stimulated" This only caused more disruption in the room as again a wave of sound rose up.

"like wanking and peeing at the same time" "that's obviously not true" "how do you know this stuff" Everyone looked at her for an answer "well" she said blushing slightly, and looking down at her feet. Matt had an idea what was coming next that made his cock so hard it nearly exploded but he couldn't be that lucky could he? "I kinda have a bit of a thing for pee, I get off on it, I guess you'd call it a fetish but I'm not some kinda bondage freak, it just makes me cum really hard" "she's right girls" a weak raspy voice came from Polly's mouth, "its the best thing you'll ever experience" "that settles it then" Becky said with a smile "who wants to show this disgusting little boy how dirty he is next" The faces of the girls all changed from confusion to excitement as they realise the possibility that was being erotic fingering and bawdy cleft pounding hardcore and blowjob to them.

Something new and sexy, something wild and exciting, something that would give them the best orgasm ever" With a cheer from the crowd Amy dropped her towel, stepped up onto the bench and kneeled over Matt's face. "This is for staring at my tits earlier". Matt saw her stomach tighten and just had time to clamp his mouth around her pussy before a flood of hot piss filled it.

Matt's mouth was filled instantly, his tongue relishing being completely surrounded by Amy's sweetness, he swallowed as fast as he could but it was coming far too fast and soon it bubbled out asian futanari gets cock rubbed hardcore cumshot his mouth over his lips and dribbled down his face. By the time the flow died down Matt was gasping for breath but still wasted no time and immediately started attacking her clit with her tongue, swirling it round, stabbing it, licking it sucking it.

Around the room girls had dropped their towels and were starting to pay attention to their quickly moistening pussies as they watched Amy riding Matt's face in the middle of the room. For Amy it seemed like hours were passing as she ground her face into Matt's warm welcoming mouth, towards that electric tongue, in complete ecstasy.

"I'm gonna CUU." Amy started but the rest of the sentence was lost to a banshee like howl that leapt from her lips and filled the room. Matt sensed the end coming and bit down hard on her clit bringing her over the edge. He gripped it tightly while she bucked up and down, waves of pleasure rolling through her, no longer able to control herself her arms flailed and legs kicked as lightning shot through every vein in her body.

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Matt released her as she slipped of him collapsing onto her side completely spent. A round of applause broke the silence but was cut short by a bell ringing to signify the end of games and the start of the next lesson.

All the girls broke into a panic and remembering where they were franticly started throwing on their clothes on.

He felt an hand on his shoulder and spun round to se Polly behind him, still naked with a wicked smile on her face. "Now then, what shall we do with you" "Please don't tell anyone I'll never do it again I promise I'll." "never do it again" she cut him off "now where's the fun in that. How about you come back on Monday and we'll talk about what you. punishment should be" Most of the girls had hurried of to class by now and Matt thought this a wise time to make his exit.

He headed for the door was stopped by a shout from behind him. He turned round to see Becky standing behind him with her school uniform on and her legs spread wide apart.

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Slowly she lifted up her skirt, bringing it above her waist giving Matt a beautiful look at her while cotton panties, the small bulge of her sex pressing against the tight material. Suddenly a wet spot appeared then grew rapidly, bead of moisture formed on the fabric, swelled in size then ran down her legs.

The stream got wider and faster running down both legs now, hugging her soft skin until they ran into her now soaking shoes. Then the stream broke free and shot strait out the front of her panties, breaking up into small drops in the air before spattering onto the ground.

The stream got less powerful and the liquid fell closer and closer to her feet until after one last golden drop it dried up. Matt was transfixed as she slowly slipped them of, pulled her skirt down and walked towards him, legs still shinny with moisture, holding the sodden panties in front of her.

"Here's a little something to keep you busy until Monday, think of it as a thank you for the show you put on" with that she handed him the panties, which will still dripping with warm piss, and walk out the door, lifting her skirt up as she left to expose her perfectly formed, now naked ass.

"oh and Matt when you give them back, they better not be clean"