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Stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade
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Welcome to part 2 of "Help!". This continues from Part 1 and I recommend reading Part 1 before reading this if you haven't already done so.

Enjoy. :) *** Jake's big blue eyes were glued to the floor. His heart raced like a steam train pounding out of a dark tunnel at full speed. His emotions were all over the place.

He tried to look up at Daniel who was still stood in front of him in silence. Jake wondered what he was thinking as he tried desperately to make sense of the situation. The truth was Daniel was stunned at his own words. He had been trying to say that very sentence of months but he never could. He felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He'd said it. Finally, Jake knew how he felt. Then his thoughts came crashing back down to earth as he realised the reality of the scenario.

Daniel looked down at his best friend. Jake was now crouched down on the cold, wet dirty floor of the alley with hidden camera at real massage parlour head in his hands.

He was clearly confused and upset and it was all Daniel's fault. "I'm sorry" Daniel said in a gentle tone. He didn't know what else to say. Jake removed his head from his hands and glanced up at Daniel. "You're sorry . you're sorry are you Danny" he replied, anger now filling his eyes as he began to stand upright.

"I'm sorry" Daniel murmured again quietly has he once again started to cry. "YES I KNOW YOU TOLD ME!" Jake snarled as he grabbed Daniel by the arms, "YOU'RE SORRY AND THAT'S SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT ALRIGHT IS IT?" he questioned. There was no reply as Daniel struggled to release himself from Jake's tight grip. "Answer me" Jake demanded. Still no reply. "ANSWER ME DAMN YOU" he yelled as he began to shake Daniel back and forth. "I'm sorry" Daniel whimpered as the tears drifted swiftly down his soaked face.

"I'm sorry" Jake glared into his best friends big brown eyes. They were red and obviously sore where he had cried so much. Fear encompassed his pupils as he stared back into Jakes angry blue eyes. "I'm sorry" Daniel repeated once again as he continued to stare back. Jake realised what he was doing and Daniel saw the raw petite angel and kennedy hot some fuck session begin to drain from his friends now increasingly calm blue eyes.

Jake stopped shaking Daniel and slowly removed his hands from the other mans arms.

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His eyes drifted once again to the floor as he began to feel physically sick at the thought of what he had just done to his best friend. The anger which he had felt take over his body drained away and was replaced with an overwhelming sense of sadness and guilt. He knew then that something had changed inside of him and that things would never be the same again between him and Daniel.

"Forgive me" he pleaded as he glanced back up. . nothing. Daniel stood perfectly still.

His eyes were closed. His lips were trembling, but made no sound. At that moment Jake broke down. He couldn't bear to see his best friend suffering like this knowing that it was down to him and that he was powerless to do anything about it. He burst into tears, turned and ran as fast as he could.

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He had to get out of there. He reached the wishing well where he and Daniel and enjoyed so many happy moments together as kids. He stopped and looked back at the alley. Danny was still stood there motionless. Jake considered going back but acknowledged that there was no point.

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He had done enough damage for one night so he continued to run. Daniel stood alone in the alley way. His head was empty.

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"What now" he thought to himself. "Is that it? . After all we've been through is that it? . He's just going to leave me here on my own after all that just happened? . Well if he thinks I'm gonna come crawling back then he's wrong.

. That's it, it's his turn to be sorry!" With that he turned and walked slowly back home. He got back and sat down on his bed. He was exhausted and badly needed to sleep so he removed his clothes and climbed into his soft warm bed. He was so tired that he didn't even bother to brush his teeth. He just clambered into bed, pulled the sheets over himself and slept, instantly.

He went out like a light. *** The next morning Daniel awoke at 11.30am. That was late for him, he was a morning person who was usually up and ready by 9am at the latest.

His head was thumping from the night before.

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He didn't remember at first as he rolled over to look at his clock. His eyes darted open as he saw the time. He jumped out of bed and headed for the shower.

As the hot, cleansing, relaxing water trickled down his skin he began to feel much better. His eyes widened gradually as he started to feel more awake.

.he remembered. .all of a sudden the whole experience came back to the front of his mind. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" He screamed as he realised what he had done. "Oh my god, what have I done, it wasn't meant to be like that.

How could I be so stupid to let him find out in that way?" he questioned in his head. Bang bang bang. the bathroom door knocked. Daniel almost jumped out of his skin in surprise.

"Daniel what's the matter hunny I heard you scream, is everything ok?". It was his mother. She was clearly concerned. Jake had forgotten that his parents were back that day. "Oh, sorry, yeah everything's fine" he replied as he tried to regain his composure. Even with the distraction, Daniel still could not take his mind off of what he had done.

He was beating himself up inside and he badly wanted to speak with Jake. He finished getting ready as quickly as he could and then ran downstairs and straight out of the front door without even saying hello to his parents whom he had not seen in 2 weeks. He sprinted as fast as his feet would carry him to Jakes house.

He reached the opening to the street where Jake lived and he turned onto it. He was in for a hot eighteen year old latina gina valentina takes it all pornstars hardcore shock! He stopped suddenly as he noticed it. It was outside Jake's house and his parents were stood out in the front garden. They were upset. It was a police car. Daniel walked cautiously over to where Jake's parents were stood.

He knew Jakes parents well as he had spent a great deal of time around them as a kid when he used to visit the house. He had never seen them like this though. He reached them. "What's going on?" he asked curiously and worried. Jake's father reached out and placed his hand gently on Daniel's left shoulder. "Danny, I don't quite know how to tell you this but . Jake is missing". TO BE CONTINUED. *** Thank you for reading. That was Part 2, Part 3 should be along soon.

I hope your enjoying the story and I appreciate any comments and ratings :). Thanks.