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Red xxx wap sesatr and bahradar
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This is a story about a pair of twin boys in the UK and some of their experiences in life as seen through the eyes of one of them. It is set in the past in an age when children in Britain did very much what they were told to do by an adult and never questioned it. Not to be read by persons under 18 years of age. ** WARNING ** You are about to read the third chapter in a story that will contain graphic sexual activity between boys a man, woman and a young girl.

You need to be over 18 years old to continue reading this story. A fictional story based on facts that have been embellished. Copyright: 2011 EnglishBoy no copying or changing without owner's permission Written by EnglishBoy Contact me by sending a message via this site or by email [email protected] Les & Bob Part 3 Father Fred told us to go upstairs, take off our clothes and bring our PJs down to the bathroom.

He also said to bring his PJs down as well whilst he was filling the bath. Bob and I did as we were told and we heard the bath start to fill.

Bob said I guess that he will be washing us alone tonight then. I agreed. "It is funny why they spend so much time with their hands on our willies" Bob said and I agreed and said "but it does feel nice doesn't it?" Bob smiled and agreed "which parts do you like them washing the most Bob?" I asked "ALL of it" he said with a great big grin "and you?" "Well I did like it when Aunt Edith washed my ball sack, but then again, by the time she got to my dick I thought it was going to explode and it felt really good when she rubbed it up and down." "Father Fred's hands were trembling when he washed me last night" said Bob, he continued "I think he is really enjoying washing us and touching us".

"I agree" I said "he touched me again in bed last night which didn't really seem right. He played with my Willy until it got hard again and then pulled back the skin and kept feeling the knob, because it was moist his fingers kept sticking to it which was a bit uncomfortable and then he left it alone with the skin pulled back." "Then what happened, was that all?" "No he brought his hand back again and it was all wet and he rubbed wet stuff all over the sensitive knob and shaft.

It will be interesting to see if he does the same to you tonight." When we got to the bathroom Father Fred said "To follow on from this morning I now want to understand how your penises smell after a full day without washing. Stand side by side" he ordered. "Yes Father" Bob and I said in unison. He went to Bob first, I said "Are you checking Bob first because it is easier to pull his foreskin back when his Willy is soft?" "Absolutely" he said. He approached Bob's prick which was hanging soft and Fred, on his knees moved closer to cute hottie taylor sands in deep anal hardcore gonzo scene by ass traffic asstraffic swallow. "My you two boys really do have lovely bodies, God has done his work well with you" he said.

Bob's penis started to grow a little. Fred picked up Bob's Willy and put his nose REALLY close to Bob's balls and breathed in. I watched as his nose actually touched the ball sack. With his spare hand he moved to ball sack to the right and then to the left and smelled both sides. Bob's prick was now standing out straight from the body and Fred started to slowly pull back his foreskin.

Slowly and gently he pulled it back and it clipped in snugly behind the rim of the moist purple glans. Fred put his nose REALLY close again and inhaled deeply; he seemed to hold his breath and then breathed out slowly. He pulled the skin all the way back, which was not that easy as Bob's dick was about ¾ hard now and the skin was getting tighter.

He again moved close and breathed in. "Your turn now Les" he said. He moved across to me and left Bob standing there with his foreskin fully retracted and his penis bobbing with each heart beat. As he touched my Willy it felt really good. He picked it up, it was about ½ hard, and sniffed really close to my balls, and exhaled I felt the breath running over my penis and balls.

He moved my ball sack as he had with Bob's and it did feel good to have someone else "playing" with my ball sack other than me touching it. He took a couple of good breaths in and then focused on my shaft. All the residue of the stuff had worn off during the day. He started to retract my foreskin. As he touched my 11 year old penis again with his experienced hands, quite firm but gentle at the same time, it jumped and was almost at full hard on.

He pulled the foreskin back all the way exposing all the red skin at the back of my moist dark purple knob. His nose was really very close, very close indeed to my knob, so close that he must have felt the heat coming from it. He breathed in slowly and as he exhaled quite quickly I got a draft across my knob which again made it jump, this time it hit Father Fred's nose.

Bob and I laughed brunette babe wants breast implants gets nailed by her doctor Fred said "steady on Les otherwise it might go in my mouth" with a smile on his face. Bob and I said " urgh that's gross" together. Bob, I want you to smell Les's penis and tell me what you think. "I will hold it for you come down here" he said "yes Father".

Bob's nose was a schoolgirl jane fox enjoys big cock of tutor an inches away from my knob and Father Fred pulled my skin all the way back again.

Bob smelled it and said "I can smell wee and the strange smell from this morning has got stronger" at that point he got close again for another smell and Father Fred "accidentally" knocked my penis onto Bob's nose. We all laughed as Fred said "whoops now you know what that felt like." Fred let my skin go back to its normal resting place at the end of my prick, although this time there was just a little purple showing.

As Bob stood up, he got hold of his Willy and started to coax the skin forward. It eventually went back to the end of the knob, with just a little purple showing.

At this point Fred said that he would have his bath first and then we could pop into the bath afterwards. He stood up and took his clothes off. As he pulled his boxers down Bob and I noticed that his prick sprang up towards his tummy and settled out straight. It was as hard as we had seen it this morning. He said "right boys I want you to bath me as you would expect me to bath you". "Why Father Fred?" we both said "surely you know how to bath!" "You will do as you are told" he said in a commanding voice "I want to know that you do know how to bath yourselves." "But our Mum and Dad always bath us at home." We argued.

"Just get on with it." He said. Bob and I felt a bit frightened and didn't like this conflict. We just wanted to please him. We washed his hair (what bit of it there was) back and neck, arms, armpits, feet and legs, chest and rounded belly. There was so much hair!

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He then stood up and presented us with his big fat hairy bottom. Bob and I had the quick one liners like "you do it" no "you do it" no "you do it" neither of us really wanted to put our fingers near his big arse. In the end Father Fred said "Bob, you do it and now and Les, help him!" "You remember how you thought it smelled this morning, well this is how you stop the area from smelling!" said Father Fred.

Bob soaped his hands and I spread the hairy bottom cheeks apart. I mature brunette milf ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions Bob's fingers gently soaped the length of his crack and pay attention to the anus.

Father Fred took a sharp intake of breath as Bob first touched the rim of the anus. It was all brown, not with poo but the natural colour.

Bob was very gentle and Fred's breathing seemed very shallow. He turned round and presented us with his enormous pink penis and his balls were hanging down. The glans were dark red and there were dark blue veins running down the shaft, one in particular stood out. "Wow it seems bigger now than ever before!" we said together. We both soaped our hands and started to massage the ball sack.

The balls inside jumped when we touched it. "The ball sack doesn't seem to hang down as much as it did this morning" I said to Bob, "I noticed that as well" he said. I felt the balls one by one, they were big. I was very gentle and Father Fred said "that's very good boys, keep doing that and don't forget to move your fingers underneath back toward my bottom." I kept washing around either side of the scrotum and feeling the balls they really did seem big, well compared to mine, and I noticed Bob's small hand slide underneath behind the ball sack.

"That's right Bob just move your hand a bit further back and rub a finger over the bum hole just too make sure that it is clean that's it, ooh again, that's it, it feels really nice". "Father Fred?" I said "Yes my son" "Do you think our Dad would like us money big black by xxx wash him like this when we get home, you seem to like it so much that I would like to make him happy as well?" "Now listen carefully boys" said Father Fred with quite a serious expression on his face "you ought not to mention our bath times to anyone else, do you understand?" "Yes Father" we both said.

"We are only doing this together so that you can learn about how your penis will look as you get older and I am making sure that you understand about keeping clean; I am also learning about your bodies and comparing them to other little boys I have seen." "Are there any boys we know who you have seen?" we asked together "Yes but that is a conversation for another time, let's just focus on what we are doing here shall we!" he said this in such a way that we felt a bit like we had been told off again.

Still eager to please we continued, I decided that he needed a shampoo so I soaped up my hands again and started on the mass of pubic hair, occasionally I touched the top of his shaft.

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Bob started to wash the shaft. His fingers did close around it but only just did his thumb and middle doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura meet. It was a fat penis and that's a fact - well to our little hands anyway. I started to wash the shaft as well. It was really sultry chick is gaping narrowed pussy in closeup and having orgasm and quite hard, the skin was taut and as such didn't move that much.

I traced my finger down the vein that was sticking out and it seemed to empty until I took my finger off it, then it suddenly filled up again with dark blue blood.

"Look at this Bob" I said and did it a couple more times. I gently slipped my hand up and down the shaft. Father Fred seemed to be holding his breath and just watching intently. Bob in the meanwhile had re-soaped his hands and moved to clean the glans.

It was dark red. The knob was fatter than the rest of the shaft. As Bob touched it Father Fred said "Yes, yes that's it make sure it is clean.

Don't forget to go behind the rim. Yes that's right ooh that is good". Bob's hand would not close around the knob, it was too fat. "Let me have a go at that" I said and you do some more of this and have a play with that vein.

I really wanted to know if my fingers would go all the way around the knob and it obviously made Fred feel good when it was touched. I couldn't get my hand around it, try as I might and I did squeeze quite hard and then my hand slipped off. "It's trying to get away" I joked. Fred said "put your hands together as if you are holding a cricket bat or a baseball bat.

Now put the bottom hand on top of the end here, now squeeze and slowly move your hands down the shaft so that both hand wash the entire length" I did as he told me to. It seemed to get even bigger and Fred said "yes that's right, good boy, that is making it clean, do it again, and again.

Bob, you have a go at it as well." I moved my fingers out of the way and Bob did the same as I had been doing whilst I moved back to the scrotum. "Wow Father Fred, you ball sack seems to have shrunk, why is that" I asked. "That is because the testicles inside need to produce some seed which has to be at the right temperature" he said "seeds?" we asked together "This is another conversation for another time" he said.

Father Fred and gone very red and appeared to be sweating, his legs seemed to be shaking a little. I said "It looks as though we will need to wash you under your arms again as you are getting all hot".

"Not to worry he said, you just wash my balls again and let Bob finish off the shaft". We did this for about another 30 seconds and then Bob said "We should wash the soap off now so sit down in the bath asian granny likes it in the ass tube porn please Father". "Are you sure it's had enough soaping Bob?" Fred asked "yes I would say so." Bob replied. Father Fred sat down and lifted himself up a little so that we could wash his balls and bottom properly.

I then let Bob wash the shaft and knob by himself and I watched. As he was running his fingers over the knob Fred suddenly grabbed Bob's hand and said "just rub a little harder this time to make sure that the soap if off" he held Bob's hand on his knob and just moved it a little. "Father Fred, it feels like it is jumping" Bob said "it also feels like your having a wee" he said. As I watched I saw some white fluid come out of the end like small ropes into the water.

Fred didn't say a word at this point, he just seemed to be trembling and holding his breath and going quite red. "Look" I said "there is white stuff coming out of your Willy".

"Yes" he said eventually "just squeeze a little more and then it will be fully clean" Bob did as he was asked. Fred helped him milk the last few drops out of the end of his prick. As Bob pulled his hands out of the water there was a little white stuff stuck to them.

"Just wash it off" said Father Fred "I think you two have done an excellent job and now you need a bath now." He got out of the bath and started to dry himself. I noticed that his Willy was no longer as hard as it had been when we were washing it. "How have you made it go soft so quickly Father Fred" Lauren phillips and lena paul fucked by corporate leader asked "I will show you one day, but it sometimes doesn't work the same on little boys" he said "anyway it's nothing to worry yourselves about, getting stiff willies comes with being either a man or a boy." We heard the front door open and Edith came home.

She was talking to someone. It was someone with a young girl's voice who turned out to be her niece, Sandra. "Fred is that you in the bathroom?" Fred had put his PJs on and walked out of the door "yes Edith, I have had my bath and now it is the boys turn, hello Sandra lovely to see you again" "Hello Uncle Fred" the little voice said back " Edith told Fred that Sandra needed to go to the toilet quickly.

"Les, Bob please come out of the bathroom as we have a visitor who needs to use the toilet" Edith shouted. Bob and I quickly pulled on our PJ bottoms and went into the living room. Sandra said "Hi thanks for that" and she quickly walked past us and into the bathroom. She was about 12 or 13 years old with mousy brown hair at shoulder length. She was slightly taller than us and slim, there were little bumps in her tee shirt where her breasts would be one day.

I thought that she looked very pretty. We went up to Aunt Edith and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. "Hello boys" she said "Have you had a lovely time today?" "Yes, we went to Fountain's Abbey and did lots of exploring and running about." We said "It has been fun".

"We also had tea with one of Father Fred's friends which was very tasty" we said. "That's good" said Edith "At least I don't have to cook any tea for you." At that point Sandra came out of the bathroom. "Fred, if you like I will bath the boys and you can sit and watch the TV if you like" Edith said.

"Fred said "Well if you don't mind, I do need to do some reading and if you like I will get some milk and biscuits ready for the boys after their baths." "Aunty Edith?" said Sandra "You know that I want to be a nurse?" "Yes dear" "Well do you think I could help you bath the twins?" Bob and I looked at each other "What!

A little girl seeing us nude!" we said. "Well boys, I can't see any harm in it, Sandra will have to have training and it can't do any harm for her to learn more about the human body, especially to perfect little specimens like you two" said Edith "Now run along and get into the bath and we will be in shortly." "The water is getting cold" said Bob as he put his foot into the bath.

Aunt Edith came in and let some of the water out and then filled it up again with some hot water. We both got in as Sandra seemed transfixed looking at our willies bobbing around for all to see.

We both sat down and started to splash each other. This was the first time either of us had been seen by a little girl let alone have one about to touch our private bits. It was a bit embarrassing actually. "OK Sandra lets get on with the job, first their hair" said Edith. I hated having my hair washed because no matter how hard I tried, I always got soap in my eyes. Anyway on this occasion it wasn't too bad. "Now watch me and then do the same to Les" said Edith as she rubbed soap on Bob's back, chest and under his arms.

Sandra might have been slightly taller than us by a couple of inches but her hands were smaller and she was very gentle. "Aunt Edith, what is this mark on Les's back?" she asked "That is called a nevus, and look, how funny, Les also has one but on the opposite side on his back" ebony bitch with large ass gets railed Edith.

Bob and I were called mirror twins and all the way through our lives if something happened to Bob then the same thing would happen to me but on the opposite side, for example, if Bob lost a tooth at the right on the top set of teeth, I would lose one on the left so when we smiled at each other it was like looking into a mirror. Edith got Bob to raise a foot for washing and then the other and similarly Sandra did the same to me.

Her touch was so gentle it tickled a lot and made me giggle. "OK boys stand up" said Edith "Now Sandra these are good examples of 11 year old boys, see how slim they are, their tummy muscles not yet formed but the outline is clear. No real fat anywhere. Their tummy buttons are in rather than sticking out and obviously british blonde slut gets fucked on the decking are not going through puberty as there is no body hair anywhere to be seen, not even on the lower part of their legs.

Having said that their little penises are starting to grow and so puberty will not be far off, but it is difficult to tell sometimes but they are not really little boy penises." "They really are identical" said Sandra as she looked at us both up and down.

"Turn around boys and let's get those bottoms washed" said Edith "Watch me Sandra and follow my example" she soaped her hands as did Sandra, and she spread Bob's cheeks apart and gently washed his bottom hole. I felt Sandra's hand trying to spread my cheeks. She did struggle a bit because her hands were not that big and Bob and I had firm buttocks that were not used to being separated. Edith leaned over and spread them for her and Sandra's delicate fingers ran across my bum hole. It felt really nice and I could feel my Willy starting to rise.

I looked at Bob and his prick was already standing at half mast. By the time they turned us around we were both at half mast and Sandra giggled "Look Aunt Edith, their things have got bigger and are sticking out more." "Yes Sandra and by the time we have washed them they will get bigger and harder.

Now soap your hands again and follow my lead. Incidentally, this is about the only difference I can see in the boys, this bit of skin on the end of the penis is called the foreskin and on Bob it is quite tight when it is pulled back unlike Les's which pulls back easily. I will show you that in a minute but first we need to wash this little sack under the base of the penis.

Now cup the sack in your hands and wash around it." As Sandra moved her hand I small girl and boy play see that it was shaking a little. God! Sandra's hands felt sooo good. I could feel her squeezing and feeling my balls. "Aunt Edith, in our Sex Ed class the other week they said that men have testicles, are these what they were referring to?" asked Sandra.

"Yes dear, I will explain all the bits to you. The testicles are referred to as balls by most boys and they are kept secure in this sack which is called a scrotum. The scrotum changes in size as there are little muscles inside it which draw the balls closer to the body so that the sperms can be produced at the right temperature.

Feel them gently and you will feel a little tube coming off them and going into the body. Also especially on older males you need to check and make sure that there are no lumps on the balls as that is not normal." "What are sperms" I asked "nothing for you to worry yourself about young man, she said, in a year or so you will find out soon enough." Bob and I were now fully erect.

"Behind this ball sack there is some skin which separates the scrotum from the anus or the bottom hole that we cleaned a few minutes ago, this skin is called the perineum and both horny luscious lisa ann loves a good fucker and boys have this.

Wash that carefully and then go up each side of the scrotum. Be careful not to squash the balls as this can be very painful." "There is like a seam which looks as though both halves of the penis and scrotum have been joined together" Sandra said as she ran her finger from the top down under the scrotum and she bent her head down to look "open your legs a bit more Les please" she said and followed it through to the anus.

"I can't believe just how quickly they have got stiff willies" said Sandra. "Yes these little boys are functioning normally, now we need to clean the shaft of the penis. Boys call the shaft by varying names such as dick, prick, cock and Willy." "Are they exactly the same size?" Sandra asked "Well there is one way to find out, turn and face each other boys" said Edith "Now move forward, Sandra you hold both penises and put them side by side.

You will have to move them down so that both penises are horizontal be careful you don't bend them down too far otherwise it could be painful to such beautiful hard specimens." Sandra moved her hands towards both of our penises, she was visibly shaking and I wondered if she was nervous. Bob's foreskin touched my hairless pubic region at the same time as mine touched his. "They are exactly the same." Sandra confirmed "they even have identical small blue veins running down the length, they are identical!" "Not quite" said Edith "but let's continue hotty pays for invitation girlfriend and hardcore the bathing all will become much clearer." I watched as Edith held Bob's throbbing penis in-between two fingers and her thumb and slid them up and down the shaft with each down stroke a little of the dark purple glans started to show.

Bob glanced at me, I guess he realised what I had said earlier about how nice it was when Edith rubbed my Willy. Sandra's fingers were trembling as she touched my dick.

As she did so it jumped and she moved her hand back in surprise. "It's alright" said Edith "sometimes these little things have a mind all of their own, just do it again and calm down, there is no need to be frightened." "I am not frightened Aunt Edith, I don't know how I feel, a bit nervous I suppose, I have never been this close to a boy's privates before, let alone see a penis so close and touch one like we are doing." She once again put her little fingers around my Willy.

Wow, it felt lovely; I thought that it was going to explode. Her inexperienced fingers explored my shaft "It's so hard and quite hot" she said "it feels so funny, soft and hard at the same time, and what is going on there when I move my fingers down the shaft, there is something inside?" "Yes my dear, let me explain.

The foreskin is there to protect the glans which is at the head of the penis." "Now watch carefully because you have to be careful not to damage certain parts." I watched with Sandra as Aunt Edith started to pull back Bob's foreskin bit by bit.

"You see how tight this is, it is not painful to Bob as I asked him about it last night" just then the skin clipped in snugly behind Bob's rim on the dark purple moist glans.

"This is called the glans and this rim is called the corona. It is petite young lady mami asakura is ready for a freaky sex session in subway insatiable slut wants man to clean at the back of the corona because this is where smegma is produced.

That is a natural lubrication produce by the penis which can smell and cause infections if not washed away. Girls also produce this and it collects by your clitoris where the prepuce or hood goes over the clitoris. This is the main reason why you should always take care in bathing yourself around that area." "Aunt Edith, it looks really sore, it is such a dark purple colour" said Sandra "No it's not sore but it is extremely sensitive so you do have to be careful how you handle it." Edith pulled the skin all the way back "this bit underneath the glans is called the frenulum and this is cut when a boy is circumcised.

It is extremely sensitive in this area.

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Some people have the foreskin removed from their son's for different reasons, sometimes it is for religious reasons, some people prefer the look without the foreskin and in some countries it is carried out from habit almost.

All this area is very sensitive because there are a lot of nerve endings here. Now go ahead and ease Les's foreskin back." As she was explaining this she ran a soapy finger at the red skin at the back of the Bob's purple glans.

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I looked at Sandra, she looked at me and then at my Willy. I noticed that her eyes where bright blue but I soon forgot about that as I felt her fingers tighten around my prick and start to pull the foreskin back. It did so with ease and clipped in nicely behind the rim. She then pulled the skin all the way back. "There is a funny smell Aunt Edith and it looks rather wet" she said "Yes, that is why it needs to be cleaned, now just soap the knob carefully and run a finger across the red skin you have revealed by pulling the foreskin all the way back.

Now be gentle as this area is extremely sensitive." Wow again! Sandra's lovely fingers maintain a firm pressure holding my shaft and skin back whilst the other hand was trembling and gently washing my knob at the same time. It felt lovely. "Now sit back down boys whilst we wash the soap off you." We sat down still with our knobs exposed. "Sandra run your finger over the anus until you can feel that there is no longer any soap.

You will need to do this over all the area including the knob end and the ball sack." "OK Aunt Edith" she said. I felt her fingers brushing my anus and feeling my balls which were now very tight against my body. She held my prick and rubbed up and down it, this time moving the skin up and down as the soap dissipated. She then pulled the skin back again which had slipped back of it's own accord as she was moving the skin up and down, and washed the end of my knob. "Job done" said Edith as she pulled the plug out of the bath.

"Let's get them in the front room to dry them and get slut gets ass fucked gapped and creampied into their PJs.

You seemed to enjoy that Sandra, did you?" "Yes Aunt Edith I did, I don't know why but it did make me feel good especially when I was touching Les's private bits and when I made him hard, is that normal and do you think that I could I do it again" she asked. "It is quite normal and I also feel good, there is something about being in control.

If the opportunity arises I will let you help again. Anyway they are lovely boys and you might get an opportunity to play with them tomorrow and perhaps go to church with them if you want to." Father Fred was sitting in a chair cleaning a camera "Oh your back are you? Come over here one of you and I will dry one of you, perhaps Sandra would like to finish off the other." I went straight over to Sandra.

I stood before her and she open the towel, my Willy was still hard and standing up with a little dark purple knob sticking out from the foreskin. "Wow you are still hard" she said "look Uncle Fred" she turned me around and Fred had a good look, and said that russian teens fuck old man was not the only one look at Bob's penis.

Bob was also still rock hard. Sandra dried my back and rubbed my hair, turned me around and got me to lift up my arms. She then moved down my body and got me to open my legs wide as she rubbed underneath my balls and up the crack of my bum.

She dried my legs and between my toes. Father Fred was engrossed in drying Bob's Willy and said to Sandra "Don't forget to dry underneath the foreskin." "Oh I had forgotten to do that." She said and she slowly pulled back my skin. "Don't rub it Sandra just wrap part of the towel around it so that it soaks up the moisture and then slide the skin back." It just felt lovely to have her little hands touching my private bits again.

She slid the foreskin back into place and helped me on with my PJs. We sat and had some warm milk and biscuits.

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"In the morning we will go to Ripon Cathedral to matins and then we can have a good look around the place." said Father Fred, "We will then have lunch out and spend the afternoon at Knaresborough Castle." "Uncle Fred?" said Sandra "Could I come with you please?" "I don't see why not, is that alright Edith?" "Fine by me" came the reply.

"Right boys, time for bed it's been a busy day." We got up and went upstairs followed by Father Fred. Once in the room we Bob said to Father Fred "Can smell a normal adult penis?" "What do you mean?" "Well one that doesn't smell of sweat and stuff." "Oh I see what you mean, it does seem that we all keep smelling sweaty bits doesn't it? I will drop my PJs bottoms now and both of you come around here now." We knelt down in front on Father Fred as we had earlier in the day.

His penis was all soft and hanging over his balls. Bob moved forward and picked up the flaccid pink knobbed prick and sniffed the ball sack. I moved forward and picked up the ball sack and said "Go on Bob smell under there." He moved forward and as he was breathing in I dropped the sack on his face. Laugh, I nearly wet myself.

Father Fred who was on his elbows was also laughing. Bob on the other hand was not quite so amused. "Well, what does it smell like now?" I asked.

"Find out yourself" said Bob. He continued to hold up the flaccid penis, which looked like it was getting fatter. I moved forward and Bob used his other hand to lift up the ball sack. I moved in very close and sniffed. Of course Bob let the balls drop onto my face, not only that but he let Father Fred's penis drop onto my face as well.

It surprised me how heavy it was and I moved away. It was now Bob's turn to laugh. Actually we all laughed at that. Father Fred's penis was now much fatter and not hanging over his balls. "Well, how did it smell?" asked Father Fred. We both replied at the same time "clean and a bit soapy". "Do you want to check it out any more?" asked Fred. His Willy was now nylon stocks chubby slut fucked in taxi fakecenter hardcore as Bob and I watched it pulsing it's way upwards.

"It is funny the way our willies do this isn't it?" stated Bob "Do you really like it when we touch your Willy and balls?" We both asked together. "Well boys, I guess I do or at least he seems to like it" said Father Fred futurama hentai zapp pole for turanga girl to his prick "It seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes." He continued "Do you two like it when you are bathed like you have been?" "Yes Father Fred" we said together "nobody has ever touched us like that before." I added "and my Willy has never felt so stiff before" "mine too" added Bob.

"Were you both alright with Sandra helping out?" he asked "Yes" I said "it seemed a bit strange having someone who is only 2 years older than us being instructed to wash us and she seemed very nervous because her hands were trembling when she was touching my bits, but she also told Aunt Edith that she enjoyed doing it and asked if she could help again." "How would you feel about that?" Father Fred asked and we both answered "OK if you say that it's OK Father." "Right then boys, do you need to examine my penis anymore?" Bob then said "I have satisfied myself that an adult penis doesn't always smell as bad as it did this morning, I was concerned that I had a smelly Willy to look forward to when I grown older, thank goodness I know that it is just a matter of keeping it clean".

"Oh, OK let's get into bed now" said Father Fred who it has to be said sounded a little disappointed. We all said our prayers. We all said good night and I turned over. Thinking about how lovely it had been to have Sandra wash my cock and balls. My little dick started to grow again. I heard the sheets move at the side of me. I surmised that Father Fred was giving Bob some of the same treatment I had been subjected to the night before.

I listened but didn't really hear anything, what seemed like an age later I felt the bed start to move. I drifted off to sleep. The next morning …