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Asian cutie gets her hairy cunt slammed
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I went to the bathroom to freshen up, put on a summer dress so I could enjoy this beautiful ultimate teen and young ass hd the sibling study and suck and try to get a tan on. It was a cute little dress my aunt had given me for my 18th birthday and it complimented me well. It was a pale blue halter top dress made of flowing fabric. It covered me up to my neck but the shoulders were bare and it was mid-length which was 'appropriate' yet comfortable.

I went down to the kitchen certain to find my uncle, aunt and cousins but instead there were about 2 dozen farm-hands sitting at the huge table. When I entered the room they turned around and one of the men said: - Hey there, you Miss Lily? - Yes, yes I am. - Your Uncle's right, you are a pretty little thing and he winked at me. - Thank you! Where is my Uncle? - At lunch time, the help eats in this kitchen and the owners eat in the veranda Mam.

Go straight ahead and then turn right. It's at the end of the hall. - Thanks. He looked at me and gave me another wink and the other men said ''Bye Miss Lily'' in unison.

It was really weird. If I had known, I would have taken the stairs at the other end of the second floor and would not have to go through this hoard of weird male specimen. The mansion was gigantic. I made a mental note to ask if they had a map of the quarters and laughed at the thought. As I was approaching I heard voices in a room on my right. I think I could see what appeared to be a veranda, straight ahead but curiosity got the best of me and I approached the room.

It looked like a second kitchen. It made more sense now that we would have lunch here if they had another kitchen near the veranda. But I digress. The kitchen entrance had doors like in a professional restaurant kitchen. You know, those push doors with windows at the top? I was about to push and enter the kitchen when I heard a loud female moaning; I stopped in my tracks and on the tip of my toes I sneaked to see what was happening.

My beautiful Aunt Leslie was standing up facing towards me with her long skirt rolled up above her waist. She had no panties and her pussy was not completely hairy. It was shaved except for a tin vertical line right above her slit which made it look longer. She was leaning on my Uncle Joe and it was clear that he had fingers in her and the thumb was rubbing her clitoris. - That feels so good baby.

Fuck me harder. I really need this, make me cum baby! Uncle Joe's face illuminated. Gosh he was handsome, kind of looked like my Dad but he was taller with a larger frame than Daddy. He was like a sexy farmer; one that worked out and had a killer body.

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He looked like a giant compared to her. With one hand on her pussy he let go of her breasts and held her by the waist and started lifting her off the ground, up and down, up and down while finger fucking her.

- This feels so good. Yes yes… She was panting rapidly. He was so strong that she looked like a rag doll in his strong arms. When she came, body arching, toes curled sideways; he stopped the up and down motion, held her pussy tight, fingers still inserted and rolling his huge thumb over her little bud of pleasure until she stopped shaking and told him ''I love you baby''. - I love you too Les. He put her on the ground, let her skirt fall and kissed her; with tenderness and love.

I was confused, turned on and charmed all at the same time. I had resisted touching myself but my pussy was on fire and as I was about to go find a place to relieve myself, I heard Michelle's voice behind me say: - They are adorable together aren't they? I shivered as if caught in the act, and in a way I was. - Oh God. I am so embarrassed I said. I was lost, took the wrong turn and then froze in place.

I just got here. I swear. Michelle smiled with that beautiful smile of hers, took me by the arm and led me to the veranda. - It's OK Lily. Sex is a beautiful thing. Around here, we are an affectionate bunch. There is no need to feel embarrassed.

Have you ever been fucked Lily? - You mean make love? Oh God no! She laughed and said: - You can get fucked without being in love little cousin. Sex feels amazing and it makes you feel empowered. How old are you? - I just turned 18. - Really? And no sex? I thought you were much younger. I mean… - Yeah I know, I look like a little kid. That's because, well I'm very inexperienced. I didn't want to share that I had felt my first orgasm only a few days ago at the expert hands of my grandpa.

I had promised him to keep it a secret and I would not share it with anyone. I was feeling comfortable talking with her. She had not judged me when I fervid kitten stretches juicy twat and gets devirginized virginity hardcore watching her parents have sex. In fact she had made me feel like all this was normal.

It was really helping me deal with this internal shame I was feeling. Looking at this family, I could see that no matter how perverse some of their actions "may seem", they really cared for each other. That's not the way I was raised. We arrived on the veranda and the first thing that caught my eyes was the magnificence of the view.

It was truly a magical place. The table was set beautifully with white Lilies (how appropriate). We were the first ones there and there were name tags on each assigned seats. Mom always makes a fuss with Sunday brunch; she arranged it so you would be seating next to the 2 people gorgeous chick loves being naked and drilled haven't met yet.

I was at one end of the table facing my Uncle Joe. Next to him were sitting Aunt Leslie on his right and Michelle on his left. On my left was Mike and on my right was Max.

Wow. I didn't expect to see Max again. Was it the same Max or a different one? I started stressing out. I needed to play it cool and not let them know that I had spied on him and Uncle Joe. All I could think of now was his gorgeous face, his long slick penis and v-shape pubic area. I couldn't believe Michelle shared her boyfriend with her Dad! I mean, come on. Maybe she didn't know? It was none of my business. I would look and act normal. If someone as inexperienced as me can control my impulses, I can do this.

The guests arrived within minutes and sure enough, that was Joe's Max and they all acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. We all exchanged hugs and kisses on the cheeks, I was introduced to the rest of the family and the cook served us lunch.

Aunt Leslie told Mike he should have worn a shirt at the table. Mike justified his sexy partial nudity with the cast and all; he felt it was more effort than necessary. Everything seemed pretty normal. Mike was telling Max that they had removed his partial body cast as well as the one on the left arm because they were healed but the right arm was not completely set and he would have to keep it for another 2 weeks. He had fallen off the bull on his right side and the arm had been fractured in numerous bones.

He was trying to eat by himself but it was obvious he was useless with his left hand so Aunt Leslie fed him anything that required a fork or a spoon. At one point, since I was sitting on Michael's other side, she asked me if I could please take over and feed my cousin his dessert so she could finish her meal and of course, I said I would be pleased to do so.

He looked like I would qualify today as an amazing specimen. The smell of his skin alone was infectious. Because I am right handed as well and he was on my left he turned his chairs and asked me to do the same, this way we would face each other. Since I'm rather short, the position didn't help and I was about to stand up when Max got up, pushed my chair further which resulted in our legs being intertwined and he said '' there you go, problem fixed''!

I got a chill and I am positive he noticed because he smirked for a second. The dessert was a scrumptious lemon layered cake. I had taken a bite already and it was fluffy, sweet and tart.

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I asked him if he wanted a bite; he smiled, nodded and opened his mouth. I fed him a bite of the cake and he went yum…and licked his lips, slowly, almost provocatively while looking directly at me and said "it's good isn't it?" I nodded in approval and fed him another bite.

This one had more icing on it and some of it fell on his chest. He looked at me and said: - Won't you clean up your mess little girl? - First I am not a little girl and second, of course I will. I looked to see if there were any napkins but obviously who ever had set the table had forgotten to bring them. Everyone was chatting it up as if nothing else was going on. Mike looked at me and said: - What are you waiting for Lil…Lily?

Impulsively I took my finger, removed the icing from his glistening, toned body and licked it. He went: - Hum…I like that. But you could have licked it off me you know. My heart was beating in my chest and instead of looking at him I was looking down and could not help but notice the bump in his jeans. I felt a tingling in my pussy. I must have turned beet red because he started laughing and everyone stopped talking. - What's going on asked Uncle Joe?

- Nothing Dad, just teasing my little cousin and he winked at me. - So Lily asked Uncle Joe; Mimi tells me you would like to learn horseback riding? - I would school japan chut land sex xxxx it. But only when and if you have some free time Uncle Joe. No pressure. - It's the weekend, I have all the free time in the world for you little thing.

I'll finish my coffee and then we can go to the stable. I'll give you lesson one today and we will see how things go OK? - Should I change? - Are you comfortable in that dress?

- Yes, very much. - Then that's all that matters. I asked my Aunt Leslie if they were any chores I could do to help out; she smiled and assured me that if she needed anything, she would let me know, but that I should consider this as a vacation. Once I found a job, there would be no such thing as a 2 months vacation in the future. I told them I really appreciated that and to feel free to ask for anything.

Brunch was over. Max told us he was going up north for another job. Maybe he would return next summer but it was an opportunity he could not pass. Uncle Joe told him how much he would miss him; they each smiled at each other and while I knew exactly what he meant, I couldn't help but wonder if the rest of the family did. Everyone said their goodbyes to Max and then, went their separate ways.

I went to the stables with Uncle Joe. - So you like horses too little thing? I wish chap needed money to pay rent and credits would stop calling me that.

- Yes, yes I do Uncle Joe. Michelle tells me it's your passion. - Maybe not 'my' passion, but certainly one of them. - Do you have a favorite? - It's hard to say. I love them all, but differently. We have 23 horses right now. Most are mares and we have a few stallions too. - Any babies? I pretended I hadn't been to the barn.

Didn't want him to suspect anything. - We only have one filly left and three colts. He explained that a filly was a female foal and a colt a male foal. I had a lot to learn; in so many areas. He introduced me to his all his horses. They all had names and he petted each of them and they licked him on the face. They would neigh in appreciation and he would move on to the other. Uncle Joe was really the master of this kingdom. Like a horse whisperer. We arrived at the stall of a really good looking Colt with a dark coat and a slim body.

- His name very beautiful girl big lun Angel, because for a male he is really gentle and kind. He doesn't seem to know he is supposed to be horny said Uncle Joe laughing.

Besides, he is not too high so it will be much safer for your first ride. - What about that one, I said pointing at the gorgeous white smaller horse I had seen on my first visit. - That's Zoey. She's a few months old, loves to be pet but not very good at horseback. He picked a saddle, the smallest one he had and said: - Hope it's not too wide for you little one. If so, I'll ask a farmhand to go buy you one in town tomorrow. - I don't want you to go through any trouble for me Uncle Joe. - It's no trouble little one.

This is your summer home. You need something, you just ask. - Thank you. That is very nice of you.

He showed me how to saddle a horse. Step 1: Brush the horse. Step 2: Brush the underside of the pad. Step 3: Place pad on horses back. Step 4: Prepare the saddle. Step 5: Place the saddle on the horse.

Step 6: Let the straps down. Step 7: Tighten the tie strap. Step 8: Tighten the Tie Strap a Little More. - There you go. - That was cool Uncle Joe. - Want to get on it now? - Well sure. - OK, let me saddle Buck for myself and we can go for a little ride.

- Yeah! I was really excited. For once, I was not thinking about sex. He showed me how to take Angel out of his stall and we walked out of the stable. - Can you mount it? - I'm not sure how. - Here, let me show you.

Put your left foot in this stirrup, grab the horn and lift your right leg over the horse. As he was explaining this to me, his hand slid under my dress and he grabbed my ass and pussy to lift me up over the horse. It felt like a small electric current and I shivered. He pretended like nothing happened but looked at me quizzically. I was now sitting on the saddle. - Now what? It's easy: - Sit squarely in the saddle, and put weight on both of your seat bones busty brit babe gets fucked in fake taxi hardcore and faketaxi you're turning) Keep your legs handing close to your horse's side, without gripping at the knee.

Your legs will hold you in the saddle, and give your horse skinny young blonde chastity lynn fucks her mechanics big dick. Rest the balls of your feet on the tread of the stirrup.

Hold on a second, the stirrups are too low. He made adjustments and I felt grounded and safe. - I feel like I am 8 feet tall I told Uncle Joe.

He laughed. My pussy was getting warm as the width of the saddle was slowly but surely spreading my butt cheeks and my pussy lips. I could feel the leather of the saddle pressed pressing through the light fabric of my panties.

I was feeling the need to asian adorable babe showcase her hawt body my legs to control the sensation in my body but refrained myself. Uncle Joe had explained that my legs would hold me in the saddle but would also give the horse clues and I didn't want that.

- Are you ready to go he asked? - Yes, I think so. His horse was on my left and so he went around it and did as I did to get on the saddle. Once in the saddle, he re-arranged his enormous package like it was nothing and that view of that apparently normal action gave me chills. I had a flashback of his enormous cock being sucked in by Max's mouth and suddenly, my legs contracted and Angel took that as a sign that I was ready to gallop; I was not!

It left in a fury catching me by surprise and I had no clue what to do next. My pussy was bouncing up and down on the leather saddle while I hung on to the horn for dear life and no, it did not feel good at all. - Pull the reigns I heard my Uncle scream. Pull the reigns! Angel stopped abruptly and I was about to fall of the horse when Uncle Joe gallantly grabbed me by the waist and took me to safety. He put me on the ground; I was shaking and holding my pussy.

There was a boulder under a tree so I sat on it until I regained my composure. He joined me and asked what happened. - I'm not sure Uncle Joe. Something happened that made me close my legs I guess and like you said, Angel took it as a sign.

- Yeah, I figured so much, I meant; what happened to your pussy? Why are you holding it? - I don't know. I must have banged it bad, it really hurts. I had my hand under my dress applying pressure to control the pain. He pulled my hand away and there was a bit of blood on it. - Oh oh! You're bleeding little one. Can you spread your legs so I can take a look if there is a cut?

Normally I think I would have hesitated but I was in pain and he seemed seriously concerned. So I spread my legs and he lifted my dress over my waist and touched my pussy. I had a spasm. He looked at me but didn't say a word other than: - Shush little one. It's going to be OK. There is some blood there. Can I take your panties off?

I nodded yes and my eyes were in tears. He pulled them down and spread my legs further and said: - I need to remove the blood to see if there is a cut. Is that OK? Again I nodded in approval. I thought he would use a tissue or something but instead he lowered his head to my pussy and started licking it. The first lick took me by surprise. I was about to close my legs when he parted my lips and took another wet lick, one on each side of my bulging clit.

He then put the tip of his thong at the entrance of my pussy and entered, just slightly, just enough to drive me crazy.

I felt my clit pulsate and as I was about to explode in his mouth, he pulled back his head, lifted my butt a little and took a lick on my butt hole, pulled his head back again, looked at my pussy with a smile and said: - There you go little one, all better. Saliva is the best medicine.

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Does it still hurt? - Nnnno not as much. I was babbling.

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Why did he have to stop? So there is no cut Uncle Joe? - No cut. But that pussy of yours sure took a beating. It is red and the clit is swollen like it's about to explode. I think its best if we skip the horseback until your pussy heals little one. He took his middle finger and gently pushed the entrance of my pussy, pulled it out immediately and confirmed: there is no more blood. You should be OK. Are you a virgin little one? - I blushed and said: yes. - I see, he said nodding his head.

He grabbed my panties, put them in his back pocket and jumped on his horse and said; - Here, give me your hand. I'll take you home on Buck. Angel will follow us. Sit this way so your pussy is not directly on the saddle. I think you may have lost your cherry back there he said. - My what? - You know; your virginity. There were no external cuts and only a few drops dripping from your pussy. Did you put anything in there?

- What? - In your pussy. Did you put anything in it that could have broken your hymen? Humping on a saddle should not cause a young woman to lose her cherry.

He was saying these things like it was a normal conversation. Back home I couldn't even discuss sex with my parents and here my Uncle was licking my pussy like it was the most natural chines school girl sex story download in the world.

I was confused again. There was a lot of that going on in my head these days; but even more going on in this place. - Of course not! He had put his dick on one side before pulling me up on him. It was a familiar feeling. At first, Buck was walking slowly and within seconds he started trotting. My little ass was clapping on it and within seconds, Uncle Joe' cock reached gigantic proportions.

It must be so painful to have such a huge organ trying to tear your pants all the time. I just wanted to grab it but I kept holding on to the horn. - Can you move a bit to your left little thing? Uncle Joe's cock is a bit excited and you are putting pressure on it.

Let me cradle you, it will be more comfortable. - I'm sorry Uncle Joe; I'm not doing it on purpose. - I know little one.

Here he said. He put his hand over my pussy as we were trotting and pulled me up slightly. That's better he said, releasing his hand. His huge bologna cradled my but crack and my pussy was pulsating. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I can hold it. This is my Uncle! We were home in a few minutes. He lowered me down and said: - I think this is enough for today little one. Go rest that cute little pussy of yours. A nice bath will do you good. I'll see you later OK?

- OK Sydney going solo this time pornstars handjob said. Thanks Uncle Joe! He smiled at me and left galloping with his horse leaving only dust behind him and a pussy in need of an orgasm. To be continued…