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School gills sex vidos sex stories
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The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem Part Thirteen: The Goddess's Price By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks WRC 264 for beta reading this. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Goddess of Inspiration Princess Ava Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch "You need to.

keep them alive," I panted to Greta, my face flushed. I lowered Sven's shoulders to the ground, holding his right side, my bedmaid the left. Her youthful face glanced up at me. "What? Are you. going somewhere?" I sucked in a deep breath, my heart racing from dragging Sven back to the fire where the others lay trembling and quivering, the poison raging through their bodies.

My entire body trembled, fear clawing through my guts. They couldn't die. My family couldn't die. "We'll keep them.

alive, Your Highness," croaked Nathalie, the only one still conscious, her face wan, and her body wrapped up in a blanket. "But where are you going?" Greta asked. "Az." I drew in a deep breath and laid down beside Sven. I closed my eyes and let my soul slip out of my body into the feyhound's form.

I settled into my new form, rising up onto the four legs. My body felt long and lean. I glanced around, my perspective lower. I breathed through the feyhound's nose and. smelled. My other proxies had the sense of touch, I could be stimulated sexually through them, but Natasha nice n lisa ann couldn't smell.

I couldn't taste. I didn't even understand how I could imbue the feyhound. I hadn't prepared it. I hadn't bonded to it.

It just. felt open. Emptied. It didn't matter. Amateur girl vibes her aching pussy masturbation and vibrator had to get help. I bounded away from the fire, my four feet slapping on the hard-packed road leading along the Forest of Lhes.

My legs stretched out as I ran faster and faster, the land blurring beside me. I felt no exhaustion. The feyhound's form didn't have muscles. The branches that wove its body into a wicker form didn't need to rest. It had no heart that had to labor. Nothing but my will kept it moving.

And I would save my family. I raced down the road dark as fast as a horse. As fast as the wind. The stars blazed clear above me, wheeling across the sky, the crescent moon rising towards a zenith. I hardly noticed because I dwelt in my fear. It squeezed my brain, compressing it. Terrors whipped at me to keep running, to keep flying down the road. What if Sven died while I went for help?

What if Kora? Zanyia? I didn't even want Aingeal or Ealaín to perish. I had to save them all. I had to. How girl masturbates for her boyfriend on the webcam would it take me to reach Az?

What if they died? Slata, I prayed to the mother of all, watch over my family. Watch over those I love. Don't let them perish. Please, please! And Rithi, sustain your priestess and her family! Let her live to keep producing art in your honor. My fears haunted me every moment as I ran down the road. The world lightened before me, a soft, green glow built ahead of me.

The darkness of the forest didn't race on my right any longer as Lake Verdant's soft light lit up the night. Hope surged through me. The lake country. I neared Az. I could reach it in time. I kept running faster and faster, passing Lake Verdant's shimmering surface. Another light lit up the western horizon, a soft blue hue.

Lake Cerulean. Az lay near it's shores, built between the major lakes, each glowing a different hue. I would save my family. As the sun rose behind me, I crested the hill and spotted the city of Az sprawling before me, Lake Cerulean glowing to the south. I knew this city. I had lived here for several years, attending the University with the other powerful and rich of Zeutch and the surrounding nations. Not even the Strife had hindered the center of learning in the world. I raced down the road, passing the farms that ringed the city.

Houses grew more and more common as I entered the outskirts of the city, racing by the growing crowds of people spilling out to start their days. People gasped at the sight of me. I ignored them. I darted down familiar streets, snarling and growling, barreling around men pushing wheelbarrows, darting beneath the hooves of horses pulling draft wagons. I let nothing stop me as I wove through the streets of Az towards the Temple of Rithi. Kora's fellow priests were my family's only hope.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ealaín Heat gripped me. I swam through the fever. I groaned and trembled. Fear rippled yellow through the stifling darkness that gripped me. I was failing. My charge. Kora was dying. I was dying. How could I inspire her to create amazing art if she died? I darted from the heat. I stumbled through it, searching for something.

I didn't know what. Why? I didn't recognize my surroundings. Everything blurred around me. I grasped a wall, something smooth beneath my touch. Something familiar. "Mother?" I asked, stumbling down a hallway. My entire body shuddered and shook. I blinked, struggling to focus my eyes. "Mother?" "My daughter," a voice tinkled from around me, sounding like a breeze blowing through metallic chimes.

"Mother!" I gasped, the world spinning around me. "I'm. I'm dying, Mother." "Yes," Rithi, Goddess of Art, whispered, her words spinning around me. "The poison ravages your mortal flesh. Your soul's tether to your body is weakening." "Is there. Is there hope?" I asked. "For Kora? Her potential to create beauty in the world is so great." "There is always hope." "This is Sven's fault." I swayed, the heat growing so great.

It boiled out of my body and infected my soul. I was wandering from my body, drifting through the Astral Realm. I'd found my way to my mother's realm. "Sven?" she asked. "Sven poisoned her?" "He led her into the position to be poisoned." I straighten, struggling to focus my blurry vision, to spot my mother's form. "She's just too much of a gentle soul to object to his whims, Mother." A blurry figure moved closer to me. I stared at her, struggling to see her form.

She resolved into clarity as she stopped before me, mother's slender and refined figure becoming clear, her skin as deep-black as mine, her long, flowing hair fell white about her shoulders, a color so pure it almost hurt my vision to gaze upon. Her bright-purple eyes seized mine. "What do you mean, daughter? Her brother inspires her." "Her brother is killing her, Mother," I said.

"She loves him so much she has forsaken her craft. She has allowed herself to be swept up in his destructive skinny blond schoolgirl slut lia lor fucks her neighbor after cla for revenge. He has led her into a world of violence and placed her into harms way time and time again.

He gave her the cursed necklace she wears around her neck. "She will die, Mother, if she stays with him." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Princess Ava Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch "I need help!" I shouted through the feyhound's muzzle, the words coming out harsher, deeper than my own.

I raced up the steps of the Temple of Rithi, my wooden claws clicking on the marble that ran up to the impressive columns holding up the triangular peaks of the massive roof. It was made of all stone, images of the Goddess Rithi carved into the building, showing her painting, orating, sculpting, dancing, love-making, writing, and more. She created art in every way possible, her features brought to life with such precision.

"Please!" The baby-faced youth, wearing the white robes of a glimmer (a novice priest-in-training), straightened up as he stood at the entrance.

He smoothed his robes as he stared at my strange body bounding up to him. "Hurry, hurry! My family is dying. I need to speak with a priest or priestess. A. A radiant." "Family?" the young man asked, his voice quivering and cracking. "What? What are you?" "That doesn't matter," I snarled, fear squeezing any patience out of me. "Kora Falk is dying! She needs to be healed. I need help! Right now!" The glimmer blinked his eyes.

He threw a look over his shoulder, peering through the open doors into the temple. Then he looked back at me. "Kora. Falk?" I let out a whining groan. "You're new. You don't know Kora?" He shook his head. "She's a radiant from this temple. She's been poisoned." "Kora. Falk?" he asked again. "Are you. sure? You're a. a." "It's just a vessel," I snarled. "Please, please, fetch a radiant.

She's dying. She needs to be healed. If you don't, you'll be responsible for Kora Falk's death!" "Well. I." He shifted in his white robes, rubbing his hands together. "If you need healing, I'd go to the Temple of Slata." "Kora is one of you!" a howled. "You should be the one to help her. And there's an aoi si. One of your Goddess's daughters." "Kora Falk? I really haven't heard of this radiant. You say she's from this temple. Why haven't I heard of her before? And an aoi si? Truly?" "Because of politics," a new voice said.

Behind the glimmer, a pink-robed priestess appeared, red hair spilling about a mature, freckled face. Her blue eyes stared down at me, wide. "You say Kora Falk is dying, Princess." She knew who I was? "Yes! She's been poisoned. Her and.

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others." "It is good to hear that she lives," the priestess said. "For now. We have to go." "Radiant Gertrude?" the glimmer asked, staring at the priestess. "You heard the princess," the radiant said. "One of our radiants and a demigoddess needs our help. Go and saddle my horse." Hope surged through me. "Hurry!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zanyia Throbbing pain pounded my skull. My eyes fluttered open, staring up at leaden skies.

I whimpered, my thoughts muddled. My ears flicked. I inhaled, xxx prona com sex stories story stale sweat and sickness. I squirmed beneath the heavy blankets.

"Master." I murmured. "Shh," a girl said, her face peering down at me. She had blonde hair framing her round features. "Who. are. you.?" I asked. "I'm Greta," she said. "Don't you remember me? I'm Princess Ava's bedmaid. We've been traveling together the last few days." "Princess.?" My thoughts fought against the smothering lethargy. I could feel it on my mind, holding me down from thinking.

"I. What's happening?" "It's the poison. You fought the assassin and—" I hissed and tried to sit up. I got halfway up and then the world spun around me. My vision fuzzed dark. I whimpered, falling back onto the ground. I had to get up. I had to fight that lamia-bitch. I had to claw out her throat. I hissed and spluttered. "It's okay, Zanyia, he's dead," Greta said.

"You need to calm down. You're very sick." "Greta!" the weak voice of Nathalie shouted. "It's Kora!" The panic in Nathalie's voice shot through my smothering weight. I turned my head as Greta scrambled away from me. Kora lay beside the fire, her head pillowed on Nathalie's lap. My Mistress thrashed and trembled, foam bubbling out of her mouth.

"She won't stop thrashing," Nathalie groaned. "Greta! I don't think she's going to last longer." "M-Mistress." I groaned. I tried to throw my blanket off of me. But it was so heavy. "N-no.

No. She can't. She can't." I sat up and— The dizziness seized me. Darkness crashed over me. I fell backward as weakness drew me down, Nathalie's crying growing softer and softer.

I wanted to help. To save. Mistress. Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Goddess's Price Princess Ava The land flashed by us as I ran beside Radiant Gertrude's horse. The redheaded priestess's maintained a gallop the entire way. She used her divine magic to keep the beast alive, to sustain it as we raced towards my family.

We had to keep running. The day waned on. The sun climbed higher and higher. It shone down on us. I hardly cared about the warmth. I just knew that time passed. That my family died. How much longer could they last? The sun passed its zenith and fell towards the horizon. Heartbeat by heartbeat, it drifted closer and closer to setting. I just kept racing. The body moved with ease. It flowed across the ground. The terrain blurred past, the Forest of Lhes hurtling to my left, fields to my right.

I had no idea how much farther we had to go. I ran this road in the dark. Everything looked so different in day. Were we an hour away? Two? Had everyone died? Did they still live?

All I could do was run beside Radiant Gertrude and pray that those I loved hadn't perished. That there was still hope to save them. Distant shrieks reached my proxy's sensitive ears.

A woman cried out. Greta. Nathalie. "She's dying!" Nathalie cried. "No, no, no," Greta cried out. "Where are you, Princess?" I pressed my proxy harder. I ran even faster than I thought. Its legs stretched out down the road. I pulled ahead of the horse, running down the road. A hill lay before us, the road bending around it. A familiar hill. We were almost there. And someone was dying. The tension wracked my body. I didn't want to lose anyone. I couldn't lose anyone. I wanted to love them all.

We were going to overthrow my father together. I needed them to save me from the curse of lust my father placed on me. If Sven died. I would go to my father. I would. I would be his whore for the rest of my life. I would bear his heirs. I would beg for him to fuck me over and over. I would suck on his cock.

I would let him use my asshole. I would do everything for him to satiate my pussy. And I lena paul in cuckhold watches busty babe fuck be dead inside. I rounded the corner, Radiant Gertrude galloping right behind me. I saw my family and. I slid to a stop, my legs locking. Fear seized me as I witnessed.

Nathalie and Greta leaning over the convulsing Kora. Everyone else lay in their blankets, looking still. Were they dead? Was Kora the last one to die, or the first one succumbing? The radiant surged past me. She flew off her horse and hit the ground running, her pink robes flowing around her body. I laid down on my belly, trembling as I watched Gertrude shove her hand into her robe, gathering her pussy juices.

She chanted the words and smeared her fingers along Kora's forehead. The convulsions slowed. Stopped. Nathalie burst into tears. "You saved her." "I didn't," Radiant Gertrude said. "I can feel it in her. This poison. It's. It's insidious. I've never felt anything like this in my life." I rose and padded forward as Radiant Gertrude smeared her pussy-coated fingers across Sven's forehead. He let out a soft sigh, some of the color returning to his face.

I reached the radiant as she moved over to Ealaín. The priestess's face tightened. "Heal your daughter, Rithi." She smeared the healing fluid across Ealaín's face. The black-skinned demigoddess let out a soft sigh. But she didn't wake up. She just lay there, breathing slowly, her face beaded with sweat.

The radiant shook her head. "Not even your daughter?" the priestess whispered, so softly only my enhanced hearing could pick it up. I shuddered and retreated from my proxy back to my body. My eyes opened by Sven. I sat up, my strawberry-blonde hair fell around my face.

I drew in a deep breath, my heart thudding. It felt so strange to feel that again. Shivers wracked my body. "Can you. save them?" "No." Radiant Gertrude moved to Zanyia, healing the swollen knot on the lamia's face. "We have to get them to the temple. We'll need to perform a miracle. Rithi will have to intercede herself. She will have to pour her power into the world directly." "So she'll save them?" I asked, my body trembling.

"Surly she'll save Ealaín," the priestess said. "As for the others. I don't know. Gods do not exert such direct influence often. It creates. disruptions in the world. It can cause problems. They prefer to act through intermediaries." "Priests?" Radiant Gertrude nodded. "I can keep them alive until the wagon arrives from the temple. Magic will sustain them, perhaps a week, but this poison is terrible." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk The Adamant Palace, The Astral Realm I opened my eyes hot tight milfs have gym oral sex frowned.

A sheet of cool crystal draped over my body, molding to my naked flesh. It was clear and thin and flexible. I lifted it off my skin, frowning at the strange substance. My eyes flicked around the room at. walls made of crystal. It reminded me of Queen Sidhe's palace, but where hers was grown from silver and gold crystal, this one was clear like diamonds.

Everything had a strength about it, a fragile majesty. It should be so delicate that a single touch could shatter the walls, and yet I felt not even an ogre with a smith's hammer could batter through them. "Welcome, Sven Falk," a woman said, her voice tinkling like metallic chimes, melodious, almost a song. "Who are you?" I asked then swallowed, feeling a presence rippling out of her slender form.

She had skin as black as Ealaín, her hair an even purer shade of white. She was both the absence and embodiment of hues. Her purple eyes gripped me. "You're. uh. Goddess. ship?" "You may address me as Divinity, Divine One, Rithi, or Goddess," she said. "I am not given to such ostentatious displays as my father, nor am I as needy as my mother." I swallowed at the mention of her father, Pater, Father of All.

"Okay, Goddess." "My followers ask a miracle of me," she purred as she advanced on the bed. I couldn't help but notice her naked form, the quivering of her firm breasts. She had the narrow grace of a dancer, her body tall and lithe. Her every movement flowed like water and yet felt so deliberate, like she controlled every aspect of her figure.

Inspiration hardened my cock. I groaned as she mounted the bed, the Goddess cute teen gets bonked in hardcore fashion towards me, her small breasts swaying before her, her violet eyes staring at me, so immense, so vast, full of such thoughts I couldn't even comprehend. My mind quivered and repelled from their ancient depths. I clicked my gaze down to her youthful beauty. Her hand rubbed my cock through the crystal sheet, forming a bulging tent.

She let out an almost cat-like, throaty purr. Her hands drew down the sheet. It caressed my body, my dick, with its sleekness, sending pleasure through my body. "Mmm, Sven Falk." she moaned as she unveiled me. "I see why my Radiant loves you. Why she would commit incest with you? What a wondrous sight to behold." She straddled me, pressing her hairless, divine pussy on my shaft. Her hot juices bathed my dick. I groaned as the heat seared through my body. My cock throbbed against her flesh.

Her labia slid up and down my cock, coating me with more and more of her juices. Her back arched, her breasts swaying. "Oh, yes, I see the carnal art you inspire in your sister, Sven Falk," she moaned. "T-thank you, Goddess," I groaned, my dick twitching and throbbing, the ache to explode swelling up to the tip. "My radiants want me to heal you, your sister, and your women," she continued, her voice sounding deeper, the tinkling tinged with an erotic resonance.

"They want me to remove the foul substance choking through your veins. They've expended quite a lot of their own passions to call upon my intercession." My eyes widened realizing hardcore orgy with hot babe sucking and fucking dick she meant. Somehow, my harem and I were in a temple to Rithi.

The one in Az? The last thing I remembered was fighting Keythivak and killing the assassin then. Collapsing. I must be allison doesnt get to orlando riding the bang bus to death, the poison strangling the life from my flesh.

"So you'll save us?" I asked. "Your daughter is dying, too." "Of course I'll heal my dear Ealaín," Rithi purred, grinding her cunt faster on my dick, melodic whimpers rising from her voice. "But the rest of you. Why should I so intercede?" "My sister is your priestess," I groaned through the heat surging through my body, aching to just bury into the Goddess's divine flesh.

"She's your radiant." "And? Mortals die. It is your fate." "But you must think her important. You sent Ealaín to her to inspire her as a muse and to protect her," I groaned. I clenched at the crystal sheets, balling my fists around them.

The pleasure. Pater's cock, the pleasure gripped me. I ached to be in her. "Why do that and then not be willing to save her now?" "I did send Ealaín to protect her," she moaned, her breasts jiggling before her. "Kora Falk has such potential to create inspiration. To bring such beauty to your world. To improve it. But she can't do that if she is dead." "Exactly!" I groaned.

"So you'll save her?" "But she can't keep doing that if you keep leading her into danger." I frowned. "What?" "You keep taking her away from her art," the Goddess purred, leaning over me, a curtain of her white hair falling off her shoulders and half-hiding her small breasts. "Don't you see, Sven Falk? Your sister is inspired by this cock." "Many women are," I groaned.

Rithi grinned, wicked and wanton. "Yes, yes, my grandmother Slata created something magnificent in you. Almost the pinnacle of masculinity for your race. Slata would love to enjoy you." Her pussy reached the tip of my cock, her labia bathing it, making me ache to be in her. "Your sister has abandoned her art to be with you." "To avenge our parents!" I barked.

Rithi shook her head. "That is her excuse. In reality, she does it because she loves you. Yes, she wants Prince Meinard to pay, but she would gladly follow you anywhere. She wants to be with you." "She loves me!" My body tensed. Something dark swirled through me, a nervousness gripping my guts.

Dread. Dread squeezed my heart. "That's why she wants to be with me." "And that takes her away from her art," the Goddess said. "You will lead her into these situations and, one day, they will get her killed.

She will have squandered all of her potential. The world will never see her art if she's devoted to you." "What are you saying?" I demanded. "That you will never be able to settle down like your women want. Ava has a fantasy you'll be her prince-consort, ruling at her side." The Goddess stroked my chest with delicate fingers. "But we both know you'll never be satisfied staying in one place.

You'll need to adventure. To see the world." "I can be!" I barked. "With my women. With Ava, Kora, Zanyia, Aingeal, and Nathalie. I can settle down, give them a place of happiness." Rithi shook her head. "Don't lie. That's not who you are. You're a wanderer. A rogue.

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You'll grow bored eventually, and Kora will follow you into danger. You will get her killed. "So why should I save her now only for her life to be wasted anyways?" The dread squeezed my heart until it almost stopped.

Pressure hammered at my skull. My guts roiled. "What are you saying, Goddess?" "Once the amulet is destroyed, you must let your sister go," she purred, her pussy nuzzling at the tip of my cock, on the verge of engulfing me.

"You must ensure that she never travels again. Break her heart if you must, just set her free to create and shower the world in beauty." "I'm not going to break my sister's heart!" Anger slammed into the dread, beating it back. "I love her. She loves me. She'll still create her art. She'll have the time. I'll make sure of it." "Lies slender gina has her bald twat rammed european cumshot to yourself are the worst kind of deception, Sven Falk.

You will go gallivanting off on another adventure and drag her with you. You will deny her one of the true passions of her life: creation. Painting and dancing are denied her. She can't sculpt. Can't compose new music. She has so many aspects of art to study and master remaining.


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Prose. Poetry. Drama. How can she learn any of that as a vagabond? "These are my conditions, Sven Falk. If you want me to save the lives of your women and yourself, then you will promise me to set her free. Do not drag her with you on your foolishness." My anger snuffed out.

The world dropped out from beneath me. Kora dead. Aingeal, Zanyia, and Nathalie dead. Only Ava would live on. She would have to return to her father. She wouldn't have the strength to overthrow him on her own. She'd have to endure him. But. Kora. I loved my sister my ebony bf fucks me so good much.

I had loved her for so long. I grew up with her. She was the first to crawl into my heart, even if I tried to deny that for so many years. I tried to forget it by loving Ava. But. Zanyia showed my sister and I that we didn't have to be ashamed of our incestuous passions, that we could love and have each other without being judged by at least one person. And then Ava and Aingeal and Nathalie joined our family. I even wondered if Ealaín would.

Now I had to give up Kora. Not just to save her life, but to save all our lives. "You're a heartless bitch." She shook her head.

"I just want Kora to blossom to her full potential. To me, your lives are but a few heartbeats. Whether Kora comes to dwell in the Adamant Palace creating beauty for the rest of eternity on this beat or the next matters little to me. But what she could create in your world. That would enrich so many lives. She could inspire thousands with her paintings, with her sculptures, with the skill of her prose. She has to be allowed to bloom, and she can't do that if you keep ripping her from fertile soil and transplanting her somewhere else.

She needs deep roots to flourish. "Don't you want what's best for your sister?" I closed my eyes. I had to agree. I didn't want to break Kora's heart, but. But wasn't it better that she got to live. And she did love her art. I missed seeing her paint.

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Old man sucking tits would you poledance on my dick I truly be happy living in Ava's palace, ruling Kivoneth with her? Or would I get bored and sneak out to find adventure. Could I ever plant the deep roots that Kora's art needed to flourish. "Fine," I groaned, pain beating in my heart. I opened my eyes, staring at the Goddess. "After we destroy the amulet, I'll make sure she doesn't follow me." "Good," she purred.

"And if break your word. She dies. Zanyia, Nathalie, and Aingeal will all die." "And I'll die." "No." Her fingernails scratched at my chest. "You will live a long, long life full of empty ash knowing all those you loved perished because of your selfishness. Sven Falk, I will sear their deaths into your memory, paint it with their dying screams. I will create such a masterpiece in you that shall inspire generations." And then she engulfed my cock with her pussy.

I gasped as lights and sounds buffeted my body. The Goddess fucked my cock hard, her cunt gripping me in ecstasy as I cried out. The sensations overwhelmed me. Strobing flashes of reds, blues, purples, greens, yellows, and pinks cascaded around me.

Hues I didn't know the names of birthed around me. An aural symphony of passionate moans, ringing chimes, crashing cymbals, and humming zithers rolled around me. Her ecstasy shook the very foundation of her palace. My entire body thrashed beneath her. I cried out over and over as my cock erupted into her liquid depths. Her awareness washed over me, drowning me in rapture. It consumed me in sensations I couldn't even describe. Her pussy maddened my mind with lusts. I gibbered and grunted as I kept erupting.

I kept pumping her cunt with my cum as she reveled in my cock's girth. Her orgasm exploded through me. It smashed into my senses.

It smothered my consciousness in bliss. Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Princess's New Distraction Princess Ava Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch I hated waiting.

"How long will this take?" I demanded of Greta for the dozenth time as I walked in the small room the priests of Rithi provided me, my hands clenched behind my back. "They said it would take hours, Princess," Greta said, she sat with a dainty poise on the bed, her legs crossed.

She looked regal, like a princess should. Not pacing back and forth wanting to claw out my hair. "Hours." I almost screeched. "Hours to find out if Rithi will even save their lives." "Of course she will," Greta said. "Why wouldn't she?" "Because." I hugged myself. "I'm terrified of losing Sven. Of losing them all. I wanted to share you with them so much. To have them love you like I love you, Greta." "Princess," she said with a blush, squirming on the bed.

"I just. I'm tried of waiting. I'm wrung out." It took two days to get my family to the temple.

Two after Radiant Gertrude and I arrived. The wagon took longer to leave the temple and find us then to take my family back to Az. "I just need to know that they'll live or that." She didn't say it. If they died, at least she could grieve. At least she could fall apart into melancholy. But so long as they lived, so long as she didn't know their fate, she was torn between the two states.

She couldn't be happy or sorrowful. She oscillated between hope and despair, trapped in a cycle of tension that stretched and compressed her body over and over again. She couldn't take much more of it. Hours! "I hope they finish soon," Greta agreed. hot milf ava addams blowjob keiran lees cock fingering and licking in the temple indian uncle umesh fucks neighbour and records who we are.

They know who Sven and Kora are. What if.? What if your father finds out where we are? That we fled to Sven." Heat exploded in my pussy. I cried out as a great, writhing wave of passion surged through me. I hadn't made love in five days. I hadn't had an orgasm in all that time. My worry for Sven and his women had suppressed my desire, but hearing mention of my father's name spoken aloud awoke that damned curse inside of me.

I let out a wanton moan of need. My cunt ached to be fucked by my father. I needed his cock in me, satiating these lusts right now. I didn't have Sven to use as a proxy now. I couldn't lose myself in his masculine passion, reminding myself that I loved Sven as much as I lusted for him. That I had something better with him.

"Princess?" Greta asked. "I need it!" I whimpered, my hands shoving to my crotch, pressing my skirt into my pussy.

I rubbed at my hot flesh. "Need what, Princess?" "Cock! My father's cock! I need it fucking me! I need his cum spurting into me right now!" "Princess, that's just the spell!" Greta bounded to her feet. She darted to me. "You don't actually want to fuck him." "I know that!" I hissed, my pussy drinking in the sensation, my juices soaking through the fabric.

"But that doesn't change anything. I have to fuck him right now!" "I'll eat your pussy!" Greta fell to her knees before me, her golden-blonde pigtails dancing about her youthful face. "That's not enough!" I cried out. "Five days of no sex. A week without fucking my father. Oh, Pater's cock, I need him in me right now!" My head cast about the room as the frustration boiled through me. I wanted to somehow appear in my father's study, to throw myself naked at him, to revel in the incestuous bliss of his cock filling me to the hilt.

I had to do something before the lust drove me mad. Before I charged out of the temple and ran back to Echur on foot. The wicker feyhound lay in the corner of the room, looking like it almost slept, a dog curled up on the floor. I shuddered. It was a male form. Surely I wouldn't feel the need to be fucked by my father in it.

I could escape my lusts. I let out my soul. Greta gasped as I opened new eyes in time to see my body fall to the ground before my kneeling bedmaid. She squeaked and leaped to her feet as I sprawled before her. She whirled around and spotted me rising in my four-legged proxy and.

The lusts still gripped me. Only. it was different. I didn't need to fuck. I had to. do the fucking.

Something hard throbbed beneath me. I felt it thrusting out of a sheath, thick and long and. Aingeal carved a wooden cock for her feyhound. I remembered seeing her fuck her last one, Cú Mheá, watching her take that thick, polished shaft in her cunt as the animated construct fucked her hard.

And now. Now I needed to fuck. I growled and charged at Greta. She squeaked and stumbled back, tripping over my prone form. My bedmaid fell onto her rump, her legs draped over my unconscious body. I breathed in, smelling two different hot pussies. My own and Greta's. "Princess!" she squeaked as I buried my muzzle beneath the blue skirt of her dress.

"What are you. High school girls fuck big black cock, Princess!" My wide tongue, made from a broad oak leaf, lapped at her tight slit, gathering her tart juices.

Unlike any other proxy I inhabited, the feyhound could smell and taste. I let out a rumbling growl of delight, my new cock aching and throbbing so hard as I licked and lapped at her muff, her silky pubic hairs caressing the woven wicker of my muzzle. It felt so different eating pussy with such a wide tongue. I could swab across so much more of her vulva and for longer. I savored the taste of her, my tail wagging as I worked my leafy tongue up and down her snatch. Then I probed it into her hot flesh.

She bucked and moaned, crying out in such delight as I feasted upon her. She squirmed on the ground, her hips humping from side-to-side as I ate her delicious, juicy snatch. "Oh, Princess," she moaned, hauling up her skirt so she could watch me devour her snatch.

"Oh, wow, that feels so different. Ooh, yes, yes, lick my pussy." I did. I shoved my long, leafy tongue so deep into her pussy. I reached farther than I ever had before, feeling her silky walls clench and relax about the proxy's organ. This was so exciting.

It made my wooden cock ache and throb, eager to bury into her hot depths and fuck her. I shuddered, my four-legged form shaking like a hound, the woven wicker creaking.

I would fuck her. I would experience the delight Sven received sunny leone ebony sexy story he buried into a woman's cunt. I whimpered, swirling my tongue through Greta's depths. "Oh, yes, yes, yes," she whimpered. "Oh, Princess, that feels so good." Her silky thighs tightened about my wicker muzzle. She groaned and thrashed, smearing her wondrous, hot flesh against my muzzle. I lapped so hard, running my tongue over and over her muff, even slipping between her butt-cheeks and tasting her sour asshole, making her squeak in delight.

"I'm going to cum," she moaned, thrashing, her face twisting in rapture as her blue eyes sparkled. "This is amazing, Princess!" "Yes," I groaned and licked again, my dick needing to bury into her so badly. My leafy tongue lapped from her puckered asshole, up her taint, across her tart pussy, and brushing her clit. She shuddered. Her large tits jiggled beneath her low-cut bodice. Her face twisted in rapture. Then she cried out in bliss.

Tart juices flooded my dog-like mouth. I licked and lapped up all the treat. Her cream bathed across my face, coating my wicker in her delicious juices.

I reveled in them, whining, my tail wagging so furiously as I lapped up every single drop. "Princess! Oh, Slata's hairy cunt, yes, yes, Princess! Saphique's licking tongue! Oh, this is amazing!

I love it!" Her blue eyes fluttered. "I have to fuck you!" I snarled. "On your hands and knees!" "Oh, yes, Princess!" she moaned.

"Your proxy form has such a huge cock!" My bedmaid scrambled off my body and rolled onto her hands and knees. She kept her skirt bunched over her ass, that cute rump wiggling at me. Her golden bush dripped with her cream, her pink slit peeking through the silky mess. My dick throbbed. I pounced. I landed on her back, draping my four-legged form over her. Wicker groaned as I hugged her with my forelegs while my wooden cock nudged at her vulva.

I groaned at the feel of her pussy caressing my dick's tip, her silky bush tickling my sensitive flesh. I shifted, whimpering, struggling to find the opening of her cunt. I had to be in her. I had to fuck her so badly. I just needed to ram my cock, to the hilt in her and fuck her so hard. I would pound her with every ounce dad and his friends gangbang his daughter energy I had. I needed to revel in her pussy.

I needed to get in her pussy. Now. I growled, thrusting again, my cock slipping downward, popping out beneath her stomach. "Let me help, Princess," Greta moaned, reaching down and grabbing my dick.

I shuddered at the feel of her hand holding me. It was so strange, so different to have a cock. Then I whimpered as she brought it to her cunt's entrance. "There, princess." I thrust. "Thank you!" I howled as her hot, tight cunt sank around my girl-dick. Her pussy engulfed me. She felt so incredible wrapped around me.

A warm, silky heaven that sent rapture flooding through my body. I whimpered as I thrust to the hilt in her then pulled back, my hips moving almost all on their own. My feyhound proxy instinctually knew how to thrust and fuck, one of the imbuer abilities let us always feel at home no matter how strangely shaped our new bodies were. So I knew how to fuck with my cock. I groaned as I rammed home into her cunt.

I shuddered, pumping away so hard, thrusting with all my might over and over into the silky heaven of her cunt. She whimpered beneath me, her pussy squeezing down about my cock. She rocked when daddy is away the olympic interchange teen me, her form feeling so slight and frail beneath me. And that just excited me more. "Princess!" she cried out over and over as I hammered her cunt with my wooden cock. "Oh, Gods, what a wonderful delight." "Ooh, yes, yes, yes, you love it!" I growled.

"Slata's hairy cunt, your pussy feels amazing about my dick." She clenched down on my thrusting dick and whimpered out, "Oh, yes, yes, yes, Mistress. You're so huge. You're driving me wild. I love it. I'm going to cum on your cock, Princess!" "Do it!" I snarled, pumping as hard as I could over and over into her silky heaven. "Just explode on me! I want to feel that hot cunt spasming on my dick!" "Yes!" she howled, her pussy clenching so hard on my shaft, increasing the friction.

Increasing my pleasure. I whimpered as she shuddered beneath me. Then she let out a wanton moan. Her pussy convulsed about my dick. I gasped at the exciting feel of her massaging flesh writhing about my dick, stroking it as I plunged over and over into her depths. Her juices flooded out, filling the air with more of her tart musk. This incredible ache built at the tip of my cock.

This amazing need to erupt. I had to flood her. The need seized me. I couldn't stop thrusting my hips forward. I couldn't stop fucking my cunt into the depths of her cunt. The need to spill my seed in her overpowered me. I whimpered and growled, hammering into her convulsing cunt. "Cum in me, Princess!" my bedmaid busty milf kara knox fucking doggy style interracial out, her flesh almost sucking at my dick.

"Yes!" I howled. "Pater's huge cock, yes!" I buried into her spasming flesh. My cock erupted. My eyes widened. Pleasure fired through my body as my jizz spurted into her cock.

It was such a primal pleasure. It almost felt violent compared to the gentler waves of bliss I normally felt washing out of my cunt. I growled with each blast, my mind drinking in the intense rapture. It was like all the bliss of one of my orgasms compressed into a few heartbeats.

As soon as it was lifting me to the skies, it was over. My cock had spurted the last blast into her pussy, her snatch sucking hungrily for any last drops. "That's what Sven feels when he cums in me!" I whimpered, in utter delight.

"Oh, Greta, that was amazing." "Mmm, it was, Princess," she moaned beneath me. "Just wondrous." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk Pleasure consumed me. My Goddess devoured my cunt to heights of rapture that propelled me back to consciousness. I gasped awake, bolting upright as my entire body quivered. Around me women moaned and a man grunted. My brother grunted. He lay beside me, his cock erupting as he growled and sat up.

His cum splattered his muscular chest. His golden hair fell about that roguish face. I felt so wonderfully alive. I felt so invigorated. I didn't feel so heavy. So weighed down by the poison. "It's gone!" I squealed and threw my arms around his neck. "Thank you, Rithi! Thank you for your miracle!

I will create such beautiful art in your honor!" "Kora!" Sven groaned as I hugged his body, his incestuous cum smearing our flesh, the amulet trapped between us. He stiffened beneath me. His arms hugged me, but they felt off. They felt strained. I frowned and stared up at him. "What's wrong?" "Nothing," he said, his voice hoarse, his eyes flicking away from mine. "You're alive. Nothing is wrong at all." I furrowed my brow then gasped as Zanyia hugged me from behind.

Aingeal rose and Nathalie stretched. Even Ealaín sat up. We were healed. My brother held me. He was right. There was nothing wrong at all. Rithi saved us all with her love. I kissed my brother as joy exploded through my body. To be continued.