Voluptuous playgirl is very horny pornstar hardcore

Voluptuous playgirl is very horny pornstar hardcore
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Please rate and comment Carol began to shake realizing her daughter and Jim were becoming excited by her. Hands ran over her body. They were smiling and making lewd comments.

Overcome with fear, Carol took the only desperate course she knew. "I'll do what ever you want, just don't hurt me anymore. Please, I'll let you do what you want and then you can live together, I promise, I'll forget everything." " Please don't hurt me." "Hannah, I am your Mom. Jim, I have known you for 20 years." "Please. Please." "Ok, lets see what you can do." Laughed Jim, looking down at the pathetic begging bitch. "Yea MOM, get down on it." Chimed in Hannah.

Hannah pulled off her shorts and panties. She found an old pillow, plopped her butt down and spread her legs. Jim cut lose Carol's legs but her arms were still tied behind her back.

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Carol crawled on her knees to Hannah but she was groaning from the bruising she took falling down the stairs. "Jim, my shoulder is in pain, I can't stand it. Untie my arms." Jim looked at her left shoulder which was turning black and blue. "Where is the pain, here?" He chided as he pushed her arm with the palm of his hand. Hannah kicked out with her foot hitting the shoulder.

Carol screamed, almost passing out. Jim grabbed Carol by the hair. "Stay awake Bitch." He screamed at her. He slapped her across the face. He pushed her face down into her daughter's crotch.

"Suck on your daughter's pussy." "I want to hear some good sucking and licking. As he pushed Carols head down Hannah let out a yellow stream into her Mom's face. "AHHH. Too much beer." laughed Hannah. Jim held Carol's head in the warm stream of her daughters piss. Hannah looked at her mom, on her knees, arms tied behind her back, piss dripping down from her hair, tears streaming from her face and she began to laugh almost hysterical. Her Mommy tits hung down.

"Jimmy, slap the bitch tits around. " Carol's breasts swung back and forth as Jim reached around and slapped them side to side.

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"Suck on it Mom, get down on it. Lick Harder." Carol had her face buried in-between her daughter's legs.She sucked in Hannah's sweet pussy lips. She ran her tongue between the slit. Hannah locked her legs around her Mom's head as she groaned in pleasure. Carol was desperate to please her daughter. Jim pulled Carol's head back. "Tell Hannah you love her pussy. Tell her you are pussy eating whore." Crying Carol repeated the words. "Hannah, I Love your pussy. I am a pussy eating whore." Jim spit on Hannah's pussy.

He smacked Carol on the side of the head and pushed her head back down. Jim and Hannah smile as they watched Carol, kneeling, eating out her daughter. Jim knelt next to Hannah and they kissed, laughing at the bitch.

Hannah grabbed her Mom's hair and pushed her head over to Jims cock. "Suck on that, whore." The teen and her mature lover laughed and kissed as they made her mother move back and forth between cock and pussy. Hannah pushed her Mom's mouth down on Jim's cock till she started to gag, choking up saliva and phlem. Jim grabbed Carol's hair and held her head looking up at them. "Open your mouth Mom yelled Hannah." Looking up at her daughter Carol pleaded for them to stop. The teen slapped her mom.

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"Open you stupid mouth." Helpless Carol looked up as her abusers drooled into her mouth. "Swallow it. Let us see." Hannah held her mother's hair while Jim cock slapped her mom's face. The young girl and her lover left Carol kneeling on the floor. "Don't fucking move." Jim warned her. "Tie the Bitch up." Laughed Hannah.

" I don't trust her." "NO NO, I won't move, I promise. No." Jim grabbed Carol by the feet as she tried to get up. He roped her feet together. "Hog her." Yelled Hannah. "No NO" cried Carol. Stop it." Jim looped a rope through the rope holding her wrists and her ankles pulling them tight together behind her back. "Hang her high, just like in those movies you showed me." Yea, Jim and Hannah had enjoyed watching bondage movies, now it was real.

"SHOWTIME MOM" Yelled Hannah as Jim threw the rope over a ceiling beam and began to lift Carol, hogtied off the ground. Carol was screaming as her joints ached especially her injured shoulder. "LET ME DOWN. AHHHHHHHHH. STOP. BASTARDS STOP." Carol's head hung down as she hung from the ceiling.

Screams were intermittent between sobs. Jim on one side pulled her over and swung her toward Hannah.

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Hannah pushed her back. "Twist her around." Yelled Hannah. "Make her spin." Jim and Hannah twisted the bitch around and around until the rope was tight. Then they let her go spinning her around and around screaming. She kept twisting until the rope was unkinked and then spun the other way.

Finally still, Hannah took a small rope and tied Carol's tit tight. "Just like the videos!" She tied the other one both tits bulging and turning red. Jim took Carol's hair and tied a rope around it pulling her head back tieing the rope to her suspension rope. We don't want you to miss anything.

Hannah and Jim pulled extremely tight asshole kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch an old mattress and made love aroused to frenzy after abusing Carol. They switch positions many times, laughing at mom as she hung helpless watching. Jim lay down as Hannah straddled him. Her young teen body dripped with perspiration glistened.

She slid up and down on his cock leaning over to kiss him. They talked and moaned in pleasureas lovers do as mom moaned in pain. I love you Jim. I love you so much. " moaned Hanna as she felt Jim so deep inside her. Carol hung suspended like a piece of meat watching her daughter and her husband's friend making love.

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Hannah felt Jim release deep inside her. She thought how much she wanted Jim's baby. When the lovers were done they lay in each others arms. They watched Carol hanging from the ceiling begging them to let her down. They would let her wait knowing each minute was like an hour. The ropes bit into Carol's wrists and ankles cutting off the circulation.

Her tits were pulsing from the ropes tied around them. Joints especially her damaged shoulder burned as she hung in the merciless position. Jim and Hannah felt no pity. She got what she deserved for trying to get between them.

The bitch would not get in there way again. To Be Continued