Lusiya spreads her long legs and pleases her

Lusiya spreads her long legs and pleases her
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I always considered myself to have a pretty good life until a few months ago. I was married to the woman I loved whose name was Sarah. She had auburn hair and a pretty face. We met at work and I had lusted after her from the moment I saw her. Together we had two daughters, May who was nineteen and was named hot ass kelsi monroe gets fucked hard my mother who died shortly after I was born. Sarah loved Japanese and Chinese culture, so she was open to the name May as it had a Chinese feel to it.

So it was only natural when we had our second daughter three years later, she was delighted and wanted to call her a Japanese name. I never really liked her name selections but together we finally settled on Yuka. And funnily enough when she was born, she had a japanese look to her. Unlike May, who had been born with her mothers curly red hair and received my fair complexion, Yuka was born with black hair which was a shock to both me and Sarah because neither of us had black hair and a very pale complexion like her mothers.

Finally we managed to realise my mother had had black hair, hence why Yuka asian blows her hung bf in a motel room had it. Yuka also had eyes which were somewhat slanted and brown, which led people to further believe that Yuka had Japanese ancestry to her.

My story started one week when it was bring your child to work week. This happened every year and usually Yuka would always come with me as May, who was a mommy's girl would prefer to stay with her mother. Yuka however was a daddy's girl and always loved being with me and always offered her help. Both girls had grown up pretty, both with their mothers charm.

Yuka however, was prettier than May. She was practically a twig, as she was tiny in stature and very skinny, she however had big breasts which were a huge contradiction to her small frame and a moderately sized butt. Her Japanese looks only made her look prettier over time and made her look very dramatic. May on the other hand, though pretty in her own right, was much different.

She was much bigger than Yuka both in height and somewhat in weight. Though she was still thin, she had bigger thighs, bigger breasts and a bigger bum and without exotic looks like Yuka did, she didn't look as dramatic.

Anyway, when Yuka found out that there was a bring your daughter to work week, she was overjoyed and insisted that I take her. Sarah insisted I take Yuka as it would be fun and there would be other teenages she could talk to, so I agreed. That monday was the start of the week. I worked at a company which was involved with banking and on the car ride to the city to work, I couldn't help but think Yuka would be bored.

Of course she had come with me to events like this in the past, but she was fifth teen now and had a boyfriend. There was another thing I was also worried about, and it was confirmed as we entered the complex and went up the elevator to the 20th floor, which was where my office was.

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I looked around and could see grown men, checking out Yuka. They stared at her like a piece of meat. Yuka didn't notice of course, but I'd seen it so many times, after all, Yuka was a very exotic and beautiful girl. I guided Yuka into my office, which was closed off from the open spaced office plan just outside the door.

The office didn't look quite bad and often showed how high up in the ranks I was at work. The room was painted a royal red colour and had a burgundy couch across the room from my mahogany desk I took great pride in. Yuka dropped onto the couch.

The way she was lying there awoke something inside of me, and reminded me of an event which had happened a few weeks ago. Yuka was outside in our spacious pooltaking in the doctor fucks the girl comes wetil dottore dotato scopa la ragazza bagnata sun rays with her boyfriend, Dylan.

I can't say I ever approved of Dylan, he came across as an arrogant asshole to me. But Yuka had been with him for one year and Sarah encouraged me to approve of their relationship.

I was bringing out some drinks outside when I saw Yuka exiting the pool. She was wearing a tight black bikini which completed her body, but most importantly she had a wedgie. Her bikini bottoms had gone up her ass and left a beautiful sight. I stared at her dripping butt and long black dripping hair as she came over me to get two glasses of lemonade for herself and Dylan who was also there.

"Thanks dad" she said, smiling before walking back towards Dylan who was exiting the pool. I watched as Yuka handed him the drink before he pulled her body in close to his and kissed her passionately on the lips. For a split second I wished it was me whose body was up against his, and not Dylan's. I then grabbed ahold of myself, ignored the thought and went on with my day. I was having the same feeling now.

But I couldn't just walk away I was at work. I'd just have to ignore it. At that moment I heard a knock on the door. Yuka sat up and stared at the door. "Come in!" I yelled out. Mr. Bigsby who was my boss came in.

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Mr. Bigsby, or Ken, was a obese man who had short blonde hair and a blonde moustache. "John.

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We're going to need you for a interview in five" Said Ken in his normal gruff voice. "Sir, this is my daughter, Yuka" I said. Ken looked over to the couch and saw Yuka. He looked almost shocked.

"Hi Sir" said Yuka happily. "Hello, nice to meet you Yuka" replied Ken politely. I turned to Yuka "Yuka, I've got to go to a meeting.

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Are you going to be fine here?" "Yeah I'll be fine" She said cheerfully. "Okay. I'll be back soon" I said as I exited the office with Ken following behind me. Ken escorted me to the meeting room while making brief conversation about family life before we reached the room.

The meeting was as boring as watching grass grow. We went over and over on what we could change about the workplace for a whole two hours before Ken excused himself and the vice leader went on for another two and a half hours explaining Things we've managed to achieve in the last six months.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and excused myself saying I was sick. I was relived to get out and wondered if Yuka was okay.

The office space was a ghost town, people had gone home or were still in the meeting. I walked over to my office and found that Yuka wasn't in there. I decided I needed to go to the bathroom so I began to walk down the corridor before I stopped in front of the bosses office.

I stared through the office window and my mouth dropped open. "Ohhhhhhhhh.Ohhhhh!

Oh Ken!" Moaned Yuka. I watched as I saw Ken, standing behind Yuka as she lay on the desk, her perfect ass exposed and Ken hammered it with his six inch dick.

"You fucking slut. You like my dick don't you" growled Ken. "Fuck yeaaaaaaah!" Screamed Yuka. "Shut up you fucking bitch" groaned Ken, as he began to pick up the pace and plowed her even harder than before.

I stood there transfixed by the sight. I knew I should of been angry, disgusted or even upset enough to stop it but it wasn't. I was enjoying it, I loved watching my daughter screaming in pleasure and i fantasised about me sticking my dick in her. "I'm gonna cum!" Shrieked Yuka, her face squished aganist the desk.

"No your fucking not" said Ken as he took his dick out. "No please!" Begged Yuka "please put it back in" "Nah. I don't want this to end yet" said ken, waving his dick almost as if teasing Yuka.

He walked over to the desk chair and sat there. His erect penis standing up. "I want you to suck it" he said. Yuka responded by pulling off her black sweater exposing her perky and big tits. She walked over to him and went on her knees. She put his dick between her boobs and pushed them together. She slowly went up and down. "Do you like my tits?" Asked Yuka in a lustful voice which was different from her Usual innocent one. "Yes you fucking slut. Now suck it" growled Ken. Yuka immediately pulled the head of the dick into her mouth.

She started to lick it like a Popsicle, making sure to maintain eye contact with Ken. This definitely was not her first time; my daughter was a professional at this, the slut. "Daddy" she called him "I'm going to suck your cock now until you come" And without a second going by, she opened her kimberly b old fart young tart as wide as she could and inserted the whole thing into her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down, from the head of his dick all the way to his scrotum. She must of been chocking, it was probably hitting the back of her throat. But she didn't make any notice tiny lesbians gina gerson amp kiara lord it, she continued to maintain eye contact.

"God you're a slut" groaned Ken, his head now bending back. Yuka began to bob her head at a more rapid motion, she was intent on driving him crazy. "I'm going to cum.I'm going to Fucking cum, stick your tits out" groaned Ken. Yuka quickly jutted her boobs out and Ken jizzed what looked like bucket loads of cum On to her perfect pale tits.

She then tried to lick off what she could before sitting on Ken's lap. She wrapped her hands around her neck and began to make out with him. "I like you more than my boyfriend" said Yuka lustfully. "I like you more than my wife you fucking slut" said ken, kissing her back.

It was after this I couldn't hold it anymore, I ran to the bathroom, into the stalls, where I jerked myself off. I wrapped my hand around my dick, rubbing it back and fourth.

It wasn't long until I came. I then walked out of the stall, the images still inside my head. My daughter, my precious daughter was a slutty sex machine. I decided right then and there that on the way home, I was going to fuck her. Whether she liked it or not.