Sexy massage babe and client bath blowjob

Sexy massage babe and client bath blowjob
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The door to the house opened slowly. Quickly the empty house was filled with the intertwined sound of two voices, babbling and laughing joyfully. The house was shrouded in light a moment later as the lights were turned on. Jens smiled as he and his girlfriend Presea entered the house, crashing into chairs in the living room.

Jens was just over 6'0, had short black hair, and dark green eyes. His muscles were well defined, but his whole frame was relatively slim. Presea on the other hand, was just a little hardcore nude fucking in sex stories over 5'7, she had long, dark pink hair, and bright, radiant green eyes.

She had a small, tight frame, very sizable breasts for someone of her size, and a nice, tight ass, and long smooth legs. Her skin was smooth as silk, and a delightful pink colour, and her facial features were very soft. Jens and Presea were laughing about the cheesy movie they had just seen. It'd had been some over the top romantic comedy Presea had roped Jens into taking her too. It had turned out better then either of them could have hoped for, and had had the added benefit of being quite sexy.

As the conversation continued, they both turned the conversation to the sex scenes from the movie. After a few minutes of discussion, Presea quickly left her chair and climbed into Jens' lap, straddling his hips. The two smiled up at each other and laughed, before they started to kiss each other hungrily. The kiss deepened, Jens' hands going to rest on Presea's tight ass. He ran his palms over her supple bottom. It was amazing to touch, even through her jeans. Presea's hands were roaming over her boyfriends chest, running under and over his shirt, slowly beginning to lift it up.

A few moments later she pulled Jens forward and wrenched his shirt off before returning to the kiss, her hands roaming his bare, muscled chest. The kiss got wilder and wilder, Jens beginning to grope and fondle Presea's ass with more and more strength. Presea responded by sinking lower into his lap and grinding, her crotch grinding against the bulge in his pants. The motion caused Jens to gasp.

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Presea laughed, moving her kissing down her boyfriends neck. She suckled and kissed the flesh as she started to grind harder and harder on Jens' growing erection.

"Hows that feel, babe?" Presea whispered in Jens' ear as she began to grind faster on his growing bulge. Jens responded with a loud groan and pulled her closer to his cock. Presea laughed, she absolutely loved it when Jens got desperate to cum. She continued to lick and kiss the flesh of Jens' neck, causing him to moan more and more.

Soon Presea teasingly slid down Jens' body, getting on her knees in front of Jens. She gave him a devilish smile as she undid his jeans and pulled them down. Jens cock was standing straight as an arrow, the only thing covering it being his boxers.

Presea purred as she slowly pulled down her boyfriends boxers, revealing Jens' 7 inch cock. She licked her lips eagerly as she grasped her boyfriends cock with her hands. Jens groaned the instant Presea's hands gripped his shaft. Presea smiled, she truly enjoyed being in control. She began to pump her hands up and down his throbbing cock. Jens groaned louder, rushing his hands through Presea's long silky hair as she pumped his cock faster and faster. "Oh god Presea!" Jens moaned "Please, get me off already!" Presea purred again, before pulling her boyfriends shaft just a inch away from her smiling mouth.

A moment later she wrapped her lips around the head of Jens' cock. Jens groaned once again. Presea began to run her tongue over the head of Jens' cock again and again. She then took more of his cock into her mouth, slowly running up and down his shaft, her tongue licking his shaft along the way.

Jens' hands were tangling themselves in Presea's hair more and more, slowly pulling her deeper onto his throbbing, aching cock. Presea's face stretched into another devilish smile as she took a little bit more of Jens cock in her mouth.

She began to pump what cock she didn't have in her mouth with a amazing speed. Jens gasped, his breathing getting faster. He bucked unintentionally as she ran her tongue over his cock head again.

Presea continued to pump, going as fast as she could now. Her tongue was licking up and down all of Jens' cock that it could reach. The young man was panting and breathing hard, a little bit of sweat on his face. He wife hardcore creampie bringing out the large guns loudly as Presea sucked on his glands, like she was trying to suck Jens dry. "Oh god, I'm almost there Presea! Please, just make me cum!" Jens finally begged, getting desperate for release.

Just like that Presea started moving her head up and down Jens' shaft over and over, as fast as she could, still jerking his shaft like a beast at the same time. Her movements were perfectly in sync with each other. Jens' eyes widened, his hands laced tightly in Presea's hair, as he let out a growl and bucked forward as he came. Gobs of cum erupted from his cock that Presea eagerly swallowed.

Jens shuddered in the aftermath of his orgasm. He was panting heavily, covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Presea looked up at Jens, her mouth still wrapped around his slowly withering cock.

She slowly released his shrunken shaft, hottie plays with dildo in front of a mirror all the remaining cum off his cock as she did.

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Jens smiled at his girlfriend. "That was.damn good!" He panted. Presea smiled at Jens "I know, but I appreciate the dirty pairs of panties make me so wet. You don't taste half bad, by the way." She laughed as she stood up, pushing Jens' boxers back up his legs. She then hopped into Jens lap.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in and kissed him deeply. Jens responded happily. The kiss was slow and passionate, lasting for what seemed like forever. When the kiss broke, Presea threw her legs over the arm of the chair and looked at Jens.

"What now?" She asked. Jens smiled. His hand moved up her shirt, groping her bra free breasts. Presea let out a sigh before smiling down at Jens. "So, we aren't done for the night? Good." She said as she leaned back in to kiss Jens again.

As the couple kissed again, Jens continued to rub and grope Presea's buxom breasts. As the kiss grew more and more intense, Presea straddled Jens once more. As Presea leaned down, kissing Jens with a bestial fervour, Jens rushed his other hand under Presea's shirt to her other breast, rubbing and groping them in sync.

Presea groaned, forcing her tongue deeper into Jens' mouth, trying to intensify the kiss further. Jens smiled into the kiss as he tried to keep up with Presea's intensity.

His hands were roaming all over Presea's large breasts, grinding the flesh, tweaking and rubbing the nipples, doing anything he could to pleasure Presea. After a good few minutes of this, Jens finally made Presea break the kiss with a large gasp as he pinched her nipples.

In a quick motion Jens' hands went from Presea's breasts to the hem of her shirt. He quickly tugged it off, Presea helping him. Jens licked his lips as he stared at Presea's bouncing bosoms, the nipples erect, her bright pink nipples standing out against the colour of her skin. Jens quickly pulled Presea down, drawing her breasts towards his waiting mouth.

He wrapped his lips around one of Presea's breasts, licking the flesh, teasing the nipple with his tongue. One hand teased the free breasts, his other holding her by the hip, trying to force her against his re-hardening cock.

Presea moaned at all the movement. One breast was being sucked on and licked, while the other was being groped, and the amazing contrast that made the pleasure all the better. At the same time Jens' now rock hard cock was once again being pressed against her crotch, rubbing at her wet pussy through her jeans. A small wet spot had developed earlier due to her grinding, but now the spot was far more noticeable.

Jens used his hand on her hip to rock Presea back and forth a little faster, which snapped her out of her pleasure trance. Even though the ecstasy was still coursing through her, she began to grinding against Jens, her hands resting on his shoulders to brace herself, it was the only thing she could do in the currant situation. Jens continued his pleasuring, his cock now standing straight as a pipe.

It was running right over Presea's pussy, only the thin material of her jeans and thong preventing the direct touch Presea was desperately craving. His hands and mouth were still continuing their pleasuring, but had switched up breasts.

His free hand was now down the back of his girlfriends pants, rubbing and grabbing her ass. Presea kept up her grinding as best as she could, but the pleasure and the attention her pussy was demanding were making it hard to keep a solid rhythm. Her eyes were fluttering rapidly, her breathing growing shorter. She was getting truly desperate to move on from the foreplay, and Jens knew that full well, but he wasn't going to let up quite yet.

Just like Presea liked to make Jens beg and plead for orgasm, Jens got just as much pleasure out of bringing Presea to her, figurative, knees in need of his cock.

Jens began to thrust upward, driving his boxer covered cock harder into Presea's jeans covered pussy. Presea took in a sharp breath of air each time, her nails digging into her boyfriends shoulders. Jens couldn't help but smirk against Presea's breast each time.

He licked up and down the entirety of Presea's breast repeatedly, ending with lightly biting down on Presea's breasts. It made her yelp in pleasure. His hand did the same thing to her other nipple, squeezing it. It earned him another yelp.

His other hand continued to grope and rub Presea's magnificent ass, making sure she could feel it. Jens was determined to make Presea ask him to get on with it, no matter how long he had to keep this up, even as his cock began to throb, the contentedness from the blowjob now completely gone. He was starting to get incredible worked up himself, and wanted nothing more then to shove his 7 inches of flesh into Presea's tight, hot pussy, but he was to determined to not just give up and take Presea at that moment.

After another of Jens' thrusts, Presea nearly screamed, the desperate need for pleasure starting to break down her normally iron will. She was usually the dominant party during sex, mainly because she liked being in control, and Jens certainly had no problem enjoying the benefits of a sexual dominant girlfriend, but Jens certainly had his control streak where he wanted nothing more then Presea to beg him to make her cum like she never had before, even if he was still getting ridden like a stallion.

Jens finally pulled his mouth from Presea's breast, but quickly replaced it with his other hand, back to grinding and groping the flesh with his palms. Presea was breathing very heavily now, biting her bottom lip, trying with every fibre of her being to hold onto control.

She was an incredibly hard headed person, and she really did have an iron will, and she was willing to go to the very brink before she gave in, only because she was sure Jens would snap first and rip her pants right off. Little did she know how determined Jens was this night. Jens continued his pleasuring assault on Presea's tits. Every few moments he would throw in another thrust, trying to wear Presea down even more by shocking her with that pleasure when she was most enraptured with the attention her tits were receiving.

Every time though, it reminded Jens of how hard his cock was and how badly he wanted to feel the velvet cocoon of Presea's smouldering pussy. Presea, still biting her bottom lip and supporting herself on Jens' shoulders, grew insanely desperate with each passing second.

She decided to play Jens' own game, figuring it was the only way to get to his cock without begging for it. She gripped Jens' shoulders tightly, digging her nails in before grinding at as fast as pace as she could. Jens' eyes snapped open wide and he groaned, his breathing instantly ebony girl plays with her body and dick laboured. For a moment he thought he was going to blow his second load right there, and Presea's thoughts weren't far off course.

Not to be outdone, Jens pulled Presea towards him, still having a death grip on her breasts. Their faces were mere inches apart, both having a desperate, lust filled gaze in their eyes.

Both were breathing hard A second later the two were kissing like rabid animals, Presea still grinding adorable girl acquires her cunt team fucked hardcore massage all she was worth, Jens refusing to relinquish his pleasuring of Presea's breasts.

This contest of wills continued for what seemed like hours to both Jens and Presea. Finally, it was just to much. Presea slowed to a halt, and ripped her lips from Jens. "God fucking damn it! I need to ride that massive cock of your right the fuck now!" She barked. Jens let out a sigh of relief. "5 seconds longer and I'd of given in!" Jens said before hauling both Presea and himself to there feet.

Within a few seconds both of them were naked and ready to fuck like animals. Presea and Jens quickly grabbed each others. Their lips intertwined once mother and son incest lactating, both of them gripping the others ass. A second later Presea shoved Jens back into the chair, and she was hot xxx legal age teenager sex act her lover once more.

Presea and Jens, still breathing heavily, stared into each others eyes, both craving the other. Jens grabbed his cock and lined it up with Presea's pussy as she began to lower herself down.

When Presea's pussy was just an inch away from Jens' cock she looked at him. "I hope you're ready for this, babe. Don't be ashamed if you can't keep it together tonight." She said with a sly smile.

Jens flashed her a smile. "Just don't cum to fast darling, I need at least a bit of time in that hot pussy of yours." He responded. The couple smiled at each other, a new challenge beginning.

A moment later Presea plunged herself onto Jens' seven inch cock. Both gasped, taking deep breaths to centre themselves. Jens eyes fluttered shut, the tightness of Presea's pussy gripping his cock close, the heat enveloping his rod, making it hard to hold himself together. Presea was just like Jens. She loved the feeling of his thick, 7 inch long cock invading her pussy. She was soaking wet, her juices dripping from her pussy down onto his shaft, her muscles clenching relentlessly against the intruding flesh.

Presea smiled down at Jens for a moment. Her hands then went back to his shoulders, gripping them tightly. Using her legs and arms in perfect unison, she began to bob up and down on Jens' cock at a moderate pace. Jens moaned instantly, closing his eyes, trying to keep himself together.

Presea was breathing heavily and groaning, only her will and love of being in control allowing herself to be as in check as she was. She kept the motion up, gradually increasing the speed, but she made sure to do so slowly. She never took her eyes off Jens. She enjoyed watching the ecstasy on his face to much. After a few minutes, during which she had had complete and utter control with Jens doing nothing but try and prevent himself from cumming then and there, she leaned in close to him.

Her large breasts were pressing against Jens' muscled chest, and her lips were attacking Jens neck again. This made Jens groan louder and longer then he had previously that night. She moved her lips up to Jens' ear, her tongue teasing his earlobe. After a moment she began to whisper in his ear, in the most enticing, sultry tone possible. "It really is alright if you can't even last 10 minutes, babe.

It has to be hard to control yourself when you have someone as sexy and sexually gifted as me riding you're cock. You can cum now, I won't be to disappointed." She said, taunting Jens. The two always did this to each other during sex. It drove them both on, and lead to some of the best and most intense sex they could ever hope to have.

As always, it did exactly what Presea expected. Jens' eyes snapped open and he grabbed Presea by the hips. He slid into the same rhythm she was keeping, helping move her up, and thrusting to meet her when she came down. Presea nearly screamed blonde in lingerie posing on casting see more at Jens' first thrust, his cock going to the hilt in her pussy. She bit her lips and dug her nails into Jens shoulders and picked up her riding speed, riding Jens like he was a thoroughbred stallion.

Jens sped up to match Presea almost instantly. The two continued the reckless pace, both doing everything they could to make the other cum, while preventing themselves from doing the same. Presea's hair was completely dishevelled, her breasts bouncing each time she moved.

Jens licked his lips as he looked at the bouncing breasts. His hands moved from Presea's hips to her ass, but he kept the rhythm they'd established perfectly.

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He grabbed and ground the sweet, tight flesh of her perfect ass relentlessly as Presea continued to ride him like he was a horse, Jens still meeting every downward motion with a deep, heavy thrust. The two were going as fast as they could, a sheen of sweat covering both of them, but, as usual, they both refused to give in to the pleasure they so desperately wanted until the other had cum. After another few minutes of this blistering pace, Jens gripped Presea's ass as hard as he could, and he drew her tight against his chest.

The two were pressed very close together, their blistering pace coming to a halt as they gathered their breath against the other. Jens began to kiss and nip at Presea's neck as he continued to grind his palms into the flesh of Presea's ass. Presea kept herself pressed up against Jens, rubbing her breasts against her lovers chest. She was licking and kissing Jens' neck just like he was doing to her. After only a minute of this more relaxed interaction, Presea righted herself, her hands tightly gripping Jens' shoulders once more.

Jens smiled at her, his hands running from her ass, back to her large breasts. Presea groaned as Jens fondled and ground her tits once more. Slowly she began to ride Jens' cock, but her pace was far more restrained.

Instead of a blistering gallop, Presea was moving far more slowly, but making everything heavier and deeper. She would slowly force herself down, her pussy swallowing Jens' cock to the hilt, then she'd push down further and sit there, smiling at Jens before raising equally slowly and repeating the motion over again. Jens groaned each time, but he kept a grip on Presea's breasts, a smile plastered on his face. His village xxx proni full sex stories ran over her nipples, massaging them, before his hand squeezed the rest of the breast.

He managed to keep this up, despite Presea's ecstasy inducing movements. Within a few minutes, Presea was speeding up again. She couldn't go slow any longer, no matter how nice it was. She was getting desperate for her orgasm, and knew she'd be able to make Jens cum faster if she rode him at a break neck pace. Within a couple of more minutes, Presea's nails were digging deep into Jens' shoulders. His hands were back on her ass, helping to keep her stable as she bounced on his rod relentlessly.

Her breasts swayed with each bob, swinging right in front of Jens' face mesmerizing him. He was groaning almost constantly now, his toes curling and uncurling every few seconds now, the pleasure mounting to an incredible level. Just like Presea though, he was determined to hold in his orgasm until his lover had cum first.

He was meeting every downward motion with a mighty thrust of his own, though it only seemed to draw him closer to the brink of cumming. Presea was growing even more desperate herself. Her nails were biting deeper into Jens' shoulders with every motion, her pussy was literally dripping and was tight as if she were a virgin.

It didn't help Jens that he thought he would cum just from the tightness skinny young blonde chastity lynn fucks her mechanics big dick heat, let alone the heavy riding Presea was doing.

The couples eyes met, both looking desperate. When they met though, they smiled, trying to cover the desperation. "Sure you.don't cum?" Presea asked through heavy breaths, fighting valiantly not to cum. "Oh.I'm sure." Jens gasped, thrusting into Presea as rapidly as he could, his face scrunched up, trying to hold back the massive flood brewing in him. "Alright.then." Presea moaned. She moaned even louder as Jens frantic thrust started. She didn't know whether to curse or cheer.

She knew that meant Jens was getting within minutes of cumming, but it felt so good that she didn't know if she could keep up with it. She gripped Jens shoulders with all her strength and used every muscle in her body to ride him. She was going up and down on him as fast as she could, doing everything she could to make him cum. Jens, at the same moment, started to thrust as fast and as hard as he could. Jens and Presea both gasped. "Oh fucking god, oh fuck—Ahhh---shit, shit shit!" Presea gasped "Fucking Christ!" Jens shouted The two looked at each other, their motions not slowing in the slightest.

Both of their mouths were hanging open, desperate for breath, both holding onto the other, Jens holding Presea's ass, Presea gripping Jens' shoulders. They were covered in sweat and swearing and moaning constantly as they fought for breath, and for control.

They were both only seconds away from rapture. The two pulled each other close, their bodies pressed together, their sweat mingling, but this time, their pace didn't slow in the slightest.

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As close as could be, the blistering pace continued. Finally, one of them couldn't hold on anymore. "OH FUCK YEAH!" Jens shouted at the top of his lungs as the orgasm blasted through him. A flood of cum shot from his cock, deep into Presea. His body shook and shuddered as massive pleasure shot through him, every muscle and fibre on fire with orgasmic glory. It was more then worth the wait. "YES!" Presea shouted, though even she couldn't tell if it was from the sexual pleasure, or that she somehow managed to outlast Jens.

The second Jens' cum shot into her pussy though, she lost it. She rode him in frenzy. She threw her head back, her motions reckless as a massive orgasm shot through her body. "FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!" Presea screamed. Every muscle tightened, her pussy clamping onto Jens' alice walks around the city in latex as his orgasm continued.

Her juices poured from her core, every fibre of her being burning with pleasure. She continued to ride Jens, driving them both through the throes of rapture. Finally, she came to a stop. Presea's head fell on Jens' shoulder, her arms hanging at her sides. Jens' hand fell from Presea's ass, dropping to his sides as well. Both were fighting to get their breath back, drenched in a heavy sheen of sweat. The two smiled at each other, still unable to catch there breath.

It took several minutes before either of them spoke. "That.was fucking amazing." Presea said. " was amazing fucking." Jens agreed. "Plus, I usual." Presea said with a sly smile. "By like 5 seconds." Jens countered. "A win is a win.But still, I think we both won.Guessing by how hard we came." "I.think I can agree with that." Jens said "Now, what do we do from here?" He asked "I think we should go have a shower." Presea said with a sly smile, catching Jens' eyes.

"Oh hell yeah!" Jens said. After a moment, his hands went back to Presea's ass. He forced himself up, holding Presea up by her backside, carrying her off to the shower.

END (For now)