Brown sugar show her blowing white dick show her how to fuck

Brown sugar show her blowing white dick show her how to fuck
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Ok I wanna tell you the story how of my first time sex. This is a true story and it's incestso if you don't like incest it can be a bit disgusting. And further my English grammar isn't so good so please don't be mad for that. I was 16. Everything in my life was going good. And for the first in time I was close with a girl.

But we weren't that long together so she wanted to wait a bit for "the big deed" It was in the summer holiday. I've became 16. And my aunt called me to wish me a happy birthday.She told me we hadn't see each other already for a while. And so we made plans the day after my birthdayparty I would come bring a visit and sleep 1 night in her new house. She just moved into it. Ok here some info about my aunt : she was 33 then.

She wasn't large ,she wasn't small. something average. She had black hair till her neck. Had a D cup and wide hips. Maybe this made you think at a fat woman but she wasn't fat. Her female roundinges were perfect. But she hadn't a man because she is a bit stubborn and she always wants her own will. So I came inside her house.

It was really nice. Just as I expected order in the chaos everywhere just like her. She told me to close my eyes. And when I opened them a huge birthday cake was in front of me. She made it herself and it was really delicious. But i was constantly looking at her body.

It was summer so she was wearing a short skirt and a white t-shirt. And we started to talk about our lives when she suddently asked me the question : "And do you have a girlfriend already?" I said i hadn't 1 however I had 1. My mind was fully concentrated at her body.

She said that it was impossible that I hadn't a gf because I looked good. This words gave me a boner. My voice was cracked when I asked to her if she still hadn't a man. She laughed and told me she only loved man who made her crazy. After this she asked me if it was ok to me is she all internal lola taylor loaded with anal creampie her t-shirt off because it was too warm. I agreed and so I could see her breasts.

They were really huge and lovely. Suddently she said to me that she had another present for me.

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It was a massage of her. I've had to remove my shirt and i layed upon the grass outside. And then she sitted upon me. I could feel her hands teasing my whole back. I've tought my boner would dug a hole in the ground because it was so hard. And then suddently she stopped. Heey I like massages too.

Can you give your aunt a massage please? I said too quick yes. Because 3 seconds later i figured i still had my boner. And i had to sit on her back. She removed her bra and started to lay on the ground. I could'nt find a way with myself. There was a part in me who wanted to rip off her pants and to stuck my dick as deep as i could in her lovely pussy. I placed myself carefully on her back so she couldn't feel my dick and tookn sme massage oil and started to tease her whole body.

You've done this before she said. I laughed and said I didn't but there I was a bit rookie. I leaned a bit too much forward and she suddently said.

Are you having a boner?

I was in panic and get off her body directly. She stood up and we watched each other. Both naked at the upper side of our body.

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Omg you really have a boner. Ok so you really have no experience with girls. And then she became mad. Aren't you ashamed you are laid on me?

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I didn't know what to say mia kholifa joni sinc sex replied Is it my fault that the hottest woman I know is my aunt? She was hit by that words. I'm sorry she said it was just the shock. I find you also an attractive man. And there my world exploded. My aunt who was my biggest wish just confessed she also had fantasy's about me. She putted of her pants, so she was in naked in front of me. Am I not too old for you she asked. I said she wasn'tshe was lovely.

Her fully tanned body in front of me. Her tits that were hangingwaiting to be taken and her shaved pussy waited to be fucked. If so she said. You will receive one last present of me today. And she whispered in my ear " my own body" And there I had my breakdown. I putted of my pants and started to kiss her. Her sweet warm lips were heating the mine.

I touched her titsshe teased my dick. I haven't fucked for like 2 years she said and now i have the pleasure to take your virgin dick. Be ready! And she started giving me a blowjob sucking and licking at the top of my penis. Like after 10 seconds i cummed and it was all inside her mouth. She swallowed it all and smiled.

Your cum tastes goodyour allowed to creampie my pussy and she layed herself on the ground. And so i placed myself upon her. And I rammed my dick in her wet pussy. She started to moan of it. Omg it's too long ago. Fuck me fuck me she screamed constantly. And I did my dick was having the time of his live while i was fucking my sweet aunt. We kissedwe licked. Her face was full of pleasure.

And so was I. I moaned like an animal while I was constantly fully in and fully out of her. Hold on she said between her moaning im almost cumming. And so was I. 10 seconds later i heard the loudest scream i've ever heard of a woman.

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And i was blasting the end of her pussy full with my cum. I felt exhausted on her body. Our breath was heavy. And sweetheart how does a pussy feel? I Laughed it's wonderfull. We haven't put on clothes that day.

We just walked naked the whole day. And when we looked at each other we fucked. That night i've slept with her in her bed and she even allowed me to fuck her ass. Today i still have this strong bond with my aunt. I visit her like 2 or 3 times in a week. And the days still end with her pussy full of my cum.