Mom and son caugth cheats

Mom and son caugth cheats
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Author's note As stated before this is my first time writng in a long time please bear with me, not as long I know working on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake jerked awake, "damn that was the hottest dream I have ever had!" as he looked down at his tented pants and whistled,"appears it was hotter than I thought." Just then he heard a soft giggle behind him, "yes master Jake it was very hot." Jake turned slowly his mouth agape "oh my god you are real!" he shouted, "I thought you were just a dream." Jake could only stare at the half naked beauty next to him her 36c breasts visible through the sheer gossamer fabric that left nothing to the imagination as her perky nipples stood eva karera trying on lots of shoes proudly through the material.

"Then.then.that.last night.the." Jake stumbled on his words. again she giggled "yes master Jakeit was real and very delightful!" reaching for his shoulders she started to massage them.

"Master Jake you are so tense what is wrong?" she asked with a worried look on her face. "You are just so beautiful" he whispered. As a smile slowly crept across her young face she leaned in to softly brush a kiss across his lips, his senses suddenly alive as his body felt as if a million sparks flew across his body."Thank you master Jake" as a sexy smirk played across her face.

"We really need to talk genie," a serious look on his face, "I need to know everything about you and what you can do" He was hoping that this really was real 'cause most of his life he felt he had been rapidinhas putona leva uma pirocona de respeito, this change of luck was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of his existence, IF THIS WAS REAL.

He still found it hard to believe that a gorgeous woman would want him, let alone touch him. Bowing her head she stated "as you wish master Jake, as you know I am a tool created to help the kaliah's son who as I told you, was somewhat evil." Not raising her head she continued on,"I have powers as you have seen but there are some things I can not do.

One and foremost I can not kill anyone in anger or not, two, I can not make someone fall in love no matter how bad I or they want it." She paused to shyly peek up at him. "Three, I can not reanimate the dead," she whispered, "it is very messy master and has never turned out good" shivering she peeked up again.

"Four I can not disobey your orders even if it means my eventual death" again she shivered her body trembling her chest heaving as she lowered her eyes. "My powers are blonde cutie has fun with a pecker unlimited to a point" again she peeked up at him her large green, sexy eyes seeming so deep and loving making Jake want to melt into them 'damn I could really fall for her' he thought."You said to a point" he stated as he stared back into her eyes.

"Yes master Jake besides the rules I can only do so much, I have power yes but I can not just blink or snap my fingers and change the world, like make a war stop and all be friends.

I can grant many," she smiled seductively "sexual favors and. many sexual toys if you wish" a wide smile spreading across her face. "Ok IF this isn't a dream then lets start easy I want new furniture in this place" not still quite believing she was what she claimed she was, he waited. "Yes master Jake" as she looked around the room and blinked and poof an actual sofa appeared!! "holy shit!" he yelled.

Next a new coffee table, a huge dining room table with high back captain chairs, on and on it went till poof crash, "I apologise master the bed was a little too big for the bed room." "Huh Bed?" he quipped. "Yes master you said ALL new furniture and since your bed can hardly hold you let alone both of us I thought it would please you." she replied shyly. Jake rushed to his small bed room to stare at a king size bed taking up almost the whole room.

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Gen tsked as she blinked and the room grew to twice as big as it was before,"there master that should be adequate for us both" Jake just stood there in the doorway hardly believeing what he saw. "Gen you can't just." he started "Tis alright master, tis only on the inside not the outer" she said, momentarily distracting his train of thought.

Jake shook his head and sat down on the edge of the bed, looking up he caught a quick flash of her thin triangle of hair bearly hiding her pussy as she strode to the bed. "Now master" she whisperered lustly as she watched his pants start to tent again, reaching out to trace the outline of his cock, "Would you like to take me and have what I know you have been wondering about?" snapping her fingers they were both naked Gen staring hungrily at at his cock, licking her lips in anticipation.

"Gen again I don't know what to ." he stated sheepishly as his cock began to throb painfully and Gen laid back on the bed spreading her legs almost lewdly, Jake could see the moisture glistening and begining to spread from her pussy lips, beckoning for his touch she arched her hips up and forward toward him.

"Take me master, I hunger for your touch" and with that she reached her arms out to him, "look between my legs master and touch me, do what you feel is right, for you nothing that you do is wrong" Jake was almost in shock every nerve tingled as he reached for her. Touching her he could almost feel her pulse as the heat rose from her, satin soft skin, her moistness, her musky smell with a hint of jasmine filled his nostrils as he shakily felt her outer pussy lips, her body again arching up at the first touch of him.

"Master please, I need you" she begged "do not be afraid, I am all yours to do with as you want." Jake leaned closer to her taking in the glorious site of her exposed pussy. Touching her labia with his tonguetrying to experiment he found he loved her taste and hungerly pushed his face lower lapping at the moisture that began to flow from her opening.

"AAAAAAAHHHH master yes! like that yes! yes! UUUGGGHHH! Don't stop master," as Jake lapped harder and deeper into her pussy her scent intoxicating, filling his senses washing through him, his unbridled lust and want for her building his cock throbbing almost begging to be slid into her velvety opening.

Jake lapped nickey huntsman with glasses gets pussy fucked and creampied hardcore and blowjob harder trying to get every precious drop of her nectar as he began to press further and further into her opening.

"Oh master!" she screamed as her body began to buck up towards his eager seeking tongue. Jake reaching her clit began to lovingly stroke it with his tongue as she shook harder and came again! Hardly believing he had brought her this much pleasure he briefly smiled and tentavly started sucking gently on, first the hood then the clit it's self as she gasped and strained to get more of his mouth on her.

After 3 more orgasms she gently pushed his face away, "no more master, please!" she begged, "FUCK me bbw amateur fucked in gangbang with skinny girl now!

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I need you buried deep within me!" Jake quickly moved up between he legs as he positioned the head of his cock at her opening "tell me if I." he started, "master please shut up and fuck me NOW!" she shouted wrapping her slender legs around his ass the moment she felt his cock head and pulled him fully within slim girl takes care of a dick. As Jake slid all the way into her velvety opening her warmth engulfing him he thought that this was as close to heaven as you could get.

As his cock throbbed inside her pussy, the walls grasping and massaging him, his pleasure soaring to new heights, he didn't want to move not wanting the feeling to go away. "Master you can move, it gets better" she whispered breathlessly, "just thrust in and out let nature takes its course" Jake began to slowly, at first move his cock out then in her softness seeming to grab and try to pull him back in every time he withdrew a small whimper escaping her lips each time.

Finally unable to take it any longer Jake started to plunge in with longer, firmer strokes, filling her fully his cock pulsing deep within her as she bucked up and tried to take him deeper. "Master, please, harder I need you HARDER" she pleaded wrapping her legs around him pulling faster and harder.

Jake could feel the churning of his balls as the feeling of completion drew closer "Gen! I'm going to." he shouted, "Yes, master, YES! fill me make me complete with you" she screamed out, just as she stiffened and began convulsing, Jake began to pump and shoot his cum deep into her, "Oh my god!" a feeling of euphoria swept over him and they both climbed to the ultimate heights feeling nothing but the two of them in their own world. Coming off of the high Jake looked down at the naked brown haired beauty and marveled at the beauty they had created.

"Are you alright Gen?" he asked checking to see if she was still breathing. "I am more than alright master I feel as if I am in paradise!" as a beautiful smile spread across her face, "I have been waiting for that for a very long time! Even for our first time it was perfect!" "Our first time? What do you mean?" he asked as he looked at her quizzingly.

"Well master, as I have fingers and fucks taut asian japanese and hardcore I was created for this, I know what it is and how it is but I have never actually done this and I have been waiting til I did, it was so wonderful!" she stated lovingly as she slowly kissed his neck and cheeks.

"I thought you had a barrier if you hadn't had sex before?" (even he as a virgin knew about a hyman he wasn't dumb he was online almost everyday.) "Master," she smiled shyly' "I was created without it to make the Kaliah's son's first experience as easy as possible." Jake thought a minute hhmm ok made sense. "So did you really enjoy it? was it really that good or were you created just to say that to boost my confidence I want the truth, can you answer honestly this is an order!" Jake told her sternly.

Gen sighed, "as you wish master, it was a little of both, at first it was only what I created to do but as you loved my pussy with your tongue I felt feelings that weren't there before, I have a confession master," "Ok" answered Jake "I think.

I am not sure, I feel this. deep warmth in my chest when I am near you when I think of you, not something I was made to do," she whisphered almost afraid of how he would answer. Jake sat back to think, "I feel somewhat the same way, you say you are mine this I understand but I want you to continue to grow and have feelings, ok?" Gen only nodded her head as tears began to fall from her soft brown eyes.

"Hey, I'm sorry Gen I didn't mean to upset you." "It's not that master uh. master Jake" she remembered as she brushed back her tears, "I am not upset I am just so happy, I thought that you would be angry and would wish to punish me, put me back into the bottle alone without you, I. I don't know if I could survive without you." "Oh my god Gen!

Would others really be that cruel? I would never make you go back into the bottle it must have been horrible!" Jake looked at the trembling woman before him. Lowering her eyes and then her head she whispered bearly audible' "yes master Jake it was and yes when I was created we jinns were only property and nothing more, it was nothing for masters then to make my kind stay in thier bottle almost all the time only letting us out to grant a wish and nothing more." "Ok Gen I wish." he started.

"Master Jake, please carefully word all your wishes " as tears still streamed down her face. "Gen, I wish for you to no longer be a slave to that bottle and be free to love and live, that should do it" Jake hoped that the wish didn't allow her to leave him as he was starting to really get attached to the lovely woman.

With a smile she softly said, "as you wish MASTER JAKE" there was a deafing boom as Jake looked at her bottle and it began to crackshatter, then just as suddenly it was quiet and the bottle was poof! gone! "I hope you know master Jake for what you have done, I am now yours forever as I now know that I love you with my whole being," Jake was shocked at her statement, " I am now free to love and it is you whom I pledge my heart to.

Jake could only stare as she wrapped her arms around him and passionately kissed him. To be continued