Hairy chocolate pussy gets shaved and fucked after shock

Hairy chocolate pussy gets shaved and fucked after shock
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Heather came into the bedroom wearing pink lace bra and pink thong, she leans over me and brought her lips to mine. Kissing me softly, a gentle wake up on this cold raining saturday morning kiss. I woke as our lips touch; my green eyes shone with a surprise wake up at her. I was still asleep, my face, lined with wrinkles wasn't the same as when they'd met, but she thought me all the more handsome now. I had kicked off most of the blankets, like I did every night, my arms and legs all askew.

My lips, she looked right at them. She wanted to kiss me but she didn't want this quiet moment to end. She motioned for me to be quiet as she unbuttoned my night shirt, kissing my chest as she squirmes her way downwards.

My body wasn't hard like when I was young, she thought this softness was worth more than youth. As her lips brushes against my hairs, I feel a familiar stirring beneath the sheets. This familiar stirring occurs four or five times a day, there are times it occurs more then five.

Heather is the first woman that matches my sexual drive. She reaches the waistband of my pants, running her fingers around the band. Her soft touch brings goosebumps of anticipation to my skin. Holly wellin and trina michaels anal play pulls the pants down, just a bit, and kisses me so softly along my hips. Pulling the pants down farther, she traces the outline of my hip bones with her fingertips first, then her lips, and finally her tongue.

She ventures inwards from my hip bones, licking her lips as she sees my erection. She gently runs her fingernails across my balls, I arch my back a bit at the sensation. She takes my long thick hard cock in her hands, and places the tip right at the opening to her mouth. Looking up at me so our eyes met, she begins running her tongue in circles around the tip, slowly working her way downward.

When the head iss in her mouth, she sucks just a bit, then removes me from her mouth and begins kissing my hip bones again. She continues her way down her legs as I watch her, hungrily. Her hair has kept it's dishwater blond color, her eyes the same blue-gray as the day we met. Her body soft and very sexy. There is something about watching a beautiful woman age gracefully that I found more beautiful than any cover girl. Maybe it was that she is my woman now. She kisses her way down to my feet, running her fingers up and down their length, sucking lightly on my toes in a way that made my loins ache remembering her mouth, just moments before.

She kisses her way back up to my middle and continues where she left off. Taking me in her mouth as far as she could while holding eye contact with me. It made me feel very horny, to see my hard cock in her beautiful mouth. I put my hands on the back of her head and controlls the speed of her work.

She moans at the feeling of me controlling her, she'd always been very self-sufficient, something about me controlling her made her lose herself. The sensation of the moan, along with my control of her work quickly brings me to the point where I had to decide whether or not to come in her mouth.

She was a diligent head giver, always finishing what she starts, drinking down my cum with pride. Today I want to feel her warm, wet pussy clenching me tightly. I push her head off my cock and brought her face to mine. I kiss her, much more deeply this time than when she'd woken me. My tongue exploring her mouth. " Climb on top of me," I commanded, and she excitedly obliged.

Her breasts were pert, I reach up to squeeze them as she aligns her pussy lips with the head of my penis. She lowers herself down onto me, squeezing her kegel muscles tight around me once I was fully inside. We remain for a moment in this position, eyes locked, kegels tightened and loosened over and over, until we could take it no more. She then begins to ride me. I love watching her face while she rode me, the pleasure I was giving her was written all over it, and seeing her enjoyment only increases mine.

She leans forward, taking my hands in hers and pressing them out to the side, all the while continuing to rock her hips in the motion that gives her the most pleasure. I knew she was getting close from the change in her breathing, she leans down and kisses my lips as she tries to hold back the pleasure from overtaking her. The kiss and her ragged breathing was enough for me, I grab her hips and hold her tight as I emptied myself into her.

As I grab her hips she could no longer resist her own orgasm and she feels her body rocking with waves of pleasure as her vagina tightens around my penis like a vise. She collapses on top of me. Inhaling deeply, as she breathes in the smell of me.

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It makes her crazy, even after two months. She rolls off and lays next to me, holding my hand in hers. She turns to look at me again, my face had a big smile, the smile that melts her heart, day after day, month after month. A big, sloppy piper perri ping pong pussy, " Good morning!" I said with a chuckle. " Good morning to you." She grins back. Come what might, today will be a good one.

We got off the bed and I took her hand. " Come," I said. Straight across from the bed we went into the bathroom and shut the door. This is an old house, with an old bathroom. A cast iron tub with feet is in the corner. A toilet, as almost an afterthought, sat at its head, and across from both is an old pedestal sink, sturdy and strong. I lift her up, with shock and excitement in her eyes, plopping her butt on the sink.

Her legs and arms opened wide, she took me to her. I kiss her and her hand reaches between her legs for me, she guides me back inside her. Heather had never done such a thing before. Her back is against the mirror and her pussy at the edge of the sink. I'm pushing into her with my hands firmly under her ass so she wouldn't fall into the basin.

She wraps her arms and legs around me, and I start thrusting into her. Before me, Heather had never been fucked in different places and positions, I love fucking a woman in different places and in different positions. I kiss her and then go for her neck. She turns her head to let me in. " My God, you're such a stud!" She cries out as I rock her world, my mouth on her jugular and my thick cock deep inside.

She holds on with all her limbs and claws at my back. I was slamming into her hard and deep making her cum. Then I stop. " Bend over." I said " I'm smacking my balls on the sink." " What?" She couldn't believe I could just stop like that.

I pull her from her perch and spun her around. Smal boy pussy boob tass anty in bus vecina legis negros 1 looks back at me bent over the sink. " Fuck me." She pleads. Looking in the mirror seeing her proud and perky tits as they project up from her chest. Both nipples are hard and erect, boasted by the tight wrinkled areola surrounding them.

I have always been a breast man, something about the sight of a woman's swollen nipples always hardens my cock this morning is no different. .My eyes continue to drink in every curve and ridge of her body. Her pussy is waxed smooth except for a small " landing strip" of hair that seems to be an arrow pointing to the prize.

I see her lips glistening from the nectar she has drawn out with her orgasm earlier. She is light and fragile feeling against my big strong body. I push her down a little, and Heather feels the thick bulbous head of my cock pressing against the slit of her wet pussy lips.

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. ." Oh fuck baby&hellip.fuck me with that big hard cock. I want it to split me open." I love she talks filthy like that. I quickly ram my throbbing cock into her. I don't wait for her tight pussy to adjust to it, I ram the entire 9" as deep inside her as I could. Her whole body tenses up as she screams, " OMG! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK," as I impale her tight pussy.

I begin ramming up into her pussy. She is so fucking tight locked around my cock. My hips are slamming hard aganist her slender body driving my hard thick shaft deep inside her. Heather using the sink to balance herself as she thrusts back aganist me, working anxiously to fill her tight cunt with my cock as hard as she could. I pull out of her spinning her away from the sink. I push her back into the bedroom shoving her forward and she stumbles a few steps before falling face-first into the mattress, with me on top of her.

" That's better," I whisper, and she feels me thrust my crotch into her. Heather flares with heat and starts squirming and writhing on the bed, trying to throw me off. I had pinned her hands against her back. I'm holding her down, and she feels the hard length of my cock pressing against the cleft of her ass. Heather feels my heat aganist her skin, her pussy is pulsing, I snake one hand around to grope for her breasts, pressed against the bed, her pussy is throbbing harder.

Roughly, I grope her breast, grinding into her. She moans " oooooohhhh.ooooooohhhhhh.mmmmmm." She hears me chuckle, then I lift my weight up off of her. Heather no longer feels my heated length nestled against her ass. I grab her shoulder flipping her over, " I knew you were luscious the first time I seen you." I said. I grab her breast, squeezing it tight. She makes a startled yelping sound, then I lower my head down, she feels the slick slide of my tongue against h sensitive skin.

Then the pinch of my teeth, the hot wetness of my mouth as I close it around her breast, suckling hard on her nipple. Moist heat between her legs, she moans " aaaaaaaahhhh.

aaaaaaahhhh.mmmmmmmmm." I suck harder, she is squirming beneath me. My mouth ravaging her nipple; I move from one breast, to the other, than back again.

Heather is squirming in vain. The feel of my teeth and tongue on her is driving her wild; she is so aroused. I lift my head, her breast is slick with my saliva. I skim a hand down, from her tits to her thighs, and then start sliding it up and down her thigh. " I knew you were a slut." " Yes!" She says.

Her struggles threw her legs open wider, she feels me worm my fingers to her pussy. I orall service games followed by fucking homemade hardcore the wetness there.

She is wet with arousal, panting and flushed from her exertions. I chuckle as I stroke her. " Yesss," I hiss. " You like that, don't you?" I'm lying partway atop her, she feels my hard cock against her thigh, I keep probing with kinky czech chick gapes her spread cunt to the special fingers.

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" You're so wet, Just like a good little slut." I start sucking on her tits again as I roughly finger-fuck teen cums for you watch part on flirtsexlovecom, sliding two fingers down between her slippery cleft and into her cunt.

She groans and writhes, " Oh God.John.Fuck me." I quicken my rhythm, gliding my fingers in and out. She whimpers, " oooohhhh.yes.yes," she is so turned on. The smack of my lips on her tits is a turn-on. She puts up a token resistances, all she wants iss the feel of my mouth on her nipples and the thrust of my fingers in her sopping pussy. I finally slid downward kissing and licking my way down her belly, she didn't try to fight back. I roughly grab her thighs pushing them wide open. She feels my tongue against her pussy, she moans with pleasure.

" ooooooohhhhhh.ooooooohhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaahhhhh." I start licking and sucking with hungry vigor like I had shown her tits, she went wild. She grinds her hips against me, splaying her legs as wide as possible while I tongue-fuck her.

" Yes. yes," She breathes, delirious with need. I keep plundering her pussy with my agile tongue, then employing my fingers again, thrusting them in and out of her until she is moaning and panting like a bitch in heat.

It was a shock when my mouth left her; she gave an agonized little cry. " Let's see you return the favor, Heather," I said, climbing up on top of her again and straddling her chest. " Suck it." My hard cock hoving in front of her face.

" Oh God.Yes." She whispers, staring at my long hard thick cock with veins snaking around it. I thrust it toward her lips, her mouth opens of its own accord. She tastes its velvety tip, then more, and more; I thrust it so deep she chokes, and she hears me chuckle. " Too big for you? Why, Heather I know you like my big cock. The better to fuck you with." Heather moans and shudders around her mouthful, as she sucks.

I start pushing my hips forward, in and out, and she learns to accommodate, letting her gag reflex relax whenever I thrust deep. My thighs were on either side of her head, pinioning her in place, and I grip her hair and hold her while I throat-fuck her. She chokes some, her sounds were inarticulate " Mmmms" around that meaty mouthful. " That's good, you nasty little cocksucking slut," I breath. " Suck it real good.

Ahh, just like that." I thrust so far in her nose is buried in my thick, black pubic hair and she is gagging around my thick shaft. I hold her there for a minute, hands cupping her head, then rotating my hips and letting out a ragged, satisfied groan.

" Now you're my slut. All. fucking. mine." Suddenly, my hands are gone. Her head is free, and so is her mouth; I pull my cock out and climb off of her. Heather is disoriented and dazed, and all she could do was lay there for a second, breathing hard, her legs remain spread wide. She feels me grip one of her ankles. She is sliding across the mattress. I pull her to the edge and flip her over so she is pressed face-down again. I grab her wrists, pressing them down into her back.

Her feet hit the floor; I position her legs apart and pull her ass upward. Then Heather realizes what I'm doing, all she says is, " Oh, god. oh god." Then I thrust my thick cock inside her pussy, taking her from behind, doggy-style again, there on the bed, her voice rose to a scream.

" Oh GOD!" wicked lesbians fill up their enormous asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies Like that, Heather?" I sneer behind her.

" You're wet enough." It is true; despite my thick girth, my cock slips into her with ease, and then I start slamming into her like a piston with long deep strokes, the friction is pleasurably slick. The ecstasy is over whelming. Any lingering intentions to try to struggle died, as he fucked me brutally there on that bed.

"Yes, yes." She pants, arcing her ass up a little higher, her face pressed against the bed. " Oh, god, yes. please." She feels the soft slap of my balls against her pussy, group of girl nude bath my animalistic grunts as I pistoned in and out of her. Rough, hard, primal; I just take her.

She is moaning " aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She is over whelmed with the pleasure of being fucked doggy style; feeling so fulfilled with the rigid length of my cock inside her. " That's it, Heather, that's it," I grunted. " Like that, Heather? You wanna be my slut? Let me fuck you like this whenever I want?" " Oh god," She cries out again.

" Yes, please. please, fuck me. Fuck me." She realizes she is drooling on the mattress. She didn't care. " Oh, so goooood." " So good you're gonna come, aren't you?" I increase my pace more; now I'm slamming into her so hard her body jerks. " You wanna come for me? Come for that big cock?" I lean over her, holding her down on the bed. Her arms ached but she hardly feels it.

I slap her ass with my other hand and she cries out from the sting, that only encourages me. She feels a crescendo building within her, and when she finally comess, it was sudden and explosive, and so all-encompassing.

She screams, voice hoarse and strident, tasting the mattress, her cry muffled against it. I jerk my cock deep inside her a few more times, letting her ride the waves, her body limp now; limp and weak as a kitten. She couldn't have moved if she tried. I roll her over and she feels the hot splash of my cum on her tits. I grunt and jerk my thick shaft with one hand, my face a rictus of pleasure.

She is savoring the escasty feeling; she lies there as I jerk off on her. Her pussy is twitching with the after-effects of her massive orgasm. " I think you should move in Heather." I said, nodding with a satisfied little smirk. Then I walk out, leaving her there on the bed, thoroughly fucked, and delirious from the most intense orgasm