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Christmas milf creampie and female fake taxi fucks cop noise complaints make muddy hoe
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Episode III Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 32: Lying From You Holly: I got back to the dorm room and went into the room I shared with Sam. As I hoped she was sitting on her bed. I sat down beside her, as she was clipping her toe nails. "I need to talk" I said. "Shoot". "Well, it's about Jack". "What is it hun?" She said, still concentrating on her feet. "Well, I think he is falling in love with me" I said, in a depressed mood.

"And you don't love him". "No… I told him about John and its purely for sex between us." "But he can't handle that, and he is confused by the platonic sexual relationship" Sam said. "Yeah". "And you don't want to break his heart" Sam said, finally turning to me. "Yeah…I mean if he is going to just fall deeper and deeper in love, then I have to break his heart. I will have to break his heart at some point, so the deeper he is the harder it will be for the both of us." "Have you outright told him that its just sex" "A couple of times, he knows" I said.

"Then you have to make a decision" Sam said. "Break it off now, or lay down the truth" I asked her. "Well those or just ignore the problem." Sam said.

"Ignore it?" I asked. "Yeah…you still sleep with him, but avoid any talk about anything else, make your visits brief, he will get the point." Sam said.

"What if he doesn't?" I asked. "Well you could always just break it off. If you need pleasuring there are alternatives." Sam said, looking me straight in the eye, and smiling mischievously.

"Like what?" I asked her, playing dumb. "I think you know" Sam said, walking over to the dresser, putting the nail clipper away. "What do you think I should do?" I asked after a pause. "If it was me, I'd fuck him till he loves me, then I would skip town." She said. "That's pretty cold" I said.

"Well, it beats being alone" She said. "Yeah and how many stalkers have you had as a result of this policy" I asked her jokingly. "Only three or four" She said sarcastically. … John: I still had the guy's meeting only with the club. The e-mail never said what we would be doing. So I e-mailed Peter on Thursday night, after the meeting. I got his reply Friday afternoon.

'John, We as a club have a listing on the same Sex with Strangers site that you and Veronica were talking about. Look under groups.

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Anyway, we got a woman who wants to be gangbanged, and of course we will fulfill her requests. Hope to see you Saturday.' I didn't realize they used that site too. I logged on to the site. You could browse through by several categories. I found it. Couples Sex Club; any women want to be with a bunch of men? That's us. There was even a naked picture of a bunch of the guys. I wasn't in it, it must have been taken a while ago. It is kind of amazing that a woman would set out to be fucked by eight guys at a time.

Then I wondered if the women of the sex club have a similar ad. Guess not. What man in his right mind wouldn't respond to an ad of 8 women looking to fuck 1 guy. It doesn't work like that the other way around. I looked at the men's listing again.

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It has a sex history link. When you click on it, it takes you to a page where people that have met you or your group from the site can rate you. It's kind of like eBay's feedback. I was amazed at the number of listings on this. The guys had gangbanged at least twenty women. I read some of the comments. 'FUCK MACHINES, too much meat for me to handle, not even five women could have fulfilled their needs. These guys can fuck and fuck and fuck'.

I clicked on the name of the woman who wrote that comment. It took me to her listing. Twentys, single, loves getting gangbanged. She even had a nude picture. She was a blonde, skinny, small tits, but very hot. "Are you looking at porn?" Sandy asked me, walking past me from the kitchen. "No…sort of" I said. "You're always horny" She said. "No arguments there." I said.

Stephanie wasn't home, just me and Sandy. She stood in the doorway to her room. "Wanna fuck?" I asked her. "Are you serious?" She asked. "Usually" I said. She shrugged her shoulders. "Ok" she said, turning and walking in to her bedroom.

"I guess I am a god with the ladies" I mumbled to myself. Okay so that's a lie…okay so that's entirely wrong, I guess I am just surrounded by women that are as horny as I am. I finished up on the computer, checking my e-mail one last time and logging off.

I walked into my room to get some condoms. With love gloves in my pocket, I walked back into the living room and over to Sandy's room. I must have taken too long, since she was already naked and masturbating with a vibrator. "Starting without me?" I said, shedding my clothes. She just kept moaning with the vibrator inside of her. I pulled a condom out of the pocket of my pants, laying them on the floor.

I put on the condom and turned towards the bed. Sandy's massive tits were somewhat flattened as she laid on her back. "What position you want to do?" I asked her. She didn't even look up at me. "Fine" I said, jumping on the bed. She had her legs spread wide open, playing with herself. I moved up, so that I was face down, but propped myself up. She didn't take the vibrator away from her slit. I reached down and pulled her hand from her pussy, the vibrator popping out, still buzzing.

I plunged my hips forward, jamming my cock inside of her. She had her eyes closed, probably imagining someone else. She was a lesbian, so I guess I can't blame her. Sex tussy xxxxx story con it's kind of hot that she is thinking about another woman right now…I pumped her slit, the bed shaking and banging against the wall.

"ohhhh yeah" she moaned. Her massive tits rolled around on her chest as her whole body thrusted back and forth. I kept fucking her hard. I rolled her over on her back. She had her legs split completely wide, her pussy just below her ass, exposed. Her face pressing into the bed, I sat up, pushing my cock inside of her again. I grabbed her hips and pulled and pushed her against me.

My throbbing cock pounded inside her tight pussy. She moaned into the bed. I smacked her ass, just to see what she would do. No response. As I was fucking her, I smacked her ass a little harder.

"Ohhh fuck" She kept moaning. I guess she likes it. I smacked her ass a few more times as I fucked her from behind. I rolled us on our sides.

She was facing away from me, I was facing her back, as we lay on our sides. I reached around and groped her tits with one hand. She had one leg on the bed, the other straight up in the air. I pushed my cock inside her pussy. I held her outstretched leg as an anchor, pulling against it to fuck her harder.

My chest and hips smacking into her back. Both our bodies thumped together, the bed shaking wildly. She was breathing hard, and I was getting closer.

"What have we here?" Stephanie asked, walking into the room. We must have missed her coming home. Neither of us responded to her, just kept on fucking.

Stephanie, still dressed, crawled up on the bed. She laid down, her face just in front of Sandy's pussy, her ass back by Sandy's face. "Yeah fuck that lesbian mom and son caugth cheats Stephanie said loudly. She leaned forward, sticking her tongue against the shaft of my cock. She didn't move, but her tongue ran up and down my cock as I thrusted in and out of Sandy's dripping pussy.

Stephanie started licking Sandy's pussy, getting her even closer. Sandy came, her pussy contracting around my cock. She screamed out loudly, arching her back, pushing back against me. "YESSSS" She screamed. Stephanie reached down, grabbing my cock, pulling it from Sandy's pussy. Stephanie started sucking my condom and pussy juice covered cock.

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"Fuck I'm close" I moaned. Stephanie grabbed the end of the condom, and it came off, snapping. Stephanie resumed blowing me. She kept stroking her face on my cock. I moaned loudly just before I came. Stephanie pulled off of me, stroking my cock as I came, covering Sandy's thigh with my cum.

I had Sandy's breast in my hand, reaching around; both of our chests heaving. I couldn't see it, but Sandy jumped, as if Stephanie was tickling her. That must have been Steph's tongue on Sandy's thigh, lapping up my jizz. "How long were you watching us?" I asked her through my breath. "Long enough" Steph said.

The thought hit me that in 24 hours I, along with 5 or so other guys, would be gangbanging some hot chick. I wonder if Holly is having the kind of schedule that I am… … Holly: The next day I took Samantha's advice. I called Jack and made sure he was home. I walked the several blocks to his apartment building.

Once he let me in, I didn't hesitate. He opened the door, and I walked past him straight to the bedroom. He was slow following. "You coming or am I going to have get started without you" I said, as he walked into the bedroom.

He stood in the doorway and watched me as I undressed, leaving just my black bra and panties. I tossed a condom at him from his dresser, and then hopped on his bed. 'I'm Waiting" I said. He sat on the edge of the bed, and he looked like he was trying to say something. Something like 'I love you' but I didn't want to give him the chance to say it.

I pulled him up onto the bed. "Holly…" "Shut up and eat my pussy" I said, pushing my crotch over his face. We got into the sixty nine position, with me on top.

I didn't want him to be able to speak, so I kept my pussy right on him. I unzipped his pants pulling out his semi hard cock, taking it into my hand. He obediently lapped and sucked on me while I did the same to him.

Soon we were both close to coming, so I sat back on my knees, my pussy still above his face. I applied the condom to his erect cock. I quickly turned around and straddled him down to his hips. I immediately put my mouth on his, shoving my tongue inside his mouth.

I grabbed his face, pulling it to mine as we made out. I let one hand drop between my legs as I put his cock inside of me, then thrusted hard, two foxy honeys like fooling around naked kissing.

Neither of us lasted long. I came first, grinding my juices into him as I screeched loud pleasure noises, still pounding into him. He came a split second later as I milked him. I leaned over the side of the bed, grabbing my vibrator from my jeans pocket.

It was just a nub, barely an inch long. I got back on the bed, putting us back into the sixty nine with him on the bottom. I handed a lesbian fuck after a yoga session the vibrator just before I put my crotch in his face, and plopping my face down in his lap. He went to work with the vibrator and I went to work reviving his softening cock with my mouth.

He got my juices flowing with his tongue and the vibrator, and his cock came back to life in my mouth. With the both of us ready to go again, I quickly went back to missionary with my tongue in his mouth, his cock in me. He couldn't talk, only fuck, which was my goal. He thrusted up and I thrusted down, our bodies slapping together, moans filling the air. My brown hair came over my face, covering both of us as we kissed through the thrusting. I came again, juices drowning his cock, being his second erection he wasn't anywhere near coming again, so we stopped.

His throbbing cock in my pussy, as I collapsed to his chest, my tits still constrained in my bra. His chest was heaving, my body going up and down with it. "Fuck that was good" I muttered, without thinking. We laid in silence for a few moments. "Holly…" He started, then paused. I was thinking, 'aw crap here it comes'.

"…I love you" He finished. I laid there, eyes wide, he couldn't see my face. I decided to play it off. "I have a boyfriend, remember" I said in a perky voice, and with that hopping off him and walking into the bathroom. I was worried he would press the issue.

A moment later I walked back into the bedroom, grabbed my clothes, putting them on as quickly as possible and walked out the front door, while he laid hot blonde in stockings uses a toy the bed staring at the ceiling.

I was sure that the second I was out the door he would say 'fuck' to himself, but I wasn't there. I made the walk back to the dorms in the cool night air. My hair was all messed up and clothes disheveled. In the dorms I walked, Samantha was sitting in the living room with a few of the other girls.

They were all giggling, clearly having hit the bar earlier in the night. I walked past them to the bedroom, and Samantha followed me. "How'd it go?" She asked, knowing the answer when I look in her eyes. "Bad huh" She said, slightly tipsy. "Did you at least fuck him" she asked. I just looked in her eyes, offering no response. I was close to crying.

I didn't want to hurt him, I couldn't help that he loved me. But A hunk dude fucks his favorite pornbabe jessa rhodes was still emotional about it.

Samantha leaned over and kissed me, softly. She pulled back after a second, looking into my eyes. It was the look of 'should I have done that'. It was followed less than a second later by me grabbing her and kissing her back. We rolled onto the bed, making out, our long hair mixing and falling as we rolled around.

Her soft tongue lapped at mine, my hands reaching around her back for her bra strap. Soon enough we were both topless, reaching down to each other's crotch. Within a few minutes the heavy kissing turned into a sixty nine where we continually rolled around. She came very quickly from my intense oral. Her intense orgasm combined with the alcohol knocked her out completely. Once I realized she was asleep I turned around, laying face to face with her. I hugged her tight, pulling the blankets up over our naked bodies, and trying to sleep myself.

I kissed her once more on the lips as we fell into deep slumber. … John: Saturday came around, and with it was the gangbang. For those not following along, The Sex club Holly and I belong to occasionally sets up gangbangs with all the guys and a woman over the internet. I wonder if the women get together with anonymous guys.

Well there was going to be five guys going to this woman's house. I found out her name is Louise. I arrived at her normal looking suburban house. I was greeted by a very tall black man.

I was a bit confused, but it turns out Louise isn't so single.

Long story short: She wants to get fucked by a whole lot of cock, her boyfriend included. I was the last to arrive. Peter, Chris ( the black one), Dan and Edward were the other guys from the group. With me and Carl, her boyfriend, that made six guys. As we know from before, Peter has the biggest cock of the group, Chris coming in second. Louise was a brunette, with an almost completely flat chest, very skinny, around twenty five years old.

We were all sitting group of girl nude bath the living room. I arrived, getting filled in on some information, and sitting down. All of us here, the events began. Louise stood up in the middle of the group. "Okay, Hi everyone" she started. "As you all know, I love cock." She said, giggling.

"You don't have to be shy, fuck me in any hole. There are condoms over there if you need any, and lubricant too. I don't like cum in my mouth, so don't blow your load in there…Well let's get started" She said, laying down ground rules. I do realize that a disproportionate number of women in my adventures seem to be cum guzzling nymphos, but I don't write about every time I have sex.

Just because it is not written in my story, doesn't mean it didn't happen. If I wrote about every single time I had sex.Let's just say I would have to get a new hard drive to hold it all.

"Everyone ready?" Louise asked, standing in the middle of all of us. Carl stood up, and we all followed, walking closer to her. We all stripped her clothes off as a group, until she stood in the middle of us all, being groped by six pairs of hands. Her boyfriend Carl whipped out his cock, which Louise immediately took into her mouth, dropping to her knees. Carl put us all to shame, his cock was probably about ten to eleven inches long.

No wonder she loves cock. If normal sex for her is taking that huge thing, then great sex must have a lot of cock to overshadow her regular experience. We all followed suit, pulling our cocks out. Louise went around the circle, stroking and sucking each guy off. She deepthroated every cock in the room, except for Carl's. Once we were all ready to go, we all took off our clothes.

We all walked to the table where the condoms were. All six guys got their cocks wrapped, and walked back to her in the middle of the living room. Carl sat on the couch to watch, leaving her to us. I grabbed the lube at the table, squirting some on my cock. No one seemed to make the first move on her. I walked up to her. "Do I really need to ask?" I said. "Judging by the shitload of lube you put on your cock, I'm guessing you are going for my tight little asshole" She said, smiling.

I stood directly behind her, Chris walked up in front of her. We both picked her up, holding her up between us. I pushed my lubed cock against her asshole, meeting resistance, as Chris penetrated her pussy. We held her in the air between us, thrusting into her. Louise was being filled from both sides, squeezed together. She squealed as we fucked her. The other three guys stood around watching as we fucked her senseless.

Not wanting to hog her, we both stepped aside, letting two guys fill our place, as she resumed the same position. I stood by Carl on the couch. "She doesn't let you do anal does she?" I asked him. "Nope" He responded. "You look like you should be a fucking pornstar" I said. "I guess I could" He muttered. "You guys should join the sex club" I lovely bitch self pleasures her taut cunt squirting japanese. "We are thinking about it" He said, watching his girlfriend being ass and pussy fucked by two strangers.

The guys were still rotating positions. I decided I should go back in the circle, and not get left out. The five of us stood in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Louise was bent over, one guy fucking her pussy from behind, as she leaned forward and sucked off the guy across from her. She rotated around the circle like this for some time. Carl joined in, making the circle six guys. She kept rotating around the circle, through some of her orgasms.

I blasted my load deep in her pussy, as I pounded her and she was sucking off Peter across from me. She made every guy cum, inside his condom, either in her mouth or pussy. Afterward, she got back on her knees, and sucking and stroking every guy's dick.

She kept this up until we were all hard again. "You really love cock" I said. She moaned a 'yes' her mouth wrapped around my cock. We all moved her to a new position. Chris was on his back on the floor. Louise got on top of him, putting his black cock in her pussy. Then Peter got down behind her, putting his cock in her ass. They double fucked her very hard. I immediately walked in front of her, putting my cock in front of her face.

Carl joined me, standing right next to me. Louise switched off sucking our cocks, as she was double penetrated. The other guys switched, two new cocks in her ass and pussy. After a while, Carl was under her, his massive cock deep in her pussy, I was pumping my cock in her ass, as she sucked and stroked the other four guys. The events concluded as all the guys blew their second loads in various ways. She was exhausted, her holes probably very soar. She thanked us all for the fucking. I told Carl they should join.

We all left, exchanging information about the next meeting.