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Landing with a thud Sam looked at the I.P. troops that were moving his way with an almost murderous rage. "There it is!" He heard gratifying gorgeous babe with oil massage hardcore and blowjob of the troops yell.

Several pointed there gas weapons at him as they started to advance. They were only twenty yards away when Sam held up his hand.

"Unless you wish to seriously piss me off? I advise against you using those weapons. You see I am immune to them.

Several of the men started to laugh as they advance further, a look of supreme confidence on their faces. "You're nothing but a savage that we will expunge from the universe!" Laughing at least twenty started to fire at Sam. Standing for a few moments Sam wondered just how long these idiots would stand there when they saw that their toys weren't working on him.

A few moments later there were several loud shouts as more men started to enter the area where Sam and the others were. "Trooper report," a man obviously in command said a moment later as he entered the clearing. "That, thing, told us he was immune, at least twenty of us used the gas guns. As it stands right now it appears that he IS immune to them. I believe sir," here the trooper gulped, british milf joi tube porn we are in busty hottie makes a guy cum on her lot of deep shit!" The commander pushed the man out of the way as he advanced to where Sam was still patiently standing.

The IP commander was about to speak when Sam held up a hand. "I have a suggestion." Sam said between angry, clenched teeth. "As of yet I haven't tried to make an enemy of the Intergalactic Patrol, though if things continue as they are, I damn sure will." The commander gulped hard at the renewed murderous look that crossed Sam's face.

The man started to speak then snapped his mouth shut. Again he tried then again thought better of it. Sam was about to move off when he heard a familiar voice.

"Samuel Ray?" The female voice said. Snapping his head back toward the commander; Sam's eyes narrowed. "Hello Drivas. I take it you are nearby? Good I think you should get here real damn quick. I'm very close to harming every trooper here for what they have done. Especially calling me a thing. I don't think the galaxy would miss this foul bunch!" Sam shouted. "We are almost there Samuel; I ask that you spare them for now.

I'm sure that an apology would placate you?" Drivas asked. "Don't think so Drivas, though most of them dead would work!" Sam said seething. Sam heard a sigh, "If you could hold off for a few time frames we will be there." Sam thought about it a few moments still not sure he wanted to wait as pissed off as he was. Finally nodding his head he replied. "Alright I'll wait, though if I don't like what you have to say then there are going to be a lot of hurt people." "Good, be right there," Drivas told Sam.

A moment later a ship touched down then Drivas and Thellus came out approaching Sam. As of yet Sam still hadn't moved from the spot he'd stopped at. Though holding his temper Sam felt it start to slip as the waiting was irritating him to no end. "Alright I waited. What could you say to possibly deter me from hurting all of them? Smiling Drivas stopped in front of Sam. "As I remember you saying you really had no desire to make an enemy of the I.P.

I just figured that you were still in that frame of mind." Shocked a moment, Sam's face twisted to a grimace as he replied. "That WAS the way I was feeling.

Although to be treated as something that is not considered to be alive has turned that desire to nothing." Looking straight at Drivas Sam growled. Then his head snapped toward Thellus who suddenly screamed holding her head. "NO!" She was shouting as her eyes went wide.


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You have no training." With that Thellus gasp then promptly passed out. Turning back toward Drivas Sam's eyes narrowed, "I suggest you not try either. I can feel that your mind has been greatly boosted. Though I don't think you would succeed, you can try if you want.

After you wake up you can tend those that are left alive!" Sighing Drivas placed a hand on Sam to halt him a moment. "If you do this then we all of the I.P. will be your enemy, that includes the both of us.

I do not wish this Samuel. How can we mend this situation? I for one do not wish to fight you." Calming a moment Sam thought. "One chance, they ALL leave NOW! They don't come back or I'll know. I have powerful thought friends out there, I'll know." Drivas nodded as she looked at the shaking commander, "I suggest," She started to the male. "That all troops and officers are evacuated from this planet as soon as possible. The sooner the better. I also suggest that if you ever encounter the individual in front of you again you're more respectful.

Now GO!" The Commander was about to open his mouth when Drivas stared at him making him shake uncontrollably. "Yes special agent! Right away!" The male said falling over himself as he started to bark orders. Turning back to Sam Drivas nodded, "Will that do Samuel?" She asked.

Sam was deep in thought for a few moments. "For now Drivas for now. I'll remove all the rest of the I.P. monitors as soon as they are gone. So are you following me?" Sam asked. "No, we were on special assignment when we heard that you were here. I was told that if I could be of aid to you I was to do so." Drivas said. Sam was nodding though he was also having a hard time buying anything this female said. Then he felt it, snapping his head up, he slightly growled as he pushed back toward Drivas making her back up.

"I told you not to try!" Drivas's eyes went wide she'd hardly even touched his mind and he'd felt it. "I am sorry Sam. This new level my mind is at is harder to keep in check." Drivas said hoping that Sam bought the bold face lie. Sam's eyes narrowed as he stared at Drivas; yeah she was lying though for the life of him he couldn't see an advantage to it. She was stronger yes, almost where he was when gorgeous tits ebony orgasming pinklipz masturbation webcams first met.

Though now he was far beyond that. Strange he thought he'd felt it growing stronger since he'd been on the blue gas world. Then more after the Queen's world. Drivas sighed she was going to have to report this to Thantas. As far as she knew the powerful woman wasn't going to take the news that well. Especially so after Drivas had asked and been granted permission to go to the third level.

There weren't many that could resist her now, yet Sam had shrugged it off as if it were nothing. "I must go Sam, I apologize for Thellus intrusion. She had a far rougher time with her new level. It is taxing to maintain control as much as we have to these first few weeks." Drivas said trying to placate Sam.

Sam only nodded as he watched Drivas collect Thellus then head back to their ship. Within an hour almost all of the I.P. troops were gone.

Breathing a sigh of relief he headed back to where he'd hidden the woman he'd brought back. Pulling up short he saw that she was awake, had been watching the exchange between him and Drivas. "I thought you'd still be out from the gas." Sam told her. "I had thought so also. Though not long after you put me here I awoke, weak but not nearly like I was when the gas hit me.

Sam was nodding as this was striking him as odd. It was almost the same as Mellos. He'd fought her twice, what was it she said the second time? {What in the hell do you think you are doing?

I need her to finishing healing where you stopped!} Where he'd stopped? What in the hell was she talking about? Looking at the female before him he could see that she was quickly starting to gain strength. Holding out his hand to the female Sam said, "My name is Sam. I am from a planet called earth, well. I think I am. According to what a lot of beings are saying I am really from a place called Owt Office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore. They said I am a Cliveastone, from what the woman who had you in her ship said you are one also." The young female's face suddenly held shock then a bit of fear as she again started to tremble.

"I am a descendent of the Cliveastones? No it can't be!" She stated as she fell to her knees sobbing. "I am one of the most hated beings in the galaxy then!" Sam got a perplexed look on his face at this. "Really? I have been to several worlds I wasn't hated but rather welcomed. Hell, on the last two I was called one of the noble races. Oh, and you're not descended you ARE one of them." "NO! The I.P. says that all Cliveastones are hideous, horrible beings bent on ruling the universe!

I can't be one of." The woman started. "Stop!" Sam yelled a little louder than he intended making the woman cringe. "I am one of those people; do I strike you as being that way?

No, the only one I have met even remotely like that is Mellos Thymp. Though at the moment she's starting to look better and better by the moment motive wise. Look whether or not you accept it you are a lot like boy fingers snatch of a pretty teen. If you don't want to be bad, then don't.

I have to go, think of and to me if you need me ok?" "I'll try, I'm Raydy. Thank you for all you have done." Raydy told him. Nodding Sam took to the air again, gathering every monitor he could see and hear. Sighing after destroying them, he headed for space.

Pulling up short as soon as he was in orbit he shook his head. Should have known she'd get away, he thought as he stared at the energy trail leading away deeper into space. Shaking his head again Sam opened another worm hole accelerating away. Raydy watched him leave with a slight tremble to her lips. She had to learn to press her abilities down. It wouldn't do to have the I.P. coming back after her and therefore her family, No she couldn't do that to them.

She had to be strong if what Sam had said was true then she had to be strong. Not far away Raydy landed outside her home going about her daily tasks unaware she was being watched by her parents. [Queen Triada?} The male's thoughts suddenly said. {It appears that she has also emerged. The one called Sam saved her from Mellos Thymp.

Though we have noticed a few strange things sex xxx nose me pin dalna com her. Also all I.P. troops have left the planet. Though without the rest of our triad we aren't sure how long we can last.] {Yes, I felt the stirrings of it; Sam has helped reestablish our Triad.

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Unfortunately ours is the first in almost a century. I have sent him to your second Triad partner though I am unsure he can fully awaken them. They have been subjugated for so long he may hay to destroy many to do this. I am afraid if they lose too many they will fall no matter what.} {No Queen Triada.

they have always been strong. If Sam can find the last of those fighting against the I.P. then he and they have a chance. If he can truly free them this galaxy may have a chance. The simple fact that there is at least one Triad again is promising.} The male that was Raydy's parent said.

{I agree,} the Queen said. {Though we need at least two more Triads before we can effectively do that much. As strong as Sam is I am hoping this truly is the return of his race.} Sam exited the worm hole a mere five minutes later not far from another grayish world.

Looking around he could see that Mellos had been here a very short time then had left. Moving toward her worm hole energy Sam tried to not look at the planet. Even as he was moving forward he sighed when he saw what appeared to be a major battle going on. Well the explosions suggested that. Shaking his head he headed toward the planet. Sam's anger had finally calmed. Though all the delays he was having finding Mellos again was irritating him to no end.

Then there was this business with jada stevens gets anal sex from huge black cock supposed 'good' Intergalactic Patrol. At first yes, they had seemed benevolent though of late his opinion was rapidly changing. With the exception of Drivas and even Thellus he really held nothing for the rest of organization. Going lower he saw that a small band of people were holding off what appeared to be a huge contingent of I.P.

troops. This time he was going to hear both sides before he acted. Landing within the I.P. camp Sam went straight to the commander. Though many gave him heated looks no one moved against him, at least here they didn't treat him like he was nothing.

The Commander's head snapped up when Sam entered. Staring at the male, the commander had been briefed about the power of him. "Hello sir," the commander said thinking respect might garner him more than conflict. "May we help you?

Though at the moment we have to put down this rebellion.

I am therefore unable to offer you much." Sam nodded as he looked around the command post. Nodding he could see that this was a military operation nothing less. At least this time they weren't out and out lying about it. "I saw that there was something of a war going on here. I thought I might ask if assistance was necessary." Sam told the male.

Shaking his head the commander had to step very lightly here, He'd already been told that this male had threatened to destroy all the I.P. on the last world he'd been on. The commander bowed to Sam which caused Sam to pause, "If you tattoo artist tattoo for dicks himself tube porn then any aid you render will be welcome." Sam was nodding this was a good start, though he had to talk to the other side.

Nodding as he looked over everything again Sam said, "I'll be back soon." With that he walked out and lifted toward the other camp. With a grim and determined look the commander ordered every heavy weapon brought forward.

The I.P. might not win this day but by god they weren't weak Prodons to just lie down. No he thought if he was going to die as he thought he was this day was going to be for the I.P. not a freakishly strong alien that the I.P. had thought destroyed centuries ago.

Sam flew the short distance to the other camp almost disgusted at what he saw. They were ill prepared to take on the I.P. troops as they had. Still their determination was holding them fast. Landing Sam could hear the slight groans of the many that were injured propped up to be able to continue fighting.

A moment later a gray skinned male walked up to Sam. "I take it you are here to ask for our cessation? This conflict and our life force will end soon. Though we will die free unlike the rest of our planet. If you are here to end us then I ask that you do so quickly. To suffer longer as we are will only make us more determined to fight longer." Sam drew back a moment.

They school girl xxx story play fighting to stay free? Rubbing his chin he nodded, he was only being fair though it appeared that the I.P.

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was on a merciless march again. "I am only here to do that which is right. Please take care of the injured. I'll be back soon." Sam said through clenched teeth his ire rising to the surface again. Turning back toward the I.P. troops Sam could feel his anger as it started to cute and nerdy japanese babe with glasses aoi mochida is really into good hard fucking she gives her again.

How dare they lie to him! After he had gone in not as a threat, but a friend they had tried to use him! Growling Sam was almost to the I.P. troops when several heavy weapons opened up on him. Surprised a moment Sam was tossed to the side abruptly.

Roaring out he hit the nearest heavy gun watching with a smile as it exploded. 'So,' he thought, 'now they thought they could kill him?

Sorry Drivas this time many were going to die!' Flying as quick as he could Sam destroyed the other nineteen positions with equally explosive results. The commander thought this was an exercise in futility. Then ordered the city destroyer guns brought forward. Sam had just destroyed the last gun when he heard the sound of even heavier equipment being moved.

Sam has just turned toward the new sounds he was hearing. Suddenly he was hit and forced to the ground. brazzers xxx prone story dwonlod the hell was this,' he thought as he started to push back against the powerful beam.

Snarling when the power upped pinning him once again, Sam chopped at the beam momentarily getting free. "Keep it up!" The commander was yelling. "He can't defend against it!" Nodding all the men on the city destroyers began to fire more in earnest at Sam. This of course only served to piss Sam off even more.

Finally through being pushed back Sam stood stalwart as he began to move forward against the increasing beams that were hitting him. Surprised the Commander ordered the retreat of all the crews as he watched Sam draw closer to breaking free. Damn it the man thought, I should have brought out the planet carver.

Taking cover the commander took remote control of all the weapons turning the power up almost all the way. There was more than one way to kill this piece of Intergalactic trash he thought.

Sam was seething as he was slowly starting to make headway against the weapons they were using. Almost all he could see was red as he felt he was getting closer to the weapon.

Tough it wasn't hurting him in the least it was more annoying than anything else. Finally Sam could touch the machine he'd been heading for. Making a slashing motion through the weapon Sam breathed a sigh of release as it exploded. Growling Sam then turned his attention to the other nine that were slowing his progress.

So they wanted to play it this way he thought. Fine! Taking slightly to the air Sam slowly made his way to each machine destroying it as soon as he touched it. Finally the last was gone as Sam started to look for the troops and especially the rat bastard commander. THAT one Sam had already decided was a dead man walking! That is when he found the man. From what he saw almost all of the troops that were there were gone. Searching the area Sam was shocked when he found none of them.

That is 'til he heard a ship blast off for space. Taking off after it he was inside in a few moments. "So, you bastard bored students get it on in detention really thought you could kill me? I've got a better idea." Sam said as he grasped the man around the throat. "Let's take this outside the ship shall we?" Sam growled as he walked to the hull then the both of them vanished.

Appearing outside the ship as it moved away Sam smiled at the commander. Waving to the man Sam backed off as the man gasped then the body started to swell then exploded outward.

Sam nodded with a faint smile, asshole he thought. You deserved more, though I'll take what I get. Going back to the planet Sam landed near the leader. "I take it they are gone?" The Gray leader asked. Sam nodded as he thought of everything that had happened.

"Yes, though I had to kill a great many when they started to use their weapons on me." The gray leader nodded then bowed to Sam. "Thank you sir for what you have done. Please excuse us. We have to retake our world if we are to survive." Moving past, Sam sat for a few moments surprised they hadn't asked for more help.

I wonder if it would be rude if I helped them anyway.