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Sexy milf like big hard black dick in their holes clip
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The tropical breezes drift over them as they lay in the shadow of the palms, watching the clear blue surf roll in, cool drinks at their sides, the scent of the sea mixed with luscious oils and native blooms filling their senses.

They are both relaxed and lost in thought, enjoying the atmosphere and being together. He asks her to rub lotion on him and flips over to receive it. She slathers his firm muscles with cream and lets her hands drift down across his ass.

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She playfully tickles his crotch as she smoothes the cool lotion on his thighs. He squirms and sighs and warns her that if she continues to tease, he will not be held responsible for his actions. She delights in the playfulness between them and continues to tantalize him, taking her own sweet time in coating his body.

When she is finished, he grabs the bottle from her and nods for her to lay down. Slowly, he begins to rub her shoulders and back, sensually stroking her while he murmurs into her ear. She is aroused by the heat of his body hovering over her skin. He unhooks the strap of her bathing suit top so he can glide his hands over the length of her.

Her ass is already exposed in her thong and he slides his finger under the thin strip of material nestled into her crack to give her an added thrill. She raises slightly at his touch, then quickly remembers her top is unhooked.

They laugh and tease out in the open until they both are hot from their desires. They run, hand in hand, to the water and dive in. Once away from shore, their hands find each other again and they continue to explore.

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He pulls her top free and gently massages her breasts, while she slips her hands into his bikini. His cock hardens and she slips it into her pussy.

She wraps her legs around him and they ride their waves of passion. They cum together in the warm salty water - no one aware of the intimate adventure taking place in their midst.

They walk back across the sand to gather their things and grab another drink then head in to their private house.

They drop what little clothing they were wearing as they race through the house. He traps her against the kitchen table pressing his hard cock into her belly and leaning her back in a warm sensuous kiss.

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He lifts her onto the table and spreads her thighs with his. He draws his lips away from hers and trails a path to her navel where he reams the salt gathered there with his tongue.

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He slowly drifts down to suck her clit and probe her slit with his tongue while his hands graze lightly over her inner thighs. She squirms and moans as he brings her off, then he licks her clean.

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She moves off the table and swings him around to switch places with her. She pushes him back and trails her tongue over his skin. She spreads his thighs with her hands and nuzzles her face closer to his balls. She slides his cock into her mouth and devours his shaft, slipping her tongue in quick circles around the head. He moans and shoots his hot sticky load down her throat. She savors the taste of him, drinking it in while letting some drip from her mouth onto his body then licks it off.

When they exhaust that phase of their passion, they step out onto the deck into the hot tub. They relax and frolic in the jet streams spurting from all sides.

He turns her to sit on his lap with her back to his chest and pulls her legs open. He positions them in front of a steady stream of water, letting the pulsation stimulate them once more. As she begins to throb he slips his fingers into big black cock sucking with brooklyn chase pussy. The combination brings her off again and she grinds on his ever-hardening cock.

They leave the water and move to the couch. He bends her over with her knees on the floor and gently strokes her ass. He sinks his fingers into her wet pussy while his tongue plays over her skin.

He gently rubs her ass, until she is begging for him to enter her, pushing into him, swirling her hips and whispers, "fuck me in the ass"! When he can no longer resist, he plunges first one, then two fingers into her ass and pushes them in and out.

She moves and moans with pleasure and pleads once more for him to put his cock in her ass. He grabs her by the hips and pushes his cock slowly against her sphinchter. She is ready and he slips in without much resistance. He steadily dives deeper into her ass, enjoying the sensation of her tightness.

He reaches around and slips his fingers into her pussy and strokes her in rhythm with his thrusts. She groans with pleasure and screams as she climaxes. He pulls out just as he starts to come and slathers her skin with his hot, creamy load.