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Webcam couple anal fucking continue on mycyka com
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The Selection Chapter Five The Cabin A Novel By: S. Stevenson This is the story of just how a slave was selected as her Master's full time slave. As you can see by the title this is the fifth part of this work. While it should be able to stand alone it might help the reader to read the previous four chapters. I encourage you to rate each part and I invite your comments.

So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S. ***** The next morning, or actually at about noon, Scott went into Angel's room and gently woke her.

As her Master sat on bed she just moved into his arms and murmured peacefully, "Master." As she began to open her eyes and saw Scott looking down at her she asked, "Did I make you proud, Master?" He replied, "You sure did!

Did you enjoy the fulfillment of your fantasy?" As the memories of her telling her Master about old man and young girl sleeping fantasy came back to her a big smile broke out across her face, "Oh, Yes Master.

I thank you so much." She then whispered, "Please let me serve you this morning, Master." "We do not have time my love. We need to get ready to go to the cabin." Scott replied. ***** Angel gathered her stuff and got herself ready as fast as she could. It still took her about half an hour to get down the stairs and ready to leave. Her stomach was turning with excitement in anticipation of their time at the cabin.

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Master had spoken of his cabin many times and always with a gleam in his eye. Now she was going to be able to see it for herself. Master was waiting by the door as Angel approached. She gave him a slight curtsy and then a hug. Putting her head on Master's shoulder she whispered in his ear, "Thank you for last night, Master. I will always remember that night with a special fondness." Scott returned her hug as he reach around and took hold of her ass. One cheek in each hand as he pulled her into him.

They held on to each other for a short time. Scott then broke the hold and said, "We need to go, Angel. The others are waiting for us in the car." Angel smiled, gave Master a kiss on the cheek, turned and walked out the door to the waiting limousine. As Mike held the door for Angel she was caught by surprise when she saw Marilynn. There was Marilynn on her knees in front of the back seat in the limo. Her hands were held out in front of her by iron wrist cuffs that were firmly connected to the floor of the automobile.

There was a metal ring around her neck that held her head close to the floor. Then her knees were held apart by two more iron cuffs that busty brunette minx receives a messy facial also attached to the floor of the car. This left Marilynn with her head down and her ass up in the air and her legs spread so that both ass and pussy were open and waiting for whatever would please their Master.

All of this was not the real surprise. What Angel saw that caught her off guard was a second unit mounted on the floor of the limo with the cuffs open, waiting for her to fill them. Angel turned her head to Scott as if she wanted to say something. Thinking better of it she just got into the car and took her position. Mike then snapped her wrists, neck and knees into place. Now Angel too, was held open and waiting for her Master's pleasures.

Angel looked at Marilynn. Marilynn smiled, gave Angel a wink and whispered, "Master has given us a week to get use to having our asses held open. I now think we are going to pay for this lenient time of training." Angel smiled and nodded her agreement. Now locked in her place Angel had a moment to think over her position. As she thought about her openness a warm feeling spread within her. Angel knew that she would be willing have gotten into a doggie position for her Master anytime that he would have indicated the least little desire for her to do so.

Being nude in a car might have bothered her in the past, but last night, at the club, she kept pulling at the material of her dress. For some reason she had trouble getting use pregnent xxx storys done lod having any clothing on at all.

Then there was that shelf bra that Master had her wear. It kept binding her. At times she felt like she was going to have happy fuck in a car till orgasm breathing do to the pressure on her chest. Several times Master had to tell her to stop pulling at her clothing. It is amazing how she could get so use to not wearing any clothing in such a short span of time, Angel thought.

Her thoughts went to just how she felt in her bondage. How firmly held in this position with her arms, legs and neck secure in their bindings gave her a warm feeling of belonging, of security in her position in her world. Angel's thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of Master getting into the back seat of the limo.

She wondered what Master is feeling now as he sits between two open pussies and two available assholes. The car started to move, and before they were even out of the drive Marilynn started cooing.

Angel turned her head to look at Marilynn and wondered just what it was that she had to murmur such fond expressions. Marilynn herself provided the answer to Angel's question. "Oh Master, that extreme boobs nina north gets used and d so good on your slave's pussy." Scott was opening up Marilynn with his fingers.

He was not being gentle, and then not being rough, as he opened the folds of her pussy lips to peer inside of her womanhood. Scott then inserted his finger as he surveyed her depths as he also checked her wetness.

The excitement of the trip along with the excitement of the bondage had done it's job on Marilynn's mind. Now her pussy had the evidence of her excitement. Master increased his probing by adding a second finger. Deep long thrusts into Marilynn's canal of pleasure. Angel watched the expressions on Marilynn's face as their Master worked his wonders with his fingers.

He would push into her until the tips of his fingers would bounce off her cervix and then withdraw them until they were almost out of her completely. As this continued Marilynn would push her bottom back at master in a vain attempt to force his fingers back into her.

Then Marilynn added begging hair pulled while fucking zoe parkers pussy doggystyle pornstars hardcore her bag of tricks. Anything to get Master to stop the teasing and get down to some serious finger fucking. "Pl e e e se Master. What have I done to deserve this? Please finger fuck your bitch. Please take me and be as rough as you want. Be as rough as you can be." Marilynn would plead.

Scott paid her pleadings no mind as he continued to work his fingers in and out of the slave's pussy. In time Master added a new twist to the same old game. You know that game of "Dive The Slave Crazy" by teasing and then teasing some more.

Master continued with the in and out motions, but added spreading his fingers while they were deeply inserted in what was rapidly becoming this slave's passion pit. While Scott spread his fingers in her pussy he would also let his fingers do the walking as he imitate the walk through the Yellow Pages. Only this time the walk was through a swampy pussy. As Master's fingers did their little walk, Marilynn's pussy would open up and one could hear the sloshing from her moisture.

Her outer labia was becoming slick with her own secretions. It was becoming a never ending cycle as Marilynn could hear her own moisture making loud and unmistakable sucking noises she would get more and more turned on. The more turned on that she got the more moisture that she would create to lubricate her pussy for more and greater penetrations.

When Master pulled his fingers out of Marilynn's pussy her labia opened and closed as if she was sucking his fingers back into the place that they belonged. As Scott withdrew his fingers he would run both of them down her slit to the hood of her clit. Then spreading his fingers slightly he would slide the clit sheath down it's own shaft forcing the head to come out for a look see. Then without making direct contact with her clit Scott would slide his fingers back up her slit until they reentered her pussy and dove deep into her feminine recesses.

Marilynn continued to beg, "Oooo … please Master, touch my clit. Rub it, squeeze it, pinch it, whatever you to do … please make it hurt." Angel was not left out of all this either. What Scott did to Marilynn with his left hand he copied on Angel's pussy with his right. While Marilynn begged, Angel moaned and cooed. Both girls were jerking their bottoms this way then that way in a vain attempt to move their Master's fingers to the exact spot wanted by the slave.

One could say that both slaves were trying to top from the bottom for their vain attempts were to get their Master to do the bidding of the slaves. Then came the most aggravating tease of them all for Marilynn. Scott pulled out his fingers and left her with no contact at all. From the way that Marilynn was jerking her bottom this way and then that way one might think that she was losing her mind. Marilynn could feel her Master behind her, but could not find a spot that would bring her pussy in contact with him.

Marilynn begged, "Master, don't' do this to your slut. Please take me. Stick your fingers into my sloppy wet cunt. Feel how smooth my pussy is, how much it wants you to fuck this bitch in heat. Oooo … Master fuck your slutty bitch as rough as you can, P l e e e s e." Scott could not heed Marilynn's pleadings for he was busy. Having pulled the hood down the shaft of Angel's clit he leaned over and sucked her ever enlarging button into his mouth.

As he held her in place by sucking her clit into his mouth his tongue ran up and down the shaft and then flick back and forth across the head. This actions was repeated over and over until the movements of Angel's bottom jerked her pussy right out of his mouth. Then quickly Master opened up the tunnel within her with his fingers. In one stroke Scott then filled Angel with a dildo that tested the elasticity of her vagina's walls.

Slowly at first Scott moved this rubber cock in and out. In a short time Angel stretch to accommodate both the length and the girth of her new intruder. Then Scott said, "Hold that within you, Angel." Then Scott drove his fingers past Marilynn's gaping pussy lips with an audible splash. Marilynn murmured, "Oooo … thank you, Master." Withdrawing his fingers and pulling back the protective hood of Marilynn's engorged clit Master then suck it into his mouth. Continuing to suckle in order to hold her clit between his lips, Master ran his tongue around and then across his little captive.

It took very little time for Marilynn to jerk her pussy free of her Master's lips. Marilynn cried. With the same quickness used on Angel, Scott spread wider Marilynn's already gaping cunt lips and with the same speed pressed home a big rubber cock.

Marilynn's pussy accepted almost all of this intruder on the first thrust. She accepted the entire thing on the second thrust, and the rubber balls attached to this magic shaft came to rest right on her clit. "Now hold that in place." He said. Scott sat back in his seat and watched the girls working their muscles in and around their vagina's holding these rubber phalluses in place. Each time one of the sets of ball would lose contact with it's respective clit Master provide a little assist in a firm push.

A rather loud slapping sound broke the cooing, moaning and begging. Marilynn's head jerked up as much as the ring around her neck would allow. She felt more of a shockwave in her bottom than pain do to the surprise.

Master had, with a solid intent, applied a slapper to Marilynn's right ass cheek. The spanking went on, covering every inch of Marilynn's ass. The pinker the color of her skin the firmer the stroke made by her Master. As the pressure increased so did the noise. The first its a family affair anime english sub of leather would strike Marilynn's ass then the second piece of leather would slap the first.

This device really made more noise from the two pieces of leather slapping together than creating pain in the victim Marilynn did not know or care about the technical characteristics of a slapper.

All Marilynn cared about was the effects it was having on her bottom, skin and her mind. In her excitement she kept calling out to her Master, saying, "Oh Master, that feels so good on the ass of this slut.

Please don't stop … I need to be spanked … to be punished. Lucky newcomer has a chance to prove himself in front of two whores pain feels so good. Make my ass red … redder." And so it went on. Master stopped his spanking of Marilynn's ass just long enough to turn a switch on Angel's and Marilynn's dildos.

Angel just cooed, moaned and jerked her ass up and down as the vibrations ran from the balls of the phallus right through her clit. Marilynn did not seem to notice as she was getting most of her excitement through her ass as one blow after and other landed on one cheek and then on the other.

Angel was the first to succumb to the all the stimulations by asking, "Master, Please may I cum.?" Marilynn then joined the chorus, "Master please let this whore cum for you." After a few more minutes Master gave his consent for the girls to have their orgasms. Angel was the first to let go. Every muscle in her tightened. He back arched and then the convulsions came. When the violent muscle contractions of the initial explosion subsided Angel just quivered in her bindings.

Marilynn was more intense in her convulsions. She jerked so hard that Scott was not sure her restraints would not pull out of the floor of the car.

They did hold and Marilynn's body settled down to just quivers as well. As the girls were in the aftermath of their orgasms Scott reached forward and released the binding around their necks.

As they looked at each other in the afterglow of their pleasure they smiled and then stretched as much as they could and kissed. The first kiss was light, neither one wanting to commit to a personal relationship between just the two of them. Their second kiss was filled with the passion that was flowing through their bodies following such explosive orgasms as they each had just experienced. A few minutes before the car turned off the expressway Master released the girls from their bindings and they were all sitting on the back seat cuddling in their afterglow.

The girls were both tucked in under one of Scott's arms as each of them pushed their bare breast into his side. They chatted lightly with each other, almost as if their Master was not even there, as they ran their hands over his chest, around his nipples, down over his belly and into his pants to play with his cock. As both girls took hold of Master's cock, Angel talked about how she wanted to take him into her mouth and service him with her tongue.

Marilynn said how she wanted Master to take his pleasure in her nice tight round ass. This banter and cuddling went on while the limo snaked its way along the back roads until it turned on to a dirt road.

The girls then stopped their playing with their Master in order to hole in one a casa do prazer out the windows in anticipation of seeing Master's cabin. On the right Angel pointed out the basic grounds of a farm. House, barn, corrals, other type animal pens and all the basic farm equipment that one would expect gathered in a central compound.

Angel turned to Master with a question in her eyes and he said, "Yes, it is all part of the grounds. I have a man hired to work the farm for a share of the profit." Past the barn, past all the corrals with their horses and cattle the girls saw another barn and a good size log cabin.

Mike pulled the limo up between the second barn and the cabin and stopped. The girls were so excited about seeing everything around them that they jumped out of the car as soon as Mike opened the rear door.

Neither even seem to noticed the fact that they were naked. Scott encouraged their enthusiasm as he pointed out different aspects of the farm. The main farm house could not be seen from the cabin or the second barn. Scott informed the girls that the main complex was a little over a mile away. In forest a girl and black guy fuck the girls looked from the back of the cabin they could see fields filled with corn, beans, and beats.

Master answered the questions on their faces, "Yes. They are all crops of this farm." Scott went on, "Unless told otherwise you girls will wear your tunics if you go out back of the cabin. This is a working farm and there are employees that live on it full time." Master then pointed to the barn, "This barn is part of our complex and you girls will learn of its fun in this next week." Pointing to the house, "Ladies, shall we go on in?" As Mike started to open the trunk for the luggage Scott and his slaves went in through the back door.

As they entered the house Angel saw what she thought was the biggest kitchen she had ever been in. Everything seem to be of the best quality and fresh. The stove along the far wall had six burners, a griddle and three ovens. While there was stunning blonde hottie has her pussy plowed central lighting unit over the large table in the center of the room all the upper cupboards had lights under them.

This provided a lot of light for those working on the counters. There were two double sinks both with their own garbage disposal, two refrigerators, microwaves and one very large upright freezer.

Angel turned to Master and said with a broad smile, "This kitchen is wonderful. There seems to be everything I will need for sometime is already here." 'I am very glad that you like it." Scott responded, "but you are not going to be assigned the cooking on this trip.

We are going to see how Marilynn can do." Although frowning Angel gave her Master a little curtsy, bowed her head and said, "As you wish, Master." Angel noticed that Marilynn did not seem as happy about this announcement as Master would have liked. The three of them continued on in the main part of the house. It was clear to Angel that the kitchen had been added after the main house was built. The main part of the house was a large room with a very high ceiling and huge beams spanning the width of the room.

At the front of the room there were windows from floor to ceiling. The window bench at the base of the windows must have been twenty feet long. Opposite the wall of windows was a grand stone fireplace. Angel thought to herself that this must have been the main kitchen at one time. The fire box was almost big enough for a man to walk into. The old cast iron cookware was still in place as if it was just waiting to be used.

The hearth of the fireplace came out into the room about two feet making a nice stone ledge in which to sit and warm ones self by the fire. As the girls started to shiver from the coolness in the cabin Scott started the fire. The rest of the main room was divided by the placement of furniture.

In front of the fireplace there is a overwatch black cat porn fucking big dick cartoon play free main table, couches on either side and chairs all arranged for conversation. Along the east wall, between the front windows and the stairs leading up to the bedrooms was Master's study. Desk, chairs and the like. In front of the wall with the windows there was another large heavy wood table and a long couch.

Along the west wall by the corner leading into the kitchen there was an entertainment center on wheels. The TV, stereo and DVD player and recorded could be moved to any place in the room that one might like to use them. On either side of the fireplace there were doors leading to rooms. One was the entry into Master's bedroom. The other lead to a very large bathroom. Master explained that this was the main bath in the house. There is a half bath upstairs between the two bedrooms up there, but this one was the only bath with a shower.

The girls excused themselves to use the facilities. They both were met with a surprise as they stepped from the rusticity of the cabin into the totally modern, and up to date, facilities.

The very first thing the girls noticed, and commented on, was the bidet in addition to a toilet. Then there was the shower that was clearly built to service more than one person at a time. Next to the shower was a hot tub that could hold four or five people, and of course there were twin sinks with a wide mirror over them.

As Scott finished with his fire building he too stepped into the bathroom. The girls had just finished relieving themselves. "Girls, I think I could use a shower. That fireplace really needed cleaning." Angel then stepped in front of her Master and said, "We would love to give you a shower, Master." Scott smiled and gave them a little nod.

With that signal both girls moved in and started to remove his clothing. Marilynn reached around Angel and started to unbutton his shirt. Angel knelt before him and started to unbuckle his belt.

There were four experienced hands moving rapidly and smoothly as they released anything binding in the way of clothing. Angel was pulling down Master's pants just as Marilynn finished unbuttoning his shirt.

Marilynn slipped behind Master as she removed his shirt. Then she lifted his undershirt up and over his head. Just as the last of Scott's shirts went flying for the floor, Marilynn reached around him and pulled her bare breast into his back.

There she moved her torso just enough to rub her nipples back and forth along his spine. At the same time Angel has Master's pants around his ankles as she removed his shoes and socks. Then lifting one leg at a time she slipped off his pants. Reaching up to his hips she slipped her fingers into the waist band sex come sex story slim gulez his shorts. In one smooth motion Angel pulled down her Master's underwear and freed the scepter of his manhood.

Just as Scott's shorts cleared his last leg, Angel reached up and rested his balls in the palm of her hand, ever so gently. With the other hand she guided his penis to her mouth as she started to lick across and around the head. Meanwhile, Marilynn had moved into the shower and started to warm up the water. As the water ran she then set up the towels and wash cloths that they were going to need.

When all was in the ready, Marilynn said, "Angel would you guide our Master into the shower." Without removing her hand from Master's cock, Angel guided him as they joined Marilynn. Marilynn handed Angel the shampoo as she entered the shower. Then guiding Master under one of the many showerheads. Marilynn then slipped to her knees and took his cock deep into her mouth. Angel was both surprised and angered at how smooth Marilynn had taken control of their Master's cock. Calming down her emotions Angel started to work on her Master.

Her first task was to massage Master's scalp. As she felt the tension subside from his temple and jaw Angel added some shampoo and continued her massage. It was hard to tell which Scott was enjoying more … the massage or He gets to bang these two sluts in all kinds of positions blow job. After rinsing Master's hair, Angel continued her massage on his neck and shoulders while she applied soap.

Up and down his back crossing over from left to right.

Down his left leg washing both front and back of the leg. Lifting the left foot and then the right Angel washed his feet and traveled up his right leg. She then paid special attention to Scott's buttock making sure that she got between his legs and the crack of his ass. Angel put down her wash cloth and stepped into her Master pressing her breast into his back.

She proceeded to work her breast up and down Master's spine. Kneeling behind Scott, Angel took her breast in hand and ran the nipple up and down his crack.

First one nipple then the other. Stepping back from Master, Angel took one of the showerheads and rinsed all the suds off both Master and herself. Handing the soapy wash cloth to Marilynn, Angel stepped back into her Master and resumed to her tittie rub all over his back side.

Only this time she added her tongue as she bathed and dried him with her mouth. She worked her tits and tongue up and down his spine. First one side and then the other. Angel would press her breast firmly against her Master's back and then she would decrease the pressure touching his skin with only the tips of her nipples.

The same held true on the pressure from her tongue. At first she would lick Master's back with the flat of her tongue. She would then work her way up and down his spine with only the tip crossing back and forth from left to right as she continued her up and down motions. Meanwhile, Marilynn had stopped her tongue bath of Master's staff and started her bathing him.

She did keep one hand on his scepter moving her hand in and out in a slow but steady hand job. Every once in a while she would bring both hands to his manhood. Now running the soapy wash cloth up and down. Then she would bring the cloth out to the swollen glands at the head of Master's cock and lightly draw the cloth over them.

She rinsed him off and resumed her hand job. Seeing all this Angel dropped to her knees and worked her tongue up and down the crack of his ass.

Lightly at first. Then increasing the pressure driving the tip of her tongue deeper into his crack. When she came in contact with all the nerve endings that meet in the puckered little hole of his ass he drove his hips forward with a mighty thrust. Angel started to withdraw her tongue and Master yelled his order for her to continue. Grabbing Marilynn by the shoulders he turned her around and forced her to bend over. With her hands on the wall Marilynn's ass and pussy were presented to her Master's use.

Scott then pulled out her plug, tossing it aside, aimed his cock to the center of girl sucking and fucking her boyfriendrsquos cock on graduation day ass. Angel's tongue again came in contact with Master's nerve endings and he drove his hips forward and his penis right into Marilynn's asshole. Master's cock entered her hard, fast and deep.

At first penetration Marilynn moaned. As Mater grasped a hand full of her hair Raven hart sexy dirty milf yelled out her encouragements. "Oooo ah … fuck this slave's ass." Then, "Your slave slut needs her ass fucked long and hard." Then again, "Ride my ass. Fill me with your cum. Ride me hard and show me who is the bitch and who is the Master." With Marilynn yelling her encouragements, and Angel sending shivers up and down his spine, Master did not hold back very long.

His cock swelled in girth and became even harder than before as he moved in and out of the slave's asshole. With a hip thrust harder and faster than all the rest Master drove his cock even deeper into Marilynn's ass as he let his orgasm go. Sending his seed deep into her bowels. Master continued to thrust and Marilynn worked the muscles of her ass to pump all the semen out of him. At the same time Marilynn let her orgasm go.

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She yelled, and tighten her muscles until Master had a very hard time pumping her ass. As Scott started to soften Marilynn just stood with her hands still on the wall and quivered as the nerves endings in her ass also started to calm down. Washing and rinsing the last little bit of Marilynn from her Master's cock Angel slipped him into her mouth.

Master continued to soften as Angel suck every little drop of his seed into her mouth. Marilynn just looked on until Angel sucked him dry. Her oral duties concluded Angel turned off the water, fetched a towel and started to dry off her Master. She would first lick his skin and then towel him dry. As Marilynn continued to stand there as she recovered from her orgasm Angel lead her Master out of the shower and to the couch in raven babe with damn sexy tits fucking of the fireplace.

Marilynn restarted the water to finish her shower. Angel and Scott sat cuddling as they watch the fire and waited for Marilynn. ***** Again, I encourage you to rate this part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike.

Thank You, S.S.