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Hot eighteen year old latina gina valentina takes it all pornstars hardcore
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Well, I got so many good reviews from the last experience that I told you all about. I decided to write about another one. I hope you all like it. When I was sixteen I went to live with my uncle on the reservation. I had been in some minor teenage trouble, nothing big. Anyhow, it was either go back into foster care or find a relative that could take care of me. My uncle lived alone and everyone thought that it would be a good place for me.

I didn't really know him that well. We would see each other about once or twice a year at family functions but that was about it. When I first got there Uncle and me sat and talked for a long while. He explained that he was young once and that he knew that I would want some of my own space. He knew what it was like to be a teenager. He also knew that I had been sexually active for quite a while and let me know that I could talk to him about anything that I needed to.

Within a day or two I had settled in and felt like I had lived there my whole life. Uncle worked a lot but we always made time to hang out. He was more like an older friend. I have to admit, it wasn't difficult because he was so good looking.

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He was a roofer and very well built. His long black hair was kept back in a pony- tail and he had a lot of woman around the reservation that I know would have liked to been with him. Sometimes I would try and sneak peeks at him when he would get out of the shower and walk to his room in just a towel.

Besides, I had seen the way he looked at me when I would walk around in my tight little shorts and no bra. There wasn't really any boy's around that I was interested in and after a while I was getting restless and wanting some fun. I had been with mostly grown men and boys just didn't quite do it for me. Before long I found myself flirting more and more with Uncle. One night when he came home from work I noticed that he was pretty sore.

"You want me to rub your back?" Naughty america sister sex of brother asked. "Would you?" he asked. "Yea, just let me change clothes real quick" I said. "These pants are so uncomfortable.'" When I came out Uncle was laying on the living room floor with his shirt already off.

He did that when his back would bother him. I made a point to wear the tightest little pair of shorts that I had and had slipped on a little g-string underneath. I didn't have a bra on and I know that he saw my puffy little nipples poking out of my tank top.

"Oh!" he said, immediately taking notice to how I was dressed. "I'm sorry, it's just more comfortable" I said as I faked innocence. "That's O.K., you look nice." "Are you ready" I asked. "Yea, just don't hurt me" he teased. By now I was trembling inside.

The thought of rubbing my hands over my Uncles hard body was almost too much. I knew that the tension was sexual and the thought of doing it anyway was turning me on. I kneeled down and straddled his waist. I could smell the roofing tar on his jeans and it was making me wet.

Here I had this big strong man between my thighs and not another person within a mile. Whatever would happen in this house, nobody had to know.

I poured some baby oil in my hands and started to rub it into his shoulders. They were hard and tight. Slowly I worked my way down his back reaching around to feel his chest.

He sighed a little bit and I could tell that he was liking it. "It's not too hard is it?" I said softly. "No" he moaned quietly. "Just a little lower." As I worked my hands in a circle around his lower back I felt his hand reach back and rub my thigh. My pussy was so wet by now. I placed my hand on his and led it further up my thigh. As I got to the waist of his pants I told him that he was going to have to undo his jeans. "Or you could just take them off?" I whispered.

He undid them and I started to pull them off. He had the most beautiful body I had ever seen. I straddled his thighs and rubbed my hands slowly over his ass.

"What are you gonna take off?" he said quietly. Slowly I pulled off my tank top and lay my chest flat on his back. I kissed gently on his hard muscles, rubbing my hands over the sides of his chest. Slowly I worked my tongue down his back. I licked the inside of his thighs tickling his huge balls with the tip of my tongue. He rolled over onto his back slowly and reached up to undo my shorts. I stood over him with my nipples erect and glistening in the dim light.

He took one finger in each hand and ran them slowly down my hips until my panties fell softly around my ankles. His huge rough hands took me around the waist as he lowered me onto his chest. Leaning forward he kissed my stomach and chest, taking my hard little nipples in his mouth. He sucked hard, twisting his tongue in circles around them. "Ooh Uncle." I moaned breathing harder and harder.

"I've been jungle ki full bf sexy sex stories gane to do this since you were a little girl" he whispered. Soon his hands were around my tight little ass and he was pulling me onto his face. He worked slowly, lapping at my wet thighs and kissing my lips. As I felt his tongue sneak into my wet little gash I started to cum. I thrust my hips gently and gripped my hands around his head, pulling him into me harder.

I looked back and saw his huge cock standing straight up. I turned around to position my pussy on his face and his cock in mine. Slowly I worked up and down on julia oppai jav japan reading news while he worked my bald little cunt.

By now I was breathing so hard that I had to stop for air as I worked down the length of his shaft. The veins in his huge dick were bulging as I stroked hard on it. I started to moan louder and louder as he worked me into another orgasm.

My grip got tighter and tighter with each twitch and gush in my pussy until I could feel his cock swelling. I jacked hard until he let out a long moan. "Oooh…I'm coming!" Quickly I smothered his giant cock, stuffing his meat deep in my throat until I felt the hot slime coating the back of it. As I pulled it out and continued to jerk hard on it, another blast of his goo coated my face.

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I grinded hard on his face and squeezed until every last drop came out. I licked and rubbed my face in it as I turned and smiled at him.

He was panting hard as he took my hand in his and walked me to his bedroom. "I'm not done with you yet" he said……&hellip.