Buenas tetas y culo pero no es caliente

Buenas tetas y culo pero no es caliente
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This story is fantasy and involves boy/boy sexual fiction. If you feel that this in any way will go against the grain, then leave now and navigate away to a story more to your liking.

My first attempt at Fiction. Boys School. From Nothing to Everything. Let's set the background to this story and give you the mega pron xxx sex stories vids 2 of the main character. Mitchell was 11 with fire red shoulder length hair, jade green eyes and a lean body that had not one once of fat on it and was slowly starting to fill out in all the right places.

He was homed schooled along with his 8 year old brother Scott, by their loving and doting mother who had been a high up professional in a big city firm, (which for the times was still a rare occurrence) but she'd given all that up, when Mitchell came along, and had devoted her life to giving her son, then sons, the best start in life.

His father was an officer in the armed forces and was posted to many places all over the world and he had made the decision that his kids would not grow up army brats as he had done, so had put down permanent roots so as not to drag his wife and kids to all corners. Then it happened, and to Mitchell's mind, a thing he thought he'd never recover from, his mother died, leaving his brother and himself with the biggest empty hole that even with his fathers presence hurt in so many ways that he couldn't describe the emotions and feelings that flooded his young head.

To this was added a bomb shell by his father, that he was to stay in the service and that he and Scott would have to go to boarding school. As the days drew on fear and trepidation of the upcoming event had became the most prominent thought in both the boys heads. No amount of begging to stay with relatives or even a friend which had made an offer to take care of both of them, would persuade their parent to put off the impending day.

On that dreaded morning both boys felt sick to their stomachs and by then had even began to have ill feelings towards, as they thought, their uncaring and horrible father.

They entered the car in total silence looking at each other in their new school uniforms consisting of a grey cap with a Latin motto and badge, white shirt and a tie of the school colours, grey jumper, grey blazer once again with the badge, grey shorts and socks with black brogue type shoes all which had been labelled with their names and billet number even down to the underwear which could only be of the Y type variety and white.

Mitchell hated having to wear shorts as he thought that he was grown up enough to wear long trousers but had caved in to his fathers' "rules are rules," retort to any protestations he made.

The one thing he didn't look forward to in the clothing department was having to mujra sex aaa zzz mmm a kilt on occasions that required it, at things like church parade and special events that were organised where they were to be ambassadors for the school. Rolling up the long driveway an imposing building came into view. Mitchell looked over at his brother whose mouth was wide open in disbelief and had started to tear up at the thought of having to come to this place, although seen in photographs, nothing prepared him for the actual size of the buildings and the bleakness of its turrets and clock tower.

Directed to a large open space the car was parked. Mitchell was fighting with knot in his belly and the lump in the throat he thought would choke him, telling himself that he wasn't going to cry so as not to let his father see that he was terrified, angry and upset. Slowly exiting the vehicle he went round to the rear and popped the boot open and began to struggle to get the luggage and the trunks out. His heart now pounding and trying to rip its way out of his chest Mitchell noticed boys of every shape and age going about their business most in the same drab grey uniforms, fussed over by a myriad of parents and guardians.

Turning to see what his brother was up to, he saw him in an embrace with father and he was bawling into the shoulder of his sports jacket. Mitchell too wanted to feel this warm embrace but had decided that he was to show that no matter what he would not break down in front of this man he now thought of as an enemy. It was then that an older boy stepped up and introduced himself and telling the adult that he was a senior at the school and would help us to find our places.

Introduction over with Mitchell overheard that this was the boy who was to be his billet mentor and that his name was Iain.

Lead forward to the ever growing throng of boys once again Mitchell's heart was pounding and his brother followed the father like a little puppy incessantly talking and holding onto his hand with both of his. Iain pointed down at Scott and shouted to another of the bigger boys saying " think this is one of yours".

He walked over and pleasantries over with Scott and his father were lead over to a group where after a couple of minutes Mitchell saw his parent stand after hugging his youngest and start to make his way back.

Scott let out a yelp of "daddy", but it was ignored and the older boy held him back when he tried to run after him. Over now and standing in front of him Mitchell thought he could see tears in his father's eyes but soon dismissed this as it started to make him tear up. His dad now on one knee went in for a hug but was met with a steely face and a handshake so retuned the hand thinking how small his sons' was and questioned if he was doing the right thing?

"Bye dad" was all his eldest could muster and Mitchell stood there and watched as his dad went back to the car. Now the tears fell and the lump in his throat began to tickle making it hard to speak.

"OK then juniors", Iain said in an authoritative voice, "follow me". Mitchell went to get his luggage but was told not to do that as it would be delivered to the billet. He tagged along, through large hallways past imposing military portraits and busts to a stairwell that got narrower and the narrower the higher they climbed. Reaching a large door marked as J4/4 it was opened to reveal another corridor. Iain stopped just inside the door and started to read names from a clipboard he carried.

Four names at a time were uttered and eventually Mitchell heard his. Iain guided him into the room. He stood there taking in his surroundings while the other boys were looking to see which was to be their berth. The room was quite large and down both sides were two bunks, well not really bunks as they were built into wardrobes and sets of drawers with at either end a study desk with a lamp and more drawers.

The other boys all had pulled the curtains back on their bunks and were sitting on one chatting and it was then Mitchell realised that these boys already knew each other. "Hey ginger what's your name then"? "Mitchell" he said lowering his head. "This is Grant, he's Austin", pointing at each in turn, sis and brhome alone sleep I am Fraser". Giving them a cursory smile he turned to examine where he was to sleep.

With the curtain now back he could see that it was exactly the same as the others, two pillows and covers, two sheets and two blanket with a third in the school colours. There was also a little pull chord which illuminated a light at one lovesome cutie spreads soft vagina and gets deflowered of a plastic covered mattress.

Tears started to flow once more and it was then he felt an arm around his shoulder and Grant trying to reassure him that all would be OK. A whistle sounded and Grant lead Mitchell from the room down to the end of the corridor that opened up into a large room with soft furnished seating. All the boys were there and Iain went into a speech telling all, in quick succession what the rules of the billet were.

Then directing the boys down a small hallway past his room, which if he found anybody in he'd kill them, to the ablutions. That's a damn strange word Mitchell thought as it was an extremely large bathroom, but as time went by he'd learn that many things had other names. Down one wall were toilet cubicles with the other wall having shower heads on it but no walls to separate them and in the middle was at least 20 wash basins with mirrors. Back in the large room, or common room, most of the boys were in little groups chatting away and fooling around when Iain said they were to return and unpack.

Grant sought out Mitchell and they retuned together. Everything had its place and had to be there and Grant showed the new boy how to do it and explained the reasons.

Three bells sounded in quick time and the boys said it was time for the evening meal so headed out the door and down to a large hall where for the first time since being slit up got a first glimpse of his brother.

Making straight for him they met in the biggest hug he thought they'd ever had. Within seconds of meeting they were parted by an adult in some kind of uniform who clipped Mitchell on the back of his head as he ordered him back to the right table telling him that it was not an association time. Once more Grant interceded telling him that it was only at certain times they were allowed to mix with those from different years even if he was your brother.

Mitchell felt the lump return but managed to hold back the water that was doing its damnedest to burst from his eyes. Prayers were said meals eaten then it was a return to the billet (dorm). By luck Fraser had a radio which helped break sensual chick spreads narrow muff and loses virginity shagging and hardcore monotony and pretty soon all the boys had bonded and found out background, likes and dislikes and other things about each other.

8pm. A whistle was sounded followed by the shout, "changing time". Mitchell looked in confusion at the others but it soon became apparent to him what the order was as he looked at the other get out their pj's and began to change. Getting his from his allotted drawer he was embarrassed to see the other boys remove their underwear and put them into a bag which had their numbers on and the word, whites. Mitchell had at times seen his brother naked and he him but this felt so strange and new.

He also undressed and when it got down to his whites, quickly looked round to see the others back in conversation, so he removed them in what he thought was record time and was in his pj's so fast that the friction burned his leg. Sitting back with two foxy bints have some lesbian fun others they chatted about this and that and at 8.30pm another whistle "Hit the showers", was the order.

"Come on" Grant said as he retrieved his wash bag and headed out followed by the others. Mitchell did the same and when he reached the ablutions was met by a sight he was not prepared for. Boys were happily stripping off hanging the pj's on the hooks as you entered the oily tits the problem was that she only had foreign money. Just standing there in two minds he was confronted by Iain. "What's up with you, not shy are we"?

He had menace in his voice. "No, But"! "No buts in here youngster, just get yourself under the water".

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Mitchell removed his pj's, took the soap and shampoo from his wash bag and headed fakeagentuk sweet blonde desperate to get back into the business where there was an empty shower head ending up next to Fraser. He was all lathered up and whistling a tune he'd heard earlier on his radio. A glance to his side and he stopped his tune.

"Everything OK Mitch, you don't mind if I call you Mitch do you"? "No it's OK as that's what my cousins and that call me".

"Good as Mitchell is so formal and Mitch sounds a lot better", as he continued to wash. "Yes I prefer it too". "Great". Mitch started to wash but couldn't help scanning the others as he applied the soap. All there were of similar age. Some were taller delightsome and untamed spooning hardcore and blowjob fatter and he noted that most of their penises were the same size as his but one or two were a bit larger and one boy was just abnormally big for his age.

Taking a closer look he saw that one of the boys' penis stood out, literally' pointing up to the roof. He knew this happened as his too sometimes would go hard and point up but as yet he didn't really know why. Finishing showering he took a towel from the pile and dried off and went to the wash bag getting his toothbrush and paste returning to the wash basin and brushed them in the way he'd been taught by his mother. Tears welled up as he remembered the first time he could brush his teeth on his own under her supervision and the broad smile on her face as she praised him for being her grown up little man.

Now in a world of his own, he was brought too by a slap on the back of his head that really hurt. "You going to be one of the slow idiot type"? Growled Iain. "no". "Then what the hell are you standing here for"? "Brushing my teeth". "Then why has every body finished and your here on your own"? "I don't know" then realised that he had been so caught up in his own world more time had passed than he'd accounted for. "Get done the and get back to your billet" Iain spat. Mitch washed off his toothbrush and went to his solitary pj's hanging on the hook.

While dressing he noticed Iain standing there watching closely and he could see a large bump in the front of his trousers, dismissing this as a thing that must happen to all boys.

Returned now to his room Fraser piped up. "Where have you been"? "I lost myself for a moment"! This was a phrase his dad had used when he'd to ask him something two or three times before getting an answer. "Lost yourself, how did you do that"? Then they all broke into laughter and fell about. Mitch just stood there and then joined in with laughing trio.

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"You guys want to see what I have"? Asked Austin, leaning under the bunk and pulling a small book from his luggage. Proudly presenting the front cover which showed a naked woman. He quickly put it back and crowed that he had taken it from his older brother who had so many he'd not miss one and we could all see it later that night.

Having no idea of the fascination the others seemed to have, Mitch just smiled an acknowledgement. 9.30pm there came another whistle, "Lights out". Then darkness.

Austin clicked on his bunk light followed by Grant. "Come on then let us see that book then"? Grant whispered.

"Give it ten minutes or so, till Hitler does his checks". "Who's Hitler"? A whisper from Mitch. "Iain of coarse, he's a bad one and can be a really nasty bastard". Mitch lay there stunned by the language. Sure enough Iain poked his head round the door' "I don't want to hear a peep out of you lot and if you feel your going to die, don't bother me, just die quietly". Then the door banged shut.

"OK then", as Austin retrieved the book and swung it about in a motion to say, come to me. The others were across in a blur. "Come on Mitch get your backside over here".

Mitch complied. The book was opened with some ceremony and under the bunk light all could see a naked woman sitting astride a rock showing all that she had. "Look at the thatch on that snatch", Austin said to blank looks from the three cross legged boys. "God I'm not going to have to explain this am I"? With a hint of exasperation in his voice he pointed out the woman's pubic hair. "That thatch", tapping his finger on the book, " and it's covering her thatch"tapping again on the nether region being displayed.

Nods came from the ensemble. The page was turned to reveal a man and a woman standing together. "There's hair on the man too" Fraser said matter xxx com pure punjabi kand sex factly. "Yes and we'll all get hair round our knobs as well and they'll get bigger and then we will be able to shoot our loads", looking round he saw the others had no idea what he was talking about, " Oh sod it"!

Came from the annoyed Austin. More pages were turned until one appeared where the man had his penis inside the woman. Austin explained the process. "How come you know so much about it"? asked Fraser.

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"My brother taught me when I was about 9 and even showed me how to do things". "What things"? Austin Quickly diverted the conversation. "Who's got a hard-on then"? "You know, down there" pointing at his groin area. "I have" and he quickly got to his knees and whipped down his pj bottoms.

Well there right in front of the was a rock hard little 3.5 to 4 inch penis. Next to own up to one was Grant hot eighteen year old latina gina valentina takes it all pornstars hardcore with a bit of prompting got it out.

Mitch was last to own up and with three others telling him not to be a chicken showed his. All were of a similar size and all still had their fore-skins intact and not a pubic hair was to be seen. "Who wants to learn how to chug off"? " Oh just watch me and you'll see how"! Austin took a hold of his penis and started to move his hand up and down holding it with two fingers bellow and the thumb on top.

His skin folding back to reveal his blood engorged tip then back over to hide it. He flipped through the book and laid it down on his bunk to what was obviously was his favourite page, due to it being more dog eared than the others.

"Come on then you lot try it"! Hands went to penises and with trial and error the chugging had begun. All eyes were on the book where the close up was of the man cuming on the pubic hair of the woman.

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Heavy breathing was the main sound coming from the quartet and an announcement was uttered from Austin. "Oh yeah I'm going to shoot"! Throwing his head back the others could see him visibly shake and arch his back the familiar feeling as he had his dry cum. "I'm going to pee" Grant cried. "No you wont, just keep rubbing and you'll get a real surprise".

"What the ffff". Grant flung his blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease and hardcore all around and also gave a visible shudder and collapsed back on the bunk as he too had his first dry orgasm.

Fraser followed with a little squeal and slumped down. Mitch became the centre of attention and he knew it. "For gods sake your doing it all wrong"! Before Mitch knew what was going on Austin had removed his hand and was taking charged.

Peeling back the skin on the end he noticed Mitch wince in pain. "Have you never done this to see your knob head"? Mitch shook no. "It'll be all OK in a minute", and continued to work on the skin and surely with the attention it was receiving the slacker it became.

Mitch now was starting to enjoy the feeling, in what he had called up until that moment, his tinkle. Something had started to churn away in his stomach and he could feel a tight and strange sensation down in his groin. It hit like a sledgehammer send pulses from his small sacks to the tip of his tinkle and even all the way up to his nipples.

His first and dry orgasm took over his whole body making him cry out in sheer ecstasy. He too collapsed breathing heavily and with such a grin of satisfaction. The boys lay there and discussed what it felt like and what it did to them but the one with biggest smile was Austin knowing that he had created willing participants to his ways and knew that in time he'd teach them all the things his brother had taught him to do. Reading through this I do go on a bit but now the start has begun it'll be quicker in tone, that is if anyone wants more of this story.

If you liked reading this, I thank you.