Colombiana borracha teniendsexpor primera vez

Colombiana borracha teniendsexpor primera vez
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The story of one man's philanthropic good deeds from his own unique perspective. Murder and mayhem ensue herein. The feint of heart should beware because this story may not be your cup of tea. The Philanthropist My name is Louis, for today, and anyway, you don't need to know my real name to understand who I really am. I have a secret and I'm going to let you in on it because, the thing is, I'm pretty proud of myself for having accomplished so much in my so far short life of twenty-four years, for how far I've come in the past ten years.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm what some would call a serial killer. I don't think of it like that though, and it's sure not a bad thing. It's more that I've found a great way to get off, so great that there's no going back.

You wouldn't go back either if you felt what I do. I was born a trust fund baby with a very rich daddy who traveled a lot and knew other rich, important, and beautiful people. My mother wasn't in the picture really, except to give birth I guess, but I did have a nice string of sexy nannies that took care of my every need when I was little, did they ever. As I recall, my daddy had a few marriages, and a lot of girlfriends, well, that's the polite term, more like his sluts.

Some of them took a shine to me and took good care of me too. No wonder I seemed to be such a happy child. Everyone son tempted mom sleping xnxx I was a beautiful baby, and I grew up to be a beautiful boy and man.

Trust me when I say I'm God's gift. I'm intelligent too, and it goes well with tall, dark, thin with a perfect body, black hair juxtaposed against crystal blue eyes, the kind of eyes that look deep into the souls of females and makes them need me and want to do anything for me.

You could say I'm the perfect combination of brains and beauty with charm and charisma thrown in. Being super rich is just the icing on the cake. The reason I mention all this is because it makes it so easy to get these girls, these little sluts, into my web where I can do to them what I want, and oh, I want.

Being rich is the most important though because it's an easy in to the sluts, and mostly it means big houses around the world, secluded houses with a well paid and loyal staff, and a few colleagues who share my tastes and who value discretion above all.

I can buy all of it because I am a rich man. Actually, my parents gave me a lot, brains, beauty, estates, cabins in the woods, islands, and more money than anyone could ever spend, so brave young beautiful girl fucked by old shlong I couldn't even lose it in Vegas if I tried. I've probably told you too much about me already, about how I look and how I live, and if you've guessed who I am then you're probably saying oh my God, he's the hottest catch in America, and I really am, but you better be careful and forget you've read this when you're done because trust me, I'll find you if you try and betray me or tell on me, and I promise you that I always win, so don't even think about it.

The only reason I'm telling you this is because I want someone to know how good I am at what I do, like really good. I figure I'm doing the world a great service by getting rid of some of the worst of the cum bucket cunts that overpopulate the earth. They're everywhere if you hadn't noticed, and they come from all economic backgrounds. Face it, women exist to breed and to otherwise act as cum buckets for men. They have no other role or use, well, except to play with before you off them, and to make sure they've got a lot of cum in them before they go away.

My advice is to never turn your back on a cunt because she'll just stab you in the back. Ever wonder if serial killers are born or nurtured?

I've thought about it and for sure I am what I am just because, but it's been helped along by a series of cunt sluts all of my life, starting with my mother who dumped me right after birth. At least my dad made sure I had nannies and I actually learned a lot from him about how to treat sluts, but more about that later. I think I may have worshipped my first nanny but she left when I was six, she abandoned me too.

I remember her big tits and how she let me suck them as long as I wanted, and how great it felt when she gently stroked my dick, and when she sucked it, I was in heaven. She'd put her tits in my face and we'd suck each other until I got that feeling and I'd shudder and moan because it felt so good. It got so that I wanted to feel that all the time and I made her do it at least a couple of times a day and I really think she got tired of it and then she left me.

Before she left she did train a new nanny and showed her what I liked so I pushed the new one, who also had excellent tits, to do me several times a day.

I used to be pissed off that school took up so much of my time. That nanny didn't last long either, and so a long string of nannies, and a few of my dad's sluts, entered my life.

Each was told to do what I wanted, and the thing was I found I liked the variety, needed it even, and that my orgasms got better and better. They all left me though, not one of them gave a shit about me, even though they went on and on about how beautiful I was, but they all taught me a lot about females, namely that they are cunt sluts strictly for use as cum buckets.

In a few years I found out just how great their cunts were to unload my cum into while I orgasmed, and their mouths too, but I saw the purpose of a cunt. It's like a light bulb went on and I understood the meaning of life or something. I hit puberty at eleven and started fucking my nannies while I sucked their tits, and that's when I discovered I could hurt them, and when I did my orgasm's were even better. When I turned twelve, I still fucked my nannies which I insisted I must have even though I was twelve and my father said why the fuck not and winked at me.

I know he knew why I wanted them around, and I also knew that he and his friends fucked them too, and hurt them. I'd watched those shows many nights when he didn't know I was there. I couldn't wait to try out some of the things I'd seen them do to cunts.

At twelve I also started having friends over to the house, mansion I guess you'd call it, and by friends I mean guys because seriously I can't stand cunts except to fuck. Only a few guys were invited into the inner sanctum though, about five or six of them at any given time, from the time I turned twelve until I was done with the elite private high school my dad made me attend. The first time my friends were invited to fuck cunts was on my twelfth birthday.

I knew my friends were pretty inexperienced, so I made sure their first cunt was inexperienced too. This was my birthday party so my staff told me I had to invite boys and girls, well, they told me my father said that's what I had to do, so some of the girls from the girls school were invited too.

I shy woman let me work with her delicious ass the girl with the biggest tits to be our cunt that day. I had found out that young chicks with big tits would put out. They thought their tits made them special or something. I had a whole wing of my house to myself so I picked a bedroom to take the cunt and my good friends for our own little party. Before I said my goodbyes when the party was over, I charmed the cunt I wanted and she was as easy as Sunny leone xxx bf 89 thought she'd be.

She was stashed away in a bedroom waiting for me. The chick didn't know about my friends but I figured what the hell could she do about it anyway, so once the party was over, I took my friends to meet the cunt. I could see that they thought this was a great idea and she did too at first. I decided to take the lead and show the guys what they could do if they wanted and pretty soon I had this chick on her back with her tits out and well sucked.

I was between her legs which I'd spread wide and I had my finger in her cunt. My bros were standing around us watching and the chick didn't seem to care, in fact she was acting like a typical slut, hot and unable to say no to a dick. She seemed to know her place. I lay on her, effectively holding her down as I got my dick out and lined up and pushed in.

I latched onto a tit and started fucking her and told the guys to hold her legs open wide and to pull them up so they could watch better. The cunt was breathing hard and telling me she liked the way I felt inside her, so I picked up the pace and fucked her harder and deeper, and I was ready and unloaded my cum soon after. When I was done I didn't pull out until I told the guys to hold the cunt's arms and legs and for someone to get a dick in her right after I pulled out.

They were climbing all over themselves to be the next one in, and finally I pulled out and saw my cum dripping out of that cunt, and then there was another dick in her.

She started protesting after the second guy did her and I told her tough and to do it for me, and I guess the chick really liked me or something because she calmed down and did all the guys in the room and then did them again because these were very horny and very young guys.

When we were all done with her, I told the chick to stay in the room and that I'd be right back. I said goodbye to my friends and told them I was gonna do the cunt one more time and then send her home. I didn't think they were ready to hear what I was really going to do to her.

I went back for the cunt and saw that she'd gotten dressed, but I turned on the charm and told her I had something to show her, and she liked that and smiled at me, and I took her by the hand and walked her to a place in the basement where I knew that staff was not allowed.

It was where my father did his own cunts, where I'd watched him do the things he did to them. The room was underground and quite large. The lighting was low and meant to make even ugly cunts look a little better. I moved the cunt around the room until I got to where I wanted her. She was looking a little perplexed right up until the moment I strapped her into a simple device that kept her from moving much, a sexy woman likes it deep in her throat where she lay flat on her back with her arms and legs strapped down and spread wide, cunt ready for fucking and fucking with.

The first arm was strapped in fast and easily, the second was more difficult, and now I knew why there was a strap for around the waist. It was there to keep them from moving so much when strapping the legs in.

When she was in I smirked at her a little and asked if she was comfy. She wanted to know what I was doing and why was I doing it to her, and I just laughed a little and told her I just wanted to play a little. She started screaming then, but of course I knew the place was soundproofed and she didn't. I stuffed something in her mouth so she could hear me when I told her it was useless to scream, that no one would hear her or help her.

I told her not to expect to be rescued or anything because no one even knew this room existed and that if anyone came looking for her I'd tell them she left with the others after the party, and that no one would have a clue she didn't leave.

I was turned on seeing her all strapped down like that, helpless really, and ready for dick, so I put it in her and fucked her for slowly for half an hour while I sucked her big tits. I didn't know what it was then, but I had a really intense orgasm and I knew I wanted more of that. I went to my room after I was done though, really understanding at that point that it was too late to let the cunt go, that she would never leave that room, not alive.

I knew what I had to do, but it could wait until tomorrow and anyway I wanted to fuck her again and suck on those big old tits one more time. The next day was a Saturday, so I played with the cunt off and on all day. By late afternoon, I'd fucked her three times with each orgasm better than the one before.

I'd pulled the cloth I'd stuffed in her mouth and she started pleading with me to let her go, and, God, I loved hearing that so I let her plead and cry and scream a little while I did her over and over. I told her too, told her exactly what a fucking cum bucket slut she was and how much she deserved what she was getting. Just desserts for just a cunt like her. This made her cry more and it made me laugh at her. All day I debated on the best way to off her and get rid of her after. I didn't want to leave a big mess for my father to find, so I decided to simply strangle the bitch and then wrap her up in something and bury her somewhere way out in the woods.

My estate is very large, thousands of acres and no one will ever find you out there. I finally realized that it would be a lot easier to just dump her and let the animals take care of the rest. She was only worth so much trouble after all. So that's what I did, well, actually I did it on Sunday, because on Saturday I spent a lot of the day fucking the cunt and practicing strangling her.

I tried a rope and a pillow over her face, and my bare hands. My hands weren't quite big enough to do the job well so I settled on a nice silk tie because it was kind of fun to see the beautiful silk sink into her neck, and I wanted to see her face when she kicked. By the end of Saturday, she must have been exhausted but I think she was too scared to notice.

She started trembling in the afternoon and didn't stop as I fucked her and strangled then brought her back. The cunt was a stinking mess at this point and I knew I had to do it the next day and start fresh with a new cunt.

So, that's what happened. I got up pretty early and fucked her while I ate breakfast. Her mouth looked dry, her lips cracked, so when I was done fucking her, I pissed in her mouth and told her to enjoy. What was so funny was how she eagerly drank it all. When I was ready to do her, I put a big blue tarp under her first and I think she knew this was it because she was shaking hard and crying and tried to plead but her mouth was dry again.

I held up the tie I'd been using and rubbed it on her neck and asked her didn't that soft silk feel nice on her skin. The cunt was so unappreciative and cried some more, so I just slapped her face a few times and told her to enjoy. I wrapped the tie around her neck then and pulled it tight. I smiled and lined up and pushed my hard dick all the way into her cunt, and started moving in and out deep and hard as I could while I tightened the tie even more. The cunt's body was shaking hard when I let up on the tie a little and sucked her tits while I kept on fucking her.

I wasn't quite ready yet, but I kept tightening then loosening up on the tie as the cunt cried and pleaded. Her tongue was sticking out of her mouth now, all dry and unappealing so I knew I had to finish fucking her. I pulled the tie tight and told her to get ready for eternity, bitch, that this is what happens to fucking cunts like her, fucking betraying bitches, and I smirked and slammed into her cunt, and I was almost there and I tightened the tie and watched her turn blue, and watched the tongue and the look in her eyes, and just kept fucking her hard, and, God, it felt good to do a cunt like that, to really ream her and watch the life leave her because of me, oh, God, so good, and then I was coming, my dick pulsing, pumping my hot cum into the cunt and the bitch faded and her body trembled as the light was finally gone from her slut eyes.

When I was done, I collapsed on her for a few moments, still holding on tight to the tie, wanting to be sure she was gone. When I let up, I could see she was done.

I sucked on a tit. She was still warm, inside and out and my dick was hard again right away and so I fucked her again, moaning the whole time, and the amazing thing was how erotic it was to fuck a dead cunt, a warm, cum filled dead cunt and know I did it and now she would do anything I wanted, anything, and I knew I wanted, needed to unload in her one more time, just to show her the meaning of life for a cunt.

I fucked her for a few minutes and I was ready to get off, and when I did, God, it was amazing, different somehow, and I knew I could never go back, that whenever I could, I wanted to feel this again. The orgasm lasted, really lasted as my dick kept pumping cum, wave after wave of intense pleasure took over until I was finally sated and happy, so God damned happy.

I pulled out and looked at the cunt and slapped her and laughed. I undid her and wrapped her in the tarp. I was still just a kid, but I was tall and strong for my age, so I put the cunt over my shoulder and left through the tunnel to the outside that my father had so thoughtfully put in. I wondered if he'd ever offed chicks, and though I wasn't sure, I would bet that he had and that's why the tunnel was there.

I had pulled one of the staff's utility trucks around back earlier and used it now, throwing the cunt in the back and drove off into the woods on one of the dirt roads all over the property. Again, I was a kid but the gardener had taught me to drive when I was ten. I took the cunt way out and pulled her out of the tarp then took her into the woods and dumped her.

I looked at her big tits hanging dead and her open eyes staring at nothing, and I smiled and then I spit on her and left her there. The animals would take care of her and no one would ever be the wiser. Life went back to normal after that. No one ever asked about the cunt. I saw on the news that a girl was missing and there were flyers and all, but no one ever connected her to me and she was never found. I was proud of myself, first time out and that I had done good.

That cunt was just the beginning of my long and illustrious career, my real career. My other career, the one I needed to show the world what a great man I was, happened because my father, before he died, knew I had no interest or mind for business, nor did I care to make any more money, so he set me up good. I was required to finish college, a good college, and so I am a Harvard graduate, though I know my father had to pay a lot of people, and build a lot of buildings to get that for me, but he did.

So, knowing all this, my father made me the head of his charitable foundations, all of them, and that's what I did, though it didn't actually take up that much of my time.

I administered his charities and started new ones and I had a full staff to do all the work so all I had to do was show up at events and charm people and you know I was damned good at that. At age twenty-one, when I took over running the foundation, I looked like a Greek god.

I was six three, had a perfectly chiseled patrician nose, thick black hair, the same crystal blue eyes, perfect slender but strong body, and perfect features that made my face truly beautiful. Cute college girls partying outdoor and fucking two dicks could have been a model and actually dabbled in it, but from then on my dabbling had to do with the charities.

When my father died, I was twenty-three, and I inherited everything. My mother had long ago been paid off, and when she showed up for the funeral, I refused to see hardcore wet crack drilling pornstar and blowjob talk to her. I cut her out the same way she'd cut me out, and I was actually afraid of what I might lesbian anal fuck with a strap on to her if I saw her up close, amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum she was allowed to attend the service but nothing more.

My security guys made sure of it. I inherited my father's businesses too and became one of the richest men in the world. I had no interest in business. How right my father had been about that, so I kept on the loyal people and hired others to do what I wanted to run the businesses, only those I could completely trust. That meant I paid them very well and they rewarded me with loyalty and who wouldn't, I was well known and beloved even in the world for being a young philanthropist and perhaps the most eligible bachelor ever.

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I was in a perfect position to continue my real career, that of ridding the world of cunts, and getting as much gratification out of it as I could. By the age of twenty-four, I had offed a little over 200 chicks at places all over the world. I knew because I kept a detailed list and one photograph of each cunt so I could remember. My first year out, at age twelve, I offed six cunts, and that's when I didn't have as much freedom as I did later on, starting in the college years.

Thinking back, I remember having a difficult time in high school because, while I was able to fuck a lot of chicks, I wasn't really able to off nearly as many as I wanted and it was frustrating. Thank God my daddy asian centerfold gets rammed hard by her horny stud hiring nannies for me until I left for college when I was eighteen.

They kept leaving, and I did manage to off one of them myself which is one of my really great memories from that period of time. No one ever asked what happened to her, she was simply gone one night, and when I cried, my daddy got me another one the next day.

I needed my nannies and I still do. I don't call them nannies anymore, they are personal assistants now, but I make their purpose known during the interview where I suck their tits and fuck them and if I like them they are hired. No one has ever turned me down. Most of them don't last long either. Some get nervous after I start playing with them, they get scared I think, a few I find a way to off, and get rid of. But I like having them around. I like getting up in the morning and having big tits to suck on for a while before I start my day, and sometimes during my day if I'm feeling that way.

I fuck them too but mainly I just want their tits in my mouth. One of the requirements for their employment is that they eat the special diet I provide them to enhance lactation and make the milk sweeter and better. They must also pump trajan x same of jane stimulate their tits to make sure there's something for me when I suck them.

I can happily suck an empty tit but a juicy tit is so much better, so good in fact that I always reward myself with a tit after I off a cunt.

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It calms me down after all the excitement and frequently leads to another great orgasm, sometimes without any stimulation at all.

Mostly when I want to fuck, I go to my basement in the main house, the house I grew up in. I keep a few cunts down there at all times. There are more devices now, more ways to torture the cunts before I off them. I keep them all together and make them watch while I do the others because I like it when they're really scared, when they tremble.

I leave them tied to a device, mouths taped shut. Most only last a week or so. They get no food after they arrive at the mansion, and the only water they get is my piss if I'm feeling that kind. Really though, I just prefer to fuck them and kill them pretty fast. I've experimented over the years on different ways to kill cunts. I really like strangling them and my hands are big now, big enough to squeeze hard enough to do it. I get a lot of satisfaction out of that, it's a very up close and personal way to kill someone.

I also like cutting them with my little collections of knives, very sharp knives. It's enjoyable to fuck them and then cut them all over, nice neat long lines.

Seeing the blood starting to flow along those lines is especially pleasurable, and enough to get me hard and squirting my cum all over those bloody lines. I like sucking their tits and then cutting their nipples off, and listening to them scream when I do. The tape is always removed before I play with a cunt because really the pleading is hilarious and I can always use a good laugh, and the tears are just so not sad.

The screaming is another thing that gets me off fast. One of my favorite hot lesbian session with two classy bombshells masturbation and pornstars is to cut a cunt good and then cum down her throat while she's screaming.

Those knives are good for cutting in other ways too and I've got a lot of practice on this. I really enjoy driving a knife into their cunts and then fucking them as hard as I can while they scream. I'll fuck them like that for a couple of minutes then take my knife and cut a line down their stomach while I'm still fucking them. That always gets them screaming again and I get turned on and when I'm ready to get off I pull out of their cunt and sink my dick deep into the slit in their stomach and unload my come, and, God, is that an orgasm to remember.

It really doesn't get any better than that. The thing with doing all these cunts is that you have to be creative and keep coming up with new ways to play with them and off them because after a while the thrill wears off if you keep doing the same thing over and over. It must be the way old married couples feel after fucking one person for years. It gets boring, so I'm always experimenting. Throughout my college years, I was my own recruiter of fresh cunts, but now that I'm a beloved philanthropist, I leave most of the hunting for others because it's not something I need or want to be involved in anymore, neither is getting rid of dead cunts.

So I have a team who finds my cunts and brings them to my basement, or to teen ariadna milks cock old neighbor for cash other houses all over the world.

I mostly live in the U.S. but I do travel for the charities fairly often and I don't want to get bored while on the road. I also have a disposal team that does a daily pick up of dead cunts from my naughty babes in a summer camp lesbian orgy. No one but me knows anything about either team and though it might seem risky to have anyone but myself involved, I'll tell you why it's not.

First of all, they're all well paid, very well paid, they have their own great houses and lives. Second, they get to fuck all the cunts they bring me and all the live cunts before taking away the dead ones. Third, they know that bad things will happen if they every try and quit the job or tell anyone about what they do.

I had to make an example of someone who wanted out after a couple of years. Not only is he good and dead in a terrible accident, but his whole family is too.

I tell them after I've hired them what will happen and most of them believe me, and those that don't are quickly silenced. And anyway, who would believe some lowlife guy talking trash about a man as beloved as I am. No one, that's who. So it generally works out well for all concerned, and always well for me. Of course, many times I just luck out and charm someone and they come willingly into my web.

I really like them the best because they trust me and then I surprise them, and, wow, do I ever surprise them, especially the young twenty something rich girls looking for a husband. I know I am great husband material so I use that and flirt at charity events, and frequently get one or more of them to come home with me, then I take them one by one to the basement and get them tied up and get the next one and soon I have a nice little party going.

The rich cunts are maybe the funniest because they think so highly of themselves, and they're so surprised when they realize I'm going to kill them. It takes them a while to get it but when they do the pleading starts and I laugh in their rich little cunt faces and tell them tough shit, a cunt's going to get what a cunt deserves. After they plead, they start threatening me, that I'll be found out because their daddy is rich or famous or some shit, and I put my dick in them and stick them good and tell them their daddy will never know what happened to them, and then I tell them how many cunts I've done down here in my basement, and tell them there's no way out, so they should just try and enjoy my dick while they can, and then I smile nicely, and slam my dick hard into their slimy little cunts and then I hold up the knife, let them take a good look at and really take in what's going to happen to them, and make them think about it, before I take that knife and slide it into their stomach and hear the first scream.

I feel hot just thinking about it. Occasionally, I'll find a cunt with extra large tits and I consider it my lucky day if I do.

I put them flat on their backs with their arms and legs spread out and tied down, and then I suck their tits for as long as I want. I had this one cunt with huge tits in the basement for a while, and even kept her alive because her tits were so fucking big. She was tied to a post and I'd suck her while standing then squirt protein drinks down her throat to keep her alive longer, and when I wasn't sucking her tits, I tied heavy weights to them to stretch them out because I was so curious to see how far I could get them to hang down.

I kept this cunt alive for almost a month I think and her tits were hanging low and every day I added more weight to them and they really stretched out, so much that I could kneel and suck them and that was just perfect. That just shows you what forty pounds pulling on a pair of tits will do. Don't know why she didn't last longer. Maybe she thought I was gonna do her the way I did the others. I took pictures of those tits and kept a before and after and remember fondly how nice they were to suck on after I got them lactating.

I had some of the best orgasms of my life just sucking on that bitch's tits. So, that's my secret. You know all about how I live now. I figure I've got a long life ahead of me, long and sweet, and filled with laughter and exceptional orgasms thanks to the fucking cunts in the world.

I guess I owe them that, but I don't regret what I do, not for a minute because I know the world's a better place because of me for so many reasons. Anyway, I think I've got a good fifty years yet to eradicate cunts from the world, and depending on how many I actually have time for, I think I can off at least ten per week, and that would add up to thousands and thousands before I'm a really old man and even then I'll keep going for as long as I can.

I don't know if I'll ever get married. I guess I should just to have a kid, a boy, to carry on the family name and good works. Finding a wife is not an easy matter, good looks and good genes are a must, and even less easy is how inmates get to fuck some horny sluts get rid of her once she gives me my boy.

The easiest route is probably separation and impending divorce immediately after birth and then a terrible accident shortly thereafter. Breeder wives must die too once they've fulfilled their purpose. I'll get my boy a nanny, my kind of nanny, and I know he'll be okay, and I'll teach him everything I know.

I also intend to seek help, a few friends of like mind to have fun with while we play with cunts. I envision parties where we make sure the cunts are well fucked, and well filled with many cum loads, before a select few of us take them to the basement room for just us to enjoy. There, we'll fuck them again and kill them one by one until we're sated and the cunts are all dead.

I'll have my crew take them away and dispose of the filth that was in my basement. The crews methods have proven to work well over the years.

I'm a little tired now and need some time sucking my nanny's tit, that and maybe fuck her too. My day was busy with charity work, and I finished off a couple of really slutty rich cunts tonight. They thought I was joking, that I could not possibly be serious when I told them I was going to kill them, and they laughed right up until the moment I took my sharpest, thinnest knife and shoved it all the way up both of their cunts.

Then I fucked them both and opened up their stomachs and busty housewife sucks huge dick and gets craving pussy hammered on sof at them when they screamed and pleaded for their lives. They didn't even know it was already too late, not even when I pumped my cum into them, and rubbed their blood on my face. I watched them fade slowly away, watched the blood flow out of them, and I kept cutting them, until their tits were shredded, and the hole in their stomachs was opened all the way down to their cunts.

While they panted their last breaths, I told them they got what they deserved and I only wished I could make them suffer more. Just before they died, I spit in their faces and pissed into their mouths as a final gesture of the contempt I felt for them. When they at last stared at nothing, I showered and went to my nanny and grabbed a tit and sucked it while I stood because I needed it so much. She led me to her bed and we lay down together and put her tits in my face and told me to suck her, and I did and, God, she tasted good.

Her milk was flowing and she was there for me, and was such a comfort, at least until the cold light of day when I already knew she would ultimately betray me and leave me lying there alone and wanting for more, and I would again be denied the only thing in life that really mattered to me.

I must have fallen asleep sucking her tits because I woke up and one was still in my mouth. My lips immediately began sucking and my heart lightened when I tasted the sweet milk and I squeezed both tits, pumped on them hard because I wanted my fill before I started another long day coping and being all alone in the world.

I felt happy that on this day at least my nanny was there, and I was less alone at least for a little while. It's a couple of hours later and I'm ready to face the world. I'm showered and dressed in impeccably tailored clothes, my skin and hair are glowing, my sculpted face is beautiful, and I've already fucked my nanny and almost sucked her dry. She has a lot of work to do to be ready for me to suck her later. I need her sweet milk and she damned well better be ready. I stare into the mirror and smile then smirk with approval at the tall man whose icy blue eyes stare back at me, and think what a blessing it must be for my cunts to see this amazing vision of beauty before they die.

A blessing, indeed, and lucky too. I have a charity lunch with a group of boring rich cunts, and a photoshoot after for some fashion magazine, then some free time in the afternoon to play with a basement slut, and off one of them for sure because I need some fresh cunts down there. Then another charity dinner in the evening and maybe bring a new cunt home, and for sure fuck one of them and kill them until they stop screaming.

And after that, tit time with chantaje ala mama de mi mejor amigo nanny, a large block of time until I'm really sated, maybe another all nighter. I do lead a charmed life, and a happy one. I think I have what every man really wants, and it's not the money or the physical beauty that matters. What matters is leaving your mark on the world, for the better of mankind, and I know that someday the world will know and understand that everything I've done and will do is to make the world a better place, just like my daddy and my nannies taught me to do.

If I were a cunt reading this, if I were you, well, just some friendly advice to watch your back, bitch, because sometimes it's not easy to know who's a good guy and who's not.