Euro awesome bitches acquire nailed by the pool hardcore groupsex

Euro awesome bitches acquire nailed by the pool hardcore groupsex
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Her car was a piece of junk. There was no other way to put it. It should have been junked long ago, but I could tell that she couldn't afford to replace it. This was the third time in as many weeks that she had brought the thing into the shop I work at and I was honestly getting tired of working on it. My boss, however, smiled every time that he saw her smiling face. The old bastard knew that she needed the car and would somehow come up with the money to get it fixed. The first time she came in I didn't see her.

The work order for her car was on the board and since it was next in line I grabbed it and got to work. I had no clue what she looked like, but I knew she was short. I mean, the seat was nearly in the steering wheel and I had to slide it all the way back to get in the thing.

Several hours, and one new water pump later, I was done and parked it back where she had left it that morning. I was curious exactly how short bbw lesbian in pantyhose gets snatch dildo fucked was, so I tried to keep an eye on the car so I could try to see her when she came to get it.

Apparently she came to pick it up while I wasn't watching because I just did catch a glimpse of blond hair behind the wheel as it was pulling out the parking lot, Well, so much for that idea. The next time she came in she was nearly in tears.

She managed to drive the car in, but she probably shouldn't have.

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Apparently she had noticed a very bad vibration as she was getting close to the shop and decided to stop in and have us check it out. It's a good thing she did since the right rear wheel bearing had gone to hell and would have seized up or caused the wheel to come off the car completely if she had driven much farther. Again, we managed to fix it as inexpensively as possible.

She was a cute woman. She couldn't have been more that five feet tall and had short blond hair. She had a few extra pounds on her, but strangely enough it did nothing to detract from her appeal.

She had a very friendly face and was smiling despite nearly being in tears. She was also wearing glasses that really highlighted slender teenage bombshell pleasures two fat rods beautiful eyes.

Since I am not a good judge of age I couldn't even begin to guess how old brother forced sister tfuck laundry room was but I knew that she had a youngish daughter from some of the stuff that I saw in her car the last time it was in, so I guessed she was at least in her thirties. That's perfectly acceptable for a guy that just recently passed the forty year old mark.

I decided then and there that the next time she came in, and having worked on her car twice now I knew there would be a next time unless she bought a new car soon, I decided that I was going to ask her out. I didn't know what my plans were after that, but I was a least going to take her to dinner. I wasn't really looking for a quick lay or a long term relationship, but she was cute and I wanted to get to know her, hell meet her for that matter.

Thankfully for me, things fell into place the very next week. The boss had just left to go home and I was about to close up when I heard her car pulling into the shop's parking lot, again.

This time it was smoking quite a bit and I knew that it wasn't good. I walked up front and had just stepped behind the counter when she walked through the door. I greeted her with a smile and said, "Hi Hazel. I see you brought my friend back to see me," as I pointed toward her little car outside.

She smiled ever so sweetly and said, "Yep. I just can't seem to get enough of this place thanks to my ex. He kept the truck when he left and that left me with that." She pointed to her little car too and I briefly saw a pained look flash in her eyes.

"Well," I said, "What seems to be the problem?" She laughed jokingly when she said, "I need a new car." I said, "I'd like to help you out, but unfortunately, we only fix the ones that aren't quite so new anymore. Let me pull it in the japanese school girl rape virgin and take a look at it real quick and we will see what the problem is and decide at that point if it is worth sinking anymore money into." She continued to smile and said, "That would be great.

Thanks." I took her keys and was thankful to be getting away from her for a minute. With her being so much shorter than me, I couldn't help but see her magnificent cleavage as I looked down to talk to her. The last thing I wanted was to scare her off with the sight of the growing bulge in my pants as I talked to her.

I pulled her car into the shop and popped the hood.

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I checked all the usual suspects for the cause of the smoking issue and determined that it was a blown head gasket. On a lot of cars I would suggest to the owner that they simply replace it and keep driving it for many more years. Her car, however, didn't have many more miles left redhead siri gets plowed in hardcore fashion it, much less years.

I went back up front and told her the bad news. She was obviously upset hearing the terminal diagnosis for her car, but she took it all in stride. She asked me what my opinion was on what she should do. "If I were you," I told her, "I would just junk it and use that money as a down payment on something newer.

In the shape it is in right now, you aren't going to be able to sell it for anymore than you would get if you junked it. And," I said, "If you junk it tomorrow, you can have cash in hand immediately instead of waiting for it to sell.

God only knows how long that would take." "How would I go about junking it? I don't know anything about any of that." Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to ask her out I said, "I'll tell you what, I can junk it for you. Tomorrow is Saturday and I know that the junkyard is open until noon. I don't have anything going on this weekend since it is the ex-wife's weekend to have the kids. I could give you a lift home and then come back here and take care of all the stuff I have to do to junk it and get it to the junkyard first thing in the morning.

That way you can have your money well before noon and still have time to get it in the bank and possibly go car shopping tomorrow too." She looked at me like a had two heads for a second. "You don't have to go through all that trouble. I can probably get my brother-in-law to do it for me next week or something." I had to be careful at this point. I could tell she was a little nervous and I didn't want to scare her off.

"It's no trouble. Like I said, I have nothing better to do this weekend. Besides, I like doing this kind of stuff. Juicy snatch team fucked hard hardcore and blowjob like you and you seem like a genuinely nice woman. It's the least I could do." She still didn't seem too sure so I added, "I'll be completely honest with you, I want to do this for you. I told myself the last time you were in her, and I don't believe I am saying this out loud, that the next time I saw you I was going to try to ask you out." Before I could get anything else out of my mouth, which felt like it was packed with cotton balls at this point, she said, "Awww, that is so sweet." I didn't know if she was just being nice or if she could tell how absolutely terrified I was at what her reaction might be.

She put me on the spot when she reached across french pornstar clanddi jinkcego rides a monster cock counter and laid her hand on mine and asked, "What were you planning on us doing if I said yes?" Shit!

I had no clue. I wasn't even sure if I was actually going to get up the nerve to ask her when I saw here again, much less what we might do if I did and she said yes. "Um, well.I'm not really sure.

I hadn't thought it out that irresistible lesbians know how to masturbate properly. I wasn't sure if I was even going to ask you redhead teen choked while getting fucked in the bedroom deepthroat and spanking I saw you.

I mean, I wanted to, but well, um." Her laughter was melodic. Her eyes sparkled when she laughed and her magnificent breast jiggled ever so slightly. I think she noticed me looking and said, "I think we can find something to do." I think that was a yes so I asked, "Does that men that you will go out with me?" I am such a genius sometimes.

"Yes. I will go out with you." "Sweet." I was nearly floating at this point but I had son playing story games mom fucked his friend sense about me to say, "Well then Miss Hazel, we had better get you home so I can get back here and get to work getting your car ready for it's final voyage tomorrow.

Come on out here in the shop and I'll get you a couple of boxes and we can get all your stuff out of your car before I take you home so we don't have to worry about it tomorrow and I don't have to work around it and worry about messing anything up." "That sound like a good idea." She followed me out into the shop and I went into the storage room where we kept all of our supplies and grabbed a couple of boxes that our quarts of oil and transmission fluid came in.

I came back an handed one to her and said, "Why don't you start on this side and I will go around to the other side and start there." "That sounds like a reasonable plan." she took her box and sat it in the front passenger seat and started cleaning all of her stuff out of the glove box. I stopped to admire her shapely ass that was pointed straight at me and had to adjust myself as I went around to start on the drivers side.

As I opened the door I was greeted by a wonderful sight. Her large breasts were hanging slightly and straining her shirt giving me a wonderful view of her cleavage. She looked up at me and smiled, knowing that I was looking, and went right back to what she was doing. It only took us a couple of minutes to get all of her and her daughter's stuff out of the car and I sat the boxes in the back of my truck after I taped them shut.

She climbed in with me and gave me directions to her house which was only a short distance away. As she hopped out of my truck she asked me if I was hungry. I told her that I would probably get something on my way home since I wanted to try to get her car stripped tonight and get it loaded on the trailer so I didn't have to do it in the morning.

"Oh, well if you want, you could stop by here when you are done and I could feed you." I told her that it could be very late and she said that her daughter was with her father for the weekend and that she tended to stay up quite late on those weekends surfing the web and talking to her best friend that lived in Australia. I told her that since I had her number on the work order for her car that I would call her when I was done to see what she was doing if I didn't think it was too late.

I got her car keys and told her to dig up the title for the car since we would need it tomorrow. She said she would and then motioned for me to come here. I leaned down to her since there was over a foot in difference in our height, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a toe curling kiss.

At first it was a just an ordinary kiss but soon I felt her tongue brush my lips and open my own to invite her in. After a couple of minutes of making out in front of her house we finally separated. "Thank you." she whispered in my ear. Her eyes sparkled again and she smiled and walked toward her house. "I'll see you later tonight, right?" After a kiss like that there was no way I was going to tell her no and said, "You know it.

I'll call you when I am done to let you know I am on my way." I nearly flew back to my shop and got to work on her car. Thanks to having the lift, all my tools, and nearly twenty-five years of experience, I was able to have her car stripped down and on the trailer in less than three hours.

It was barely nine o'clock when I called her to tell her that I was on my way. "Wonderful. I'll have you something to eat as soon as you get here." Since I had her car on the trailer and there wasn't room in her driveway for my truck, the trailer, and her car, I parked on the street in front of her house. Having been a while since I had gotten lucky I could only imagine her on the couch rubbing what I knew was a beautiful pussy, telling me dinner was served when I walked through the door.

That was wishful thinking. What was waiting on me instead was a hot pizza and a six pack of Budweiser bottles. That was almost as good as what I had imagined. We shared the pizza and she drank some sort of mixed drink as I drank beer and we chatted while we ate.

She questioned me about who I was and how junking a car went and I answered all her questions to the best of my abilities.

I explained how I took a lot of parts off of the car so that we could sell them separately to increase the amount of money she could expect to get instead of just selling the whole thing for scrap weight. She seemed to be impressed with all the work I did in such a short amount of time. I told her that scrapping a car was easy since I didn't have to be as careful as if I was going to try to put it back together again.

She laughed at that. She was still wearing the clothes she had on earlier in the day when I got there and excused herself to go slip into something a little more comfortable. I was dreaming that it was going to be nothing or at least some sexy nighty of some sort, but was again let down when she came back out where a pair of sweats and a thin cotton t-shirt.

It wasn't all bad though. She had removed her bra and I could clearly see that he nipples were large and fully erect. She sat down right beside me and laid her head on my shoulder. I could feel her breasts pressing against my arm and tried to readjust myself again without being obvious.

Fellow assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin nympho don't know how big her breasts were, but they were huge, and I wanted to play with them for hours. I wanted to know what her nipples looked like up close and personal.

Without looking up at me she said, "I just want to thank you again for doing all of this for me. I don't what I would have done if I had to wait on my asshole brother-in-law to do it." With a rare spark of self confidence I lifted her chin so that she was looking at me and leaned in and softly kissed her lips. "It was my pleasure. It gave me a reason to talk to you and a chance to get to know you.

And it got me a date, and even dinner tonight. Seems like a win-win situation all the way around." She raised up, since she had sat down with her legs curled under her, and placed her hands on either side of my head on the back of the couch.

She leaned in and kissed me firmly this time. She pulled back slightly and looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes, how ironic, and said, "I have Never done something like this before, but I want to thank you for helping me out even though you didn't have to." Before I could say anything in protest and tell her that I would have done just because I enjoyed it, she straddled me and nearly shoved her tongue down my throat. I wasn't expecting it but didn't attempt to resist either.

I gave back as good as I was getting, and damn was it good. I could feel the heat radiating off her on my rapidly swelling cock and could feel her pressing down on it as well as our tongues wrestled. Her hands went to my head and began to rub it and I took the opportunity to move my hands to her breasts. Very slowly and very gently I began to make my way there when she took her hands off my head and grabbed my wrists. She never stopped kissing me and I briefly thought that she was going to stop me.

I was surprised when she placed my hands directly on her breasts and squeezed, hard. I took that as my cue and began to squeeze her lovely tits even harder than she could with her little hands.

She moaned into my mouth when I did that and increased her pressure on my now throbbing erection. For several minutes that is as far as it went. I continuously squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples as good as I could since they were pressed up tight against my chest.

It seemed that the rougher I was with them, the louder she moaned into our kiss. I then took a chance and removed my right hand from her chest and brought it down hard with a resounding slap on her ass. Her body flinched momentarily and the fierceness of her kiss seemed to intensify. Then as abruptly as it started it stopped. She looked at me with a self satisfied little smirk on her face and immediately slid to the floor between my legs.

Her hands made quick work of my belt and zipper while her eyes never left mine. She began to tug at my pants and I raised my ass up off the couch just enough for her to get them down.

She pulled my boxer briefs down along with my pants until the were crumpled around my ankles. Without saying frisky lesbos fill up their monster bootys with milk and splash it out word she took hold of my engorged cock and began to lightly stroke it as she kissed my inner thighs. She then stopped again and looked down. I guess she figured out that I was a little bound up with my pants around my ankles like they were and she proceeded to take my boots off which allowed me to get my pants off and spread my legs a little wider to make us both more comfortable.

She went right back to softly stoking me and kissing my thighs before she licked me balls. It was a heavenly feeling as she alternated between licking them and sucking on them, all the while stroking me softly and slowly.

She eased herself up just a bit, and with raunchy rucca is a cute curvy babe that loves to fuck huge grin she swallowed me. I don't mean she swallowed the first couple of inches, of which I don't have a lot, but she swallowed me completely.

I could feel the head of my cock enter her throat and thought I had died and gone to heaven. She proceeded to slurp and suck my cock like it was giving her life. Her little hand kept stroking what was not in her hot, wet mouth and her eyes never left mine. It was one of the sexiest thing I had ever experienced. I placed my hands on her head as it bobbed up and down.

I wasn't trying to force anything, it was just a comfortable place to rest my hands. Without realizing that I was even doing it, as her mouth come down my hips came up and I began to fuck her lovely face. I could fel her smile around my cock and moan every time I did it.

That only encouraged the beast inside of me and I began to fuck her mouth even harder, forcing my cock down her throat as far as it would go. With two hand full of sani lione porn story online now, I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew that my orgasms was immanent.

I slammed my cock home the last few times, and as my balls exploded, I held her nose to the base of my cock and blasted my load directly to her stomach. Once I finished trembling, I took my hands off her head and allowed her to let my spent member fall out of her mouth. She stood up, although she was a little unsteady and I was in no condition at this point to help her out, and I could see that her pants were soaked. Apparently she had been rubbing herself with her free hand while I was trying to choke her on my erection and had gotten herself off as I got off.

It was a phenomenal sight. Still without talking she held out her hand to help me up and lead me to her bedroom. I removed my shirt as we walked and by the time we reached her room I only had my socks on.

She stopped in front of her bed and turned to look at me, the only light was coming from the hallway. I could see her very curvy body but she still had on way too many clothes. I walked up to her and leaned down to kiss her as I squeezed her nipples once again before pulling her shirt over her head. She was shaking a little as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her sweats and pulled them down. It didn't deter me in the least.

She had brought me an untold amount of pleasure with her mouth and I wanted to do the same for her. She gave a little squeak as I pushed her gently back onto her bed when she raised her right foot to allow me to take her pants completely off. With her pants still hanging around her left ankle I grabbed her right one and began kissing it. She managed to kick her pants off and I took the opportunity to kiss that ankle as well. I continued to kiss my way up her legs as I gradually pushed them apart.

I could clearly see the apprehension in her eyes as I neared her sweet smelling, and obviously wet, sex. That all went away, however, when my tongue made contact. Her ass raised up off the bed as she tried to get more contact with my willing mouth.

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I held her legs apart and kissed every available inch of skin I could. It didn't take her long to start writhing around trying to get me where she wanted me. I continued to tease her, driving her anticipation higher and higher. I would get closer and closer to her wet pussy over and over, only to back off at the last minute and cause her to whimper yet again. Finally, without warning, I latched onto as much of her as I could get into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

Her ass came up again and her hands held my head firmly in place. I slipped my hands underneath her and began to squeeze and kneed her voluptuous ass. My tongue was furiously lapping at her juices, which were pouring forth freely, and occasionally hitting her swollen clit.

I moved up to chew on her clit and flick it passionate chick from asia feels overweight penis stuffing ass hole my tongue on purpose as I sank my middle finger into the furnace that was her puckered asshole.

It went in without any resistance thanks to the copious amounts of her fluids that had lubricated it so well for me. The intrusion into her backside set off her first orgasm. Her body went rigid and a low moan escaped from her mouth. Before she came down I aimed my once again turgid cock at her opening and drove it home with one solid thrust.

Her legs locked around me and I began to pump into her dripping sex as hard and as fast as I could. It was as if I was trying to drive her through the mattress and she was loving every minute of it. After a couple of minutes I stopped and told her to roll over over.

Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and she eagerly got on all fours in front of me. I was beyond caring about things such as being super nice and all polite as I crawled around her and put my cock in her face.

She opened her mouth just a little and I shove it in her gaping hole unceremoniously. After only a few strokes in her wonderful mouth I pulled out and she pouted until Sweet woman double fucked by black men lined myself back up and plowed into her wet pussy once more.

I grabbed her hair in one hand and pulled as I began to slap her engorged clit with my balls. The only sounds that we were making were those of her grunting, encouraging me to go faster and harder, our heavy breathing, and the sound or our thighs slapping together.

I reached around a grabbed a hand full of tit and squeezed. She moaned again so I squeezed a little harder. Again with a moan, but a little louder this time. Next I grabbed her nipple and squeezed, hard. Her moan was even louder this time I could feel her fucking me back as our bodies slammed together. I pulled her nipple as I squeezed and that sat her off. Her cum sprayed out of her as her pussy began contracting on my dick, massaging me.

I pulled my still hard cock out of her and could see her pussy clenching on something that was no longer there.

It was a beautiful sight. While her orgasm raged on, I lined my self up and pushed hard against her puckered ass. There was a lot more resistance than there had been for my finger but I still slipped in with relative ease. The invasion of her backdoor seemed to set her off once again. I drove my self balls deep in one smooth but barely controlled stroke. I stopped when I bottomed out and that is when she surprised me.

She leaned forward and slammed her ass back against my pelvis and nearly shouted, "Either fuck my ass like you own it or get the fuck out!" I didn't need to be told twice. It was hard to believe that such a cute, wholesome looking woman could be so wild in bed, but I was not going to question the gift that god had bestowed upon me this night. I backed out until just the head of my dick was buried in her ass and grabbed her hips for added leverage. With no warning I slammed my self back into her as hard as I could.

Over and over I repeated the process. She wanted me to own her asshole so I did. I slapped each of her beautiful cheeks until they began to turn red and that seemed to drive her even wilder. Each slap seemed to cause her to slam back into to as I was slamming forward into her. Letting my hand cool off for a moment I grabbed her hair again and pulled just as I was grabbing her other nipple and doing the same to it.

Our grunts, groans, and breathing were getting louder and louder and I knew we were reaching the crescendo of our night. All of a sudden, out of the mouth of the woman that didn't even look like she knew the words earlier in the day I heard, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK MEEEEEEE! I'M CUMMMIIIIIING!" Her ass tightened around me and I couldn't take it anymore and let loose my second load deep in her rectum.

I held on to her tightly to keep us both from toppling over. As my now flacid member slid from her well pounded ass, we fell over. We rolled over so that we could see each other and I was a little nervous that she was going to be upset and how rough I got with her.

Instead I saw a dopey smile on her face as she said, "All I can say is, thank God my stupid ex left me with that piece of shit car."