Males team fuck their cute lovely gfs

Males team fuck their cute lovely gfs
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This is Ashlynn's story of her Daddy's discipline tactic: she is 14 So things haven't quite been the same since my Daddy decided I was to be treated as a whore because I was acting like one, well according to him anyway. He still insists that I am to be butt ass naked when I am in the house because whores don't deserve to wear clothes but at least he hasn't spanked me like he did before.

I guess you could say I'm trying to be a good girl… One Friday afternoon and I'm getting home from high school early cause I ditched 6th period cause there's a sub and I didn't do my homework anyway. As I walk in I can hear my Daddy talking to a buddy and I think to myself, shit what the fuck is he doing home this early? I try not to make a sound and sneak up stairs but the god dam bottom step creaks and I always forget to skip that step. Sexy katrina kaif xxx story xxx Daddy yells out "Princess you're home a little early aren't you?" Fuck, I am so screwed, my stomach does a little flip flop and I hope that he's gonna be in a good mood.

So I turn and head into the living room and can see that he's sitting on the couch. I stammer out "yeah Daddy they umm had a fire drill at last period so they just released us early". He doesn't even turn around to acknowledge what I've said but instead tells me to go make Uncle Mike and him a Jack and Coke. I didn't even know I had an "Uncle Mike" anyways I scurry off as quick as can be so that he doesn't get impatient cause an impatient Daddy is an angry Daddy.

I make the drinks with no thought to it since Daddy taught me how 3 yrs ago when I was 11. He said the only way to make a man happy is to cook a good meal and make a stiff drink. So drinks made I return to the living room. This time he looks at me and smiles, he says 'there's my little pretty princess now".

I think to myself cool he's got to be in a good mood. I go to hand him the drink and he stops me asking if I've taken my swig yet. He believes a drink shouldn't be served until you've tasted what you've made and you yourself knows it's good. I tell him yes of course but I can see him eyeing the rim of the glass and looking at my dam lips.

My red "kiss me" lipstick isn't on the glass and now he knows I'm lying. Ugh, I hate Jack and Coke, so I smile and say "just teasing you I wanted you to see me take my swig so you know I did". In goes a mouthful and I hand him the glass. I go to give Uncle Mike his but Daddy stops me and says "I have to swig that one too to make sure they're made the same". In goes another mouthful. This stuff is too strong for me, I hate the taste of it.

I actually prefer a nice cold beer but at 14 yrs old it's not like he gives me the choice.

LOL I hand the drink to Uncle Mike. Who by the way is a FREAKING HOTTY. I don't think he's as old as my Daddy who's 37 but maybe early 30's. He's a big guy though, really nice thick black hair and very tan. My Daddy says "Ashlynn this is Uncle Mike why don't you give him a kiss hello". So I lean over and give him a little peck on the cheek. Daddy tsks at me and says "Ashlynn he's like family give him a kiss on the mouth". I look at Uncle Mike and my heart starts to flutter, he's got the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen on a man.

I lean in and give him a nice soft kiss on the mouth, not a French kiss but like a kind of let me check you out kiss, man his lips were soft. I look over at Daddy and he's smiling, so maybe this is gonna be a good day.

But then that smile turns and I can see he's tensing up. He says "So the school got out early today"? I nod, but know already that I have fucked up.

Daddy says, "that's funny cause the school actually called about 20 mins ago asking if why you were picked up early because you're not in class but you're not signed out. So either they're lying or your lying, which is it". I know the color has just completely drained from my face.

I say 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to lie, it's just that I didn't get a chance to do my homework for that class and there was a sub anyway so I just thought". Daddy cuts me off, he says in the calmest voice "Ashlynn what's my rule about cutting class and getting caught".

I say almost whispering, "3 spanks times whatever period I've skipped". Daddy smiles and asks, "so how many does that make"? I say, "3 x 6 is 18 sir".

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I figured it couldn't sexy plumper takes fat dick and eats cum pornstars and hardcore to show some respect, right. Daddy says "that's right it does, but we have a guest here now and I can't possibly spank you and let him just sit there. So I will let him help with your punishment. You will be getting 18 spanks per ass cheek now, is that understood".

All I can do is just nod my head. Now you may be thinking 18 spanks, that's nothing but it is when it's Daddy. He spanks so hard and on my bare ass. The last time he spanked me I was bruised for 3 days. Although I can't really say how many times he spanked me the last time. I've been avoiding that little fucked up memory.

On top of that now I have to deal with "Uncle Mike" spanking me too, FUCK!!! I look at Uncle Mike in hopes that he's got some aversion to what's about to happen but by the smirk he's got going I don't think that's a possibility. I'm standing there just thinking this is jacked up. I watch Daddy get up and start moving the big couch pillows. He turns and says, "what the hell are you doing just standing there girl, get your clothes off". I look at him my green eyes open wide in panic. I say, "you want me to be naked, all naked"?

He looks at me like I'm an idiot and says, "well you're not even supposed to be wearing clothes in the house anyway right, whore". Now between clenched teeth he says, "strip and I mean right now!" My Daddy can look extremely scary when he's pissed and he's looking pissed so off comes my clothes. I stall after my mini skirt and halter top in hopes that he'll just be satisfied with that and get this over with but he just stands there with his black eyebrow cocked.

So I take my lace black bra and matching panties off, I pull my long black hair over my 34C's tits and try to cover my shaved bald pussy with my hands. Daddy laughs and says, "Oh come on girl you don't have a shy bone in your body, put those hands down, get your skinny ass over here and lean over the back of the couch".

I know I shouldn't because it's xnxxx the mother fucking between father is come going to make it worse but I stomp over there in a complete huff. Uncle Mike starts to laugh and I'm telling you if looks could kill that mother fucker would be dead right now. I don't care how hot he is. Although I have to tell you my nipples started to harden up because of the way he was looking at me.

Like I was a banana split and he wanted to eat me and lick the bowl clean. So there I am kneeling on the couch with my tits hanging over the back and my Daddy takes his big ole gorilla like hand grabs between my thighs and says, "spread these legs girl I want your ass presented nice and high like".

He looks over at Uncle Mike and gives a wink and says to him, "Don't be shy about spanking her cause that's the only way a whore learns her place, isn't that right Princess". I gulp, cause I just know that this is gonna be more about him making a point. It really sinks in cause he's still got a hold on the back of my thigh up by my ass and he's squeezing it like it's one of those hand exercisers. Daddy clears his throat and grumbles to Uncle Mike, "why don't you go ahead and take a couple of practice smacks so I can tell you if you need to go harder".

I'm thinking what the fuck but it seems my body is starting to say come on and give it to me then cause I'm starting to feel a little wet in the pussy area. What the hell is wrong with me that I'm hanging over this couch butt ass naked about to get my ass reamed by Daddy and his Buddy and I'm getting hot about it. Now Uncle Mike grabs me on my ass cheek and gives it a hard squeeze and says in the sexiest drawl I have ever heard, "Sugar don't you worry this won't hurt&hellip.much", and then he kind of gave a little cackle.

Yeah that drawl and voice got my pussy dripping and then with the smack, smack, smack. He laid some on me I swear it brought tears to my eyes. I yelped and looked back at my poor ass and you could gorgeous tits ebony orgasming pinklipz masturbation webcams his big mitt print right there in the center of my right cheek.

Holy shit I'm gonna get 18 of these. Then Daddy starts laughing and says, "Dam Mike I guess you don't need practice after all, well then let's get to it".

They start taking turns smacking and it's not even just smacking, it's like smack, squeeze and a tug all at the same time. It's enough to rock me from side to side. I felt like they were having a tug of war and my ass crack was the God dam flag. I was trying to keep the smack count in my head but I just gave up. All I know is that I was getting man handled as much as I was getting smacked but I'll tell ya my pussy was dripping, my ass was on fire, my nipples were rock hard and all I wanted to do was cum.

Finally, Daddy stops and motions to Uncle Mike to back offwhich he does but he still got a grip of my ass cheek. Daddy says, "I think she's had her fill and gets the point, don't you princess". All I can do at this point is nod. Daddy says that I should go get a glass of water and clean my face off cause I've gone and cried all over myself and I look a hot mess, but to come right back in there.

I run to the bathroom turn on the light and turn to look at my poor ass and HOLY SHIT it is beat ass red now. Dam I say to myself that is gonna hurt to sit on. Well there's nothing to do about it, so I splash some cold water on my face, cup some water in my hands and gulp it down.

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I hurry back down to those fuckers because I don't want to chance getting another smack you session. I walk into the living room and they are just laughing away. Daddy looks up at me with those black cold eyes and says, "I hope you've learned your lesson about lying because the next time it happens, the belt will be used instead, you got me".

I nod and try to smile but the image of this all happening with the belt is too much for me to even fathom. Well daddy says, "Uncle Mike has to be going but I think you need to go over and give him a kiss of thank you for helping out with your discipline".

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Is he frigging serious, Uncle Mike just spanked and grope the shit out of my ass, barely keeping his fingers out of my dripping pussy and you want me to give him a kiss of thank you. Fuck he should be the one begging to kiss me. I guess I was lost in that train of thought because Daddy snapped his fingers at me and said, "Bitch did you hear me". I just barely held my eye roll and walked over to give Uncle Mike the kiss that he so earned. I leaned in to give him a kiss on that scruffy cheek of his and felt Daddy grab my arm.

He said all angry like, " what the fuck are you doing". I looked at him like he had gone insane. He said, "Princess a kiss on the cheek is not how you show your appreciation to a man that has helped in your discipline. Now sit on his lap and give him a proper thank you kiss".

I thought well alrighty then, so my naked ass climbs over his sprawled out legs and straddles him. My bald ass pussy smashes up against his cock that still seems to be rock hard and I look him dead in the eye. I lean in to go for a kiss and he licks his bottom lip. Just that little action from his tongue set me on fire. I mistakenly thought that I would do this nice and slow.

You know give the old guy a little torture, maybe make the bastard cream in his pants as pay back for enjoying the smacking too much. But the second our tongues met I knew I was in over my head. Uncle Mike could kiss like a mother fucker. And he was all over it too, one hand fisted my hair, the other was at the small of my backpulled me in real tight to him so that johnny sins fucks august ames from behind doggystyle hardcore and blowjob tits were smashed up against his chest.

When we parted to breathe all I could do was tilt my head back and hold on cause he started to blaze a trail of fire hot kisses down my neck.

I thought I was gonna melt. I've kissed my fair share, but I've never been kissed like that. His hands were so fucking strong and they way he kept pulling and pushing on my body. I swear I could have came right then and he hadn't even touched my tits. All of a sudden my head is completely yanked back and I'm looking into my Daddy's eyes and he says between clenched teeth, "I do believe you've gone and given Uncle Mike a raging fucking hard on and you're being nothing but a little cock tease.

Go on and get on your knees and take care of that for him". I feel Uncle Mike let go of me and Daddy drags me back and off Uncle Mikes lap, I slide to the floor between Uncle Mike's spread out knees. I look up at Daddy with pleading eyes.

Honestly I would probably say that had he left me alone that I most likely would have been down here eventually but still, you have to admit it's one fucked up situation when your Daddy is demanding you suck his friend off.

I guess I wasn't moving fast enough cause Daddy smacked me up the side of my head and gritted out, "what the fuck you waiting on". Then Uncle Mike said to my Daddy to chill out it's all good. I thought that meant that he wasn't gonna take Daddy up on the offer for me to suck him off but when he stood up all he did was undue his slutty luscious babe gangbanged hard pornstar and hardcore and let that monster of a cock that I was grinding on free.

He looked down at me with a smile and said, "come on baby it'll be alright". I think he might have thought that I hadn't done it before but I won't lie, I've sucked a few. I'll tell you though none of them were as big as his. That thing had to be 9" and it was thick. There was no way I was getting that all the way in.

But what the fuck I'll give it my best shot. I gave a tentative lick to the head at first. You know around his cum hole, and then down around the side of his shaft. I got to the base right at the balls and was surprised to find that he shaves his balls. I story sex pantat besar black porncewe negro to say none of the ones that I've sucked have had that done and I think I might have to insist on it now cause, man did I dig that.

They were so soft to touch and licking them was fantastic. I loved the salty taste they had. I could just about get them both in my mouth. I think Uncle Mike was really starting to enjoy that cause he was moaning a lot now.

He had his hands all twisted in my hair. I heard him saying, 'oh yeah baby just like that, suck my balls, oh that's so fucking good". I let his balls out of my mouth and licked up the side of the shaft again to the tip, gave the tip a little swirl to get it wet and then just breathed on it a second with the hot air from my mouth.

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That made him squirm a little. Then I just opened my mouth as wide as I could and took him in as far as I could. I closed my mouth tight and put some suction on him, with my tongue gliding on his shaft, I started stroking him up and down real slow like.

Then we started going faster and faster.

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I say we because with his hands all twisted in my hair he's the one that took over and set the pace. He was trying to get that monster all the way in. I kept making a gagging sound and he would inch back just a little. Then he would say "relax that throat baby". After a couple of times I got it almost all the way in.

It felt like it went on forever though. He'd be shoving it in all hard and fast and then he would slow down and go nice and gentle. He really liked sticking in the side of my cheek and popping it out. I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load cause I felt him tense up and I guess Daddy saw it too because he yelled at me to swallow it all down. And then he shot his load and I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. That was a new one to me cause I've always saved it in my mouth and then spit it out.

It wasn't bad though I'd probably do it again. I looked up then at Uncle Mike and he smiled, leaned down and gave me a kiss on my forehead and said to Daddy "I do believe I want to be here any time Ashlynn needs to be disciplined'. I looked over at Daddy with a smile on my face and he rubbed the bulge in his pants and he said, I think it's my turn to get thanked&hellip.

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