Ed skinny blonde teen stretched by big dick sharing pussy with my stepmom

Ed skinny blonde teen stretched by big dick sharing pussy with my stepmom
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I left Peg and the girls and headed back to Fort Bragg, as my young sex parties michelle can dp and cum shower for michelle was up. It was back to work, getting ready for possible redeployed in the next few months. I kept in touch with Peg and the girls through various forms of communications(cell phone, emails, texts, and sometimes just a regular letter).

She informed me that the girls would be with their dad over Thanksgiving weekend, and would it be ok if she came and visited me. I told her I would be delighted to have her here with me.

I have a small house on base, with two bedrooms. I told her that my CO is holding a party on Saturday night, for those who are still on the base. Which usually means that if you left the base for Thanksgiving, you made sure you were back on Saturday.

Just before my last leave, I had received my promotion to Staff Sergeant (E-6), and would be one of the honored guests at the party. Peg took the kids to their dad's Tuesday night, and she took Wednesday off from work, and left at 6 am, and figured to be at the base sometime mid afternoon. She called at 2 pm saying that she was at the base. I was there in 5 minutes to meet and greet her.

We got back to the house, and I helped her get her bags into the bedroom. She put her things in the dresser drawers that I had emptied for her and hung up her good clothes in the closet.

She then turn and looked at me. "You know it has been a long couple of months, and I have thought about you constantly ," she said to me, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss.

We stripped our clothes off, and made our way over to the bed, kissing passionately, and grouping each other, both of us full of sexual lust.

She started to work her way down on me, kissing and sucking my nipples, as she stroked my cock. She then moved on down to my rock hard cock, and plant kiss all over it and my balls. The effect was sending electrical jolts through my body.

She looked at me and said, "I just can't wait anymore I am so wet, that I need you in me right now." She moved up and straddled me, guiding my cock right into her steaming wet hole.

It felt like I just entered a furnace, she was so hot. She rode me like there was no tomorrow, just pounded on top of me as fast as she could. I thought for a minute we would were shaking the whole base. She threw her head back and cried, "I am going to cum," and she had a very intense orgasm, bathing my cock, balls, and thighs hot teen babes licking and fingering each twats on sofa her cream.

For some reason she did not crash into my arms or stop fucking me, she kept right on going. She had this wild crazy look on her face and in her eyes. She yelled, "I am coming again," as she let loose with another wet orgasm, soaking me again, and then she collapsed on my chest.

I let her calm down for a few minutes and then rolled her over, never letting my cock out of her pussy. I started to fuck her nice and slow, with deep strokes, hoping that I could last for a while. She started to wiggle and squirm, as I picked up the pace.

Soon I could feel that tell tale sign of my nuts tightening up and my cum start to race up my shaft, and I shot a load that lifted her hips right off the bed. We both laid there exhausted, our hearts were just pounding from all that sexual excitement. Finally with her in my arms we fell asleep.

When we woke up, it was dark outside. We took a shower together, which lead to another session of fucking, till the water started to get cold. We were both hungry and together we made dinner of fried pork chops, vegetable, and a salad. After we cleaned up and did the dishes, we went into the livingroom and watched some TV. It was not long and we were making out like a couple of teenage kids, with out tongues buried in each others mouth, as she started to lightly stroke my cock. She said, "I am soooo horny, and want you to make love to me." "Oh as if I could not figure that one out." I whispered back into her ear.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed. We stripped our clothes off, and jumped into bed.

I gave her a very passionate kiss, with our tongues lightly flicking over each other. She starts to stroke my cock again. As we broke the kiss, she says, "Oh it feels so good to be here with you." I responded by kissing her lightly and softly on the lips, and then on her ears, and down her neck. I continued down to her breast, softly kiss and sucking her nipples. They were rock hard, like two missiles waiting star jhalsa serial actress madhumita sarkar porn story be fired.

My hand got busy stroking her slit, and she spread her legs to give me better access. I inserted a finger into pussy, and it was sopping wet. I pushed in as deep as I could inside of her, and started to rub the roof of her vagina hitting her g-spot, then moved back and rubbed her clit, I kept switch between the two sending her into orbit.

"O MY GODDDDDD I am going to cum." She cries out in delight. Her secretion starts to thicken on my finger and hand. She throws her arms around me and locks her legs on my hand, as her body begins to shake from a massive orgasm.

She flops over and lays there for a minute or two, I look over at her and could see the sweat lightly glistening off her body. She smiles weakly at me and said, "dam that was good, you really got me off." She moved down on me and started to suck my cock, and play with my sack.

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Three times she brought me up for an eruption, only to let me calm down. Man was she a good cock sucker. She moved up on top of me, and guided my shaft into her sheathe, and started to work on my firing controls. She fucks me hard till I started to feel my sack tighten up and my cum shaft expand.

Soon my balls let loose a flow of my white lava, and I flooded her pussy with my hot cream. She collapsed down on top of me, still shaking from her orgasm. "Was that good for you baby." She purred into my ear.

I was still out of breath and just hugged her, and nodded my head yes. Thursday she raped me in the morning. We went to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of the day was spent in bed, seem she could not get enough of me. Friday I showed her around the base. For dinner we got dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant.

She fucked me most of the night Friday. I told her Saturday that I needed some rest so I would look good at the party. The party was nice, and well attended by our guys and their spouse's or dates. Peg looked outstanding in her low cut silver dress that was full length with a slit running up one side to mid thigh.

The dress was form fitting, and showed off all of her curves. It was very sexy. A lot of the guys were asking about her, wanting all the details of how we met and where was this heading. The CO called me up front to congratulate me on achieving holed anal toys loosen tight asshole for big dick fuck with rebel lynn rank of Staff Sergeant.

The party wound down around mid night, and we headed back home. As we laid in the bed naked in each others arms, and our kisses became more passionate, soon our tongues began to caress the others lovingly. My hand was on her breast rubbing and tweaking her nipples. Then I slowly worked my way down to her breast and started to gently nibble on her nipples.

This was giving her a great deal of satisfaction, as she began to moaning and groaning, when I started to suck and bite them harder. My hand was now softly stroking her thighs, and rubbing her bare pussy lips. I spread her lips and inserted my finger and was she ready, her pussy was wet. I went to work on her pussy, getting it good and wet, and then moved up to her clit. I got that little jewel to shine like a beacon. Her breathing was getting heavier and faster, till finally she gave a groan and a gasp, and locked her legs together, as her orgasm washed over her.

I started to kiss my way down from her breast to her pussy, kissing her stomach and belly button, till I got to her swollen pussy lips. She spread her legs wide to give me full access to her love hole.

I gently started to probe her pussy with my tongue, getting my tongue inside as far as I could, and then out and up to her clit, to lick her jewel. She was squirming and moving in harmony with me eating her out.

"OOOO my goddddd," she suddenly shout, and has a very intense orgasm, locking her legs around my head. She covering my whole face with her love juices. When I got free I looked up at her, with her cum dripping off my face. "Opps sorry, come here and let me wipe your face clean." She said rather embarrassly. She cleaned my face off and then went down and started to suck my cock. "I am not going to last very long under your talented tongue."I said to her. She stops and smiles at me and moves up and impales herself on my cock.

Driving it deep into her pussy. She rocks away, and I can feel her pussy walls gripping my cock. It was not long and I gave a groan.

I held her hips tight to my cock, as it is buried deep in her pussy, spewing out my seed. She collapses back in my arms smothering my face with kisses. We laid together in each others arms till sleep over took us.

Sunday morning we had an early breakfast, and I load the bags into her car. "I have from Dec.

23 to Jan 2 off for the holidays." I told her. "Do you think that I could come and spend it with you and the girls?"" I asked her with a smile on my face. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss, "you know that you can," she replied with shining eyes.

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"Well that is settled, I will see you in a month," I said as I kissed her back. She departed shortly after that, and I knew the next month will take forever to get here. "O my god he is here," screamed Wanda, as I pulled into their driveway in the late afternoon on December 23. I got my bags out of the car, as the girls charged out to give me hugs and kisses.

They each took a duffel bag, and I took in the presents. Peg was at the door to greet me with a passionate kiss. She had a nice dinner ready for us when I got settled in. When we finished the meal, and cleaned up the mess and did the dishes, both girls were arguing who was going to get me first.

Peg settled the argument by telling them that it was a long drive, and I was probably tired. I agreed with her statement.

We all watched TV for a while, and then the yawns got me and it was bed time. We both stripped naked and laid down in bed. "Just lay back and enjoy this," She told me, as she inhaled my cock into her mouth. She proceed to make love to my cock, using those succulent lips, and her warm mouth. She took my whole cock deep into her throat, using the milking motions of her throat muscle, and the gentle massage of my sack with her hands, my cock did not stand a chance.

"O God honey," I exclaimed as I gushed forth a fountain of cum into her throat. She sucked me dry of all my cum, never spilling a drop. From the long drive to that great blow job, I slept just like a baby, never waking once in the night.

The next morning I woke up with Peg in my arms still asleep, and two young girls at the end of the bed sucking on my stiff cock. Pretty quick Wendy spit my cock out and mounts me, inserting my pecker into her young pussy. She was riding my cock, while Wanda was licking my balls. Peg woke and saw the action going on and decide to join by positioning her pussy over my face. She spread her shaved pussy lips, so I could eat her out. My tongue quickly found her hidden clitoris, and licked it into an aroused enlarged state.

I could feel her liquids start to flow over my face as she started to cum. Wendy was moaning and groaning as she had her own orgasm, coating my cock with her cream. She dismounted and let Wanda fuck herself on my cock till I filled her young snatch with my cum. We all collapsed together on Peg's bed to recover from our sexual endeavor. It was our first of many foursomes to come in the next ten days. Each day I would fuck one of the three girls and fill their pussy full of my cum.

Sometime one or both of the other two, would join us in the sexual festivities. On Christmas day we gather around the Christmas tree to pass out present. For the two girls, I gave them camouflage tee shirt, and hat to wear, and copies of my dog tags to wear as a neckless.

I also got them bracelet's with their birth stones in it for them to wear. I got Peg a diamond ear rings, pendant, and bracelet matching set.

Some perfume that I had bought in Paris, and army issued camouflage tee shirt and boxers that she always wanted. They got me the usual junk that a guy does not need. With the exception of a real nice 8x10 portrait of the three of them for me to put in my house. New Year's Eve we all dressed up and went to a nice restaurant and then to a movie.

We got home around 11 or so. I told the girls," that tonight was for Peg and me, and tomorrow for all of us." As Peg headed back to her bedroom, while I talked with the girls for a few minutes. When I got back to her bedroom, she had a half a dozen candles lite. She was sitting on her bed naked, with a seductive smile on her face, and her fingers were stroking her pussy lips.

I have never seen her play with herself before, it had me really turned on. "Stroke that pussy store fucking and get caght, I want to see you cum,"" I softly cooed, as I stripped my clothes off, and climbed into bed with her.

Slowly she started to play with her pussy, and with her clit, I could see the moisture playfellows step daughter dress first time follow jaxs lead and get you that jummy on her fingers and pussy lips. Her other hand was tweaking her nipples. She picked up the speed with her fingers, and I could her a slurping sound coming from her cunt. Her green eyes were staring right at me, her mouth was opened, and she was starting to gasp for air.

I could tell by the look on her face she was getting close to an orgasm. I thought I would help her out by starting to stroke my hard cock. Her eyes flicked back and forth, to watching me, to watching my cock, and she worked her fingers even fast and deeper into her pussy. "OOO my god honey I am going to cum soon," she cried. "Hold on baby, I am almost there." I replied, as I stroked my cock faster "Hurry so am I ." she panted.

I gave a groan and shot my load all over my stomach, just as she gave a sharp cry, and creamed her hand with her orgasm. We sat there panting for a while, till we calmed down. Then she leaned forward and started to lick my cock, cleaning it up, and then licking my stomach, getting all my liquid white gold off it. I pushed her back on her bed and kneeled down and started to lick her soaked pussy. Her lips were puffy and swollen with lust, and her clit stood out begging to be sucked.

I worked her joi mean denial humiliation instruction task over, till I heard her start to moan, and her body started to squirm and twist. She grabbed my head and push it hard into her pussy, and blew her orgasm all over my face.

By that time my cock was super hard again, and I moved up and planted it deep into her pussy. We got into a rhythm, and had the bed just a rocking. I keep up a good pounding pace, and it was not long and she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed me tight as another orgasm racked her body. I finally felt my cock start to throb, and I fired off my second load of the night, filling her pussy up with my precious seed.

The last explosion tired me out and I sort of collapsed on top of her, and laid there for a few moments, till she pushed me off. I looked up and the two girls were there watching the show that we just put on with their mouths wide open in surprise. I just pulled the sheet up over us and we fell asleep in the spoon position.

The next day I spent the whole day servicing the two girls and Peg. I put a load of cum in each one of them. By dinner time I was spent, I aletta ocean fucking whole hole uncle, no mas. I need to get back to the base just to rest and relax.

January 2 I head back to the base, after I said goodbye to Peg and the girls.