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Hot amateur passenger railed in the cab to off her fare pornstars hardcore
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN Chap. 6 CASSY-SCHOOL CONTINUES Over the next week, Cassy found herself with questions, anticipating another round of Daddy and Mommy's education.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom trying different clothes, stripping slowly, looking at her body from all angles while she played with what Mommy told her was her clit, which was short for clitoris, that little nub of skin at the top of her pussy. She quickly realized amazing feelings came from there big ass latina fingers her shaved pussy she rubbed it.

Over the week, she had closed her bedroom door and made it her new BFF. One morning at pancake breakfast before heading off to school, when Daddy had already left for work, Cassy told her mother about her new BFF and wondered with Mommy if she had the same BFF, and of course Mother did. She reminded Cassy of last Friday's session of 'Cassy-School" when she had Cassy eat her out and Cassy actually gave her an orgasm.

That made Cassy think Mommy should do that to me, too. She could give me an orgasm just like Daddy did when he fucked me. He was playing with my clit when he did that. She asked if they could be together in bed soon, just her and Mommy. "Why, honey?" Cassy said, "I liked it when you were teaching me how to kiss, and when you undressed me before we got in the shower, and then all the things you did.

Oh and when you let me eat you out, too. I was so glad I could give you the orgasm like Daddy does.

I white slut gets a black injection in both holes to do that again. And&hellip. I want you to do that to me, Mommy." Cassy's mother took a deep breath and realized how well they had trained her so far. She was proud of their efforts to teach Cassy to be a Real Woman, only thirteen years old and in the seventh grade.

"A" cup bra but with some nice "bumps", as she called them. Cassy hadn't realized it yet, but Mommy knew her daughter's aureoles were sprouting up to be like little bumps on top of the breasts, and this would drive some men wild. Mother thought of the past couple weeks they'd taken her in their bedroom and taught her so many things, and that she'd learned so quickly. No way she'd refuse her daughter's wishes, especially since Cassy had mentioned that her favorite teacher, Miss Evans, said if you wanted to get good at something, you had to practice.

Daddy was going to be gone on a business trip Thursday and Friday. "Cassy, you can sleep with me while Daddy is gone later this week. We'll play, okay?" "Yes, Mommy." This was a new thing, Mommy calling it "play". Sometimes it was getting "fucks", sometimes "jacking off", sometimes "masturbating", like Daddy showed them both on her first night of Becoming A Woman.

Well, I'll learn it all someday, thought Cassy. I'm so glad I have Mommy and Daddy to teach me. "I want to be your whore, Mommy." "Well Cassy!

That's an unusual thing to ask. I guess yeah, you can be my whore if you want. Hey, how about I be your whore?" Cassy didn't need to reflect on this "That'll be fun, won't it, Mommy? We can take turns being each other's whore. And then when Daddy comes home, you can be his whore and then I'll be his whore. I really like it when he sticks his dick in me and then comes, too." "Me, too, baby, me too." Cassy told Mommy she loved watching Daddy's prick slide inside Mommy's cunt and him pushing it in and out until he'd come and they both would go AH AH AH like the jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part one. It was ten p.m.

on Thursday night. Cassy and her mother would spend the night together in the parents' bedroom. After the TV shows, Cassy went upstairs to shower and was now in the big bed wearing regular PJs and waiting for Mommy.

Only the tensor light near the bed was on, so it was darkened in the room, but enough light to see whatever you wished to see. Mother entered the room wearing a high-necked, tight red mini that came barely below her butt. Net hosiery and high, black heels. A pair of black gloves covered her hands and went all the way up past her elbows! Cassy looked wide-eyed, wondering where she got all that and when she had put it on.

A shiny necklace gleamed in the muted light. She walked to the bed and looked at Cassy lying under the covers. "I'm Janice," said Mother, "and I am your whore tonight. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it.

I love men but I also love Real Women and I heard that you're one. Fuck me or whatever you want, I'm yours for tonight." Mother's eyes twinkled at Cassy and london keyes gets slammed in a threesome cumshots asian pink lipsticked mouth opened and licked her wet lips.

Cassy reared up in the bed. "Mommy! That's your real name! I can't call you that!" But her mother said once again, more sternly, "Please call me Janice, and please tell me what you want me to do. I'm Janice, little girl, your whore for tonight. Aren't you a real woman?" Her hands were on her hips and she seemed threatening. "YOU'RE PLAYING, AREN'T YOU, MOMMY???!!!" "Yes, baby, but now I'm Janice and I want you to call me Janice because it turns me on, and I want you to tell me what you want me to do 'cause I want you to find out how it feels to be in charge of the sex, okay?

Let's say this is your next lesson in 'Cassy-School'. "Now, tell Janice what you want your whore to do." Oh golly. Yes, I can do this! We're playing, I can play! Cassy had had vivid dreams since she'd become a Real Woman, and golly, now she might make some of these come true!

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"Did you come here to FUCK ME, Janice?" "I'm here to do whatever you want me to do." Cassy remembered what Daddy wanted her to do not long ago -- "Janice, tease me." "Umm, I'd love to tease your cute body. Watch this," and the whore turned around, bent over to spread her legs. The mini-dress rode up on top of her butt, revealing a pink thong covering only the crack of her ass. Her hand snaked between her legs, fingers ran along the line of fabric and she smacked her ass twice.

"Ummm," she said rising and turning around, "this delicious piece of ass can be all yours if you want it." Cassy grinned real big and then remembered the role Mommy had given her claire black hops in kyle masons cock for a joy ride "Janice, I said tease me!" Mommy came to her on the bed now, shrugged off the top of her dress and bared her naked breasts.

She rubbed them over Cassy's face, forced them in the girl's mouth, and Cassy sucked vigorously, like she was supposed to. Janice slid down the front of her daughter, pulled the PJ top up and kissed Cassy's stomach. "Janice, take my top off and suck my titties." No sooner said than done, with mother's mouth surrounding the bumps, teeth nipping at the tips while Cassy's hands caressed and squeezed Janice's.

Cassy knew Mommy loved this. "You like that, don't you, slut?" said Janice. "What's a slut? Is that like a whore?" And Janice said, "A slut is just a girl who likes to fuck and suck maybe a little too much and doesn't care who gives it to her.

You'll be a slut, right?" Cassy pulled her mother's mouth back to her titties and replied, "I'm the slut. I'm the cocksucking slut who wants you to fuck my cunt like my Daddy does. Use your tongue and your fingers." She was getting real bold ordering her whore. Why not, thought Cassy, she wants me to&hellip.and this is fun, you get to use all the new words!

And Mommy was thrilled to hear these dirty words coming from her young daughter she was training. "Do you want me to take off my dress first?" Oops, thought Cassy, yeah, that'd be a good idea. "Yes, kick off your high heels and then stand over me and strip, so I can see everything you've got, whore. And then put your pussy right on my face, Janice, so I can suck your clit." Wow, I'm really getting away with something now if Mommy does this! And then Janice stood up on the bed and straddled Cassy, reached down for the hem and pulled the dress over her head and gave it a toss.

Nothing on except the long black gloves, the hose and the thong. "Get rid of your panty-thing," said Cassy. And mother did. A knee now either side of Cassy's head, she planted her damp pussy squarely on her daughter's mouth.

"Suck me, baby." Cassy's hands clutched mother's butt and her mouth worked on the soft folds of Mother's wet cunt, her tongue driving inside. Moans and gasps, harsh breathing and juicy wet sounds were the only sounds in the room. Suddenly Cassy pulled back and said, "Come kiss me, whore, kiss the wet from your own cunt." Cassy even surprised herself saying this, but gosh, she was hot right now!

Mommy was so sexy! "I love your pussy, Janice, white horny teen gets fucked by black dick your titties too," said Cassy when she could get breathing room around brat blonde teen whipped in prison cell kisses she plastered on her mother and vice versa.

"I like your fucking mouth, slut," was the reply.

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Cassy wiggled out from under Janice and stripped off her PJ top. Her mother was lying on her back watching Cassy and rubbing her own pussy. Cassy said, "hey, stop that, you need to play with my pussy, not yours. Come eat me, whore. Don't stop until you give me an orgasm as good as Daddy does. Fuck me with your fingers and your tongue and whatever you've got, put it all in my pussy. Do it, whore!" Cassy could hardly believe she was saying these things to her own mother, but it was a game, wasn't it, and didn't Mommy want her to be this way?

Yes! Yes and oh my god I'm so hot right now! Janice leaned over the girl, ran her hands up the PJ leg, rubbed her breasts over Cassy's crotch. She pulled the PJ bottoms off easily and slid between the outstretched legs, talking to the girl's tight slit. "Ummm, such a pretty little pussy for a real woman… so naked… and so pretty pink inside, too," as she used two fingers to open the lips to taste the sweet wet of her daughter. Cassy felt hands on her beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade and a mouth sucking at her clit, flitting inside her, Janice's mouth clamping tightly and sucking noisily, and then the hands slid under her butt to raise her there and the tongue was sliding from her clit to her pussy and down farther to rim around her butthole!

Oh what a feeling!! "Oh gosh, push your tongue right in my butt!" Cassy thought for the hundredth time, I can't believe I'm saying this! Mother's tongue drove repeatedly around the puckered pink rim, diving with a point into the soft, tight opening as it grew wetter and looser. Cassy shifted, said "suck my pussy, make me come, Janice, make me come like Daddy did!" Mother sat up on her knees between Cassy's legs, just looking now at her fuckable daughter telling her to eat her out. Mother smiled and licked her lips, "yes, honey, whatever you want," and plunged down.

She spit on the pussy "the wetter the better, slut" and began giving head to her daughter. Cassy's hands came to Mother's head, police strip suspects were eyed and apprehended by lp officer in a failed attempt to exit, pushing, and sometimes pulling slightly away when she felt ready to explode. I don't want Mommy to stop, don't want her to stop!

"Put your finger inside me, too, whore." And slowly one finger, then a second entered her tunnel, probing and then pushing up against the front wall where the G-spot is and Cassy shivered, her legs trembling like an earthquake as the combination of hot sucking and finger-fucking unleashed the volcano again and mother said, "yeah baby, scream it out, honey," and Cassy bucked and moaned and screamed her orgasm as Mommy tongue-fucked her.


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