Blonde teen small girl makes big moves

Blonde teen small girl makes big moves
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Understand now that after my mother and I got started sharing sex sessions with each other, it was not all incestuous dreams coming true! We were closer than ever, BUT, dealing with mom was just like dealing with any other woman TIMES TEN! The sex was ten times better than any I had ever experienced, but with it came ten times the frustrations of having my desires repeatedly denied by her, ten times the guilt trips, and ten times the worries; could I possibly knock her up? Will my wife ever find out?

Have I awaken awesome group masturbation voyeur villa videos porn in her that she will seek to satisfy with other men? Will she start speaking of this a few years from now when she starts becoming senile? Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it! For the longest while after the amazing events of those few days while my wife was in the hospital, my incestuous fantasies were confined to my mind and my hands.

My masturbation sessions were fueled by the memories of those three days, and my 42 year-old self returned to my adolescence; spewing gallons of cum while fantasizing over my mother. In the months to come I found every opportunity I could to get to mom's house by myself and attempt an incestuous reconnection between us, but it was not to come easily.

It appeared to me that Mom found all manner of ways to avoid our affair. She was struggling with her conscience, and so was I. On the rare occasion that I was able to attempt to seduce her again, a simple "no", or "we cant", was all it took to end my desires. There was no way I was ever going to force myself on her.

Only once during the following autumn did she give in to our lust, and here is how that happened. I had once again found an excuse to be at her house, this time, I wanted to see an important football game with two great Texas teams.

After the game I rushed home and as usual, we ended up lounging about the living room, she was reclining under a blanket in a soft chair with nothing on but her cotton gown. I had showered and returned purposely wearing nothing but sweat pants.

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As we chatted, I developed a rock hard boner that made my sweats show an obscene bulge in my crotch. Mom eyed it repeatedly and never admonished me in any way and the conversation grew trivial.

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I knew then even while she was just babbling away, lewd thoughts of our sex occupied her mind. I arose and walked over to stand before her with my prick now "tent poling" the front of my sweats, she reached out and touched it and sighed and somehow wiggled her hips, then she smiled, shook her head slowly and pulled her blanket up over her head.

She was being playful. I responded by dropping to my knees, lifting the blanket up at her feet and crawling up under it, breathing my hot breath on her legs and crotch until I ascended to her head. She held the blanket aloft covering us, and there in the darkness our lips met and we kissed.

There is something about her super soft narrow lips that drive me wild when we kiss.

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When our tongues met, I could taste the clean taste of freshly brushed teeth and I knew that she had prepared herself for this encounter. After minutes of kissing, I descended to her breasts, lifted her gown and loved her big mammaries with my mouth and tongue. I could hardly keep her erect nipples in my mouth the yoga babe asshole pounded by pervert dude on the couch her chest was heaving with her exclamations and heavy breathing.

I descended further, and began my oral ministrations on my mother's wonderful pussy. In no time, I had her lunging her hips into me and screaming, I slid a finger into her tight hole as I continued sucking on her cunt, this soon sent her into orgasmic frenzy and she rode my face and finger through wave after wave of ecstasy. I never relented until she squeezed her pale flabby thighs against my head to signal that she could take no more.

I slowly arose, and kissed her as my cock easily found her wet hole and slowly plunged in, once, twice, three, four, five times and then I withdrew and stood up so that my throbbing wet cock danced in front of her face. She looked up at me and moaned as she eagerly engulfed my pole in her soft mouth. "Oh! Your pussy tastes so good doesn't it mom?" I panted.

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She nodded as she willingly sucked on her baby's stiff rod, relishing the size and texture of it as well as the taste of her own juices. I had found something I wanted to repeat and I did just that, after a minute or so of her sucking on me, I would drop down, spread her legs and descend into the warm tightness of her pussy for just a few strokes.

Then I stood and let her clean the entire length of my shaft with her mouth and tongue. After six or eight "cycles" of this, I was in desperate need of release, I asked, "where do you want it mom? Where do you want your baby's come?" She briefly lifted her face off of my cock and panted, "I want to taste you!" I wanted once more to repeat dipping my wick into her hot cunt before unloading so I descended and slid back into her warm pussy.

My feet were pushing off of the carpet to force myself into her depths, I held her legs held out to the side, gripping her folded legs with my thumbs behind her knees. Knowing this was to be the last feel skinny russian teen beauty strips out of her jeans her pussy my cock was to have before coming, I continued plowing into her stroke after stroke, she was yelling, "OHH!, OHH!, OHH!" until she panted out these words "CUM IN MY PUSSY, CUM IN MY PUSSY BABY!".

These words sent shockwaves throughout my body and my whole being pulsed and throbbed as I began unloading glob after glob of spunk into my mother's loving cunt. I was far from displeased with moms sudden change of plans, all of my fantasies end in her receiving her son's come into the place of my origins, and this did my heart good to deposit my load where I have always felt it belonged.

She held me tightly to her until she calmed down a bit and had caught her breath. As I lifted myself from her, my softening dick pulled free from her cunt and warm sperm leaked from inside her and dripped down the crack of her ass and over my sagging nuts. We retired to the guest bedroom, where, after hours of tenderness, I was eventually rewarded with another fuck/suck session.

This time, I had her on her knees and I would mount her from behind, fuck her till I almost came, then scurry around and sit in front of her with my stiff prick pointing up at her chin. She never hesitated to suck me clean, and really seemed to enjoy tasting the products of our unspeakable acts.

What I remember most was the sight of her chubby ass jiggling as I pounded into her from behind, and the way her big tits swayed beneath her as we fucked, then bounced and rubbed on my nuts while she ate my dick. This time, I would oblige her original wishes, and finally shot what spunk was left in my balls into the loving embrace of her mouth.

I was seated in front of her again, she was sucking on me deeply and eagerly, and each time she needed to catch her breath, she would move forward and dance her heavy sagging tits over my nuts and throbbing rod.

When I was ready to come, I held her hands which were under my legs and squeezed them, we were looking into each others eyes, my hips heaved raunchy housewife has her tight snatch pummeled brunette cumshot off of the bed to force my soft cockhead even deeper into her throat, her eyes were tearing up as she tried not to gag and as I started shooting she moaned loudly.

Her moans became liquid sounding as she gargled my cum and tried to swallow my discharge. "Gosh mom! You suck me better than anything I ever imagined!", I said, and when she responded, "I love you baby", I could tell that her voice had changed, her vocal chords were coated with my sperm.

Unfortunately, it would be months later until I could get her to do anything with me again.