Lauren phillips the new girl part 2

Lauren phillips the new girl part 2
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shelby opens their door without knocking and walks in looking down at her phone, it isnt until she goes to sit down that she realizes the scene she walked in on. " HOLY SHIT MOM!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Her mother said "well what the fuck shelby do you even knock!" DaddyBear is laying on his back while MamaBear was sucking his cock. Well not normally but damn im glad i didnt, holy shit thats a nice cock you werent kidding when you said hes gota nice big cock mom.

DaddyBear laying on his back cock standing erect,tells shelby to come sit on his face. as she does so she strokes and hold his cock as she climbs up on the bed resting her beautifully bald 19yo pussy in his face, she continues to stoke his cock while grinding her soaking wet pussy on his face.

MamaBear joins them and starts sucking his balls, shelby grabs her by the hair and forces her to suck both balls at once. mamabear smacking her hand away reaches up and pinches her nipple. MamaBear turns from sucking his balls to kissing and biting the bottom side of his cock preping it with a thick coating of spit.

DaddyBear rams his tongue up shelbys pussy as she sinks her self lower on his face at the same time MamaBear slides his cock up inside of her self. MamaBear places her hands on shelbys shoulders as she gets into a rythem as she start fucking his cock, he matches his tongue fucking with her sending shelby over the edge squirting all over DaddyBears face.she moves to get away from the over stimulation but he quickly grabs her by amateur teen spread pussy pawnstar meets a rockstar hips forcing her drenched pussy back on his face and his tongue deep in her.

Shelby and MamaBear start rubbing each others nipples as they get fucked by DaddyBear, MamaBear cups shelbys large D breast smiling " mmm baby girl your breast are fantastic, so full and firm i dont wanna stop playing with them" shelby cups her moms breats as she leans in to kiss her, their tongue twisted together.

DaddyBears thrusts deep into MamaBear as she moans into shelbys mouth.

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he puts his whole mouth over shelbys pussy sucking all her lips and folds into his mouth while burying his tongue deep in her hole sending her over the edge once more this time falling to the side just as he started cumming deep in MamaBears pussy. shelby closes here eyes and.

"Mhmmmmm bella your pussy tastes so sweet and young." Her younger sister glazed eye lifts her head to look between her quivering legs as shelby gently tickles up her sides as she gives bella a hard cold stair. bella says" how did you get me naked and omg your so wonderful"shelby closes here eyes and. shelby and mamabear are kneeling on the floor daddybear standing between them, his cock being sucked by mamabear while shelby sucks his balls from behind.

she licks the bottom of his sack as she lets his balls fall out of her mouth, she moves from his balls to licking his tant rubbing her nose on his asshole.shelby closes here eyes and. Shelby stands at the head of her parents bed as she watched bella animally dominated her sister harley with daddybears dildo.

Harley was tied facedown ass up to the bed, her knees drawln up to her chest. shelby closes here eyes and. Shelby and mamabear are laying on the trampoline stair gazing when shelby starts taking her pants of, her mother does the same as shelby lays back nice teen fingers soaking vag masturbation toys in the center of the trapoline.

She grabs the back of her knees pulling them to her chest as she loops both forearms behind both knees locking it all together, mommybear sides over grabing both her wrist with one hand as to keep her from moving as kisses the back of shelbys thighs and bites her ankles playfully.shelby closes here eyes and. Shelby awakes to the sound of birds chirping, her face shirt and panties soked and dripping. "Wow what the fuck was all that?!

Was that a dream? Why did that turn me on so much?" Trying to make up her mind she chews on her lower lip, in a quick descifece move she reaches for her night stand pulling out the big dildo and biggest butt plug she stole from her step dad, she had never managed to get it in her butt all the way but she left like today was the day.

She lays on her side twisting her waist and bring her top knee towards her chaste. She starts by rubbing the plug between her lips coating it in her own juices pressing its full girth in her slit she quivered at the feeling of it stretching her pussy. She moves from her slit to rubbing it along her asshole. After 3 passes along her hole she build up the strength to put the tip to her hole,slowly but with a firm grip she presses the monster plug in, it slid in with ease from her state of high arousal and vast wetness.

The feeling of her ass being this full causes her to squirt all over her bed as the largest part of the plug slipped in and her ass shrunk around the base, after 30secs of hugging her stolen dildo while she came down from cumming she relaxed and began to lick the dildos 9" shaft kissing it like she wanted to do to daddy bears cock.

She grabs it firmly by the base and balls sliding it in her slit slaming her knuckles into her tant and tapping the plug hard "DADDY!" She grabs her breasts squeezing them hard as she rapidly pounds her pussy "MOMMY!". She stops suddenly letting go of the dildo at its deepest stroke.

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"Oh my god what the fuck is going on? What the fuck did I say? And how the fuck did I get this plug in so fast? Why dont I feel ashamed for saying I wanna fuck my family!?" Her nerve system returns to her and the feeling of 9" of cock plowed balls deep in her young tight pussy and a 2-1/8" butt plug stretching her plump ass while being stretched and folded flooded her body in one massive crashing orgasm "OOOOOOO MY GOD IM CUMMMMING!!!" As she squirts again drenching any spots on her bed left dry.

She grabs her moms rabbit dildo sliding it up inside her pussy as well setting it to high she felt so full, so at ease, so turned on, she couldn't help but to want everyone to be on her bed with her touching and fucking her. she just laid there feeling wave after wave of energy flood her from her holes all the way up her spine.

an hour went by still in the same spot till her younger sister Autumn walked in unannounced. "shelby you filthy slut i hope your stuffed full because thats alot of toys in you!" she exclaimed. shelby looking over her shoulder and says in the softest yet dirtist voice autumn ever heard from her sister "i dont know maybe you should come here and try to stick a few fingers in me as well?" autumn unsure what to do stood there still taking all this in.

" well you gonna just stand there gawking or you gonna get naked and in bed with me?" autumn slowly steps in the room fully and slips her dress up and over her head, she only have the dress and a pair of panties on, shelby eye balled her vary hard taking in all her beauty.shelby rolled on to her back pressing the plug deeper and squeezing both toys between her thighs she felt her whole body buzzing, she cums again this time shooting across the room startling autumn who again stopped and gawked at the marvels of her big sisters body.

when shelby came down "autumn brings your tight little ass luscious girls engulfing smutty dick of strip dancer here and let your big sister have a taste of that young pussy of yours I bet its the sweetest and most yummy little cunt" autumn blushes standing alongside shelbys bed bashfully not knowing what to do.

"earth to autumn are you gonna bring me that pussy or are you gonna stair at me?" still unsure she gets on the bed and straddles her sisters face she grabs the headboard just as shelby kisses her clip and then blows on wife embraces the lust of older guy gently causing chills to run up autumns spine" sister?

iv never had this done before so go slow and easy please?" shelby places her mouth and lips over autumns clit and upper hood folds lightly sucking off of it in to her mouth as she presses her tongue against the bottom side of her clit autumn squeals trying to lift her self but shelby grabs her hips and pulling her down- -Leaving autumn on her bed shelby walks to the halway still naked.

Autumn looks up and says "where are you going without any cloths on?" "Im gonna find everyone else to fuck!"