Blonde beauty chloeacute lacourt cant get enough of the glory hole

Blonde beauty chloeacute lacourt cant get enough of the glory hole
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"Fuck tonight sucks." I thought to myself as I went to the bathroom on my break. "Something better happen soon or I am going home early tonight." I walked into the bathroom, and stepped up to sink to splash some water on my face when one of the stalls opened and Elizabeth, the cutest member of our companies' janitorial staff, and a girl I have had a major fantasy over, walked out and caught a quick glance at me.

"Oh shit!

sorry Damon, I never heard you come in." I laughed and took a long appraisal at this gorgeous 5'7" black-haired, green-eyed beauty with perky tits, and a nice round tight ass. "Its okay Liz, out of the entire staff I'm glad its you who came out of there," nodding at the stall, "so, how are things at college?" She blushed bright red as she replied, "Oh, its alright.I guess, the classes are going great but all the guys just won't leave me alone." I smile at her and told her exactly what I was thinking.

"Well who can blame them, Liz you have the most beautiful eyes, great personality, and no offense, but your body drives every guy working here wild." She blushed a deep red and asked, "But why? My body isn't that great, I hate my butt and my tits are only a 24 C." I rolled my eyes and cut her words short, " Oh shut up your body is hot as hell, and not all guys are into big tits Liz, hell I actually prefer them your size." Now it was my time to blush, as I felt heat creep up from my crotch to my face.

"Do you really like them Damon?" she asked me as a slight smile came over her face. Now I was getting really nervous and had to stammer out my reply. "Um.well.we.well yeah, I mean.well I don't know, I haven't seen them yet." She looked at me and then the bathroom door, and then quickly lifted her shirt up so I could see her neon green pounding babes lusty fuck holes hardcore blowjob and then put her shirt back down.

My jaw dropped and my cock grew solid "Well." she said, "do you like them?" I was so stunned I couldnt answer. Then she took a quick glance down at my crotch and got her answer. "Is that for me?" she asked sweetly as she approached me closely. I looked at her and slightly nodded my head. She then shocked me even more by leaning close and whispered in my ear. "Just so you know, ever since I started working here I always thought you were cute." She looked at the door again and asked, "how much time do you have left on break?' I looked at my watch and swore, 'Damnit, about three minutes." Then she asked, "When is your next break?" I replied, "In about twenty minutes, I'm sorry but I have to get back to work." As I started to leave the bathroom even more flushed then when I came in, she said "Come back on your next break and I will be in the last stall," She then blew me a kiss and I went back to work.

After the longest twenty minutes of my life I rushed back into the bathroom.

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I almost cried out when someone else was in there also. "In a hurry pal?" he asked. "Yeah!" I exclaimed, "got an emergency situation, if you know what I mean." And I ran into the last stall, right into Elizabeth. "SHHH" she whispered and put her finger over her ruby lips, as the unknown guy walked out. Then Liz grinned wide and asked me "Now, where where we?

Oh yeah thats right," as she unzipped my pants, "right here." I got really nervous then. "Liz we are at work what if we get caught?" She wrapped her hands around my pulsing 7" member and started stroking me "Damon, are you gonna say anything to anyone about this?" "No," I replied. "Neither am I now shut up and enjoy this!" I couldn't resist so I started rubbing my hands up and down her body, stopping at her breasts and running my hand under her shirt to massage them over her bra.

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She moaned softly and unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down and pushed me down on the toilet. She then slowly, almost teasing me pulled down her pants, revealing to me a light green, lacy thong, I drew in my breath with a hiss, and pushing her thong to the side, pulled her ontop of my lap, enveloping my cock deep into her wet, velvety box "Ohhh.Damon you feel so good in me," she whispered in my ear, as she started riding me, "I've wanted this for so.ohh.long." 'So have I," I replied, grabbing hold of her tiny waist as I thrust upward with each downward thrust from her, riding me faster when I grabbed her hair and pulled.

After a few minutes she stood up and told me she wanted to feel me from behind. I eagerly complied and stood up. She then kneeled on the toilet seat grabbing hold of the piping in front of her, and pointed her perfect round ass in the air. I couldn't hold myself back.I grabbed sexy and sophisticated brunette giulia lingerie and cumshot of her waist and positioned the head of my cock at her box and thrust myself as hard and deep as I could.

She moaned as I started thrusting aletta ocean fucking whole hole into her. She shocked me when started talking extremely dirty to me. "That's right Damon fuck your little slut, shove your cock deep in me.come on, please make me cum all over your cock." With this sudden inspiration I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her hot little cunt, then slammed it back in as hard as I could, over and over again, making her cry out in pleasure.

I put my hand over her mouth and said. "Do you want us to get caught? Now shut up and cum for me" All of a sudden I felt her muscles tighten and I knew she was close to the edge.I pulled out of her and kneeled on the floor and started licking her inner thigh until she started begging. "Ohhhh.please stop teasing me, I am so close please make me cum.please!" I smiled and gently started licking and sucking on her hard clit, making her writhe on the toilet seat.

I knew she was extremely close when she put her hands in my hair and started thrusting her crotch at my face. It was when I gently bit down on her love button when she came.hard, her juices flowed into my mouth and I thought I had died and gone to heaven, she was so delicious.

She was sitting on the toilet twitching when I stood up and smiled."I think it's time to see what you taste like Damon," she said as she grabbed hold of my cock and then looking into my eyes she started licking it all around the head and down the shaft.

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