This college sex party was very classy and chic champagne evening go

This college sex party was very classy and chic champagne evening go
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The Taking of Tasha Copyright© 2008 by Safe_Bet Tasha didn't really have tangible reasons for her feelings, but she still wasn't comfortable with meeting Stefan Ivonovich for coffee.

After all, they grew up together and she knew what he was like. Stefan's mother had been the housekeeper for Gorgeous casey calvert recieves a hard anal fuck family.

Tasha and Stefan had attended University in Sofia together and now, five years later, she and Stefan still frequented many of the same places. Tasha's uneasiness partly came from the intent looks Stefan always gave her. Intense looks, which had only intensifying since Tasha's family had announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Petre.

She was also apprehensive about the whispered gossip, which had started to circulate after their graduation. Rumors about how Stefan not only had been able to afford University, coming as he did from a rather poor family, but what it was that he now did, as part of the government. When Tasha arrived at the small caf?Stefan was sitting at a table in the back. Tasha felt a small tremor of revulsion as she looked of him. Unlike Tasha, who was a lovely woman with long brown hair, an attractive, seductive figure and clear smooth skin, Stefan had been an unappealing child who had grown into an unattractive man.

His slicked back black hair, thin bloodless lips and pale skin might even have been acceptable, except for the effect of his piercing, virtually black eyes, with their hooded eyelids. The overall impression was of maliciousness. Tasha became even more uneasy when she realized that he sat at the table that was reserved for high party members or for, most awesome teen from behind banging hardcore blowjob, people affiliated with the secret police.

Stefan didn't rise as Tasha neared the table. In fact, he didn't even acknowledge her until she had stood silently next to the table for several moments. Stefan finally deemed her worthy of his attention and said, "Ah, Tasha my dear, so kind of you to join me. Please, have a seat." As panicky waiters scurried about, Stefan smiled at Tasha and asked, "You're probably wondering why I'd ask you to join me for coffee after all of these years, aren't you?

After all, we were only acquaintances and not friends even though we lived in the same house. Stefan went on, "Tasha my dear, the reason I've asked you here is because I've been very concerned about the well-being of both you and your family ever since your engagement to that worthless fool Petre. He's not good for you, Tasha.

You need a much stronger man who will treat you as you deserve and who can prevent bad things from happening. You're much too na? to be aware of the facts, my dear, but this can be a very cruel and uncaring world if there isn't someone strong and powerful to look out for you and the ones you love. For example, an error in certain documents that would indicate that your mother and father are enemies of the state.

Without someone with the connections to prevent it, they would be taken away to prison where you father would surely be executed and your mother would be subject to daily rapes and beatings.

That would be so sad." Looking at Tasha over the top of the coffee cup, Stefan went on. "Or your sweet Auntie could be kidnapped and forced into a life of prostitution.

Worse yet, your darling Petre could be mercilessly attacked and murdered on the street." Lowering his cup to the table, he said more forcibly "I'm cute sweetie spreads soft snatch and gets deflowered virginity hardcore, Tasha, you would do almost anything to prevent things like that from happening, wouldn't you, dear?" As she sat there too scared to utter a my hot mom xxx six 5hu, Tasha's hands began to shake so hard that the coffee she was holding began to spill over the edge of her cup.

Seeing this Stefan gave a slight smile and said, "Oh now look, I've upset you. I'm so sorry. I know that you care deeply for Petre and your family and you don't want any misfortunes to befall them.

That's why I've decided to take on the responsibility of their welfare myself." Stefan stopped for a moment to dry Tasha's trembling hands with napkin before continuing. "Let's go someplace more private where we can discuss our plans for your family's protection further." Without asking for her agreement, Stefan stood, took Tasha's arm, and led her to his car.

As Stefan's driver pulled the car into traffic, Tasha's mind raced through her possible alternatives. Stefan, as a member of Bulgaria's secret police, could easily make good on his not so very veiled threats against Petre and her family. She knew that Stefan had always desired her attentions. That was why she always made sure to keep a certain amount of distance between Stefan and herself.

Apparently, especially since the announcement of her engagement, this distance was no longer acceptable. If she rebuffed Stefan now he would most certainly make his threats reality. A deep feeling of hopelessness descended upon Tasha because she could see no choice but to accept whatever Stefan proposed. Not a single word was spoken during the entire car ride, nor as they walked up the steps into the large house.

Once inside Stefan told Tasha to sit on the sofa. Stefan sat next to her after she settled. Taking both of her hands in his he look intently into Tasha's eyes and said, "Welcome to your new home, my dear". After a moment's pause, Stefan said, "Now, darling, I'll only say this once and I expect you to act accordingly from here on. I know you do not love me. In fact, at this point I imagine you despise me.

From now on you're going to become a great actress and pretend to love me. For everyone's say you'll do hot desi babe toys her tight cunt very well. Now, my dear, in a little bit you're going to call your parents and tell them that you've broken off your engagement with that fool you were planning to marry and that you'll be moving in with me as my lover. Of course, you can let them know that once you're pregnant with our first child we'll be immediately married.

Your parents and friends will want to know that we don't plan on any little bastard children running around, hmm?" Upon hearing these words Tasha began to experience many strong, simultaneous emotions: anger, dismay, shock, fear, loathing, and, much to her great self-disgust, a swiftly increasing sensation of arousal. That erotic desire alone caused her panic to spiral out of control and threaten to overwhelm her.

How could she be getting aroused, she wondered. Stefan was despicable and she hated him. He'd threatened her family and Petre. Kind, sweet Petre who she loved and read beautiful poems to her. Her mind struggled to comprehend Stefan's plans of impregnating her. Petre had insisted on waiting to make love, until last week, after they had announced their engagement.

She thought of Petre who super hot teen loves this cock brunette big dick at her feet and read her beautiful love poems and then of Stefan who planned to impregnate her!

Finally she thought of her family who had always treated her as their little princess and then again of Stefan who would treat her as a slut and a whore? How can I just sit here, with down cast eyes, and allow him to say such things, she wondered. Why could these words turn the single butterfly that, she now admitted to herself, had been fluttering around in her womb ever since she had first sat down in the caf?ith Stefan, into a swirling flock?

How dare her body rebel against her and turn her nipples so hard even as a hot wetness pooled between her legs? Aware of the effect his words were having on her, Stefan said "However, before you make your call, I think there's something else we need to do first, don't you?" as he pulled her close and deeply kissed her.

Tasha couldn't understand why she couldn't gain enough control over herself to fight or even to resist. Instead, she allowed his lips to cover hers and for Stefan's tongue to invade her mouth. Even when Stefan's hand moved upward from her waist to caress her breasts she could manage no resistance other than a feeble attempt to move her breast from beneath his greedy, groping fingers.

Stephan felt her nipples stiffen even more under his touch. Never breaking his kiss, he caressed and fondled both breasts until he could feel Tasha's body tense in complete awakening.

As he shifted his attention to Tasha's throat, he moved his hand between Tasha's knees and slowly caressed her thigh until his hand came to rest on her silk clad sex. Her mind screamed at her to make him stop. She struggled to understand why his touch inflamed her so. Scattered thoughts told her to resist but she only managed a slight moan. Too late she realized it sounded like a passionate response. Perhaps it was Tasha's moan or it may have been Stefan's years of unrequited desire breaking forth, but the hands that had been gently caressing Tasha's body suddenly grasped the front of her frilly white blouse and savage ripped it open.

Stefan's eyes filled with lust as he stared at her full, round breasts sheathed in the sheer, lacy material of her bra. With a crazed gleam in his eyes, Stefan pushed Tasha's bra roughly aside exposing the smoothness of her luscious breasts, crowned with their hard pink nipples. No longer in control of his actions, Stefan buried his face between Tasha's breasts and began to kiss and roughly squeeze them with both hands.

Taking one of her nipples into his mouth, Stefan bit down hard, causing Tasha to whimper in pain. The pain cleared Tasha's head enough to allow her to put her hands on Stephan's chest and futilely try to push him away, but to no avail. In fact, her struggles urged Stefan on to even great wantonness. As his mouth continued to ravish Tasha's breasts, Stephan freed his fully erect cock from its captivity. Wrapping one hand securely in Tasha's long brown hair, he grasped Tasha's left hand firmly with his other and forced her to grip the base of his hard, thick member.

"Ah, Tasha," he murmured into her ear as he forced her face next to his. "I've wanted you to touch me like this ever since I watched you begin to grow from that gangly young girl you were into such a beautiful woman!" Tasha was equally terrified and excited by Stefan's next words.

"You never realized I watched you throughout our entire childhood, did you? Of course you wouldn't. I was only the housekeeper's boy. That made me no more important to you than a piece of furniture or just another of your family's possessions. You belong to me now, Tasha.

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You're mine to cherish, enjoy — use. From now on you'll do what I want whenever I say and in any way I tell you." By callously wrenching her around by her hair, Stefan made Tasha assume a kneeling position on the sofa. He then slowly pushed Tasha's face towards the head of his enraged cock while still keeping her hand tightly wrapped around its base. Tasha knew what Stefan was about to force her to do — this atrocious act that would never have crossed sweet, kind Petre's mind.

Tasha's mind drifted back to those nights at University drinking wine with her girlfriends while talking about boys, love and sex. One of her friends had even showed them what her boyfriend had taught her how to suck his cock and pleasure him with her mouth. These memories seemed so unreal. Now, confronted with the reality of the present, Tasha suddenly felt filled with a sense of utter calm.

Though she hated herself for it, she could clearly see that she had no alternative but to give in. No choice but to surrender and submit. As the head of Stefan's cock brushed against Tasha's lips, any thoughts of her family and Petre slipped from her mind. Replacing these were conflicting emotions. Feelings she could only describe as a sense of rightness mixed with a sense of self-disgust.

A sense of being the round peg that finally fit into the round hole mixed with a sense of utter degradation. Tasha also felt that she had finally found the thing that had been missing from her life and the knowledge that, whatever this missing thing was, it would cause her great shame and humiliation. Eventually, those thoughts also passed away, as she parted her lips and took Stefan's cock into her mouth. Tasha's sudden acquiescence surprised Stefan. Oh, he knew that he would ultimately have her, but her newfound submission was unexpected.

Stefan had long suspected that Tasha had a submissive side. She was too obedient to the wishes and desires of her parents, teachers, and ever her fianc? He also understood that this side of Tasha's personality needed nurturing before she would be willing to submit to him without coercion.

Tasha briefly thought of Petre's small, pink cock, which she had only felt once and mentally compared it to Stefan's long, thick, vein-filled monster. Tasha had tried to seduce Petre into making love to her.

Petre, always cognizant of her virtue, had wanted to wait until after they were married. When Petre finally did make love to her, it had been gorgeous looker has her wet snatch slammed. Yes, she thought as she used her mouth to pleasure Stefan's cock. Yes, making love with Petre had been nice, sweet, and almost passionless. She also recalled that there had been very little pain. From all she had ever heard, there should have been pain when Petre took her virginity — but in fact, he had barely stretched her when he had entered her.

Tasha had always had very erotic and vivid fantasies about the anticipated mixture of aching desire and painful fulfillment. Yes, she thought, it had been nice, sweet and almost clinical — Petre had not even removed her negligee . had not ravished her breasts as Stefan had . had left her unfulfilled and disappointed.

Even as she labored over his cock, Stefan could feel Tasha withdrawing into herself. To force her to submit to him even further, Stefan used his free hand to push Tasha's skirt up around her hips and to roughly rip aside her panties, fully exposing her firm round buttock and glistening sex. Barely sensing Stefan's actions from the detachment she had imposed upon herself, Tasha was completely unprepared for the two thick fingers, which Stefan cruelly drove into her fully exposed pussy.

Stefan had expected his fingers to encounter a dry, passionless hole, but he pleased when what they found was a slit that was so wet that it made sloshing noises as it virtually sucked his finger into its depths.

The raw, sexual feeling of Stefan's fingers sawing in and out of her vagina prompted Tasha to redouble her efforts on Stefan's cock. Tasha told herself that she was only trying to get Stefan to come, so that this outrage would end, but she subconsciously started to match the rhythm of Stefan's fingers, increasing both Stefan's and her own level of excitement.

Both Tasha and Stefan came at almost the same instant. Tasha's orgasm caused her to gasp and grow unsteady which allowed Stefan's cock full penetration of Tasha's mouth and throat. This pushed him over the edge and flooding Tasha's mouth with Stefan's seed. Pulling his fingers from Tasha's pussy, Stefan carelessly pushed Tasha off the sofa onto the floor, where she lay in a disheveled heap at his feet.

As she lay there, Tasha silently prayed: Oh God, what have I done? I let myself to have an orgasm from a man's abuse serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive. I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth . I let him make me come like a common slut.

I hope someday my parents and Petre will be able to understand and forgive me. I pray that they'll understand that I started out doing this to protect them. I hope they'll find it in their hearts to forgive me for allowing it to go this far — even forgive me for not being sure that I want this to stop, any longer.

I hope they can understand and forgive my growing desire to submit . simply to surrender my will. to no long have to choose. Most of all, I hope they can forgive the freedom my soul feels now that I no longer have any choices other than to simply comply with Stefan's desires and wishes.

Tasha silently sobbed to herself as she ineffectively tried to straighten her torn blouse and ripped panties. They may forgive me in the end, but how will I ever forgive myself?

she wondered. Stefan tucked his still semi-erect cock back into his pants, stood, and yanked Tasha to her feet. He stared intently at Tasha, but she wouldn't meet his eyes. "We will finish this upstairs in the master bedroom, my dear", as he propelled her up the stairs and towards his room. By now, Tasha had no hope for salvation. She needed to protect her family.

The disgust, she now realized that she felt towards Petre, and her own growing desire to submit and the relief she was experiencing by being completely controlled all merged in to a m?nge of submission. Reaching his room, Stefan shoved Tasha into the middle of the large, imposing room, as he took a seat in a high backed, overstuffed chair.

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Standing helplessly in the middle of the room, Tasha noticed that her clothes were still in a state of disarray. As she tried to straighten what was left of them, Stefan stopped her by saying, "You look very fetching in those rags, my dear, but I think it would be better if you'd just remove them . now!" In a state of total surrender, Tasha removed her clothing until she stood naked in front of Stefan.

When she attempted to save the last shred of her modesty by covering her breast and pubic area with her hands, Stefan immediately snarled, "Tasha, you'll never attempt to hide you body from my view ever again, understood?" With downcast eyes, that didn't dare look at Stephan, she nodded her assent. When he instructed her to get on her hands and knees on the middle of the bedroom's rug - Tasha complied immediately. Noting Tasha's apparent eagerness to comply, Stefan knew that he now was in almost complete control.

Smiling broadly, he said, "Tasha, you did a very good job with your mouth earlier and I think you deserve a reward. I'm going to allow you to make a very important decision. You may remain on the floor like a dog and I'll fuck you like my bitch. It makes no real difference, but perhaps you can maintain a stunning black babe rides a white cock small bit of your pride and self-respect that way by convincing yourself that at least you didn't cooperate fully.

The scoff turned into a sneer as Stefan went on to say, "Your alternative is to crawl to my bed and make yourself available for my pleasure.

I warn you however, the decision to give yourself to me is irrevocable. It will mean your total and absolute submission to me. You'll be pledging your mind, body, and soul.

So consider your choices carefully before you decide. Choose wisely, but swiftly, Tasha," Stefan said as her started to remove his boots and clothing.

Thoughts continued to swirl through Tasha's mind. What choices? The choice of abuse? Of allowing Stefan to have me any way he wished? Of being impregnated? No — there were no choices — only different paths to the same destination. In a state of complete capitulation, Tasha crawled into the intimidating, canopied bed. After Tasha slid between the sheets of the bed, where Stefan would force her to conceive his child, she lay on her back with her eyes closed, laying as if she had prepared for her own funeral.

As Stefan finished removing his clothing, he walked to the edge of the bed stoking his impressive cock. Standing next to the bed, Stefan grabbed the covers and threw them off the bed, leaving Tasha completely exposed. "Tasha, is my cock longer and thicker than Petre's?" Stefan chuckled.

Tasha said nothing but nodded her head. "Open you eyes when I'm talking to you, Tasha! I asked you a question and you'll answer me!" Stefan growled. Tasha opened her eyes, stared at Stefan's fully erect cock, and meekly murmured "yes". "I'm sorry, Tasha. I'm afraid I didn't hear your response. Please speak more clearly. Now answer my question!" Stefan said as he reverted to his previous growl. Staring a his cock as if mesmerized by it, Tasha said, "Yes, your cock is much longer and thicker than Petre's".

Unable to stop herself she added, "It is much more of a man's cock than Petre's will ever be." Pleased by Tasha response, Stefan moved onto the bed and positioned himself so that he was kneeling between Tasha's legs. Reaching down, he lifted and bent her legs; spreading them to their widest, causing her glistening pussy to be fully exposed. Tasha kept her legs in place as Stefan took his cock in one hand and coated it with her juices by sliding its large head up and down her slit.

Moaning from Stefan's attentions, Tasha briefly thought once again of Petre's small, pink cock and how if Stefan's cock belonged to a man, then Petre's should belong to a small boy. As Stefan made her more and more stimulated, Tasha unconsciously began to massage her own breasts, harshly squeeze her own fully erect nipples.

Understanding, possibly better than Tasha did herself, her need to adorable girl acquires her cunt team fucked hardcore massage pain with her own desire to be dominated, Stefan leaned forward and once again took one of her nipple into his mouth and bit down until she gasped from the on-set of her second ever orgasm.

Stefan was not going to wait for more. He released Tasha's nipple, eliciting sorrowful moans from her. Truly opening her lust-filled eyes for what seemed like the first time in her life, Tasha gazed at the beauty of Stefan's hair covered chest and broad shoulders, as Stefan positioned himself to enter her for the first time. As wet and open as Tasha was, Stefan still needed to work to get the girth of his cock into Tasha's pussy. He applied slow, steady pressure until the head of his cock popped past the restrictive entrance to Tasha's womb, educing a passionate gasp.

It took several minutes for Stefan to fully sheath his cock in Tasha's pussy. When the head of his cock met Tasha's cervix, she experienced a tremendous orgasm. When her mind was finally able to grasp reality again, Tasha ardently looked up into Stefan's eyes, and pleaded more than asked, "You truly own me now, don't you? You can take me for your pleasure however you want me, isn't that true? I belong to you forever now, don't I?" To each of these questions Stefan murmured in her ear "yes, yes, you're mine and no one else will ever possess you but me!" Completely aroused by her pleas, Stefan proceeded to asian futanari gets cock rubbed hardcore cumshot Tasha with full long strokes.

From hard, painful contact with her cervix to the moaning loss from only the head of Stefan's cock remaining within her, Tasha experienced orgasm after gasping orgasm. As Stefan drove deep into her for the last time she felt his cock grow even larger and press tightly against her cervix, as it spewed spurt after spurt of virile seed into her pawn shop full storys xxxporn com womb.

For the last time in her life, Tasha thought cute nikky perry gets a gaping lesson from her horny teacher her love making with Petre. Everything had been different. Stefan gave her unbelievable pleasure as his girth and length filled her completely. She swooned at every stroke as Stefan battered her cervix. As Stefan loved her, his roving mouth and hands paid constant attention to her breasts and nipples, keeping them always erect and supremely sensitive.

She knew that she'd never be left unfulfilled or disappointed again . and the passion; oh so much passion! Perhaps the biggest difference of all was when, after Stefan filled her with his seed and had finally became soft, he protectively took her into his arms and cuddled her like a small child with her head resting on his shoulder.

In the afterglow of their coupling, she experienced an epiphany that freed her from all of the remaining constraints that had been imposed upon her by her family position, her education, and societal expectations. She suddenly understood her subconscious need for total submission to a man who wouldn't be her equal, but her master.

As she snuggled closer to the now dozing Stefan and began to doze herself, she lightly kissed his chest and murmured too quietly to be heard, "thank you for showing me the way." The bed was empty when Tasha awoke. She could hear Stefan showering in the bath and contemplated joining him.

Instead, Tasha lazed in post colloidal bliss as she thought about what her brianna love doesnt just want to get her ass fucked was going to be like.

It was almost exactly two weeks after her last period, so she was most probably pregnant. Especially, considering that after their initial short doze, Stefan had had her twice more. Each time better that the last.

Tasha smiled to herself, Well, I'm certainly no longer a virgin in any form or fashion now! This was true because during their lovemaking Stefan had enjoyed just not her mouth and pussy, but had taken her anal virginity, as well.

Rising from the bed, Tasha went to look at herself in the full-length mirror, next to the closet. My hair is a mess, she thought as her hand traveled from her hair down to her bruised nasty old crock fucks young fur pie oldvsyoung hardcore, still slightly swollen from Stefan's harsh kisses. They next moved to the bruises and bite marks on her breasts and stomach.

Then they ended at the inflamed red lips of her labia and her pubic hair that was completely matted with Stefan's cum. As Stefan walked from the bath, he saw the half smile on Tasha's face.

Walking up behind her he reached around and fondled her breasts until her nipples became erect. Leading her back to the bed, he seated himself next to the night table and had Tasha stand in front of him as he relished his handiwork. "How lovely you are my Tasha," he said, his hands wandered over her body, as he admired his cum slowly leaking from her well-used pussy. Scooping a couple fingers full of cum, he raised them to Tasha's mouth, which she opened, taking his coated finger into her mouth, and erotically sucking them clean.

Pulling her forward he caused her to straddle his legs and, as he pulled her ever farther towards him, made her press her pussy against his rapidly hardening cock. Tasha felt him lift her hips and position her over his now fully erect member. Knowing that he was going to fuck her, in fact wanting him to, Tasha lowered herself on to Stefan's cock until his whole length was in her.

Slowly rocking her hips, Tasha put her hands upon Stefan's broad shoulders and gave him a deep, fervent kiss. How could I ever think him ugly, she mused? Holding her firmly by the hips, Stefan helped Tasha slide up and down his cock until she was passionately gasping. He then pulled her down tight to his lap so that all of him was in her again. Rather than letting Tasha continue to her climax, he said, "Now, Tasha, you'll stay exactly like this unless I tell you differently — Do you understand me?" Tasha, who was extremely aroused, nodded her head, but quickly correcting herself, said "yes, sir" and lowered her eyes.

To her bewilderment, Tasha saw Stefan reach for the telephone on the night table beside them. Handing Tasha the receiver, Stefan said, "Tasha it is time to call your parents". All blood left Tasha's face as she realized what Stefan intended. Pleading with him, Tasha shook her head and begged "no, no, no Stefan. Please don't make me do this now. I belong to you now. I'll talk to them and tell them, but let me do it in a more caring manner or they will hate me forever!" Stefan replied "Tasha, do as I say — dial the phone".

Tasha knew that, once again, there was no true choice. Resigned to being ostracized from her family forever, Tasha dialed the number and listened to it ring. Tasha's mother was on the verge of hysterics when she heard Tasha's voice on the phone and immediately told her husband to get on the other extension.

Immediately, both her mother and father assaulted her with a barrage of questions: "Where have you been? We've been looking everywhere! Where are you? Poor Petre is frantic, are you hurt? Stefan found this quite amusing and began to stroke earnestly into Tasha's pussy, causing her to gasp. "Have you been running, Tasha? You sound out of breath" . as Stefan bit her nipple Tasha moaned. "Are you hurt, Tasha?

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I know I distinctly heard you moan! Stefan massaged Naked hottie fellating hard dick in gloryhole clit as he stroked in and out of her pussy causing her to orgasm and let go a series of passionate sounds.

"What are you doing, Tasha? Why are you making those noises? Tell me this instant", demanded her father. As Tasha's initial orgasm subsided, Stefan put Tasha to the final test of her submission to his complete control.

Whispering quietly into her ear, Stefan said, "Tell them exactly what you're doing and why you're making these interesting noises. Do it now, Tasha!" What little blood had returned to Tasha's face now instantly disappeared.

Tasha felt this was the most humiliating and degrading thing she would ever do in her life. "Mama, Papa, I need to tell you something important so please be quiet and listen", Tasha said, as she struggled to get her breathing under control. "I am breaking my engagement with Petre," Tasha said, to loud gasps and a chorus of "Oh, God no". "I am going to move in with Stefan . you remember Stefan? He was the housekeeper's son . yes that's the one. Well anyway, I am going to live with Stefan from now on".

Tasha looked at Stefan to see if she really had to go further. Tasha knew exactly what Stefan's nodding head meant — "go on and finish", but before she could finish her mother interrupted and said "Tasha, Petre is here and, as how this very much concerns him, he is going to get on another extension.

When Stefan heard Tasha say, "Hello, Petre", he began to drive into Tasha's pussy hard, fast and with no regard for her comfort. This abuse only served to excite Tasha even more.

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"Petre, I'm sorry but . oomph . I'm breaking our engagement and I don't . aaah . don't want to ever see you again," Tasha gasped, as her orgasm came ever closer. "But why, Tasha, why?" Petre pitifully asked. Tasha knew that it would be best if they made a clean fast break of it, so, putting as much bile as possible into her words, she said, "I'm Stefan's lover and mistress now, until .

aaah . until the time as I can prove my worth . aaarrrrg . worth by bearing him a child." Tasha once again gasped, "He's fucking me now Petre . oh God, I'm coming . he's filling me with even more of his seed, Petre . fuck me Stefan. Fuck me harder." As Tasha panted out the last of these words, she felt Stefan's cock explode inside of her. This triggered the most mmf bisexual play tube porn orgasm Tasha had ever experienced in her life.

It was so powerful that she dropped the telephone receiver to the floor, let our a keening sound unlike any she had ever made before, wrapped her arms around Stefan's neck and fainted dead away. Once she regained her senses, Tasha dismounted a widely grinning Stefan and recovered the telephone receiver from where she had dropped it.

No one was there any longer. ********** As dusk approached and Tasha lay on the bed next to Stefan. Several new items of clothing lay strewn around the bed. After having completed her first shower, Tasha was amazed when Stefan showed her a large closet and dresser full of new clothes that were exactly her size.

Based upon her current conservative wardrobe, they were much more daring and provocative than anything she had previously worn.

Nevertheless, she knew she would wear them to please Stefan. When she expressed her amazement, Stefan took her into his arms and said, "Yes Tasha, I freely admit to being obsessed with you.

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I've always wanted you. I've always known that I would possess you someday. I am the only one who understands what and who you truly are." Tasha put her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around Stefan as she said, almost too quietly to hear "yes Stefan, you are." She'd then led Stefan back to the bed and made love to him again .

and again. ********** Hours later, as they were both still dozing from their exertions, Tasha and Stefan heard loud voices and a commotion in front of the house.

Looking out the window, they saw Stefan's driver easily holding a battered Petre as Stefan's bodyguard delivered a hard fist to Petre's stomach. Tasha didn't even take time to think as she threw on a dressing gown that was laying on the floor and dashed downstairs.

She flung herself at Stefan's bodyguard before he could deliver another devastating blow. "Leave him alone" she shrieked, "You've hurt him enough!" By this time, Stefan had arrived and he calmly looked at Petre and said, "I knew you were a fool Petre, but surely you didn't think you could come charging into my house, did you?" Then addressing Tasha he said, "Come here, dear". Tasha went to him immediately and stood submissively at his side.

Not even bothering to respond to Stefan, Petre looked at Tasha and cried "Tasha, think of what you're throwing away . me, your family, and your friends . our life together.

Stop this nonsense and come away from here now, and we may be able to get past this disgusting episode." Petre gasped as Stefan's driver applied even more force to his hold Petre's arm that was painfully twisted behind his back. Tasha knew what she must do. Petre had to hate her and leave here feeling absolute revulsion for her. If he didn't, he would return again and again until Stefan put a stop to it - permanently. She no longer cared for Petre, but she still didn't want to see him hurt.

Having made up her mind on her course of action, she said, "Petre you don't seem to understand. Stefan is now my lover and I am his mistress.

I am completely his — body, mind, and soul. Besides, Petre, he is a man — so much more of a man than you'll ever be." Kneeling down in front of an amused Stefan she said, "Here Petre let me show you". Untying the belt on Stefan's robe, she pushed it aside and exposed his huge cock. Gently stroking it, Tasha lovingly took in her mouth, while simultaneously caressing Stefan's huge balls.

With her hand, mouth and tongue Tasha quickly brought Stefan's cock to full erection. Giving Stefan's cock one final kiss, Tasha stood and completely removed her dressing gown.

Reaching up, she put her arms around Stefan's neck and said "mmm, as much as I enjoy the taste of your cum, darling, it would be a shame to waste it and not put it to good use. Could you give me a little boost so that I can get your big, beautiful cock in me?" Stefan reached down, and by gripping Tasha's hips, lifted her until she straddled him and positioned her over his very hard cock. He lowered her down as he leaned her back against one of the porch posts.

Stefan then proceeded to give Tasha a hard, brutal fucking, which produced first moans and then screams of pleasure. Once Stefan had come, he lowered Tasha to the ground. Still completely naked she walk to Petre and said, "Now do you see Petre? You could never compete with that. Look at my pussy, Petre. Look at Stefan's cum leaking from my well-fucked pussy. Did you know that this makes the sixth time Stefan has fucked me today?

Did you know that this is my most fertile time? Yes Petre, I am most certainly pregnant by Stefan already. If not, I'm sure that, as much as Stefan is going to be fucking me, I'll be pregnant very soon! Do you really japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians pussylicking me back with Stefan's child growing in me?

Do you really want a wife who would fuck someone on the front porch? Do you want chick demonstrates art of seduction tube porn wife who would suck a man's cock in front of three other men?

Do you?" Stefan nodded to his driver who released his grip on Petre. Petre seemed to curl up into himself, as he said "You disgust me, you worthless vile slut! No! I'll not have a whore for a wife! Do you think I would actually even consider marrying you after that display you just put on? You sicken me, Tasha.

You're a depraved, repugnant bitch. I don't ever want to see you again, but I DO hope you rot in hell for what you've done to me and to your poor parents!" Petre spat as he turned his back on Tasha forever and rapidly walked away.

**************** Tasha was nursing her newborn son when Stefan entered the room.

Looking down at his first son and his mother, he said, "Oh ho, I see that he is getting a head start? You do know, my dear Tasha, I am going to give you to him as his thirteenth birthday present.

He will be able to do whatever pleases him for the entire night. Who knows, you might even become pregnant by your own son," he snidely chuckled. Tasha calmly looked at him because she knew exactly what she was and to whom she now belonged. Glancing at the beautiful little three-year-old girl playing on the floor in front of them, Tasha said "Why not?

You certainly aren't going to wait that long to break your daughter in, are you?" Stefan just chuckled and said" Of course not dear. Younger women are so much easier to train!"